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by Georgia Bentz

Rating: G

Summary: This was written to and from my grandparents' house, so some of it might not make sense. Hope you all enjoy. Charlotte, Rachel and all the kids are my made up characters. Maggie and Amy are also Stephen J. Cannell's property.




The van was silent, as it rolled along the dark road. For once there was no fighting the bad guys, and thankfully nobody had argued for the last ten and a half hours. BA Baracus was relieved and glanced at his wife Rachael.


"Rachael we almost ta Hann'bal's house."


"Oh good," sighed Rachael. She looked in the back seats at her three sleeping triplet girls, Ceiceily, Carmen and Jessica. Her youngest Jarred Elliot was in the car seat gurgling in his sleep. "Bosco?" she asked.


"What is it li'l Mama?" he replied.


Never taking his eyes off the road. "Bosco are you sure we should be going to Hannibal and Maggie's this year? After all, Hannibal isn't feeling up to speed."


BA responded, "Maggie said it'd do 'im good. An' cheer them other li'l mamas up."


"I see," she answered.


B.A. continued, "An' Hannibal says he wanna spend Thanksgivin' wit' us. He say every fam'ly oughtta get t'gether an' get re'quainted.


Rachael answered, "Oh good, as long as it's what Maggie ordered."


He grunted, and soon pulled into a driveway, and they were soon out of the van. They were greeted at the door by, Murdock's two sets of twins. The girls who were named Erin and Erica, and the boys who were named, Hannibal-Matthew and Nick.


"Unca BA, Unca BA, Auntie Rachael, Auntie Rachael. Oh boy you brought Jarred." The five greeted the twins, and then they were met by Murdock, Charlotte, Face, Amy, and last but not least Hannibal and Maggie.


*'When has our Fearless Leader got so old lookin?'* asked BA inside his head. *'An' he look like he shouldn' even be up'*. Out loud though.... "Hey Colonel, ya lookin' better."


Hannibal answered glibly, "You know better then to lie to me Sergeant." "I would have you doing pushups, but seeing as you have family looking at ya, I'll spare you the humiliation."


"Aw thanks Colonel," said BA blushing.


"Aw lookie BA's blushin'," remarked Murdock.


"Shush up crazyman," muttered BA.


"Now Honey that wasn't necessary," spoke up both Charlotte and Rachael.


"HM, Charlotte, Kids how are you all?" asked Rachael. "Temp, Amy, you two look well. Tanya, Tim, you're both so grown up. Hannibal, Maggie, girls, thank you all for inviting us to your home. We're so glad we could be here."


"Likewise Rachael," answered Maggie. "Well let's all get into the dining room. Everything's ready."


Everyone went ahead, but Rachael snagged Maggie's arm. "Maggie how is he really?"


Maggie shook her head, and she answered, "To tell you the truth...."


Before she could finish though, Claire ran up to them, "Mama, Auntie Rachael, Daddy says the food's gettin' cold. So you come sit down."


"We'll be there in a minute Claire," answered Maggie. They watched as Maggie's ten-year-old went back into the dining room.


"It's okay Maggie, you can tell me later. Let's go sit in the dining room. I'm sure Bosco's frothing at the mouth to eat."


The two women laughed and took their seats. Maggie sat by Hannibal, Rachael by BA, and the kids had their own table. Except Jarred. He was still asleep, and was by Rachael's chair. Still in his car seat. A few minutes later, Rachel looked down at her side, and found that Jarred was wide awake, and sucking on his fist.


"Hey there Mommy's little man. Are you ready to eat?" Jarred took his fist out of his mouth and began to gurgle again. She excused herself from the table, and motioned for Maggie to come with her. Maggie silently nodded and followed Rachael to the living room.


In the Living Room.... "So Maggie tell me, how is Hannibal really?"


"He's not doing so well," answered Maggie simply. "He's got lung cancer and this could be his last Thanksgiving."


Rachael asked, "Does he know?"


Maggie answered, and nodded, "Yes. But he wants to keep it from the boys for as long as possible."


Rachael asked, "Why?"


Maggie answered, "Because he told me that he didn't want them to over worry, he says he just wants it to be a normal holiday." Rachael nodded. Finished feeding her son, she and Maggie again entered the dining room.  Coming at the tail end of what was apparently a funny tale. For everyone was in hysterics. As the two ladies resumed their seats, Rachael looked over at Hannibal. And realized just how haggard he looked. *'Does anyone else notice?'* she asked herself. She then noticed the others' eyes, and knew they noticed too. But she also realized they were smart enough not to say anything to incur the wrath of Hannibal.


"Did we miss anything?" asked Maggie. Trying to clear the air between she and Rachael.


After dinner as usual the whole group went into the living room to watch football. Everyone but the four ladies anyway. They were washing dishes, while all the children were shooed outside.


A little while later....


With eggnogs in their hands they all sat in the living room, and started reminiscing about their lives.  Murdock livened things up with antics and tricks he and Face had used, to get out of the scrapes while they'd been on the run. Murdock started, "Face was in his Corvette.... Then he started to help another girl whose car had broken down, and it took me an' the Colonel to haul 'im back inside."


"Thanks alot," murmured the lieutenant from across the room. He and Amy were occupying Hannibal's recliner. BA and Rachael were sitting on a loveseat, and Maggie, Hannibal, Charlotte and Murdock were all sitting on the sofa.  Actually Charlotte and Maggie were sitting on their husbands' laps.


"By the way Murdock why don't you tell us all about Kelly? I'm sure Charlotte would love to hear that one," said Face tongue-in-cheek.


Murdock blushed and grinned sideways at his wife. "We met while I 'as on the run, an' we did kiss. It wasn' nothin'. Serious Charl-Babe."  Charlotte grinned back and planted a deep kiss on her husband's lips. "Awww Shucks," he lopsidedly grinned back. He and Charlotte shared a smile.


After all the stories had been told, and retold, Hannibal gathered the rest of the Team to him. "Now I'm going to be totally honest with you Fellas. I've noticed how everyone's been looking at me, and you seem really worried about me. Here's the honest truth, I've got lung cancer. I might not live to see Christmas, or even the New Year coming up.


"But here's the point, I've been blessed with a family. I am truly thankful for you guys. Sons first, then wives and children. I'm so proud of all of you. And I've had the best Thanksgiving ever. I'm so proud of all of  you."  Seemingly out of breath, he sat down and his Team clamored at his side.


"Colonel?" ventured BA.


"Yeah BA. What is it?"


BA's eyes filled with tears and murmured, "We all gonna miss 'ya. An' Colonel thanks. Thanks foh everythin'."


"Yeah thanks Colonel," murmured both Murdock and Face.


"No thank you. You're all my family. And I'm indebted to you."


"We ought to be indebted you," answered Face.


"You raised them," answered Maggie. Getting straight to the point as usual.


Hannibal wrapped his arms around Maggie's shoulders and said, "You're right. But I'm right too. Without them I'd be lost."


"And so would we.," answered Murdock. Tears forming in his eyes too.


"HM don't cry," said Charlotte, as she wiped tears from her eyes too. All four ladies looked at their husbands and noticed they were teary-eyed.


Just then the kids all bounded into the living room. "Mommy, Daddy," wailed Jessica.


"What's wrong Sweetie?" asked Rachael.


"Cissi and Carmi won't let me play with them."


"Play what Jessa?" asked Hannibal. 


"Basketball," she answered sniffling. " 'Cause they say I'm too little."


Rachael said, "Well you tell your sisters that it's almost time to go." With that said, all the parents got up, and gathered their children together. They all said goodbye to Hannibal, Maggie and the girls.


A few weeks later Hannibal left the world, but he left a little bit of his legacy behind with each and every one of his sons, and his grandchildren. Every one had been happy they'd gotten to see him one last time.


The End

Thanksgiving by Georgia Bentz



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