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Yeah Though I Walk

Yeah Though I Walk

By: Maygin (

Summary: The team stumble into something that may destroy them. They take on the dark forces of the spiritual world. Rating: R Warning: (my first story so be kind), dark forces, mention of occult, violence, blood. It may get worse as the story progresses. Comments more than welcome (don't forget I'm a newbie though).

Disclamer: My friends inform me that I do not own the A-Team, apparently somewhere down the line the paperwork got messed up. So until further notice, I do not own them or claim them. Simply borrowing them for the time being.


Chapter 1

The black, red stripped van sped around the sharp corner into the alleyway, bouncing off the brick wall, throwing it's contents in the back against the sliding door. First one, then two more cars came screeching behind, around the corner; sirens blaring with trigger-happy MP's hanging their guns out the windows firing aimlessly.

Hannibal leaned out his window, taking careful aim, quickly dispersed the first car's tire. The others behind quickly slammed on their brakes, but to no avail, slammed into the first car. The van continued to speed off once again making a successful escape. Hannibal smiled and laughed sitting back in his seat, still enveloped in the jazz. Ba simply shook his head and continued to look out his rear view mirror just to make sure in case any more MP's decided to tag along.

"How's it going back there guys?" Hannibal asked while lighting a cigar. Several moans and whines could be heard in response. Murdock and Face untangled themselves from the ropes and various other items thrown about in the chase and slowly moved back into their seats, muttering under their breaths. Hannibal turned around in his seat grinning from ear to ear, "What was that?"

Face took a deep breath and untangled the remaining rope from around his ankle. "I said," he looked up at the Colonel, "that with all the time Ba spends on this van, you'd think he'd invest some of it into putting in some damn storage compartments or at the very least seatbelts back here."

"Hey Man! Don't blame me for your own weakness!"

"Weakness?!" Face asked wide-eyed.

"I said hold on÷ man can't hold on it ain't ma fault."

"Ba," he replied calmly, "Godzilla wouldn't be able to hold on when you're driving around a right angle corner going 50 miles an hour." Ba smiled liking the fact that he was being compared to Godzilla.

"You know Hannibal," Murdock interjected calmly gesturing with his hands, "I, I think we should take out the back seats entirely and just put in a sofa."

"Shut up fool! Ain't no one puttin no sofa in ma van!"

"A real nice one with little pink flowers on it." Murdock continued without missing a beat. "Ooh! And with the little cup holders built in the middle in case we have to eat and run!"

"Don't make me stop this van Murdock!" Ba threatened looking in the rearview mirror.

"Sorry. You're right." Murdock said looking at the floor. "Faceman would never go for the pink flowers, how's about tiger stripes?!" He looked up, excited and hopeful.


"Uh, Murdock," Face cut in, "Why don't we talk about the sofa later, huh?" Face could tell Ba was in no mood for lunacy at the moment. Not after his precious van had just been smashed into a brick wall. He was at least thankful it was still running after all the day's torture put upon it.

Murdock pouted and sat back in his seat. "It was just a suggestion," he muttered.

"Yeah," Face halfheartedly said as he watched Murdock making sure the sofa was no longer an issue, "so uh, Hannibal. Where exactly are we going to go now? I don't know if you noticed or not, but we're on an island. Manhattan doesn't exactly have too many exits. And those that it does have are most likely to be closely monitored until they find us."

Hannibal nodded, chewing on his cigar once again. He stared out the window, watching the sun give it's last light as it sunk below the horizon leaving a multitude of colors. He glanced at an old fenced in building on his right and gestured to the driver, "Ba, pull over here."

Ba did so pulling up to the gate and waited for instructions. Hannibal turned around in his seat. "Face, if you would be so kind as to let us in," he smiled

Face just rolled his eyes and jumped out pulling his lock picks out of his jacket pocket. He walked up to the gate and started fooling around with the lock. Inside the van Murdock saw the perfect opportunity and leaned forward, punching the horn on the steering wheel. All of Face's senses and muscles suddenly jumped. The pick fell from his hand and he turned and glared at the van, hoping it was right at Murdock. He cursed as he bent down to pick up the pick and started jimmying the lock again. He gained a little satisfaction knowing Ba was probably beating the crap out of him at the moment. He just hoped Ba didn't kill him before he got to him. The lock clicked and fell open. Face pulled the chain off and pushed the gate open, letting the van through. He then pulled the chain through again and relocked the gate.

He jumped back in the van glaring at Murdock, who simply smirked at him. He knew Murdock was probably dying with laughter on the inside. The van drove down the lot a ways until it came to one of the last warehouses. It was completely dark by this time except for what little light came from the bulbs over the doors. Murdock and Face jumped out of the van again and went to open the side door. Murdock held the flashlight for Face as he worked the lock. Murdock started letting the light waver around purposely.

Face sighed angrily, "Murdock!" He took a deep breath. "Would you hold the light still please?!"

"Oh sorry," he faked and smiled. "You know Faceman, you're getting kinda slow at this."

Face continued with the lock. "Don't even start with me Murdock! I'm gonna get you one of these days for that little stunt you pulled back there. You just wait." At that second the door clicked and popped open. Face and Murdock both walked in, the door closing behind them.

Hannibal and Ba waited patiently in the van. "How we gonna get out of Manhattan Hannibal?" Ba asked.

Hannibal shrugged, "I don't know, I'll think of something."

The garage door to the warehouse slowly opened and the van quickly drove in. Ba turned the van off and both he and Hannibal walked around and met in the front as the garage door slid back down. Neither of them could see anything.

Suddenly a hand touched Hannibal's shoulder, causing him to go for his gun.

"It's me, Hannibal." Face said quickly as he heard the safety clicking off on Hannibal's gun.

"Geez, Face, you think you could try and make a little noise when you walk? This isn't Nam!" Hannibal replied. They had all learned how to be silent when in Vietnam, it was either that or be killed. And that wasn't a very appealing option. Face, however, seemed to had already obtained the trait before he came to Nam. Hannibal never questioned his men's past, if they wanted to talk about it they would come to him. Face, however, always had him intrigued. He never talked about his past (unless they were lies) and he never seemed to want to, even when Hannibal did ask. He had to admit, the kid was really good at hiding things. Sure he would boast and whine about things here and there, but that was all an act. Half of what the kid did was exactly that, an act÷ a con. A way to try and hide all that was really there. But Hannibal had seen the real him at times and knew who Templeton Peck really was. He may not know who the past Face was, but he knew who the present one was. And he was a good kid. The whole team was a bunch of good guys who had just been dumped on the wrong side of fate.

"Sorry. Old habit."

"You got a flashlight?" Hannibal asked.

"No, Murdock's got it."

"Well where's Murdock?" At that moment the lights in the warehouse began to buzz and flicker, slowly coming to life. He smiled and saw Murdock skipping out of a side office in the main area.

"Lights up and running Colonel." He said when he reached them.

"Nice Murdock. Alright then. Face, Murdock, you two go to the back hallways and rooms. Try and find us some suitable sleeping quarters for the time being. Maybe some blankets, etc. We may be here a while. Ba and I'll check these doors along the side."

"Roger that, Colonel." Murdock said turning his black baseball cap around. He and Face headed off towards the back of the warehouse down the dark hallway lined with doors. They each took a side and started checking the rooms for anything that would help make the nights more comfortable. Face came to one door and reached for the knob when a sudden low humming noise vibrated through the hallway. Face frowned and looked at Murdock who had joined him by his side after hearing the strange sound. Murdock shrugged his shoulders. Face grabbed the doorknob and turned it slowly. The door then seemed to open on its own. When it was almost all the way open the room suddenly lit up in a glowing blue light. 'Black lights' they both thought. They slowly entered the room and got a good look around.

The walls were draped with black velvet blankets that had strange symbols painted on them with graffiti. The symbols glowed brightly in the black lights. Along the back wall, a small shrine was lit brightly by a single light that seemed to come from the middle. They walked up to it and saw it was several crates stacked up covered with the black velvet. Only there was a hole in the middle where the light came out. It was covered by a piece of heavy glass that had a red symbol painted on it. Through the middle of the symbol a large sharp knife was wedged in the glass. It looked as if it had traces of dried blood on it.

Murdock and Face looked at each other and cringed. This wasn't their idea of a Holiday Inn. "Better get Hannibal down here. I'm not sure if I want to sleep in the same warehouse, much less city, as this thing." Face broke the silence. Murdock nodded and backed up still staring at the shrine. He stopped in the door frame and called out Hannibal and Ba's name. He turned to walk back in when suddenly the door slammed shut, shoving him out into the opposite wall in the hallway. He sat on the floor a moment, not quite sure as to what the heck had just happened.

Face's head whipped around as he heard the door slam. He sighed angrily and walked to the door and went for the knob. When it didn't turn he started pulling on it. "Murdock." He said wearily, yet tinged with anger. "Open the door. Come on, quit playing around. I'm serious."

Murdock slowly got up and tried to open the door only to find it locked. "Face," he tried cutting him off. "Face, you're going to have to unlock it."

Face rolled his eyes angrily. "I didn't lock it, Murdock. Now quit playing around and open the door!" Face stopped pounding on the door as a low humming noise began vibrating through the air again. He slowly turned and looked at the shrine. The light had gone out and it started to glow a deep dark red. The humming noise grew terribly loud and turned into a growl. Face covered his ears as it became painful. He took one hand and pounded on the door again.

"Murdock! Open the door!!" By now he knew Murdock hadn't locked it, but it didn't matter. He wanted out. Everything inside of him told him to run, but he couldn't move his legs anymore. He fell to his knees holding his ears with both hands again as the growl became even louder.

Hannibal and Ba came running down the hallway as they heard Murdock shouting and a strange muffled noise vibrating everywhere.

"Face! Face are you all right?!" Murdock pounded on the door still trying to push it open.

"What's going on, Captain?" Hannibal yelled to be heard over the noise.

Murdock let go of the door and turned desperate eyes to his Colonel. "I don't know. Face is locked in. I got shoved out somehow. And÷ I don't know! Something's really wrong in there."

Without a second thought Ba began kicking at the door trying to break it down. When that didn't work, Hannibal joined him. Murdock stood to the side and continued to yell through the door.

Face stared as the red glow emanating from the shrine slowly started to slide off the black velvet walls and down to the floor almost like liquid. It gathered in one area and started to rise into the air forming a large, thin hand. Face tried to remember to breathe, but the whole situation horrified him. He watched frozen in fear as the hand suddenly snatched out for him.

Ba and Hannibal both prepared to kick the door one more time when everything seemed to go dead all at once; the lights, the noise, and even the strange glowing red light that had been seeping through the crack in the door. They stopped dead in their tracks not sure as to what happened. A soft click and then the familiar buzz of the lights came back on. 'The door,' Hannibal thought.

He slowly reached out a hand and touched the doorknob, it gently swung open. Murdock rushed through as the black lights came back on revealing the room to be just the way he'd left it, or rather it'd left him. He saw a crumpled figure in the middle of the room and ran to it, kneeling down. He rolled his friend over into his arms and checked for a pulse and breathing. He sighed with relief as he found both. He nodded to Hannibal who had knelt down beside him.

"Ba." Hannibal called out. Ba knelt down and picked the limp figure up. Face's head hung limply over his arm. They all one by one silently left the room and headed for the van. Ba laid Face down and then headed for the drivers seat, started the van and then drove straight through the garage door and then through the gate. Not really caring about the van at that moment, only caring about getting as far away from that warehouse as possible.

In the shadow of the warehouse a figure cloaked in black watched the van speed away, then sank back within the shadows.


Chapter 2

Murdock scooped Face up into his arms again and held on for dear life. Hannibal crawled into the back and knelt down next to the two. "How's he doing?" Hannibal asked already knwonig neither of them really had time to examine him in their rush to escape the wharehouse. He was already reaching for their first aid kit searching for the small flashlight.

Murdock shrugged his shoulders while rocking Face, smoothing back the blond hair that had fallen in his eyes. "I don't know colonel." He said quietly. "He isn't really responding."

Hannibal nodded and flicked the flashlight on. He leaned over the two men and lifted the Lieutenants eyelids, flashing the light in them. He sighed and turned the light off sitting back. "Well his pupils are dialated. He doesn't have any bumps or bruises though does he?"

Murdock shook his head no. He looked down at his best friend and tried to control the tightening in his chest. He knew he needed to keep control of his emotions at the moment. "What the hell happened in there Colonel?" he asked barely above a whisper. "He's not bleeding, no bruises, no burns, nothing. But something happened in there." His eyes burned and pleaded with Hannibal who could only shake his head.

"I don't know Murdock." Hannibal thought a moment, "Did you or Face see anything unusual in the room before you were shut out?" He or Ba hadn't really gotten a chance to look at the room as their main priority was lying on the floor unconcious.

Murdock shook his head. "No, besides the terribly creepy satanic shrine sitting in the middle of the room." Murdock quipped. He had never been incredibly supersticious, but he didn't doubt it either. He pulled the unconcious man closer.

"Hey Hannibal, how's Face doin?" Ba asked checking them in his mirror.

Hannibal turned to him, "He'll be alright. Find us somewhere to hole up. No more wharehouses though." Hannibal turned back, "Alright Captain, if his pupils aren't responding then he doesn't need to be sleeping, it'll only make it worse. Let's try and wake him up."

Murdock nodded and gently shook the man in his arms. "Face," he said quietly, "Face. Come on buddy, wake up."

Hannibal dug around in the first aid kit and pulled out the smelling salts. He opened them and waved them under the liutenants nose. Face's eyes flinched and then he moaned, trying to get his surroundings as his eyes swam around the van. He finally focused them and realized he was in the van and Murdock was holding him.

Murdock smiled at him, "There's those beautiful blue eyes." Face blinked and then slowly tried to sit up with Murdock and Hannibals help. He threw his hand out to his side as the van seemed to sway.

"Whoa there buddy, take it easy." Murdock put a supportive hand on his friends back. Face continued to try and stand not quite sure as to what was going on. Hannibal helped him into his chair and took a good look at him.

"How you feeling there kid?" he asked gently.

Face put a hand to his eyes and let his elbow rest on the armrest. "I don't feel so good." He mumbled.

Hannibal nodded and gently pushed him forward. "Put your head between your knees. I'm sure Ba doesn’t want anyone puking in his van tonight." He tried to lighten the situation a little.

Face leaned forward and rested his elbows on his knees while his head layed on the back of his hands. Hannibal kneeled in front of him while Murdock kept his hand on Face's back making sure sure he knew it was all going to be okay.

After a few minutes of silence Face quitely spoke out, "What happened." He asked still feeling incredibly dizzy.

"We were hoping you could tell us." Hannibal replied at the same volume. Face wearily looked up squinting his eyes, looking around the van. Hannibal frowned slightly, "Your eyes hurtin ya kid?" Face nodded closing them and sheilding them with his hand.

Murdock reached up into the front seat and opened the glove compartment pulling out a pair of sunglasses. "Here you go Facey." He said holding them up. Face painfully looked at them and then gratefully took them and slowly put them on.

"Thanks Murdock." He said ever-so-quietly. He then resumed his position of leaning forward trying to make the dizziness go away. Hannibal and Murdock looked at eachother and just shrugged. Hannibal sighed not quite sure what to do.

He turned to Ba, "Ba, how ya doin on finding a place?"

Ba shook his head and frowned, "Not good Hannibal, we in the main part of town. There aint a lot of motels. Just mostly them big expensive hotels. And every exit onto the outer roads is being monitered."

Hannibal sighed and ran a hand over his face trying to think of a plan. They didn't have the funds right now to hole up in one of the ritzy hotels. They'd taken one too many charity cases and now they seemed to be paying for it.

"Stop the van." The voice was small and quiet. Hannibal looked back and saw Face looking out the window with the sunglasses on.

"Why? You feeling sick again?" Hannibal asked not really sure if he wanted to hear the answere to that.

"No." Face rubbed his forhead and then pointed out the window. "Just pull over here."

Ba waited a moment at a stoplight and then got the confirmation from Hannibal to go ahead and pull into the drive. He put the car in park and waited for his next orders from Hannibal when the side door slid open and Face gingerly climbed out.

"Face, uh, don't you think you should try taking it easy?" Hannibal asked not quite sure what his Lieutenant was doing.

"I'll be right back." He responded turning away from the van and walked towards the huge fancy hotel doors. He waited a moment before going through the doors until he heard Murdock join him. He smiled inwardly, he knew these guys too well. He held the door open and Murdock smiled and walked through.

"Thankyou my good sir." He said with one of his low British accents, trying to lighten the mood. Face only smiled slightly and nodded. Murdock took a good look around the hotel and couldn't help but smile. This place was probably the richest one in Manhattan. You could almost tell just by looking at the current residents. Leave it up to Face to pick the most expensive hotels. He frowned as he was reminded of what had just taken place not more than 20 minutes ago in a dingy old creepy warehouse. And now they were here. They walked towards the reception desk and almost instantly Face's whole demeanor changed.

Murdock loved doing scams with Face, he just couldn't get over how quickly he could change from one person to another. 'Sure I can change from one person or thing to another just as easily, but for people to actually believe me is another matter.' He though to himself. Plus Face always seemed to add that extra touch to his scams. Murdock would always change his characters from the outside in, causing people to see who he was first by his appearance or how he held himself. But Face, he always seemed to put his whole heart into trying to get people to like him and somehow always succeded. Although there was that one time his scam failed. Murdock remembered how upset Face was that it didn't work. It was almost like it directly reflected onto his whole being and who he was. Although Face didn't let it show, Murdock could see it in his eyes; that one failed scam had hit him in his soul. He tried to talk to Face about it being silly that he let one screwed scam get to him, Face had just acted like it hadn't bothered him at all. But Murdock never forgot that hurt look deep in his eyes.

Face put his arm through Murdocks and they walked up to the reception desk. The older lady looked up at the pair and cocked her eyebrow unsure if she wanted to deal with this unlikely bunch. "May I help you?" She asked in an uninterested tone.

Face turned his head slightly at the sound of her voice and smiled. "Yes, my name is Daryn Michaels and this is my friend Joshua Banks. How do you do?"

Murdock held out his hand and shook hers. She then turned to shake Face's but noticed he either wasn't paying attention or just didn't care to shake hands with her. She laid her hand down on the desk again and frowned at the man's rudeness. She saw the man's friend, Joshua, nudge him in his side with his elbow.

Daryn turned his head slightly and then realized what had happened, "I'm sorry" he smiled. "You had your hand out didn't you?" He had this down. He remembered it perfectly from the time it had happened to him, only he was in the old lady's spot and a beautiful girl was in his. The old lady suddenly seemed confused, "Yes." She responded not sure what was going on.

"You'll have to excuse me, I'm blind."

The receptionist seemed to perk up suddenly with realization. She smiled and nodded feeling foolish and embarassed. "I'm terribly sorry, I had no idea." She placed her hand in his and he bent down and kissed it.

"It's not a problem Ms…"

"Lacabe. Bonnie Lacabe. You can call me Bonnie." She blushed slightly.

Murdock tried not to smile. Face could work almost any girl, even the old, rich and snotty ones.

"Bonnie, hm? There's nothing like a good ole' southern name." He smiled

"What can I do for you gentlemen tonight?"

Face's smile faded, "Well you see Bonnie that's the problem, three of my friends including Mr. Banks here were in town for a reunion of sorts. We haven't seen eachother since Vietnam and have been planning this for years now. Now we had had reservations at the McLaughlin Hotel back away's down the road. The only problem is, when we got there the young lady who took our reservations seemed to have a sudden attack of amnesia and denied ever talking to us. I had already put the rooms on my card though and now what with the mugging and all, I'm just flat out broke at this moment in time."

"Mugging?!" she asked wide-eyed.

"It was a real crime I tell ya." Murdock/Joshua chimed in. "A whole gang of them just came out of nowhere and pinned us down with guns to our heads. They stole everything! I do believe we're lucky to have our clothes still."

The old lady nodded her head listening intently. "My my, are you boys alright?"

"Oh yes, thankyou for asking Bonnie." Face put his hand on top of hers, still looking straight ahead. He then sighed loudly, "I guess what I'm trying to say." He shook his head, "I am truly embarrassed to be degrated to this, but can I ask of you a huge favor Bonnie? We are all out of ay kind of money. I give you my word however that my name is good for it. If you could just give us a room for the night, I would be most appreciative as would my other three friends. Just one room would do for all of us. I guarentee you'll be well compensated when I get my credit card back and my banking sorted out."

Bonnied stood for a moment contemplating. "I don't know Mr. Michaels, it's not my decision. It's against all our policy's to allow free boarding. You're not even supposed to be allowed to stay the night without a reservation and a background check. Our hotel is very careful who we let in and who we don't. I'm sorry, but…"

Face's hand went up and gently grasped hers again and he only stood there for a moment. He slid the glasses off and looked deep in her eyes. "Ms. Lacabe, we need a room. And I think you really want to give it to us, don't you?" he asked in a dead serious tone. Murdock's mouth fell open. This was completely unlike Face. Not only had he screwed his own scam by letting her know he wasn't blind, but now he was going to try and recover by demanding a room? What was going on? He looked at the receptionist, tensing, ready to grab Face and run out of there if she screamed or pushed the security button.

Bonnie stared into his eyes and then slowly a smile creeped onto her face. " I think that will be fine Mr. Michaels. Would you like one room or two?" she asked now checking the computer.

Face pulled his hand back and slid the glasses back on, and turned to grin at Murdock. "Two would be fine."

"And how long will you be staying?"

"I don't know, I'll let you know when we decide to leave."

The receptionist nodded, turned and produced two keys for them. "You're in the presidential suites, on the 11th floor. They're usually used for business meetings so there are connecting doors inbetween. Feel free to call down for room service. It's on us." She smiled as she finished.

Murdock was dumbfounded. He forced himself to close his mouth. What the hell just happened? Face took the keys and nodded in satisfaction. He smiled at the old lady and took her hand, "Thankyou for all your help Bonnie." He kissed her hand again and then turned to walk away. He stopped and looked back at Murdock who simply stared at him.

"You coming or are you gonna let a blind man find his way out?" Face quipped.

Murdock tried to form words, but nothing came out. So he simply gave in and walked with Face outside to get the guys. He glanced at Face as they walked through the doors and noticed that he seemed back to normal. He didn't know what was going on, but he knew he needed to talk to Hannibal about it… alone.

Chapter 3

Hannibal grinned widely as Face held up the keys to their room when he and Murdock had climbed back in the van. "I don't know how you do it Face."

"Neither do I." Murdock stated quietly, although in a little too serious tone. Hannibal heard the tone but chose to ignore it at the moment. He was tired, and he knew if he was tired then the rest of the team were surely exausted. Hannibal always prided himself on having that extra umph of energy that always kept him going. His father had been the same way, always had the energy of a teenager. He did however log the comment to memory, you never let a serious statement go by when it was coming from Murdock. Anything remotely sane was something worth listening to and taking notes to when coming from Murdock. Hannibal knew, as did the others that behind the whole insanity façade, Murdock was really a genius in disguise.

Ba parked the van in the front drive and reluctantly passed the keys over to the valet parking attendant. The young boy did everything he possibly could to keep his jaw from dropping or his knees from shaking as the big man scowled at him. "If there's even a fingerprint on ma van when I get back, I'm holdin you responsible, understand?" he barked out. The boy nodded, at least he hoped he was nodding. He was either nodding or peeing in his pants. He dearly hoped it wasn't the latter of the two. The boy watched the odd group walk away and then most carefully drove the van to the best spot he could find. His life seemed to depend on it.

When the group had reached the 11th floor, they noticed there were only two other rooms besides theirs. Hannibal believed he was going to enjoy this immensly and let his smile show it too. He did however keep a close eye on Face. He didn't like anything that had happened the past couple hours. Hell, he didn't like anything that had happened the past week. But that couldn't be helped now. They opened the first door and walked in, dropping their bags.

"This is incredible Face." Hannibal awed. The room was huge! The living room was furnished in nice maple wood flooring and furniture, with cream colored couches. The floor raised a level at one area leading to a nice bar with a large desk area across from it. Inbetween the bar and the desk area were twoo doors that led to the bedrooms. Each furnished with a kingsize bed that stood a good 5 feet off the ground. The headboard was made of iron but coated in a gold paint that shimmered in the sun. A walk in closet was off to the left of the bed. And to the right was an adjourning bathroom that led to the other bedroom.

"Man Face. Why aint you ever scammed us a place like this before?" Ba asked having never seen a place like it except in magazines. Growing up in his neighborhood, he could only dream of places like this.

Face just shrugged in reply and then shifted his bag to his other hand. "So what's the room assignments?" he asked.

Hannibal snapped out of his amazement and looked at the lieutenant and nodded. "Right." He sighed loudly in thought and glanced at Murdock who just stood there half-heartedly looking around the room, but more or less looking at Face. He didn't really understand Murdocks worry, Face seemed to be fine. He had scammed them these rooms after all hadn't he? Hannibal frowned for a moment, 'no that can't be right.' Hannibal convinced himself. He lulled back over the fact that no more than a couple hours ago Face was lying unconcious in a strange room, one of which left a very bad taste in his mouth. Something wasn't right here and he was beginning to sense the reasoning behind Murdocks uneasiness. He nodded again, "Right, room assignments. Murdock, you and Face bunk here. Ba and I'll go next door."

Murdocks eyes glanced at Hannibal and he nodded in response. Face headed into the left bedroom and closed the door. They heard the shower come on a few seconds later. Ba made a beeline across the living room for the refridgerator in the kitchen at the far side of the room. He opened it and was thrilled to see it have a few essentials he could use to make a snack. "Man Hannibal, they even got food in the fridgerators!"

Hannibal smiled and nodded, "Yeah well why don't you see if you can scrounge up some dinner for us out of it."

"No need." Murdock cut in. He looked across the room at Ba and then back at Hannibal, his face still serious. "The receptionist said everything was on them. Room service too."

Ba smiled wide and giggled. Then scooped up his bag and headed for his room through the adjourning doors in the corner of the kitchen. "This is gonna be good Hannibal, real good." He stated as he walked out of the room. Hannibal and Murdock both stood there for a moment. Then Murdock picked up his bag and made to go into his room on the right.

"So are you going to tell me whats on your mind or am I going to have to guess. And believe me, we could be here a long time if I have to do that."

Murdock dropped his bag and slumped down in one of the cream colored chairs that sat next to the couch. "I don't know Colonel. It's just… none of this makes any sense." He made a wide gesture with his arm towards the room.

"What doesn't make sense about it? Seems to me like Face scamme us a nice place." Hannibal sat down in the chair across from Murdock who only shook his head and stared out the window. Hannibal looked down for a moment and then back at Murdock. "You're still worried about Face." Hannibal stated rather than questioned.

Murdock nodded and then quickly spit it all out. "Not more than two hours ago he was trapped in some strange haunted room with noises blaring out and a weird red glow coming out from under the door. When we finally get in there he's unconcious and non responsive. Then suddenly he's okay and back to scamming things again? And Hannibal…" he shook his head and let his hand fall on the armrest. "You should of seen him pull one over on that receptionist. It was unreal!"

Hannibal smiled, "pulled the blind man scam huh?"

Murdock nodded, "well yeah, but it didn't work." He paused, "I mean it worked, but not that."

Hannibal frowned not quite sure what his Captain was getting at. Murdock took a deep breath and tried again. "He blew the scam. Right there in front of Bonnie, that was the receptionists name. She wasn't gonna let us have the rooms, so then he goes and takes the sunglasses off and stares her down. He takes her hand, and tells her that she WANTS to give us these rooms. It was unreal! He actually demanded that she give them to us. And she DID!!" Murdock got more and more agitated.

Hannibal held up a hand, his eyes narrowing. "All right Murdock." He calmed the man. "Are you telling me that Face blew the scam on purpose? Like he purposefully pulled the glasses off and let her know he wasn't blind, then told her to give us a room?" Hannibal knew he was being repetative, but it was sometimes hard to put together real sentences or things that made sense inbetween Murdocks insecent jabber.

Murdock nodded, "In a way. He said, We need a room. And I think you want to give us one don't you?" Murdock said perfectly word for word. Both men just sat there a moment not quite sure what to say. Hannibal had to admit this was all just a bit too odd for his taste.

"Maybe he knew she'd give in if he just took it that one step further." He tried to reason. But Murdock shook his head no. "No. No, Hannibal it was almost like he held some kind of power over her or something." Murdock held his hands up as Hanibal started to object. "Now I'm not saying he's got some psycic powers or anything like that. I'm being completely serious here Hannibal. Something was very wrong with him. Still is for all we know." He paused a moment and leaned forward almost whispering. "Something happened in that warehouse tonight Hannibal. And it wasn't anything normal." Murdocks eyes bore into Hannibal who could only comtemplate what had been discussed.

"Haunted?" Hannibal questioned. Murdocks forhead creased in question. "Earlier you said the room was haunted."

Murdock mulled over what he had said and then nodded. "Yeah. Well maybe not haunted, but something was definitely evil about that place. I mean you saw it, there were occult symbols painted all over."

"Evil?" Hannibal didn't like where this conversation was headed at all. He was never a supersticious man, but he was at least an open minded person. "What exactly is your theory then?"

"I don't know," Murdock sighed leaning back in the chair again, "I'm still working on that."

"Working on what?" The voice startled the two as they both instantly looked over at the voice coming from the bedroom doorway. Face walked into the room in a perfectly white bathrobe and drying his hair with a towel. He still had the sunglasses on. Murdock jumped up and stumbled for words, "We uh, well Hannibal and I were just uh,"

"Discussing how long until we find a way out of here." Hannibal saved him.

Face frowned, "Find a way out of here? I thought we'd maybe stay a while. I mean you can't beat this." He said gesturing to the room. He made his way to the kitchen, found the glasses and got a glass of water. "Besides, the MP's are still out there looking for us. Probably will be for a while. This'll be the absolute last place they'll ever think to look for us." He went on taking a drink.

Murdock shrugged, "I don't know, I was kinda thinkin of the Abbey across town. After all it's a church. And if we were to have them call Father Maghill, I'm sure he could explain the whole situation to them. They'd probably let us stay there. The MP's would never think of disrupting a house of God." Neither Murdock nor Hannibal missed the sudden stiffness that went through Face's body. He looked at Murdock over his glass and then looked down putting the glass on the counter. Murdock couldn't see his eyes but knew, no, he felt his friends eyes glaring at him. And it sent a cold chill down his spine.

"I don't know. I don't want to bother the old man right now." Face said tracing his hand along the tile on the counter.

"Nonsense." Murdock retorted gently, "You know as well as I do that Father Maghill Thinks of you as a son. He'd do anything to help. He said so himself."

Hannibal stepped in, "It would be less inconspicuous." He said putting his hands in his pockets.

Face shook his head and took another drink, "I don't think I have his number with me."

"Sure you do. You've got it in your little book that you always carry around. It's in your jacket. I'll go get it." Murdock turned and started towards the room when Face slammed the glass down on the tile, the water spilling out. He rushed around the counter towards Murdock and Hannibal.

"That won't be necessary." He said still trying to keep his calm. Murdock had stopped next to Hannibal who crossed his arms.

"Actually I think it is. I agree with Murdock on this one." Hannibal stated firmly. The farther and farther this went the more and more that sick feeling grew in his stomach. He nodded to Murdock who turned to go again when Face grabbed his arm and stopped him.

"I said NO Hannibal!" Face warned.

"Why not Face?" Murdock asked still in Face's grasp. "What's there that you're so afraid of?" he challenged.

Face looked at Murdock from behind the glasses. Hannibal could tell he was trying to control himself. Suddenly his whole demeanor changed. He let go of Murdock and took a step back smiling. "What exactly are you getting at Murdock? Why don't you just say what ever it is and get it over with?"

Murdock pursed his lips. He was hoping he could aggitate him enough to get him to slip up. Obviously Face had caught on though. No, not Face. Murdock was willing to let his creative side take over the logical one for the moment. This wasn't Face. He would never be so hostile towards any of the team members. He didn't like the explanation, but it was the only reasonable one that fit for the moment in time. He looked at Hannibal who eyed ihm. He read the look like a book. Hannibal had no idea as to what was going on. Aside from what Murdock had told him. He knew this situation was out of his hands. So far everything pointed to a totally obsurd explanation. One he didn't want to dwell on. But it was happeneing. And he didn't know how to deal with it. He figured he'd let Murdock be in charge of this one. He seemed to be a little wiser on the more way out issure very few talked of in the world. He nodded to Murdock and flicked his eyes towards the kitchen door.

Murdock looked over and saw BA had been standing there and was witnessing the whole scene. He slightly nodded to Ba who held his ground, his muscles tense. The quick conversation between the three seemed unnoticed by Face. But then again, if Face was… well if he was really Face, he'd have noticed it right off. But he wasn't At least Murdock believed so. Hannibal eyed his lieutenant. He wasn't sure what exactly to think. He needed to be able to look his second in command.

"Face, take the glasses off." He said

Face looked at him slightly startled and paused a moment. "Hannibal, I can't, my eyes still hurt." He reasoned.

Hannibal wasn't buying it. "That's an order lieutenant!" Face didn't move so Murdock moved forward to snatch them off. Face slapped at his hand though and took a step back. He eyed Hannibals jacket on the coffee table.

Hannibal caught the look and felt a dread wash over him. Suddenly Face went for the jacket. Hannibal and Murdock both went for him. Murdock jumped at his friend and they both went down, the sunglasses flying off and skidding across the floor. Face however quickly recovered and rolled Murdock off of him. He jumped back up, and with lightning reflexes caught Hannibal in the jaw with his fist. He turned and snatched the jacket, pulling the gun from the inside pocket. He clicked the safety off and pointed it at the two stunned team members who froze in place staring at their 'friend.'

"Face," Murdock put a hand up, "Face think about what you're doing." He said slowly and carefully. "It's just us. We're not gonna hurt you. We're your frie-"

Murdock stopped short as Hannibal touched his arm. Murdock glanced at Hannibal and noticed his lips were pursed and his jaw was tense as he swallowed. He turned his head again and took a close look at Face; something was definitely different. Different enough for Hannibal to feel the need to cut him off. He couldn't figure it out though, what was it? Then it hit him. His eyes. The sunglasses were gone and Face's eyes that were normally a clear light crystal blue were now a deep dark red…almost black looking. He tried to control his emotions; this was scaring the crap out of him. His heart sank to a new depth in his stomach.

"You have no idea who you're messing with." Face calmly said as he slowly backed towards the door. "You couldn't just leave well enough alone. I've waited a long time for this, and I'm not going to let a couple of washed out war hero's stop me."

Suddenly huge arms wrapped around the lieutenants arms and chest in a bear hug. Ba grabbed the small man from behind, pinning his wrists to his chest. Face protested and tried to get his hands and arms free. Hannibal and Murdock both ran forward to try and get the gun out of his hands. Face lashed out with his legs, catching Murdock in the chin and Hannibal in the chest. Ba squeezed harder until he was afraid he might break the frail body. Slowly the man's kicking stopped and his breathing became raspy as he slowly gave up the fight. Finally the gun dropped from his hands and his head fell forward limply.

Ba loosened his grip and effortlessly picked his lil brother up and carried him into the bedroom. Hannibal helped Murdock up. Both of them just looked at eachother. Nothing needed to be said. Nothing could be said. Neither could find a single word at the moment. Hannibal looked at the gun on the floor and ran a hand over his eyes. 'How the hell did this happen?' he ran over and over in his head. He sighed. This was one fight he didn't know if he could win. He didn't know his opponent anymore, the tables had turned and nothing was as it should be. He walked over to his duffle bag and pulled out a rope and then slowly walked towards Murdock. He put his hand on the silent man and led him to the bedroom.

"Come on Captain." He said wearily, "This is gonna be a long night."


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