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A Fun Day

A Fun Day 1-4
by Susie Owens

Rated PG

Summary: Four People from the VA go on a date with Murdock, Face, Reg, and Joxer

Warning: None Disclaimers: I don't own any of them. But proud to called Flight, Capn' Marina, and MCL my sisters.

A Fun Day

By Susie Owens


Part One

She sat in her bedroom. She was up set. She had been chatting with her friends Susie and Capn Marina. When her Internet server cut her off and she could not get back on.

"They are going to think I'm mad now," said Flight as she threw a pillow across the floor.

"I don't think they will."

"Oh well you don't know Susie. She will."

Flight stared who had said that she knew she was the only on home. "Who there", She asked.

"It's only me."

Flight turned around to see her picture of Murdock smiled at her. She stared as he climb out of the picture.

"Oh my," she replied as she fainted.

When she woke up Murdock was at her side. "I am sorry I scared you."

"You didn't scared me. I was just surprise. I didn't mean to faint I've never done that before."

Murdock smiled that's okay. Hey do you want to go meet Susie and Capn' Marina?"

"Oh yes," replied Flight. "But how can I they live far away?"

Murdock smiled. "I have the power to do it .All you need is to touch my hand and we are off."

Flight thought for a moment, it would be fun to visit them. But what would her family say. "I just can't leave. My mom would worried."

Murdock understood her concern. "Don't worry we will be back before you know it."

Flight nodded her head.

"Okay," said Murdock. "Then take my hand and we are off."

Flight took Murdock hand and in a flash of light they were gone.

Susie was sitting at her computer when a flash of light stared her .She turn around to me Murdock with a young girl.

She walked up to Murdock .She didn't seem surprise to see him.

"Hi Murdock sweetie. Who's this?" She smiled as she gave him a small kiss on the cheek.

Murdock blushed "This is Flight of Fancy."

"Oh my God." replied Susie .I don't believe it .Wow this so cool . I mean wow "

Flight smiled. "Hi Susie."

"Oh hi Flight. This is so cool."

Murdock smiled," we are going on a date, Susie, and you need someone."

Murdock took a picture of Reg and bought it to live. Reg looked around.

"Hi Reg this is Flight and Susie. Flight my date, Susie your date."

Reg and Susie looked at each other. Susie like Reg as a friend nothing more .She wanted to date someone dangerous like Jett

"I rather date Jett he more fun."

Murdock shook his head. "Sorry Susie too dangerous. I will get you Joxer. At that he took a picture of Joxer out of the scrapbook, and brought Joxer alive.

"Hi everyone .Hi Susie "

"Hi Joxy how about a kiss."

Joxer smiled and Susie and him took each other and began kissing.

Flight walked over to them. "Hey Susie let the poor man breathe okay. Hey Joxer I love your helmet." Flight coo'd.

Murdock pulled Flight away. "Okay girl you're my date. "

"What about me?" asked Reg. who's my date?"

"Captain Marina," replied Murdock and with a sweep of his hand they were gone.

They appear again in a kitchen where a young girl was dancing with a broom.

They watch as she whirl around the room with the broom .Her eyes were closed as she hum The A-Team's theme song. Murdock taps Reg on the shoulder. Reg looked at him.

"Take the broom place," Murdock whisper.

Reg stared. "I can't."

Joxer place his hand on Reg. "Yes you can just remember men are the strongest of the species."

Flight and Susie stared dagger at Joxer. Joxer grin and stood behind Murdock.

"Go on Reg," whisper Flight you can do it."

Reg swallowed and walked over to the girl .He took the broom from her and took her into his arms and they began to dance across the kitchen floor that suddenly turned into a fancy ballroom. Reg was now wearing his dress uniform and Capn' Marina a long blue gown. They dance across the room like two angels their feet not even touching the ground. Murdock stood in front of Flight and bow.

"May I have this dance?"

Flight giggled and held out her hand. "I would be honored."

As they moved out on to the floor their clothes also changed. Murdock 's clothes changed to a white tux and Flight 's clothes to a long pink flowing gown. Joxer looked at Susie. "Want to dance?"

Susie nodded her head and together they went on the dance floor. Their clothes also changed. Joxer was now wearing leather and Susie was wearing a green gown. They all dance in each other arms. Suddenly the music stop and everyone was back to the old clothes.

"What happened? " Susie asked.

"Capn' Marina open her eyes and broke the spell," replied Murdock.

Capn' Marina stared. "Who are you people and what are you doing in my kitchen?"

Murdock walked up to her. "Hi my name is ... "

"Oh wow! I don't believe. You are Murdock! "She ran over to Reg Barclay "Oh my! Oh gosh! It's you! Reg Barclay! She then ran over to Joxer. "And you are uh you are, hmmm .I don't know who you are."

"Joxer the Mighty," Joxer replied proudly.

"Oh whatever." She turned back to Murdock and Reg. "I can't believed it! You are actually here!"

Flight and Susie decided to introduce themselves.

"Hi Capn' I'm Susie."

"Yeah and I'm Flight "

Capn' Marina smiled and hug the two girls.

"OK time to go disco dancing," said Murdock. "Everyone ready?"

"Yes!" they all said.

Murdock nodded his head and was about to wave his hand to leave, when suddenly there was a loud thundering noise and a flash of light. Then suddenly Face was standing there.

"Murdock you can't go dancing without me. What would the reader think if I'm not in the story."

"Face you don't have a date."

Susie steps forward. "Well I could let Face have Joxer and I could take Jett."

They all turned to her and at the same time yell "NO!"

Susie steps back. "Boy it was just an idea. I mean it not like Face hasn't been around men in the stories."

"Yeah well," replied Murdock. "It's either me or Hannibal and this is not a slash story okay. Do you girls know anyone Face can date?"

Susie and Flight stared at each other. "We know just the girl. She likes both of you and Face. I know she will want to date Face. She offline because her computer is being fixed so this would make her happy." said Susie.

"Who's that?" asked Face.

"MCL" cried all three of the girls.


Part Two

MCL, turned off her television .She was bored .Her favorite cartoon Dragonball Z was now over and she had nothing to do. Suddenly there was a flash of light and she saw three strange girls and Murdock, Face, Reg, and someone she didn't know standing in front of her. She screamed and jump into Murdock arms kissing him all over his face.

"Excuse me MCL."

She looked up to see Face staring at her. "You are my date not Murdock."

MCL jumped out of Murdock arms and into Face's and started kissing him. Face returned the kiss with a passion.

"Come on Face we got to get going. Girls introduced yourselves."

Susie came forward first. "Hi MCL I'm Susie."

MCL smiled "Hi Susie." She took Susie aside. "I want more of EM when I get back on line."

Susie nodded her head. Capn'Marina step forward. "Hi MCL I'm Capn' Marina .I'm the list mom for the West Side. And please remember a very important rule."

"What that?"

"The west wing rules."

MCL nodded her head. Flight came forward. "Flight of fancy nice to me you."

"Good now that we all introduced ourselves shall we got."

"Wait Murdock, I haven't said hello," replied Joxer. He walked up to MCL. And took her hand. "Hi I'm Joxer the Mighty. That's Joxer J.O.X. as in se....

He was about to finish when Susie grabs him by his ear. "Come on Romeo, MCL is Face's date you are mine."

"Yeah well you rather have Jett," came the reply.

Susie saw she had hurt his feeling and she kisses him. "I'm sorry Joxy I promise no more speaking of Jett,"

Joxer smiled at Susie and they kissed again.

"Okay let go." Said Murdock .Let used the magic kiss spell guys to get to the dance."

They all shout with joy as they each kiss the girl they were with and vanished. They reappear in a grand dancing room.

Face suddenly heard a noise. "Murdock, your Hannibal fan beeper is going off. They're a Hannibal fan here and it strong."

Murdock took the beeper out of his pocket, Face was right it was going off the scale. "She's here and she's very close."

He pointed to a young lady sitting by herself. "She the Hannibal fan .I'm going over and see if she wants to join us."

Murdock walked over to the girl. "Uh hi."

She looked up and stared. Boy this guy looks like Murdock from TV. "Hi," she replied still staring at him.

"I know you think you are seeing things, but I really am Murdock and that really is Face, Reg, and Joxer," Murdock pointed at the table. "Would you like to join us?"

R.Hannibal looked at the group. "But I don' t have a date."

"Do you have a picture of Hannibal?" Murdock asked.

"Yes I never leave home without it. See."

She took out a very nice picture of Hannibal. Murdock studied it. "Good that 's perfect. Now take it out on the dance floor and start dancing."

R.Hannibal looked at Murdock. "But there no music .The band is taking a break."

"Trust me," replied Murdock.

She didn't know why but she did trust Murdock .So she walked out on to the floor and began to dance with her picture of Hannibal. Suddenly beautiful music was playing and R.Hannibal found herself being swept off her feet by very strong arms .She looked up to see Hannibal dancing with her .He smiled at her and she was in Heaven. Suddenly Hannibal and R.Hannibal started singing "I'm In Heaven " just like they do in the movies which was so nice and everyone clap when they were done.

Hannibal held her near. "Oh R.Hannibal. I must know your real name. Please tell me."

She smiled. "I will gladly tell you. My real name is "


Hannibal smiled. "That a beautiful name for such a beautiful girl."

She smiled as they began to dance. R.Hannibal was please Hannibal could boogie and very well. Murdock looked at Flight.

"Shall we?"

She smiled. "You know it Murdock, let's do it."

Face smiled at MCL. "Would my lady care to dance?"

"If I can dance in my blue overalls"

"My lady you can wear whatever you want," said Face.

Capn' Marina looked at Reg, He just stared at her. "Oh for pete sakes let's go," she said as she took him on to the floor.

Joxer grabbed Susie. "Come on dancing something I can do right."

They were soon dancing on the floor. Suddenly a big man came up to Joxer and tap him on the shoulder. "Hey buddy I'm cutting in."

Joxer was about to protest when the man picks him up and threw him across the room. Susie screamed Murdock, Face, and Hannibal ran at the man but they were no match .The man was strong. R.Hannibal, Capn' Marina try to help.

"Boy we sure could used BA right now," said Face.

Flight looked around she had to do something and she knew what she had to do. She quietly slipped away and went outside. She put on her magic BA ring and lifted her hand in the air and said the magic words.


Suddenly bright lights everywhere and BA was now there. He walks in the dance room.

He grabs the bad man and said. "You want to dance with me sucker?"

He grabs the bad guy and began to spin him around in a circle. Then send him flying and back into his fist the man looked at BA before he slipped to the floor. Everyone cheer. Hannibal smiled and said.

"Nice BA nice."

"Hey where my date?" cried Murdock.

"She in my van. I'll go get her."

"Wait big guy. I'll go with you."

"No fool that's not nessacery I can get her."

Murdock started to say something but BA growl at him.

"Captain .I'm sure BA can get Flight."

BA left and once outside changed back into Flight and walked back in.

"Hey Flight said MCL you missed all the fun .BA took care of that bad guy."

"Sorry I missed it. I was scared."

"That 's okay said Murdock . Hey Face your turn to pick, where to now?"

"The movies."

"The movies? Said Murdock. "That no fun."

"Why asked Reg?

"Because nothing good is playing," said Murdock

"Who said we were going to watch the movie?" replied Face with an evil grin.

He claps his hands and they were gone.


Part Three

Suddenly they were in the balcony of the theatre.

"Shouldn't we had bought tickets?" asked MCL, as she looked around for any ushers.

"I took the liberty of that," said Face as he shows them the tickets.

"Good thinking LT. I like that Face, always on your toes," said Hannibal.

"Well I don't know about his toes, but he's on mine," cried Joxer. "Please get off."

Face looked down to see that he was on Joxer's foot. "Oh sorry Jerkster."

"That's Joxer."

"Whatever. Okay guys let's show these ladies how to watch a movie," said Face.

"All right let's do it!"

"Uh guys, I don't know what a movie is," said Joxer.

"Don't worry Joxy. I'll show you what to do," said Susie.

"And I will help," volunteer Flight.

"Uh, Flight. You are with me," Murdock said.

"I know Murdock. It just in case Susie needs help."

"Oh believed me Flight I don't need any help. I can handle it."

They all really enjoyed the movie in the balcony. (Boy did they enjoy it.) They were all watching the movie (Yeah sure they were)

Soon the movie was over but they were still enjoying it (Smooch, smooch, and smooch)

"Okay guys," said Murdock, "where to now?"

No one was paying any attention to him. They were all still watching the movie. Even though it had been over an hour ago.

"Come on guys the movie is over. Where to now?"

"Lover's Leap!" cried out MCL.

"Yeah Lover's Leap. Boy do I love the view from there," said Flight.

"Me too," replied Capn' Marina staring at Reg. "The view is fantastic."

"Then let's go," said Murdock as he snapped his fingers. But nothing happened. "Hmm that's funny I guess I am running out of power."

"No, we just got to kiss again to get to Lover's Leap," said Hannibal.

They all cheered and began kissing. Soon they were at Lover's Leap then they looked at the view. (Smooch, smooch) The view was breath taking (smooch smooch, smooch)

"Oh Hannibal I love this view. It makes me feel so wonderful." cried out R.Hannibal.

"Oh I know baby. Oh this view is wonderful (smooch, smooch)

Flight let out a scream. "YES! OH! YES! THIS VIEW! OH LET ME SEE THIS VIEW!"

They all stopped and stared. "Uh Flight? What kind of view are you seeing?" asked MCL

Flight looked embarrassed. "Oh nothing."

She suddenly looked up from where she and Murdock had been laying. "Joxer can I wear your helmet?"

"Hey," protested Murdock, "you are my date."

"I know but I want to wear it."

R Hannibal was smiling she was already wearing Hannibal's white jacket. Capn Marina was wearing Reg's uniform top. They didn't know how she got it off Reg and no one was asking. Murdock gave Flight his hat and she smiled. Joxer gave Susie his helmet and she smiled. MCL was wearing Face's black jacket.

Hannibal looked at his watch as R. Hannibal was still enjoying the view. "Guys it's getting late we got to get these gals home."

"But Hannibal," they all whined. We're still enjoying the view."

"Sorry everyone, enjoy the view some other time. Time to go."

"Oh well," exclaimed R. Hannibal and Capn' Marina together. "It was a great view."

"I most certainly enjoyed the view!" exclaimed Flight.

"Me too," said Susie.

"Yeah," said Face. "That view was something. Right Murdock?"

"Oh you said it Face it was something."

"I've never seen such a view," said Hannibal. "IT was so special."

"We have to come back some day and watch the view again," said MCL.

"YEAH!" they all screamed.

"Well time to take the girls home," said Hannibal and with the wave of his hand they were at The VA.

"Hey we don't live here," said MCL.

"We know that we just need to figure out who goes home first." said Hannibal. "Guys come here. We will do this the military way. Rock, paper, scissors."

They all stood in a circle and went "rock, paper, scissors." Hannibal, Face, Murdock, and Reg all had their palms out. Joxer had his hand in a fist.

"Paper covers rock!" they cried. "Susie goes home first."


Part Four

They soon appeared in Susan 's room and noticed all her junk. Ghostbusters toys, Transformers, golf balls with faces on them. The room was really a mess.

"Uh Susie do you clean your room?" asked Capn'Marina

"Only on Saturday."

"Oh well I think you miss a couple of Saturdays," said R.Hannibal.

"No I didn't, this is the way I clean," said Susie.

"Boy," whisper Flight. "If I clean my room this way I would be ground for life."

"Me too," said MCL.

"Now never mind how Susie cleans. Let's say good bye," said Murdock.

Susie smiled. "Can I kiss Murdock good bye Flight?"

"Sure but not on the lips."

Susie kiss Murdock good bye and gave the others a hug.

"Hey where my kiss? I was your date," said Joxer.

Susie walked over and gave him a big wet kiss, which left Joxer in a daze.

"Ok Joxer are you ready to got back in the picture?" said Murdock.

Joxer only nodded his head. Murdock looked at Hannibal and Face.

"Okay guys do it."

Hannibal shook his head. "Murdock why am I taking orders from you?"

"Because this is Susie's story that's why."

Face looked at Hannibal. "I guess that's a good reason."

"Is not the next time I hope a Hannibal fan writes this then I will be in charge."

"Come on guys get Joxer back in the picture."

Hannibal and Face pick up Joxer and threw him into the picture. Joxer even though thrown the picture looked like it had.

"Susie we got to go." Said Face.

Susie watch them go. She had fun today.

"Who's next?" asked Face.


"Oh nuts," said MCL and Face together.

Murdock smiled and with the wave of his hand they were in MCL's room.

MCL wanted it to last a little longer. "Want to see my drawing?"

They all nodded their heads and for one hour she show them.

"Guys," said Murdock, "we really got to get these girls home."

Face walked over to MCL. "I really had a nice time today but it time to say good bye. I must return to the picture and you have to return to real life."

MCL nodded her head as she kissed Face good bye. Face step back. "Ok I'm ready Murdock. Put me back in the picture. But don't throw me in."

Murdock snaps his finger and Face was back in the picture.

"Hey Murdock why didn't you do that with Joxer. Instead of throwing him in?" asked Flight.

Murdock just struggled. "I don't know it was just a reaction I guess."

Hannibal laughs. "Murdock was jealous of him."

Murdock did not respond to that instead he said.

"Back to the dance."

"Why?" asked Capn Marina.

"Because that's where we found R. Hannibal."

When they got there Murdock told Hannibal and R.Hannibal to go out on the floor and dance. As they were dancing Hannibal smiled at her.

"I had a real nice time today Retisha. I hope you had a nice time too."

R. Hannibal smiled. "I did John, thank you."

Hannibal smiled at her. "I'll miss you. Take care."

They said nothing more as they danced to the music. R. Hannibal had her eyes closed. She did not hear the voice.

"Uh excuse me, would you like to dance?"

She looked up to see a boy she knew. She smiled at him. "I've be delighted."

They all watch her as she made her way on to the dance floor.

"I think she going to be okay. All right Captain, I'm ready."

Murdock nodded his head and Hannibal was back in the picture.

"Okay, Capn Marina you are next."

She only nodded her head. She was sad to see the day coming to an end. Soon they were in her kitchen.

"Should I dance with my broom again."

Murdock shook his head. "No you don't need to do that just say good bye."

Reg took Capn Marina hand. "I don't like good byes. Let's just say till we meet again."

"But we won't meet again."

"You never know what the future holds. Do we?"

Capn. Marina smiled and said "No we don't." She then kisses him good bye. Murdock snaps his finger and Reg was back in the picture.

Capn Marina smiled at Murdock. "Thank you for the fun day Murdock."

Murdock smiled. "You are welcome. I need to take Flight home."

Soon Flight was home. Murdock took her into his arms and kisses her good bye. "Good bye my BA."

Flight stared. "You knew?"

He nodded his head. "Thank you for helping Joxer."

"I thought you were jealous of him."

Murdock smiled. "I was," he said as he wave his hand and was now in the picture. Flight stared at the picture had she dream everything. She shook her head and got on the computer. She saw that Susie, Capn Marina, and R.Hannibal were on line so she asked them to join her in a conference.


The End


A Fun Day by Susie Owens



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