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by Georgia Bentz

Rating: G

Summary: The story of Templeton "Faceman" Peck. Again, another of my theories. Don't know if this is right or not.

A five-year-old boy was walking, more like stumbling, down the road. He had a look on his face, that if he'd been older, would have been described as somber. He had tears stained on his face.


A priest soon came walking down the same road and saw the child. He picked the boy up and asked, "What's your name Son? Where are your parents?"



The boy looked at him, but he didn't say a word. Nothing the priest did, could get the boy to open up. So the priest brought him back home. Not before he'd followed the boy's footprints and found a grisly sight. A couple was laying in the middle of the road. Dead. No automobile anywhere in sight. This child, was now an orphan it seemed. The boy, still, wouldn't speak. But he, turned his eyes, from the scene.


Once at the orphanage, he gave the child to a Sister Mary-Agnes. In charge of the five and six-year-olds.  She took one look at the boy's grimy clothes, and hair. She noticed some blood, but she only made soothing sounds to him. She led him to the bathroom, and ran some warm water for him. She took his clothes. Still the boy said not a word. He was numb, as if in shock. After his bath, with Sister Mary-Agnes still talking to him, she got him dressed in the orphanage's uniform. Gray shirt, and gray pants.  Gloomy looking clothes, but the best she could do, on such short notice. She led him to one of the beds, and immediately he fell asleep in it. Afterwards, she took the clothes from the bathroom floor, and went to wash them. She found a plain white, card with the name, "Templeton Peck" on it. Nothing more.


"Must be his name," she mused. A short time later, with the clothes washed and folded, Sister Mary-Agnes, went to find Father Magill. The one who'd found the boy. She knocked on his study door.


"Come in Sister," the voice said. It was slightly accented with an Irish brogue. "Sister Mary-Agnes, what's the matter? Has the boy said something yet?"


"No Father. And I'm truly worried."


"Don't worry, he will come around. The boy's been through something horrendous," said the priest.


"I understand Father." Without another word, she handed him the card.


"Hmm, where did you find this card?"


"In his shirt pocket Father," she replied.


He said "Thank you for this bit of information, Sister Mary-Agnes. You may go."



"Thank you Father." She made her way back to the five and six year-olds. He was awake. He looked up, as she entered the room. She smiled and said "Come here Templeton."


At first, he didn't come over. Seeing that she meant him no harm, he reluctantly made his way off the bed, and crawled into her lap. "You're Templeton Peck, aren't you?"


He didn't know what else to do, so he just decided to agree with her. Even though, his real name was Richard Bancroft.  He was disappointed that his father wasn't with him, but then he remembered the accident. His mother, and Mr. Peck (the guy with the lady), had been trying to get him away from the elder Bancroft. Besides his father was, what his mother called "a dead beat". However, he'd nodded anyway.



"Good, you still know your name," said the Sister, with evident relief in her voice. "Your brain's not damaged. Tomorrow, we'll take you to see Doctor Simon. You see, he's the orphanage's doctor. He sees all the new ones."  The boy nodded, but still not one word did he utter. She stroked his hair, and she rocked him in the chair. He was so scared, and needed a mother. But the spell was broken, as the other five and six year-olds woke up, clamoring for Sister Mary-Agnes's attention. She slid the boy off of her lap, and introduced him to the others.


They shyly acknowledged him, but he didn't say a thing. Marita piped up, "Sis'er Mary, how come he don't talk?"


"He's been through something bad, Marita. He'll get over it, but we mustn't push him. He needs to feel that he can trust us. But you all make good friends, with him. And some day he'll start talking. But be careful with him. He probably doesn't know some of the games you play either. So have patience. Okay?"


"Okay Sister," several voices said.


The next day, Templeton (as he was now called), was brought to the doctor's office. He checked the five year-old over, and said "Nothing's wrong with him, except he's in extreme shock. All his vital signs look good. Take him back, and be careful with him. That's it."



"Okay Doctor," said Father Magill. He and Sister Mary-Agnes led the boy out of, the office. Father Magill carried the boy, and Sister Mary-Agnes, walked a few steps behind them both. Seated between the Sister, and the father, the boy seemed more relaxed.


A year later.... Sister Mary-Agnes had been transferred from the orphanage, and two other sisters had replaced her. He didn't like them one bit. Whereas Sister Mary-Agnes was motherly, the other sisters, Sister Mary-Francis, and Sister Mary-Catherine were strict. Very, very strict, not one maternal bone in their bodies. Whereas Sister Mary-Agnes let the children play at will, and had their nap-times scheduled, the other sisters had everything scheduled. Including bathroom times. Whether you had to go or not, if you were on the schedule, to the bathroom you went.


He'd started to talk again, and had made friends. But this didn't seem like a family here. The only constant thing in his life, was one person. The person who found him, Father Magill. They'd gotten pretty close, for the priest felt responsible for him. And even though, there was no mothering influence in Temp's life, he had a semblance of a father-figure.


Then one day at school, Temp's life changed. He'd been harassed by a bully. Davis Sonnly.  And Davis had, beat the living daylights out of him. As soon as he'd gotten back to the orphanage, he was out of breath, his face and whole body stung. He gasped for breath, and his eyes teared up. He didn't let the tears fall, he'd learned to hide his feelings. He sought out the nearest Sister, and she hastily took care of him. Then she'd focused her attention on, 'more pressing matters', as she'd told him, that she had.


He went to his corner, and looked out the window. He was lonesome. He wished he had a close friend, to confide in. He envisioned the perfect friend. They'd play together all the time, and have the greatest fun..... "Yeah fun," murmured the young boy. His blue-green eyes staring out the window. Little did he know, that when he turned ten, his wish would come true.


A new school year, and a new bully presented himself into Templeton Peck's already shaky life. The bully was twelve, Temp, only ten. It was lunchtime, and it was a totally different school. He was the new kid, and he wasn't too familiar with the way things were.


As he walked to the tables, he was tripped. He fell into his tray, food covered his clothes. He groaned. Sister Mary-Magdalene wouldn't be too happy.


The twelve year-old boy laughed wickedly. "Aww did the baby fall? Are you hurt baby?"


This was more then the ten year-old could take. "Hey, watch it, I was looking for a place to sit and eat."


"Are you talking back to me baby?" asked the other boy cruelly. He picked up the boy by the shirt collar. All of a sudden, the boy started to mumble. He started to mumble the Lord's Prayer, and a Hail Mary, as an added bonus. For Sister Mary-Catherine had told him not to get into any trouble. For all trouble came from the devil. So he'd shut his eyes, and started to mumble both.


"What'd you say?" asked the twelve year-old.


The boy was scared, and finally the twelve year-old, got tired of the game for the day. And he threw the ten year-old down to the ground. Again, on top of his food.  This sort of bullying went on for quite awhile. Until one day, in the middle of the bullying a voice called out. A voice in the middle of the chaos, it seemed.


"Hey, don't do that to him. Leave him alone."


"Who said that?" asked Damien Kirkland.


"I did. Wanna make somethin' of it?" asked the unfamiliar voice again. "Let him go."


"Oh, I'll let him go all right." He threw Temp to the floor. All of a sudden, a taller ten year-old stood beside Temp, and helped pick up him up. Then he handed Temp some money, and told him to get some more lunch. For the bullying always happened at lunch time. Then the unfamiliar boy, walked over to Damien Kirkland, and punched him squarely in the face.


"Hey!" exclaimed the bully. "I'll get you for that."


"I'd like to see you try," mocked the boy.


"What's your name, so that next time I see ya, you'll get what's coming to you?"


"Morty. Morty Salvix." He punched the bully again. Then he went to find Temp, again. He found the boy sitting in a corner otherwise unoccupied table. The boy was still shaking. Morty asked "What's your name Kid?"



"Uh Templeton. Templeton Peck."


"Templeton Peck huh? Well nice to meet you. The name's...."


"I heard, your name's Morty Salvix."


"Actually it's Mortimer. But you can call me Morty. I'm new here."




"Yeah. I don't have any friends. But if you want, we can be friends."


"I think we can," replied the boy. His wish was  coming true. He was excited, but even that emotion, he didn't let surface. "You know Damien'll come after both of us. Don't you?"


"Yeah, but we'll be ready. You an' me'll make a great team."


"You're on." The two shook hands.


"Where do you live Temp?" asked the boy.


"At Saint Mary's Orphanage."


"Really? I live right next to you. In that gray house." 


"Oh neat..."


That was the beginning of a close friendship. The two were instantly friends, and Morty got Temp, out of the bully's way. Except for one day, when Morty was sick, and Damien blocked off Temp's main route of escape home, and beat him up. He'd fled home, and was again bandaged up. This time from another Sister named 'Sister Mary-Arthur'. She was very maternal. And sometimes she read to them at night. Or sometimes, for the ten year-olds that is, she'd let them read books of their choice.


The next day, after school, the two friends went into the woods, between both the house, and the orphanage.  They played cowboy, and Indians, and the Lone Ranger. They had the alot of fun together. In fact, as they would race home, with Damien running behind them, they'd duck into the woods. One day they found a cabin. The taller boy stopped in his tracks, and the smaller boy was instantly at his side.


"What is it Morty?"


"A fort Temp, it's a fort."


"No it isn't. It looks like a dirty dusty, cabin. Totally unsanitary, as Sister Mary-Catherine would say. But of course, I'm not going to say it."


"Course not Temp. But listen up, it's a fort. We can have all sorts of fun it."


"Okay, so it's a fort. We can hide from Damien.... Right?"


"Right. Now you're thinking Temp."


They did hide from Damien, and they explored the cabin's interior. Finding all sorts of interesting artifacts. This was a place they could get away to. And hide from Damien. It worked, until Damien followed them into the woods.


From then on, they weren't safe. The boys were in the cabin, when Damien came to the cabin. The boys fled out the back door, and ran all the way to the orphanage. Before Damien could catch them. At the orphanage, Morty left Temp, and went to his house. Temp stepped inside, and closed the door. He leaned against the door, and tried catching his breath. He was glad, nobody was in the living room right at that moment. Soon he caught his breath, and went to his room. He said "You're going to be just fine Templeton Peck. Calm down. Damien can't hurt you."


Just then the downstairs telephone rang. Sister Marty-Patrice answered it. "Templeton," she called up the stairs. "It's for you."


Temp practically ran downstairs. And when he finally got down to the bottom step, he was met by an angry looking Sister. "Sorry Sister Mary-Patrice.... Who's on the phone?"


"A boy named Morty? Is he one of your friends?"


"You could say that," replied the boy. He ran to the kitchen, and picked up the phone. "Morty?"


"Yeah Temp, it's me," said the voice on the other line. "Did ya make it home okay?"


"Uh-huh. Thanks for running back with me," said the boy again.


"No problem-o. You know what friends are for. They're to help you. Now I've gotta go. My old man's wantin' to use the phone."


"Okay, Morty. Bye."




Two young men, were in the woods. To hide from their every day lives. Today Temp's life would change forever. This would be a defining moment in his life. He was now fifteen. His birthday (or what he supposed was his birthday, but was in actuality, the day they found him), was next week. The two young men were, standing in the middle of the forest. "You're leaving me Mort?" asked Temp.


"Yeah, Dad took a job in Maryland. I have to go. Wish I could stay here. But.... Yeah."


"You're leaving me. Everybody leaves me. Nobody stays around," said the young man, with sadness in his voice.


"I'll write you, and call you as often as I can. Okay? We're still friends. And since you can now talk yourself out of anything, you don't need me anymore, to bail you out of trouble."


"That's not true. I do need you. We're best friends."


"I know." The two hugged. And when his friend, had gone Temp sniffed, and his eyes teared up. He fled back to the house, and stomped up the stairs.  Unmindful of the yells from all the Sisters.


They were all yelling, "Templeton Peck, no running or stomping down the hallways. And don't slam the...." Too late, the door to his dorm slammed shut.


Just then there was a soft knock on it. "Can I come in Templeton?" asked Father Magill.


"Sure Father," came Temp's voice.


"Wanna talk about it?" asked the Father. Once he'd stepped into the room.




"Okay. Well whenever you need to talk about it, let me know. I'll be in my study, preparing for Mass. You are going to Mass, aren't you Templeton?"


"Wouldn't miss it Father," said the young boy. Still with hurt in his voice. He had his back turned to the father, and wouldn't look at him. So the Father shook his head, and left the room.


At sixteen, Templeton found himself in the Army. He was in boot camp, and he hated it. The reason he'd joined the Army, was because it seemed like an easy way out. And besides, all the other sixteen year-olds called him a sissy.  A skirt-clinger. He wasn't! He'd show them, he'd show them all!!!! That's what found him in the Army at sixteen. He looked about eighteen, and so they'd let him in.


Now here he was at boot camp. A few months later, he was headed towards Vietnam. At first he was placed in a unit, and he decided to set up a supply store. He'd honed his skills of conning, while at boot camp. And he decided to run a 'supply store' in the middle of the jungle. Where he was a constant embarrassment, to his CO's. He caught the eye of one John 'Hannibal' Smith. But not until later, would the two meet face to face.


"Templeton Peck, you are guilty of fraud, for theft of Army equipment, and for fraternizing with the Commanding Officers. Your relationship with General French's daughter, Amy, was totally against regulations." "You are confined to the st...."


"Wait, wait, hold up there," called a voice. "I want him for my unit."


"This is preposterous, Lieutenant-Colonel Smith," said a huffy sounding General McGuffy. "You're not using protocol."


"I never use protocol," said the Colonel. "And yet, people always seem to listen to me. I always get what I want. And I want, this young man. I've had him in my sights for a long time, and I want him. I've already got a chopper pilot, and a skilled mechanics man on my hands. So, all I need now, is a supply officer. And Lieutenant Peck, suits my needs perfectly."


"Hold on Colonel," said General Gaffy. "Let us all hold a discussion." While the whole deciding court/jury discussed, Colonel Smith smiled at, Lieutenant Templeton Peck. Temp reluctantly smiled back. But he 'just knew' that one day, the colonel would leave him. As they'd all left him.....


The council returned, and they said "Colonel Smith, he's at your disposal. Do with him, what you will, and may you have what you came for. Templeton Peck, we don't want to see you here again. Is that understood?" The Lieutenant nodded, and meekly followed the Colonel out.


Once at the Colonel Smith's unit's barracks, Colonel Smith, introduced him to the gang. Wil, Ray, Chris, Joe, Henry, Harry, Ben, someone called HM Murdock, and finally Sergeant Baracus.  Who didn't say hi, and only growled in his general direction.


"I-Is he always like that?"


"B.A.?" asked the Colonel. "Oh sure. But don't worry about him. He'll grow on ya. Won't he Murdock?"


"Oh sure, sure he will. Won'cha ya Big Ugly Mudsucka you?"


"Grrr," was the only response.


"See? He likes ya already," grinned the chopper pilot.


Temp slowly nodded, and went to find a bunk. He found one near, the chopper pilot's bunk. "Nice ta have a neighbor," said a soft Texan voice.


Temp looked up, and said, "Yeah well, it was the only bed open.


"Well look at it this way, we kin become best friends," said the chopper pilot again.


Temp shrugged. He didn't want to get close to anybody. Because they'd leave him. And he didn't want to be left again....


They became a close unit very fast. Whenever Colonel Smith needed anything, Temp found the means to get it. Even in the middle of the jungle. "Templeton Peck. Front and center."


"Yes Sir?" asked Temp.


"We need a vehicle, the boys are wanting a night of fun and adventure. Away from this dang war. We all want to go to Da Nang."


"Okay. What's this gotta do with me Sir?"


"Well you're the supply officer, supply us with a car."


"Yes Sir. You can count on me Sir." He trekked a little ways, and found a Cadillac. He checked in the windows, and saw that it was unlocked, and had the keys in it. Making sure nobody saw him, he got into it, and drove back to his unit. Once back at his unit, their eyes all bugged out, and they all whistled.


Except for Colonel Smith. He said, "Well Face, you did it. You actually did it."


"Uh, did you just call me Face?"


"Well you did need a new name, Templeton's a bit long. Don't you think?"


"I-I guess so."


Colonel Smith continued, "I named all my unit. That's B.A. Wanna know why?" Temp nodded. "Bad Attitude." For emphasis, B.A. growled again. "This one over here's  'Howling-Mad' Murdock."


"Howwwwwwwwwwllllll," howled Murdock for emphasis. "He's 'Ghost'," he pointed to Wil. " 'Bear'," he pointed to Joe. To Ray. "He's 'The Trekker.' 'The Lookout,' and so on. You're 'Face', or 'Faceman.' Or whatever else, they decide to call you."


"You're annoying," growled B.A..


"That wasn't very nice," said Murdock. "You're s'pposed ta be nicer than that. I'monna call 'ya Faceman," stated Howling-Mad with decision in his voice.


A few weeks later........ Hannibal jogged into the barracks. "Men, we've got an assignment. Ray, you and the others aren't in on this one." Ray sat back down. "It's for me, B.A., and Face. And for Murdock too. Follow me outside, please." The three did as they were told.


Once outside, Hannibal spoke. "We're going to Hanoi."


"Why?" asked Face.


"Because General Morrison, feels like if we go to Hanoi, and rob the bank, we'll end the war pretty early. And we're going on the Chinese New Year."


"I'm all for it, if the war ends early," piped up Face again.


"Me too," said the Colonel. "Face, you're coming, because you're the supply man. B.A. you're going to help me break into the safe. Murdock, you're flying us there."


"I cain't be more involved?" asked the pilot with a hint of envy in his voice.


"Not this time Murdock. Next time," promised the Colonel.


The next morning, all four set off for their ill-fated venture. Murdock flew them to their drop spot, and all three jumped out. When they landed, they hid their gear, and Temp found them some wheels. Nobody noticed, because they were all having a good time celebrating, and also it was very loud, with firecrackers going off, and a dragon dancing in the middle of everything, yet Temp had managed to take a car, and some



They drove to the bank, and Temp waited outside, right by the car. All of a sudden, more chaos erupted.  There were two Vietnamese policemen, walking by the car, they'd surely recognize them. Temp edged away from the car, and ran to somewhere else.


Meanwhile the colonel, and B.A. peeked outside, to see what was happening. They saw Temp run, and suddenly the bank exploded. They grabbed the money, and ran out the door, with the police chasing them. They ran to the pick up spot, and waited for Murdock to pick them up. He didn't get a chance to. Someone else picked them up. When they got back, they found the barracks, in utter chaos.


Someone ran up to the Colonel, and delivered some bad news. "Colonel Smith, Colonel Smith. General Morrison's headquarters have been burned to the ground. And General Morrison was inside the building. They couldn't get him out Sir."


Hannibal asked, "Are you sure about that Corporal?"


"Yes Sir. Quite sure."


Just then two Generals, and the MP's were upon the three of them. They were going to go to, trial. And if they were found guilty, they would go to the maximum security prison, for life.


"Not if I can help it guys," said Hannibal, to both, B.A. and Face. "We're going to get out of this one."


"How Colonel?" asked Face.


"I'll find a way."


The next day was the trial. Face noticed that Murdock wasn't in the court proceedings. When he asked around, they said he'd been declared insane. "Murdock's not insane," said the young man.


"He is now," said Ray. "He was with the higher ups this morning, and he was babbling gibberish. He wouldn't talk straight. He was talking about an invisible dog, and the fact that polar bears like to ski."


"What? That's impossible."


But B.A. said, "Foo's al'ays been crazy. Now he's ev'n crazier."


Just then the judge entered the room. "All rise, for the honorable Judge, General Jason Fairbanks."


"You may all be seated," said General Fairbanks. He looked at the three before him. And asked them, "You know why you're here, don't you?"


"Yeah," said Hannibal. "We weren't going against orders though."


"Ah, but you can't prove that. Now can you?"


"No Sir, we can't," said Hannibal.


After three hours of interrogation, and getting the same story, from all three of them, they were found guilty. Now they were heading on their way to the maximum security prison. Once inside, they were led to a cell, big enough for all three of them. They were to wait, for the warden.


While waiting, Face picked the locks, and undid both, Hannibal and B.A.'s bonds. "Now what Colonel?" Face asked.


"Now, we get out of here," said Hannibal. His eyes gleaming, his mouth smiling like a Cheshire-Cat.


"But how?" Face asked again.


"I'm thinking, I'm thinking. Just give me a few minutes." He patted himself down, for a cigar. Not finding one, his shoulders slumped a little. Face feeling a little bit sorry for him, pulled one from his shirt pocket.


"Here Colonel, it's my last one, but you can have it. I know how much, you enjoy those cigars of yours." He handed it to Hannibal, who was slightly slumped on the bed. Once the cigar was handed to him, he asked Face, for a light. When that was handed to him, he seemed to get the fire back in his countenance.


"Now on to my plan."


"Uh, plan Colonel?" asked Face.


"Yeah, my plan."


"Wha's thu plan Hann'bal?" asked B.A., speaking for the first time.


"We need a distraction...."


They thought up a distraction, and were soon heading out the Military Maximum Security Prison. They found Murdock holed up in another Asylum, and sprung him from it. Then they brought him to the VA. Because Murdock suggested it. Not knowing, that the Colonel had suggested it the night before. 


Murdock replied, "Heard it's got great accommodations. I'll like it here."


"Wish we didn't have to bring you to an asylum Murdock," said Face, sadness tinging his voice.


Murdock said "Me an' Billy'll be happy in here. I know we will."


"Foo' ya ain' go' no dog," said B.A., from the driver's seat of the unmarked Military car.


"Yeah I do. Ya just can't see him."


"Enough Guys, we're there," stated Hannibal. "Face, ya got the uniform?"


"Yeah. Right here." He held it up, and once at the VA, hid at a corner, and changed into it. Once changed, he brought Murdock in, who was in a straitjacket. He checked Murdock in, and the nurse led them both to, room 104. Once there, Face said "I'll get you anything you want Murdock. Just name it, and I'll get it for you."


"Well, I could use some video games, some posters, some models of airplanes, an' a phone. Oh, an' a table to put the phone on."


"You got it. Next time I see you, you'll have everything you wanted. Now I hate to leave you, but Hannibal says, we're going to buy a van, and stuff. Now that we're wanted men. I'm glad you're not as wanted as we are Murdock."


Murdock just grinned, and bid his friend farewell.


So that's what they did. They bought an old beat up van, and B.A. fixed it up like new. They then bought guns. And ammunition. Things they needed to survive. And Hannibal set up shop, in an old Chinese Laundry Shop. While they became used to being on the run......



Found by Georgia Bentz



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