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Lost Memories 2

Lost Memories 2
by Dana Snyder

Rated: PG-13

Warnings: A bit of mild swearing, a tiny bit of torture mixed with a lot of angst.

Lost Memories 2

By Dana Snyder



Part 1


Hannibal sat up in bed. "What?!"


'The BRPD found the remains of two bodies in a building that had been set fire.' The doctor informed him.


"We'll be right down there." Hannibal said hanging up.


Maggie looked at her husband in concern. "Who was on the phone?"


"The County Hospital. They might have found Face and Marie." Hannibal said as he got up and started to get dressed.


Maggie jumped out of the bed too. She leaned down and picked Joey up out of his crib. His crib had been moved into their room to provide room for the MP's, Frankie, BA, and Murdock.


"I'll go inform the others." Hannibal said rushing out of the room.


He found them all standing in the living room. "Face and Marie may have been found."


Murdock started to smile but stopped when he saw the grim look on Hannibal's face. "Where?"


"County Hospital." Hannibal answered. "They found the remains of two bodies in a building that had burned down."


All of the color drained out of Maggie's face. She had been standing behind Hannibal when he said that. Frankie and BA hurried to her side to steady her. BA took Joey out of her arms while Frankie led her to the couch.


"Aren't we going to go John?" Maggie asked.


"I'll go down. I want the rest of you to stay here." Hannibal said and Maggie started to protest. "I'll call if it is them." He grabbed the keys and was out the door before anyone could reply.


He hurried over to a nurse's station when he got to County Hospital. "I'm looking for Dr. Meyers."


"Your name?" The nurse asked.


"John Smith."


The nurse nodded. "Dr. Meyers report to the main nurse station."


Five minutes later a doctor in his late thirties arrived at the desk. "You must be John Smith." He said. Hannibal nodded. "I'm Dr. Brian Meyers. Follow me." He led him down the hall and to an elevator. "It's not going to be easy for you to identify them but see if you can."  The elevator door opened again.  Hannibal was led into an office. The doctor took a bag off of the desk. "Do you recognize this?"


Hannibal looked at the watch. It was Face's watch. He could see the inscription on it. The team gave it to him for one of his birthdays. "It's my son's."


"We're waiting for the dental records to come in. We will let you know when they come in." Dr. Meyers said.


Hannibal nodded and left slowly. His heart breaking at the thought that they were dead.


Dr. Meyers watched him leave before picking up the phone.



Kyle stood in a room with a two-way mirror watching the figures sleep waiting for the new drug to wear off. The phone rang. "Yes?"


'He bought it.' The voice on the other line said.


"Good. You will be getting your payment very soon." Kyle hung up.


"Sir?" A voice called from the doorway. "They are starting to wake up."


"Good. You know what to do."


"Yes sir." The person left the room.


Kyle picked up the phone again. "Tell Gordon that it's time." Then he hung up.


He opened the door that connected the room he was to the next. He saw the girl was already sitting up and looking at him frightened. The man had tried to sit up but had given up.


He went up to the man and kicked him in his broken leg. The man let out a pain filled scream. The girl looked at him but didn't say anything. He pulled the man up to eye level. "Come on Peck I thought you could hold on longer then that."


Face was trying to keep himself from crying out again. The pressure on his leg was almost unbearable.


Kyle shoved him back to the floor before turning around to face Marie. Marie looked at him terrified. She quickly dashed for her older 'brother'. "Your father thinks you're both dead. He was so easy to manipulate."


Face glared at him. If he weren't in so much pain he would lunge at him. "What do you want Kyle?" He asked.


"Just a little experiment that I want you and Marie to be a part of." He said nonchalantly signaling a man to come closer. "This is a friend of mine. He will be administrating the test." He left the room leaving them with his friend.


"Hello my name is Gordon." Gordon said and went to grab Marie. Face intercepted him who punched him. Gordon got up and shook his head. "Maybe you'd like to go first then Peck."   


Men came into the room and grabbed Face's arms before he could stop them. A needle was inserted into his arm. He could only whisper "No." as they went for Marie. He fell to the floor unconscious.



Hannibal stared at Decker. "No I won't accept it." He said.


"Look, Hannibal, the dental records have come back stating it's them. I know this is going to be hard for you and your wife to accept but it's true."


It was two days after he had returned from the hospital. They had just received the call from Dr. Meyers.


"Why would Kyle kidnap Face and Marie just to lock them in a building and torch it?" Hannibal asked.


"I don't know. Douglas Kyle is a crazy man. Call me if you need anything. My men and I are going back out to find Kyle." Decker said then said softer; "Look I'm sorry for your loss." He stuck out his hand. Hannibal shook it.


"Bye Rod." Hannibal said and watched as they left. 'How am I going to tell the others? How am I going to tell Maggie?'



Part 2a


Kyle walked into the room that he had left two days before. The figures were asleep. The drug was a bit stronger then he thought it would be. He felt someone touch his shoulder and turned around. Standing there was Victoria. "They aren't awake yet?" She asked.


"Not yet but they will be soon." He grinned when he saw Marie start to stir. Victoria picked her up and took her out of the room. He waited about five minutes and then Face started to stir. He crouched down in front of him. "Do you know who you are?" He asked.


Face shook his head.


Kyle laughed. This was going well.



Back in Bad Rock Hannibal was sitting on the porch holding Joey. He heard Maggie and Murdock talking quietly inside. They were making preparations for the funeral but Hannibal wasn't about to accept it. 'Damn you Kyle.' He silently cursed as he watched the sun set. 'I will find you.' He vowed.



Part 2b


Five years later


Hannibal took out the last box from the moving van and looked at the new house. They had moved from Bad Rock to Oceanside. He didn't agree with moving but knew that with three children they needed more room. 'Three children. It should be four. Well five counting Face.' He thought. It had been five years and they were no closer to finding Kyle then they were five years ago.


Joey, who was now five years old, came running up to him. "Dad!"


"What is it Joey?" He asked carrying the box into the house.


"I saw a girl next door. Can I go talk to her?" He asked.


"Let me put this box down and then we'll both introduce ourselves okay?" Joey nodded.


Maggie came into the room. "Julia and Amber are both asleep." She said referring to their two-year-old identical twins.


"I was about to take Joey next door to meet our neighbors. We'll be back in a few to help unpack." He promised and followed Joey next door.


When they got next door a red headed girl that looked to be nine greeted them. "Hi." She said.


A dark brown haired man came out of the house. "Hello. You must be the new neighbors. My name is Ian Summers and this is my daughter Jamie."


"Yes we are. My name is John Smith and this is my son Joey." Hannibal said shaking his hand.


A red haired woman exited the house. "Hi my name is Elizabeth Summers but you can call me Libby." She said. The introductions were quickly done again. "I think you bought your house from my father's

company." She continued. "Kilen Real Estates."


Hannibal nodded as he watched Jamie and Joey ran off to the other side of the yard. "Yes that's the name of it." He said not taking his eyes off Joey.


"Mr. Smith?" Ian asked. Hannibal turned towards him. "I asked if you wanted some coffee."


"Oh sorry was spacing out I guess. No thanks on the coffee though. I've got to help unpack the boxes." Joey and Jamie came running back. "Come on Joey time to go."


"But dad." He whined.


"Mr. Smith it's all right if Joey plays here. There aren't too many children in this neighborhood and Jamie was getting lonely." Libby said.


Hannibal had to think about that for a moment. "Sure. Just send him home at five." He headed back next door.


"Ian do you mind watching them? I'm going to go back inside. I still have some work to do." Libby said.


"Sure hon."


Libby went back inside and made sure that no one could hear her. "They arrived. No they didn't recognize them. Okay I'll keep you updated. Bye."



Part 3


Ian watched as his daughter started playing with the dog Joey had brought over.


 "What's her name?"  Jamie asked.


"Murdy.  She was named after my Uncle Murdock.  My sister named her."  Joey said and looked sad.


"Oh you have a sister?"  Jamie asked.


"Two sisters.  I used to have an older sister but she died when I was a baby. She's the one who named the dog."  Joey said and then started running with the dog.


'Poor kid.'  Ian thought.  He felt a hand on his shoulder and saw Libby behind him.


"Thought you might want some tea.  After all you are still getting over that nasty cold you had."  She said handing him the cup.  She watched the two kids and the dog playing.  "Jamie looks happy."


"Happiest she's been since we moved here from Santa Catalina Island.  She still misses Sara though."  Ian said drinking the tea.  "Ah this is great tea Libby."


"Thank you.  I picked up the recipe from my father's cook.  My father invited us to dinner Saturday night by the way."


"Sounds good."  Ian said and yawned.  "You mind watching them?  I think this cold is still lingering."


"Sure I understand."  Libby said and watched him go into the house.  She smiled slightly when she saw Maggie walk up to her.


"Hello.  I'm Maggie Smith.  Hope my son hasn't been too much of a bother."  She said.


"Glad to meet you.  I'm Elizabeth Summers, but please call me Libby.  The girl that's playing with your son is my daughter Jamie.  I'm sorry you couldn't meet my husband Ian but he's been battling a nasty cold the past week and went to rest."  She almost jumped off the steps when she saw the dog headed her way. 


"Don't like dogs?"  Maggie asked petting Murdy.


"Never been completely fond of them no.  I'm more of a cat person myself.  So where are you guys from?"


"Bad Rock.  We lived there about ten years but when the twins turned two we realized we needed a bigger house."


"This is a nice neighborhood.  We've only been here a month ourselves.  Moved from Santa Catalina Island."


Jamie and Joey ran over to them.  "Where's dad?"  Jamie asked.


"He went inside.  He wasn't feeling too well."  Libby said.  Her eyes widened when she saw a car approaching.  'Not now!'  She silently yelled.  Libby sighed with relief when she saw the car turn a corner.


"Mom can we go to the beach?"  Jamie asked.


"Honey I've got more work to do."  Libby said.


"I'll take them."  Maggie said. 


"Oh no I don't want to trouble you." 


"No trouble at all.  I'll take my twins with me.  They'll love the beach." Maggie said with a smile.  "Is there any certain time Jamie needs to be back?"


"No.  Thank you for doing this Mrs. Smith." 


"Please call me Maggie.  And it's no trouble at all.  Tell your husband that I hope he feels better."


"I will.  Jamie you behave for the Smith's."  Libby said.


"I will Mom."  Jamie said and went off with Joey and Maggie.


Libby went back into the house and found someone waiting for her.  "Really Dougie she might have seen you."  She said with a frown.


"She wouldn't have seen me.  Why did you let Marie leave with them?"  Kyle asked.


"Keep it down.  He might hear you."  She said signaling towards the door with her head.


"You gave him the tea right?" 


"Yes.  Luckily this time he was smart enough to go in the house after drinking it."  She said in a hushed voice.


"Well then he's out.  Back to Marie.  Why did you let her go with the Smith's? What if they somehow recognize her?  We've worked too hard on this." 


"I thought part of this test was to see how Hannibal would react when he found out how they were."  She pointed out.


"Looks like we'll find out sooner then we thought.  But I did have this planned out."  Kyle said with an evil grin.



Part 4


Maggie sat on the beach towel with Amber and Julia.  The twins were playing happily in the sand while Hannibal, Jamie, Joey and Murdy played in the surf.  "Look Mommy!"  Julia exclaimed happily.  "Bird!"


Maggie looked up and saw a seagull flying in the sky.  "That's a seagull.  Probably getting ready to eat."


"I'm hungry."  Amber said.


"Let me get you two cleaned off and then you can have raisins."  She said and cleaned their hands with a towel and then took out the raisins.


"Raisins!"  Joey exclaimed running over to them.  "Can I have some?"  He asked.


"Sure.  Clean off your hands first."  Maggie said handing him another towel.  Then turned her attention to Jamie.  "I have strawberries too if you want some Jamie."


"Raisins will be fine thanks.  I'm allergic to strawberries."  She said reaching for another towel.


Hannibal plopped down next to his wife and sighed.  'Marie was allergic to strawberries.'  Then he thought about his neighbors.  He thought there was something kind of familiar about Jamie and Ian but he couldn't put his finger on it.


"John weren't BA and Murdock going to drop by the house at five?"  Maggie asked bringing him out of his thoughts.


"Yeah."  He looked at his watch.  It was 4:30.  "We better get going."  They packed up and headed for the car.


When they got back home Jamie smiled.  "My Grandpa's here."  She got out of the car.  "Thank you for taking me to the beach." 


"Your welcome dear."  Maggie said and watched as Jamie ran back to her house.  "Such a nice girl."  She said to her husband.


Hannibal nodded as he took Amber out of her car seat and carried her into the house.  Maggie followed carrying Julia.  Joey followed slowly pulling Murdy along with him.  The dog was growling at something.  The dog was trying to get away from him.  "Murdy stop that."  He scolded.  "Dad I can't get Murdy to come in!"  He called.


Hannibal came outside and watched as Murdy broke free from Joey and ran around the house.  Hannibal and Joey ran after her.  She was barking at something, or rather someone.


Hannibal looked at the person in surprise. 


"I'm sorry sir.  I'm just dropping off a note."  The man said stuttering slightly.


"Then what are you doing over here?"  He asked.


"Was told to drop it off at the back of the house."  He said and handed over the package and left quickly.


He opened the box and found Marie's charm bracelet that she got on her very last birthday.  The note said 'Do you remember this Smith?'




Part 5


"Kyle."  Hannibal said before leading Murdy and Joey back into the house.



"Grandpa!"  Jamie said and ran over to Kyle and hugged him. 


"Hey sunshine.  Your mother told me you were at the beach.  Did you have fun?"  Kyle asked.


"Yes.  The Smith's are nice."  She didn't notice Kyle's frown as she turned to her mother.  "How's Dad?" 


"Still sleeping I think.  Why don't you get washed up and set the table for dinner."  Libby said and watched Jamie hurry to the bathroom.  "Are you going to be staying for dinner?"  She asked Kyle.


"No I better be going.  Got to plan more ways to play with Smith."  Kyle said and walked out the backdoor.


Libby turned around and saw Ian standing in the doorway.  'Shit.'  She thought.  "Hi honey.  Are you feeling better?"  She asked hoping that he hadn't heard what Kyle had just said.


"Yeah.  I didn't realize I was so tired."  Ian said stepping into the room.


"Dinner's ready."  Ian followed her into the kitchen.



"Uncle Murdock!  Uncle BA!"  Joey yelled running over to his 'uncles.'


"Look at you Joey I think you've grown."  Murdock said and handed him a present.


"Thanks Uncle Murdock!"  Joey said happily sitting in the grass opening the presents.


"Murdock you didn't have to get Joey anything."  Maggie said coming out of the house.


"It's from both the fool and I.  Got presents for Julia and Amber too."  BA said handing her the boxes. 


"Wow!  The Zeo Megazord!  Thanks!"  He said and started playing with it.


"Joey why don't we go inside so you can play with it?"  Maggie suggested.  Joey nodded and ran inside.  Maggie, BA, and Murdock followed him.


After a quick tour of the house Maggie helped Julia and Amber open their presents.  They were each given Cabbage Patch Dolls.  "Oh they will love these."  She started laughing as she saw them start to explore their new dolls. 


Hannibal came into the room.  "BA and Murdock can I talk to you for a second in the kitchen?"  He asked.  BA and Murdock followed their former colonel into the kitchen.  "Someone dropped this off today."  He said handing them the box with the charm bracelet.


"That's what I got Marie for her birthday five years ago.  Who would have sent it?"  BA asked.  Hannibal handed him the note.  It infuriated BA.  He knew it had to be Kyle.  "Where is that son of a..."


"BA watch it."  Hannibal said.  "I don't know where he is."


"Did you call Decker?"  Murdock asked.


"Decker retired two years ago remember?  I don't even remember whose in charge of finding Kyle anymore."  Hannibal said he turned around and saw someone getting into a car next door.  The man looked familiar.


"Was that who I think it was?"  Murdock asked looking at what Hannibal was looking at.  'Kyle wouldn't be that stupid would he?'


That was enough for Hannibal.  He ran out of the house with Murdock and BA following him.  But the car was gone. 




Lost Memories 2 by Dana Snyder