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Ulterior Motive

Summary: With the emergence of Colonel Decker, the team must face an unpleasant truth about an encounter that occurred between Decker and Face. The story takes place after the episode "When You Coming Home, Range Rider?"

Rating: NC-17

Warning: Non-consensual sex

Standard Disclaimer: Don't own 'em, and don't make no money on 'em.





Ulterior Motive






The thick green grass looked liked newly installed plush carpeting and the huge shade trees provided privacy for the silver haired man who was sitting on a picnic table overlooking the peaceful park. The air was brisk on this early fall morning and there wasn't a cloud in the sky for as far as the eye could see. The park, which was located in the heart of Los Angeles, was a haven to Colonel John Smith, an island as near to paradise as anything could be in the sea of buildings, concrete and smog that made up greater LA. He sat on the graffiti strewn table contemplating the latest turn of events for his team, definitely not the sort of thing he wanted to be doing after just coming off a case, but it was, nonetheless, unavoidable since the impact of such a situation was unknown. Patiently, he waited for the rest of his team to arrive.


He watched as the van pulled around the corner and parked. 'Right on time,' he thought. The driver, big and black, exited and meandered across the grass towards him.


"Whad's up, Hann'bal? I thought we were gonna have some time off?"


"We were, but we need to deal with this new situation."


Understanding, BA nodded and sat on the picnic table opposite him. The whine of an engine made them turn and they both watched as a small blue sports car came to a halt behind the van and two figures emerged. From the distance, they could hear the conversation.


"When do I have to take you back?" Amy asked.


"I'm out all day, chiquita!"


"Great! How did you get a pass for that long?"


"Easy. Face called in impersonating Dr. William Reynolds, head physiatrist for the VA, and he strongly 'suggested' that patients get out and be allowed to attend cultural and community events; it helps our minds," Murdock explained, pointing to his head.


"Shutup, Foo! Ain't nothin's gonna help your mind!"


"Now, BA! Mainstreaming mental patients is becoming very popular. In fact, they just moved several of the patients to a group home not too far from here. If I'm lucky, I'll get to try one out."


"You'll never get out of that place"


"Hey, fellas..." Amy interrupted, maternally. But before she could say anything more, she found herself being asked a question.


BA grumbled, "I thought you were stayin' behind with Runnin' Bear?"


With a shy smile, she answered, "I was.... It's just that I don't want to move too fast. I'm a city girl and he's a country boy and I've been in that spot before; it didn't work out. So I don't want to make the same mistake twice." Adding dreamily, she said, "No matter how attractive he is...." Then, remembering who she was with, she changed the subject and asked, "Speaking of good looking, where's Face?" It was very unusual for him to be late. He was always the first to arrive so his absence was definitely noticed.


Hannibal cleared his throat and answered, "I didn't tell him to be here until noon, that should give us enough time to discuss what we need to talk about."


Murdock nodded, already knowing what it was, and sat down on the bench; Amy sat across from him, looking puzzled.


Hannibal removed a half-smoked cigar from his pocket and lit it, taking his time and breathing in its' strong aroma while his friends waited for him to continue. "We all know who has the dubious job of capturing The A-Team now."


BA smirked, "Yeah, Decker!"


Nodding, Hannibal continued, "And it's not likely that he'll let bygones be bygones..."


Murdock pursed his lips and BA's smirk turned into a menacing snarl.


"...and very likely he'll try and take back something he can't have," Hannibal concluded.


Amy looked at their faces and could tell that there was more to this than just another Army Colonel out to capture the elusive A-Team. "What are you talking about?"


The three men looked at each other, but instead of answering, Murdock commented, "He seems oblivious to it, at least, he hasn't said anything."


"Faceman wouldn't say nothin'. He's learnt to cover his feelings most of his life, this wouldn't be any diff'rent," BA answered.


"You're both right," Hannibal acknowledged with his cigar. "Face has developed psychological skills that would challenge even the best doctors at the VA. He's learned to control his thoughts, feelings and emotions better than anyone I've ever known. Because of that, he basically ignoresˇor suppressesˇhis memories of Decker and what transpired back in Nam." Hannibal shifted his position on the table before continuing, "Unfortunately, I know that he does remember. He let something slip back in Texas which tells me his mind was on Decker."


"What are you saying, Colonel? You think Face jeopardized the mission?" Murdock asked, concerned.


"No. But I wouldn't want him to be distracted at a critical time, nor would I want him to take matters into his own hands."


"Faceman wouldn't kill nobody, not even Decker," BA grumbled.


"The mind can do strange things to a person, BA. Given the opportunity, I think we're all capable of disposing of our demons."


"Would someone mind telling me WHAT you are talking about?" Amy interrupted; her expression was one of total confusion. "What did this 'Colonel Decker' do to Face over there?"


The men looked at each other again, wondering who was the best person to condense an unpleasant, long story into a bearable, shorter one. After a pause, Hannibal began, "Decker is one mean SOB. Back in Nam, he had quite a reputation for getting what he wanted, and it didn't matter to him how many rules he broke along the way to get it."


"Sounds like you," Amy deadpanned.


"The difference is he didn't care how many lives he took or how many lives he destroyed. Face was young and naive when Decker first laid eyes on him. At the time, nobody really knew why he came to be stationed at Quo Kwan. There were rumors that Face messed up and he was given a choice of the stockade or the front line. Whatever the reason, he was assigned to Decker.


"Murdock, BA and I were watching the new recruits get off the truck when we spotted him. He wasn't like the other soldiers who were cocky and thought they were on a vacation. He was focused, taking in everything he saw and sizing up his situation. There was something in his eyes that separated him from the others; something that said he'd seen more than a kid his age should have seen. New recruits were always something of an event at a small base and so most of the men were watching the new arrivals, taking bets on who would make it and how long each would last. As you can imagine, Face caused quite a stir among the men. Just by looking around, we knew this young kid was going to have more than Charlie to fight.




Templeton Peck stopped pacing long enough to run his hands through his hair. He glanced at the clock, two hours before he had to meet up with the others. He hated times like this: too short to start something new and too long to sit around and do nothing. He wished he could have picked up Murdock but Hannibal was insistent that Amy do it, and so he had two hours to kill, and in his current condition, that wasn't good. He had nothing to take his mind off his latest problem and so he simply began pacing again, and thinking.


'Damn! Why Decker? Of all the SOBs that the army could have chosen for this job, why him?' His thoughts were all consuming and he hadn't gotten much sleep since he first saw his old nemesis from Nam. He looked at himself in the mirror and noticed the dark rings under his eyes, testimony to the nightmares and general lack of rest he'd had this past week. "Damn!" he said again, out loud.


At least while he was in Texas, his mind was occupied with the case and he could keep it from wandering too much, but now that there was nothing, he found it difficult to suppress those memories of his former commander. And now Decker was charged with capturing The A-Team, something that he no doubt requested to do. Frustrated, Face looked at the phone for the hundredth time, wanting to call Hannibal but not quite sure what he would say. Frozen, he stared at it, his mind wandering back to the time his CO gave him the choice.....


"Listen son, you can either spend five years in prison or be assigned to Colonel Roderick Decker's unit."


Templeton Peck smiled, but only to himself. He'd heard about Roderick Decker, as reputations like his were hard to hide: nasty and ruthless. But he also knew that Decker was only human, and like every other officer in that god-forsaken war, he could be conned. Only this time, he'd be more careful and not let a stupid signature, or in this case, lack of one, fire off some internal investigation that landed him standing at attention in front of his apathetic captain who spent most of his days in a drunken stupor. The choice was easy, or so it seemed at the time he made it.


Jumping off the truck at Quo Kwan, Face visually scanned the base and took mental snapshots of who was sitting with whom. By interpreting body language, he was able to determine who might give him trouble and who might be an ally. There was a small group he couldn't figure but he decided that it would probably be to his advantage to make friends with the very large black sergeant. 'So far, so good,' he thought, 'beats the hell out of prison, at least.' And he tuned out the initial protocol and allowed his mind to nurture several moneymaking ventures that he devised while in-route to the base.




Amy asked, "So, what happened? Did you keep him out of fights?"


"Well," Hannibal continued, "after the recruits were dismissed, I told BA to stick close to the new kid. Fortunately, Face sized up the camp quickly and accurately. He learned who was who and who needed what. Within a week, he had charmed and conned his way into the graces of even the toughest of soldiers, acquiring the most sought after and valued items, from cologne to cigars, and from pinups to perfume. Never did he keep anything, he always gave it away. He became an icon of sorts, supplying the camp with supplies that, in many cases, were obviously re-routed from a General's dinner table to our mess hall."


Murdock interjected, "He'd sure mastered the art of winning friends and influencing people."


After an agreeing nod, Hannibal continued, "And where his scamming talents fell short, we soon learned that he was quite adept at hand to hand combat as we discovered late one night during a barroom brawl. As suspected, a few of the guys decided Face looked pretty good. After several hours of drinking and smoking, a fight broke out when one of them tried to corner him. Naturally, nobody wanted their prized supply officer to be messed up, so a fight broke out. Face took care of the soldier fairly quickly, but didn't stick around, he went for the back door but before he could get out, he ran straight into his CO.


"Decker always kept a low profile, not mingling too much with the men. But I would notice him watching his new recruit. When Face practically ran him over, I watched the interaction between them and it was very strange. Face seemed more afraid of Decker than he was of being backed against the wall by four or five soldiers that night."


Hannibal paused after getting this far, partly because he never liked thinking about it, but mostly because he didn't really know what transpired between Decker and Face.




Face remembered that his first week in the camp went okay; he sized up what needed to be done and who needed to be conned and set into motion his contacts. With the exception of a short lecture on staying out of trouble, Decker pretty much left him alone. Even the combat wasn't too bad; he didn't see much action and nothing interfered with his moneymaking ventures, which were being set into motion with each passing day.


But Decker did say something that bothered him. During that initial lecture, his tone became sultry, and although Face couldn't remember the exact words that were used, it had something to do with being a good soldier and earning his colonel's gratitude, something he would learn to do. Initially, he'd shrugged it off and went about his business. But as the days passed, the words and tone would make their way back into his head and haunt him. He'd heard that tone too many times in the past to ignore. He wasn't exactly sure what his colonel meant, but knew he didn't want to find out.


By the beginning of week two, things started to fall apart, beginning with a barroom brawl that he was all too accustomed to. Escaping unharmed from the bar was fairly easy but running head first into his CO was unexpected, and the glare he received unnerved him. It actually froze him in place for an extra second before he managed to exit out the back door. He tried to brush it aside; he would later learn what a mistake that was.


The next day he was called into Decker's office.


"Lieutenant Peck! Didn't I tell you NOT to make trouble?!" Decker snarled, referring to the barroom brawl of the previous night.


Face relaxed slightly because he knew he could explain away the ruckus, especially since it wasn't his fault. Smiling, he began, "Well, sir, it seems these guys thought I"


Before he could say the next word, Decker was around his desk wielding a small leather crop. The lashing whipped across his chest and arms and was over before he could recover from the change of events. Stunned, he balanced himself against the wall, trying to comprehend what just happened.


"You will stay in line, Peck, or you will regret ever coming under my command! Do I make myself clear!"


Face was almost too stunned to respond, but as the crop was raised again, he blurted out quickly, "Yes sir! I understand Sir!"


"Good! Then stand at attention soldier!"


Face straightened up, noticing the pain that was creeping across his upper torso.


"You won't mention this incident to anyone! If you do, you will suffer the consequences." Then Decker moved behind him and touched the back of his subordinate's body with the front of his.


That's when Face felt his CO's arousal.


Decker leered, "I can assure you the consequences will be far more painful than a little lashing."


Face swallowed and waited to be dismissed. Once safely away from his CO, he shook his arms like he was shaking off what just happened. But the movement caused his chest to sting, which reminded him of the lashing he'd just received.


Quietly, he made his way to the shower and ensured that he was alone so that the whelps wouldn't be seen before he stripped down. Standing under the warm water, he thought about what happened. He hadn't seen that one coming and would have to be more careful in the future. Decker clearly had a completely separate agenda going on, aside from fighting Charlie. Since there was obviously more to Colonel Roderick Decker than he thought, he'd just have to steer clear of him. He had avoided superiors in the past, no reason why he couldn't avoid another one now. He had just finished putting his shirt on and covering the marks when that big black sergeant walked into the shower. They nodded at each other and Face thought, 'Damn, I wish I could get in good with him, I could sure use some protection.'




Amy encouraged the story to continue by asking, "So why was Face afraid of Decker?"


BA blurted out, "Because that son of a bitch hurt him!"


Hannibal reached over and placed a soothing hand on his Sergeant's shoulder, diffusing the anger slightly.


Murdock elaborated, "Decker bided his time, letting Face work the base. As you can imagine, everyone wanted to be Face's friend. He was fun, good looking, and could get just about anything for anyone." Murdock changed his tone slightly and added, "But there was something missing. He was never alone but he seemed lonely. One night, when Hannibal, BA and I were tossing down some beers, he joined us. It was the first time that we'd actually met. Well...," Murdock smiled remembering the fond memory, "we hit it off great. He was everything and more. He seemed to really relax and enjoy himself, scoffing off his scamming talents as nothing more than survival skills. At one point in the evening, he slipped out but quickly returned, carrying a small box of fine Cuban cigars for Hannibal. Somehow, he managed to get a box of Havana's finest, then he waited until the opportunity presented itself, and gave them to him." Chiding Hannibal, Murdock joked, "From then on, Hannibal was hooked, taking a particular interest in this new kid."


They smiled at the recollection of the box of cigars, reveling in a memory that hadn't been thought of in a while.


Then Murdock's tone turned somber again and he continued, "Everything was going great until Decker walked in. Face was hesitant at first, but one look at Decker's expression and we knew something was wrong. Face turned solemn, bid his farewells and left. Decker just glared at us; he never did get along with Hannibal, and BA almost got court marshaled for damn near running him over."


"Cuz he's got no regard for human rights, blowin' up those villages and all," BA growled.


Amy listened intently, finding herself wanting to record the conversation or, at the very least, take notes for a possible future story on the guys. But she knew better than to turn into a reporter during times like these.




Face sifted positions in his chair. Not being successful at suppressing his memories, his mind continued to take him back...


Still aching from the surprise attack, Face made his way to the bar. After having a few beers, he noticed the big black sergeant walk in and join two men who had been watching him since he arrived. Being a preservationist at heart, he decided that befriending a man who could probably kill you with one punch could have its advantages, so he asked if he could join them. He had heard of Colonel Smith and Captain Murdock prior to being assigned to the base and knew that Smith had a reputation that was somewhat unorthodox. But he had spent several days observing and watching these men from a distance and they had a camaraderie that he'd not seen before among men.


That night was magical for him and he'll always remember it. For the first time in a very long time, he actually felt like he belonged. For some strange reason, he felt like he had known these men all his life and the feeling of comfort that they offered him was unlike anything he'd felt before. Researching Colonel Smith and learning of his affection for cigars paid off. He had lost track of time and was enjoying a story by Captain Murdock when Decker walked in. The look on his face didn't bode well for him and he thought it best to leave before his CO could get any ideas. He abruptly left without offering a reason. Unfortunately, it was too late.


Under cover of darkness, Face remembered hearing that voice, "Lt. Peck, in my office!"


'Shit!' he thought. 'I didn't do anything!'


Once inside, Colonel Decker ordered, "At attention, soldier!"


Face adhered and stood straight, unsure of what was to come.


"What were you talking to Colonel Smith about?!"


"Nothing Sir. We were having a few beers and Captain Murdock was telling me about some missions they'd flown."


This time, the lashing came from behind and across his legs. It felt like a thousand bee stings as the whip scraped across his thighs and buttocks. He moved quickly, but it wasn't quick enough and the small office didn't allow for much of a get away. Like before, it was over practically before it had begun. Anger flashed in his eyes and he glared at his CO, wondering if he would be able to control his rage.


"Don't think about it lieutenant! I'll send your ass to the stockade so fast you won't even have time to pack, and when those boys get a hold of you, you'll beg me to take you back!"


Face slowed his breathing, realizing that a lashing wasn't anything compared to what could happen to him in prison. Visibly acquiescing, his body ever so slightly slumped.


Having conquered his young recruit, Decker smiled down at him, then strutted around his desk and said, "Stay clear of Smith! Dismissed!"




The park was filling with people as the late morning sun warmed the day. Amy waited for them to continue but nobody was saying anything. She glanced at her watch, they still had time but Face was usually early for meetings and she wanted to hear the entire story before he arrived.


Hannibal sat pensively, deep in thought about those first few weeks when Face had entered their lives. He remembered that the lieutenant had stirred feelings in him that he thought were dead. BA and Murdock had filled a void in his life, but it wasn't until this new kid arrived that he realized something had still been missing. This young kid seemed to bring out paternal instincts that Smith never knew he had. Murdock and BA saw the change immediately in their CO, and in some respects, they felt the same way. Murdock, in particular, had taken such a liking to Face that it was all he talked about for the next couple of days. But everybody wanted to be Face's friend and Murdock was insecure, so he was hesitant to act and seek the new kid out. Instead, he just bothered BA with his incessant talking. And this new kid moved BA in ways Hannibal thought impossible, bringing out a sense of protectiveness that was usually reserved for him or Murdock. Still, there was something going on that wasn't quite right.


Finally, Murdock continued, "The next couple of days passed and we didn't see much of him. The few times he came our way, he veered off and went in another direction. I finally caught up to him one afternoon and asked how everything was. He was a bit nervous and pulled me into a storage room. I asked him what was wrong and he wanted to say something but he changed his mind and told me to forget it.


"We had a base-wide mission coming up and as was customary, the base was having a revelry, our name for a party, so I asked him if he was going. The sparkle in his eyes shown through and he smiled, telling me he wouldn't miss it for the world. We snuck a peek at the food he managed to re-route to our camp, as well as a few movies he was able to scam our way, and I knew this was going to be the best party I had ever attended.


Turning a sad tone, he added, "Unfortunately, Face never made it to the party."




Face sat down heavily in a chair in his lavishly decorated apartment. He still remembered Decker's conquering attitude even though twelve years had passed. Once again, he allowed his thoughts to drift back...


After the whippings, Face had made it a point to steer clear of just about everyone. He knew about the pre-mission revelry and was busy planning and requisitioning stuff for it so avoiding people was pretty easy. Aside from the party, he had set in motion his transfer. Doing that sort of thing is what landed him in trouble to begin with but he wasn't going to report to a lunatic like Decker if he could help it. Besides, he felt something different with Colonel Smith and Captain Murdock and Sergeant Baracus that he hadn't felt since he left the orphanage. They gave him a sense of belonging and purpose. The quick relationship that he allowed to happen unnerved him a bit, but he didn't want to let it go. For one thing, they didn't ask anything of him and that was pretty damned unusual. He found Murdock to be a refreshing change from the usual pilots, and often caught himself thinking about the crazy captain.


Getting transferred was easy provided you got yourself transferred into someone's unit who would take you; and he hoped that Colonel Smith would take him because once the scam was out in the open, if it didn't happen, he'd be left with Decker and have to suffer the consequences, which had already been laid out for him.


He was in the back of the storage room, opening boxes that had just arrived when he heard the door open and close. He waited for someone to appear and when no one did, he called out, "Who's there?"


Eventually, three men appeared; Decker and the two soldiers who started the brawl in the barroom. Face immediately stood at attention, feeling his heart race.


Decker sized him up and down and then growled, "What are you doing?"


"I'm unpacking boxes for the revelry tonight, Sir."


Decker meandered around and looked at the boxes. Then he pulled some papers from his shirt and threw them at Peck, saying, "You mind telling me what these are?"


'Shit!' he thought, thinking he had discovered his transfer papers. Hesitantly, he picked them up. He breathed a small sigh of relief when he recognized them as legitimate purchase orders for medicine. The chaplain had explained about the orphans needing medical supplies and so he pulled some strings and requisitioned some. "Well, I can explain these Sir"


From behind, he felt the sharp blow of a blunt object hitting his kidney. Gasping, he crumbed to the floor.


Before he could say anything, Decker sneered, "I saw Captain Murdock in here! What did he want?!"


Catching his breath, he gasped, "He just wanted to know if I was going to the party tonight, that's all!"


"At attention when you address me soldier!" Decker ordered.


Face stood up, wincing at the pain in his side and glancing around him at the soldier holding the baton.


"What did you tell him?!"


Sputtering, he answered, "I said I was."


Another sharp blow hit him from behind and he would have crumpled to the floor had it not been for the two soldiers who caught him. They grabbed him and gagged him, making it impossible for anyone to hear his screams. Then, while Decker watched, they took turns pummeling him, making sure they never hit the face or tore the clothes.


After what seemed like an eternity, they stopped the beating. Still being held up by the goons, Decker moved in and pushed his hand down Face's pants, wrapping his fingers around his genitals. He whispered, "I told you soldier, you better stay clear of Smith, his flyboy AND his sergeant. I think I even warned you what I'd do if you disobeyed me. I should fuck you right here and now, but I have things I need to do." He moved his hand around to fondle his victim more. "Next time, I'm gonna find that tight ass of yours and give myself some satisfaction if I catch you being insubordinate again. You understand me soldier!?"


Face nodded his head slightly.


They threw him down and walked over him as they exited.


Once alone, he pulled himself out of the storage room and, making sure nobody was around, he made his way back to his bunk. He'd been beaten up many times before so he could deal with that. What he couldn't deal with was the invasion of Decker's hand. That man was a real head case and the sooner he got out from under his command, the healthier they'd both stay. He just had to hang on a few more days until the transfer came through.




"Why didn't Face make it to the party?" Amy asked when it appeared that Murdock had stopped relaying the story.


BA interjected, "Cause he got beat up! Decker worked him over for talking to Murdock!"


"But we didn't find that out until after the mission was over," Murdock said. "I flew Hannibal and his unit out at 0500. Then I flew Decker and his unit out at 0700. I noticed that Face was hurting and I asked what happened. He told me to leave him alone, and he glanced nervously around, his eyes stopping on Decker. That's when I knew something was wrong.


"I had to wait around all day before I could pick up Hannibal's unit, but when I did, I told him that something was happening with the new kid, something that involved Decker. Fortunately, Hannibal got some good news that was going to help Face.


Hannibal picked up the story there, saying, "Several weeks earlier, I had learned that my unit was going to be transferred to another base. The orders for transfer came that day and I picked them up after we landed. I knew I wanted to get Face on my team so I had to act fast. I started making a few phone calls but to my surprise, Face's transfer had already been initiated and was almost complete. I asked to see who had signed off on the orders and the signature was Decker's, at least to the untrained eye it was Decker's. But to me it was a damn good forgery. I knew everyone on that base and no one could forge that well, so it had to be the work of one Lt. Templeton Peck. I also knew that if Decker found out about it, Face was gonna be a dead man.


"Murdock had left to pick up Decker's unit so I decided that BA and I would wait in Face's quarters until he returned and find out just what was going on."




Face looked at the clock on the mantle; time was passing very slowly, still too early to meet the team. He didn't want to think about Decker but there was little else on his mind and he knew the chances of blocking it out were virtually none existent.


He remembered going on the mission the very next day after Decker fondled him. His colonel acted as if nothing happened and was focused on the mission. He too had to focus on the mission if he wanted to stay alive. The first part of their assignment went perfectly. By mid morning, they had mapped out the area and set land mines along the way. The eight man unit was making good progress and there was no sign of Charlie anywhere around. After lunch, Decker split the group up, sending four men east, and taking his group north. Unfortunately, he ended up being part of Decker's group and the other two were the ones who beat him up. With sincere trepidation, he followed orders.


The afternoon progressed well and Decker carried out his assignment to the letter. He was good and thorough and Face wondered where he had gotten such a perverted streak when he appeared 'military' through and through.


They were doubling back to the LZ and were making better time returning than expected. Face thought it was a little unusual but he kept pace and didn't say anything. When they reached a small clearing, Decker halted everyone.


Face crept up slowly and asked what was happening. But the leer on Decker's face and the sudden movement from behind took him by surprise. The next half-hour turned into hell for him.


The two soldiers overpowered him. In a matter of seconds, they had him gagged, disarmed and pinned down. His mind raced at what his own men were doing to him and his eyes pleaded that they stop. He struggled relentlessly but it didn't make any difference. His memory of Decker standing over him with the dark green canopy of the trees as his backdrop is as vivid in his mind now as it was then. As if in slow motion, Decker bent down and began unbuttoning his shirt, exposing his already badly bruised and whipped torso. He struggled and screamed through the gag, but he was no match for three conditioned soldiers determined to expel some sexual frustration. After tying his arms and legs apart and securing him to the ground, Decker straddled him and rubbed his hardened cock against him.


In a soft whisper, he leered, "I'm just initiating you, son."


Shaking his head and moaning through the gag, he tried to protest. Decker's hands were all over him and rubbing his already skinned nipples. Face was changing between anger and fear, feeling the muscles in his neck bulge and the skin on his restrained wrists tear as he struggled against the twine.


"Don't make too much noise, lieutenant," Decker whispered, then he glanced over his shoulder at the other two soldiers who stood a watchful eye out for Charlie. "I'd hate to leave you here like this in case Charlie were to come up on us suddenly." Then he continued the assault. Slowly, he unfastened Face's pants and shimmied them down. Staring lustingly down at the younger man's cock, he licked his lips and proceeded to sodomize him. When he was finished sucking and fondling, he moved his fingers underneath until he found the boy's entrance. Pushing one finger inside, he whispered softly into the lieutenant's ear. "I'm not going to hurt you. If you relax, we can do this right. This is just the first step in several. See Thompson and Gordon?" he said, referring to the soldiers who were supposed to be watching for Charlie but were deriving more physical pleasure from watching the assault. "They were like you once, young, naďve, and waiting to be taken. They enjoy it now and you will too. It takes a little while getting used to this," he pushed a second finger inside his lieutenant and slowly moved around, feeling the soft warm interior walls of his victim. "But soon, you'll be begging for more."


Face could do nothing but lay there, tied at the ankles and wrists, waiting for the actual rape to begin. Anger filled his eyes as the pain of Decker's fingers invaded his anus. Involuntarily, he moved his hips, trying unsuccessfully to expel the objects that had now fully penetrated him. His mind raced ahead, wondering if he was going to be raped by all of them, or just his colonel. Knowing that Charlie could be lurking, he tried to squelch his cries; he'd only hoped he could control his urge to vomit.


Suddenly, when Decker had decided he had pushed in far enough, he pulled his fingers out of his lieutenant's ass and proceeded to ejaculate on his victim's chest. The other two soldiers came over when he was done and did the same thing.


Being immobile, he was forced to lie as his attackers sneered down at him while their spent cocks dangled and dripped. The soldier who started the fight with him in the barroom reminded him to be quiet by putting his index finger to his lips and whispering, "Shhhh, you don't want to bring Charlie around."


Once they felt they had humiliated him enough, they casually freed one of his wrists with a knife and left him to free himself while they moved away and cleaned up.


Face hurriedly cut himself free and moved out of the clearing, trying to scrap as much of the semen off as he could.


Decker approached him as he was finishing getting dressed and growled, "Remember, you mention this to anyone and your ass is mine in more ways than you thought possible. And when I get finished with you, I'll drop you off at the nearest military prison and press charges of insubordination that will keep you in prison for 10 years!"


Angry and confused, Face shook with emotion and barely controlled his urge to attack. But with the other two men holding rifles and Decker's unpredictable mood, he managed to not move a muscle. His entire body ached from the abuse he'd just received from Decker's fingers as well as the earlier abuse with the whip. He fell in line and continued the short journey to the LZ, sans his rifle, which they felt it necessary to keep until they heard the rotor blades of the chopper. But the walk was long enough for him to decide that he was going to kill Decker on their next mission. He had only seen an officer fragged once before, but it went down smooth and nobody knew that it wasn't Charlie who killed him.


Amazingly, the colonel and his two goons veiled themselves again in strict military protocol. By their current demeanor, no one would believe that just minutes earlier they were assaulting him. He knew he looked terrible, barely able to control the shaking of his hands or the racing of his heart. As the chopper neared, they shoved his rifle in his face; but by their expression, if he so much as lifted it, he was a dead man.


When Face entered the chopper, he saw the pilot and thought, 'Shit! Captain Murdock!' But he took a seat close to the door so when they landed, he could get off and be gone before anything could be said. The ride home was slow and he stared at his CO with unforgiving eyes until Decker ordered, "Stop staring at me lieutenant. I was good to you out there; don't you forget it."


Face would never forget it. He sat in his penthouse suite, watching the seconds tick by slowly on the clock, wishing he could forget.




Hannibal shifted positions on the picnic table as Murdock continued the story. "I picked up Decker's unit without any problem, but I noticed a very strange look in Face's eyes. At first I figured they must have seen some action but when I asked, they said it was quiet. He avoided eye contact with me and when we landed, he was out of the chopper before I had the engines turned off. I watched him go straight to his bunk without receiving any orders from his colonel. Decker just watched him go and didn't move until his lieutenant had disappeared out of site."


"That's when we confirmed something was going on," Hannibal interjected. "He came through the door and threw his gear down, obviously in pain. He didn't notice that BA and I were standing in the room and heard him mumble, "I'm gonna kill you! You fuckin' son of a bitch!"


"I ain't never seen Faceman mad as that," BA grumbled, shaking his head slowly at the memory. They all took a moment to remember the ensuing conversation....


"Probably not the best of ideas, lieutenant," Smith said.


Face swung around, with murder in his eyes, at hearing the strange voice in his room, "What are you doing in here!" he hissed in a low voice so he wouldn't be heard.


"Waiting for you to come back."


"You have to get out of here! If Colonel Decker sees me talking to you, he'll"


"He'll do what?"


Reconsidering his initial outburst, Face said in a more controlled voice, "He won't like it, that's all."


Hannibal changed his tone. "Look lieutenant, something's going on here and I think you ought to tell us."


Face never changed his expression but his eyes flicked over to BA and then back to Colonel Smith.


Smith knew he was dealing with an expert con artist and trying to understand what the boy was thinking was damn near impossible. It was as if he wanted to trust them but that feeling wasn't exactly natural to him. When no explanation was forth coming, he sighed and said, "All right, if you don't want to talk about it, why don't you explain these?" And he handed him the transfer papers that he'd uncovered a few hours earlier.


Face remained silent, casting his eyes on the papers but clearly not seeing anything. His mind was racing with an explanation but, for some reason, he knew he wouldn't be able to con this colonel.


Just then, Murdock came through the door and in his exuberance to see his friend, slapped him on the back.


Face flinched and dodged away from any more greetings that Murdock might bestow on him.


It was obvious that he was injured but nobody had encountered Charlie this time around. On a hunch Smith said, "Take your shirt off."


Face looked up sharply, dartingly looking around the room at the three men, remembering his earlier encounter with three other men.


In an effort to diffuse his sudden retreat, Smith added, "Look kid, something's happened to you and we want to know what it is."


"No you don't! Just leave before Decker comes in!"


BA grumbled, "Is he messin' with you?"


Face's eyes widened when he heard that.


That reaction was enough to confirm Smith's suspicions. But he knew that Decker wouldn't leave marks so the only place was under his clothes. Instead of using a commanding tone, he said in a more friendly way, "Lieutenant, I gave you an order."


After a short pause, Face slowly unbuttoned his shirt and lowered it over his shoulders exposing the dark bruises and lash marks that covered most of his back, chest and arms.


"I couldn't believe it!" Murdock interrupted. "The bruises and lacerations were deep and some appeared to be several days old. That son of a bitch Decker had beaten him and beaten him badly."


BA jumped into the conversation and growled, "And that's about the time Decker busted into the room."


Face startled and scrambled to pull his shirt up upon seeing his commanding officer seething at him.


Decker sized up the occupants in the room, then snarled, "What's the meaning of this, Lieutenant!" And he thrust some more papers towards his subordinate and waited for him to comprehend the transfer papers.


Before Face could say anything, Hannibal stepped forward and said, "He's going with us, we leave tomorrow."


"Like Hell he is! I didn't authorize any transfer!"


Smugly, Hannibal toyed with his equal. "Sorry Colonel, but you signed those papers yesterday and Lieutenant Peck is going with us to Qwie Nang."


"I never signed anything! He's staying here and he better have one hell of a good explanation!"


"Speaking of explanations, you mind telling us how he got those bruises?"


"Shutup Smith! I don't have to explain anything to you!" He turned and squarely looked Peck in the eyes and growled, "I'm not finished with you boy! You're to meet me in my office in two minutes!"


"He's not going anywhere," Hannibal calmly stated. "In case you forgot, he's now part of my unit and I need to brief him on our transfer."


Decker whirled around and stood eye to eye with Smith. An imposing movement caught his eye and he noticed both Murdock and Baracus glaring at him. It was obvious that Smith wasn't going to allow Peck to go anywhere. He growled, "Smith, I'm going to get to the bottom of this and when I do, he'll wish he opted for prison over being assigned to me. So don't be too quick to leave with him!"


"Decker, you'll never be able to straighten this out before we leave, so my advice to you is don't even try."


Thoughts raced through Decker's mind as he slowly began to realize that he'd have less than twelve hours to figure out what happened and fix it; definitely not enough time. After a few tense moments, he smugly acquiesced; fighting a losing battle was a waste of his time. He nodded and looked around at the men in the room. Finally, he landed his gaze back on the lieutenant, the boy he never fully took. Just before he left the room, he sneered at his former lieutenant, "We'll meet again Peck! And when we do, you're going to wish you never knew me!"




Face could barely pull himself out of the overstuffed chair that he'd sat in the last two hours, reliving memories that only served to exhaust him. It was time to leave and rendezvous with the others; hesitantly, he picked up his keys and headed out to meet them.


On the drive, he vividly remembered Decker's expression at seeing Smith, Murdock and BA in his quarters after the mission. If Hannibal hadn't accepted him into his unit, one of them, either he or Decker, would be dead now; he was sure of that.


Although Hannibal had never found out about the assault in the jungle, Face suspected that he knew something might have happened. After Decker left his quarters, Hannibal had walked over to him and before he could hide them, Smith had reached down and lifted his wrists, displaying the rope burns on them. He couldn't bring himself to tell them what they had done to him in the jungle, but from the look on his new CO's face, he was sure he knew. Even Murdock looked stunned when he saw the marks and BA almost went after Decker. Thankfully, Murdock stopped him and redirected his anger to the motor pool repair line.


Face hated thinking about the abuse that he had received over the years, and any time something new happened, it would just allow the old memories to resurface. But once he landed in Colonel Smith's unit, though, the abuse stopped. He had learned to stop looking over his shoulder and wondering where the next assault was going to come. With BA and Murdock around, there wasn't much chance of anybody getting their hands on him, even though there had been plenty of attempts over the years.


But there were always the lingering words of Decker's final threat, "We'll meet again Peck!" And to add to that thought, he'll always remember Decker's look as he jumped into the jeep behind Smith and Baracus the next day. As they drove away, he looked back and saw the leering glare of his former commander; a look that would haunt him to this day.


With Decker taking Lynch's place, it was likely that he was going to cash-in on his promise, or, at the very least, try. It might have taken him this many years to get himself into a position of fulfilling his final threat, but the fact remained that he was now responsible for capturing The A-Team, and if he could stay focused, he was very good at what he did.


Face turned into the park and immediately saw the black van.




Amy shook her head at not only the story, but also the fact that she was the sole audience to this piece of A-Team history. She'd often wondered about their past but whenever she asked, they usually rebuffed her with a joke or some way-off story that she knew was a lie. She still didn't understand why Decker had beaten up Face, and with the way they were looking, it seemed like there was more to the story that they weren't telling. But just about then, they heard the screech of tires and saw the white corvette glide down the road and park behind her car.


Face looked over to see all four of his friends already in the park. Hopping out of his car, he questioningly spread his arms.


Hannibal watched him walk towards them and thought he looked tired, not his usual pristine self. As he walked closer, he heard him ask, "Am I late?"


Murdock answered, philosophically, "Do you think you're late?"


Ignoring him, Face asked, "I thought I was arriving early, but I guess I was wrong."


Changing the subject, Hannibal said, "You look tired. Not sleeping lately?"


Face moved around the table and instead of sitting on the bench, he stepped up and sat on the table overlooking the kids playing in the open field. "Something like that," he replied. He sensed that they had been there awhile and that their conversation probably involved this latest turn of events in their lives as military fugitives. He decided to broach the subject head on, "Look, I know that you're talking about Decker, and how he landed the job of capturing us. But, when you think about it, nothing has really changed. We have to steer clear of him just like we had to steer clear of Lynch."


Like children caught playing with matches, everyone but Hannibal fidgeted and shifted their position uneasily. It wasn't like Face to be this direct, so his approach caught them a little off guard, but Hannibal had called this meeting to talk specifically about this so he stepped up on the table and sat down next to his lieutenant. Quietly, he asked, "But will you be able to keep a straight head if he puts on the heat?"


"Aaah, Hannibal..." Face replied, indignantly, using a how-can-you-even-ask-such-a-question tone.


BA responded, "'Cuz that SOB ain't like the others. He messed with you back in Nam."


Murdock added, "And he just might like to keep his promise."


"All right!" Face retorted, while quickly stepping off the table and trying unsuccessfully to purge his brain of the assault. Turning, he faced Hannibal and spat, "What are we supposed to do? Take off and live in another country?" Controlling his anger slightly, he continued, "What am I supposed to do? I can't ignore that he has a particular interest in capturing us, namely ME! I can't ignore that he's probably going to dog us like nothing we've seen outside of Nam, and I can't promise that I won't blow that fucking bastard to pieces if I'm given the chance"


Placing a sympathetic hand on his shoulder, Hannibal interrupted his mini-diatribe by saying, "Face, take it easy. Nobody's looking for an answer right now, we're just trying to sort things out."


Exasperated, Face pushed his jacket back and put his hands on his hips, trying to pass the awkward moment.


"I'm sorry," Face quietly said, taking in a deep breath. "It's just that I've been thinking about him a lot lately."


"What exactly has been on your mind?" Hannibal asked, although he wasn't so sure he wanted to find out.


Face looked around at the guys and his gaze landed on Amy. There was no way he was going to relate his experience in Nam with her around. He looked away again and stared out over the field. It became obvious he wasn't going to answer the question.


When Amy realized that she was the reason for his silence, she thought quickly and said, "Hey guys, if you don't mind, I have some work at the paper that I have got to finish or my editor is going to have my neck." She picked up her purse and looked at Murdock, "Can you catch a ride back with someone?"


Murdock smiled at her, thankful for her perceptiveness and replied, "Sure thing, chiquita."


She nodded and they watched her walk across the grass and get into her car and drive away. Now that she was gone, Hannibal gently asked, "What happened back then, Face?"


Face paced back and forth twice, then sat on the picnic table as he did earlier. He wanted to tell them, but he didn't. It was one incident among many in his lifetime and he wasn't particularly fond of sharing any of them with anybody. He solemnly replied, "Just a bad experience, that's all."


BA and Murdock lifted their brow at the evasive answer. Then BA grumbled, "We all had a bad experience ov'r there!"


Murdock added, "Some worse than others."


Face was confused. Part of him wanted to tell them what Decker did and intended on doing, and part of him just wanted to forget it. In his head, he tried to imagine the words he'd use and the phrases he'd say when telling his friends about it, but he wasn't thinking too clearly. He then tried to come up with the words to satisfy their need to know without really telling them what happened. But, of course, those words weren't there either. He ran a hand through his hair trying to decide what to do.


Hannibal put a gentle hand on his back as reassurance. Quietly, he said, "Decker threatened you with prison, didn't he?"


Leaning forward with his elbows on his knees, he stared through his shoes at the grass below. Slowly he nodded his head in agreement. "Yeah, he threatened me with prison. Shit, everyone back then threatened me with prison," he sardonically added.


Hannibal sat on the picnic table beside him and together they stared at the grass in front of them. Eventually, he asked, "Something happened that day out in the jungle. What was it?"


Face shook his head, trying to make the question go away. "Colonel, what difference does it make? We can't change anything."


"No, but we can better understand Decker's motivation."


Face exhaled, feeling more than just a little uncomfortable.


"Look Faceman," BA said, "I ain't never seen you want to kill nobody. But after that mission, you were gonna kill Decker. And it's 'cuz of what he did that day."


Murdock could see his friend's defenses slowly fade away. He knew a few more questions, thoughtfully asked, was probably all that was needed to get him to open up. So he pressed, "After I picked your unit up, Decker said something in the chopper. Something like... 'He was good to you out there.' What'd he mean by that?"


Face squeezed his eyes closed while pinching the bridge of his nose. He hadn't realized that his friends had pieced so much of the puzzle together. Having already relived this nightmare earlier, this second trip down memory lane was even more vivid and more detailed than the last. The noises in the park translated into the noises of the jungle, and the blackness in his eyes became the deep canopy cover of the jungle trees. He let his mind slip back in time and he could feel the beads of sweat form on his brow and he actually felt the ache in his body from the assault.


With his hand resting gently on Face's back, Hannibal could feel the trembling creep into his lieutenant's body. He could tell that Face was ready to talk but needed one more encouraging nudge. Softly, he whispered, "What'd he do to you?"


Allowing all protective walls to crumble, he sardonically replied, "It's what he DIDN'T do." Then, reluctantly, he began to relay his story; "Decker split his unit up, putting me with him and his two goons. I didn't suspect anything as he was strictly by the book out there. He was thorough, Hannibal, incredibly thorough. He didn't miss a trip line, a trap, a pit, an old trail, nothing. He could read a map faster and more accurately than anyone I'd seen, and knew just where to place our land mines to be most effective. He was so different from the crop wielding angry colonel of the previous days." Face stopped, and shook his head at the sadistic military mind of his former commander. Running a hand through his hair, he continued, "The four of us were making our way back... when it happened. Two clicks from the LZ, we came to a clearing...."


Murdock lifted his head sharply. A second later, he shouted, "MPs!"


Hannibal turned swiftly around to look at his captain. Face tensed and skirted off the table.


They heard the sirens.


"Let's go!" Hannibal yelled.


They ran to the van and jumped in. BA floored it and shot out of the park, passing a procession of military sedans along the way.


And the chase was on.




"It's been a week, Colonel, and he still hasn't finished his story," Murdock reminded Hannibal, again. They were sitting in the van waiting for Face to arrive so they could meet their next client.


BA grumbled, "I don't think he's gonna finish it."


After a moment's thought, Murdock said, "And why should he?" Playing devil's advocate, he continued, "I mean, Face is right in that it doesn't change anything. He's still a fugitive being pursued by the military."


"S'pose he meets Decker head on?" BA grumbled. "I don't wanna see the outcome of that!"


There was silence. Hannibal was thinking, listening to what his friends were telling him and figuring his options. Finally, he commented, "Face said something that makes me wonder about just what happened on that day in the jungle. Remember he said, 'It's what he DIDN'T do.'?"


"Yeah," BA acknowledged, "he said that when you asked what Decker did to him."


Hannibal nodded and used his unlit cigar to add emphasis. "Right. My guess is that Decker never finished what he intended on doing. I don't know why, but it makes sense. Murdock, you remembered Decker saying something on the chopper, what was it?"


Nodding his head in enlightened agreement, Murdock said, "Yeah, you're right, colonel. Decker said something like 'I was good to you out there', what'd you s'pose he meant by it?"


"I think," Hannibal surmised, "that Face was a target for being sexually attacked by Decker and his goons, but for whatever reason, they never finished what they started."


"But what about the clearing that Face mentioned?" Murdock asked.


"I think something happened; I think Face was sexually assaulted, but I don't think he was raped, and I can't explain why he wasn't."


"You think Decker's gonna try to finish what he started?" BA snarled, sounding like he was going to punch the nearest thing to him.


Hannibal sighed, then he stuck the cigar between his teeth and thought about that question. After several minutes, he came to a conclusion, "I don't think so."


The two men raised their eyebrows in confusion.


Hannibal finished, "I think it's too risky for Decker to take any action against any of us outside of trying to apprehend us. I spent the last couple of days reading up on his military record and 'stupid' isn't in it anywhere. He didn't get this far because he acted impulsively or sought revenge. He's too close to retirement to screw up his career now. And the best revenge on Face would be to put him behind bars, and we all know what would happen to a guy like Face in prison, and Decker knows it too."


"So, what'll we do?" Murdock asked.


Pausing, Hannibal concluded, "We'll wait and see what develops. So far, Face has been able to focus and, as always, conceal his feelings. If he needs us, we'll be there. In the meantime, we'll continue business as usual. The only difference is we'll have to take EXTRA precautions with Decker; he's NOT Lynch."


The men nodded their head in agreement. This wasn't going to be an easy task since Face was usually the one taking the most chances. But they'd looked out for his well being most of their lives together so this wasn't any different.


The white corvette drove past them and a minute later, their blond haired friend jumped into the van, smiling and looking surprisingly relaxed.


"Nice to see you looking cheerful, lieutenant," Hannibal said.


"It's amazing what the proper dose of medicine can do for you," Face responded.


"What's her name?"




Murdock played along now, "What's the proper dosage?"


"Every night for five nights."


They all chuckled, except for BA and he smirked, then he started the engine and drove off to meet their next client.


Face leaned his head back and smiled. Yeah, he felt good. Even though he hadn't recanted the tale of Decker, he knew he could. Talking about it the little that he did in the park actually had a positive effect on him. Earlier, he decided that this might just be an omen; a warning to him to be more careful and less cavalier about his fugitive status. Eventually he would come face to face with his former commander, and when that time came, he'd deal with it. Until then, though, he'd do what he's been doing, and that's meet clients, handle the finances, date beautiful women, and avoid the authorities.


Quietly, he whispered, "Thanks, guys."


BA raised his eyebrows and glanced at Hannibal. Hannibal turned his chair around and cocked his head, "Thanks for what?"


'Thanks for not asking too many questions, thanks for not asking me to finish the story, and thanks for not pressuring me about Decker...,' Face thought, but he couldn't say any of those things. "Just thanks, is all."


Murdock added, "No problem, Face, you know we're always here."


"Yeah, I know," Face responded, but there was a question nagging at his brain that he wanted to ask. After ten minutes of silence, he finally mustered the nerve and said, "Hannibal?"


Hannibal turned around in his seat again and waited.


"Do you think Decker will try and keep his promise?"


Hannibal took a moment before he answered, "No tellin' what makes a guy like Decker tick. But we can be sure of one thing, and that is he wants to put us behind bars and will mostly likely stop at nothing to do it." Remembering the files he'd read on the man, he added, "Just watch you back."


Face nodded, content with the answer. Murdock winked and gave him a reassuring smile and Hannibal turned back to the front, and they continued the drive in silence to meet their next client.


The End

Ulterior Motive by Jasmine



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