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Family Found

Family Found
by Dana

Rating: G

Summary: How things could have been for Face. Author's note: This is in response to Susie's challenge. Susie challenged us to rewrite an episode. How could I resist? I love what ifs! The episode that this fic is based on is Family Reunion.


Templeton "Faceman" Peck opened the door a crack to check on AJ Bancroft. He

saw that AJ was talking with his daughter, Ellen, and started to close the door. "Templeton wait a second." He called after him. "I want to talk to you for a minute." Face came back into the room. "I need to tell you and Ellen something."


Face sat in the chair next to Ellen. AJ smiled at both of them before reaching

out his free hand and grabbing the hand of Face. Face didn't know what to say.

"There's something I need to tell both of you. Before I married Ellen's mother, Trish, I was married to someone else. We had been college sweethearts. Her name was Samantha. Right before our graduation, she became pregnant. As things went back then, the right thing to do was marry her. We had a beautiful baby boy who we named Richard Andrew after my father. Unfortunately our marriage didn't last and we divorced. I went to New York after graduation and started my career on Wall Street. Where I met Trish Heywood and we were married. Six years later she gave birth to Ellen." AJ stopped in order to regain the strength to continue.


Ellen and Face sat back listening not sure what to think of what he was just saying. Face had no idea who Samantha was. Ellen was trying to figure out who her half-brother was.


"By then I was starting to wonder about my first wife and the son I left behind. I started searching for both. I found evidence of Samantha being killed in an automobile accident. But I found nothing on Richard. When I came back to New York Trish and I started fighting. She took Ellen to Florida and then I started getting into deep trouble and had to leave the country."


Ellen nodded when hearing this. This was what her mother told her many times

during her life.


"Twelve years later I came back into the country quietly and found information

about Richard but by then he had left college and was in Vietnam. All I have is this." AJ said passing Face the pictures of Face and Ellen.


Face gasped at seeing the pictures. "This can't be." He said in disbelief.


Ellen looked at her father puzzled. "You are saying Face is your son? My



"Yes." AJ said.


"But how did you know it was me?" Face asked in confusion.


"While I was visiting orphanages the second time I went to Los Angeles I met a

Father O'Malley. I told him my story and he told me about a young woman named

Samantha Bancroft leaving her son at the orphanage. She had told them she

would be back but they realized that wasn't to be when she never came back. I

visited the college you went to and they actually gave me that picture. Your

old college roommate told me that you had joined the army." AJ paused as tears

came to his eyes. "I kept myself up to date with the newspaper articles and that is why I asked for the A-Team's help."


Face was tempted to run out of the room when he remembered what he said to

Ellen so he remained. "I don't know what to say. I've always imagined meeting

my family but I never thought I would."


"I asked your friend, Murdock, to give me twenty-four hours to tell you. Because I don't know how much longer I have. I'm dying."


"No." Ellen said in disbelief.


"I want you both to promise me that you will not lose your ties to each other.

Please promise me that. It was my mistake and I want to see it fixed." AJ

said slowly.


"I promise." Ellen and Face said.


AJ smiled more before he closed his eyes. Ellen reached out and checked for a

pulse. "He's gone." She said and started crying. Face wrapped an arm around



"Face!" Hannibal yelled.


"Are you going to be all right?" Face asked his sister. She nodded. "I'll go

tell them."


When he stepped outside Frankie and Murdock were talking about Owen and his men being behind them.


"Face go get AJ." Hannibal ordered.


Face looked up with tears in his eyes. "AJ's dead. My father's dead."


"Your what?" BA, Frankie, and Hannibal asked.


Murdock turned to Face and put a hand on his shoulder. "So he told you?" Face



"Would someone please tell me what's going on?" Hannibal asked.


"We got to get out of here." BA said. "I'll go get AJ so we can bury him." He said and hurried back into the cabin. A few minutes later BA came back outside with AJ in his arms and Ellen right behind him.


They went into the van and drove to a field. BA dug a whole and placed AJ into

it. Ellen and Face stood in front of it. The others stood back as Murdock told them about what he found out about AJ.



A few days later Ellen and Face were sitting in her apartment in Orlando

Florida. "I've got to go back to Langley tomorrow." Face told her.


"I know." Ellen said.


"Maybe you can come up for Christmas." He suggested.


"If you are still in this country that would be great." Ellen said trying to hide her disappointment.


"My job with Stockwell won't last forever and once we get our pardons we'll be

free to do whatever we wish."


"I know it's just that you are the only one I have left and I want to know you

better." Ellen said looking away so he wouldn't see how close she was to tears.


"I promise that I won't walk out of your life Ellen. You are the only family I

have too. We have to stick together right?" She nodded. "I've finally found

what I've been looking for. A family."


"Same here Face. Same here." She answered.



The End

Family Found by Dana