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The Secret

The Secret
by Jasmine

Rated: NC-17

Warning: m/m slash, language

Summary: What happens when Face learns about a secret that the rest of the team has been keeping from him? Will it break up the team? Or can he accept it?




The Secret







The drive to upstate California was long and boring. For the most part, each member of the team remained silent, including Murdock. But eventually, even that came to an end. "What 'cha doing, Faceman?" he asked.


Face stared at his calculator. He had been calculating and recalculating the money that they had earned and was deciding the best places to invest it. To Face, this was the only bright spot in his life right now since all other aspects of it were severely lacking, specifically, his physical needs. The pace that Hannibal had set this past month necessitated forced abstinence, not something he was accustomed to. So he poured himself into his numbers and tried to forget about Nancy and Lisa and Elizabeth and a string of other beautiful ladies that he had stood up recently. "We'll put our money into a short term T-Bill for now. I'll figure out where to put it permanently whenever Hannibal decides to give us a break from this schedule he's put us on."


"So that's what's bothering you," Murdock teased. "You don't like all these missions."


"It's not that I don't like them... it's just that I would like a break between them so that I can tend to other areas of my life."


"Not been gettin' any, huh?" BA casually remarked, throwing a wink towards Hannibal that did not go unnoticed by their frustrated teammate.


"I don't think that's any of your business!" he responded indignantly. But when they just smiled at each other he continued, "But for your information, NO! And I'm not so sure any of them will go out with me when I get back!"


"Look at it this way, Face," Hannibal chided, "if they don't want to see you again, they probably weren't any good to begin with."


Face looked agitated; what kind of reasoning was that? "I can assure you, Hannibal, that they are good! And not JUST somewhat good, but VERY good!" Then he allowed his thoughts to relax and he added, "Especially Nancy, now that was a woman who knew how to take care of a man." He leaned back and imagined being with his beautiful blond-haired girlfriend.


Amy had been pretending to read her magazine but decided to join the conversation, "Face, this is rather different for you... How long has it been?"


"Too long. You're even beginning to look good to me!"


Everyone chuckled except Face who was only half joking. He knew they didn't care about his problems but he wondered why they weren't having the same problems that he was. After all, they were all keeping the same schedule and he couldn't believe he was the only one seemingly frustrated. Pushing his thoughts to the back of his head, he went back to his papers and calculator. They rode the rest of the way in silence.




"Wow!" Amy remarked as she stood in the center of a large two-story foyer in their client's home. "Why don't you ever scam a place like this Face?"


"If we ever get some time off, maybe I will," he replied directing his answer towards his colonel.


Their attention went to the door being opened and in walked their client.


"Ah, Colonel Smith! Thank you for coming," Cecil Johnston said while nodding to each of the team members. "A lot has transpired since we last spoke so I'm anxious to fill you in. Let's go to my study"


"Daddy?" came a voice from the staircase.


All eyes turned and gazed. Their research on their client informed them of his 17-year old daughter but didn't say she was built better than most Playboy centerfolds. She glided when she walked and appeared to float down the large spiral staircase. Hannibal looked at his men, smirked, and said low enough so their client couldn't hear, "Tongues IN, Guys!"


"Gentlemen, and Miss Allen, I'd like you to meet my daughter, Sophie," he said as he reached his hand out to take hers.


"Pleased to meet you Sophie," Hannibal replied.


She nodded and smiled, looking at each person until her eyes landed on the attractive blond. She hesitated, allowing her gaze to linger longer than it should have.


Face smiled back, controlling his seductiveness. 'She's only a teenager!' he reminded himself.


She in turn offered him a sultry smile after quickly giving him the once over.


"I'd like to introduce my team," Hannibal offered, and he made the rudimentary introductions. She politely acknowledged the others, but her eyes always made their way back to the blond.


Her father spoke, "Sophie, if you'll excuse us, we have some business to discuss."


"Sure Father, I'll be out by the pool." She walked through the crowd, sweeping by Face and allowing her hand to brush up against his backside.


Oblivious to his daughter's flirtatious gesture, their client turned and walked away, saying, "Please, follow me to the study, we can talk there." He disappeared down a hall.


Amy teased Face, "A little young, don't you think?" And she brushed by him, sweeping her hand against his backside as she followed Hannibal across the foyer.


Murdock also couldn't pass up the opportunity to tease his friend and brushed his hand against Face's backside as he followed Amy.


Indignant, Face furrowed his brow and was ready to comment when he was stunned by another hand actually grabbing his ass. Turning abruptly, he saw BA, giggling. BA knew the beautiful young girl was off limits and was looking forward to watching his lieutenant squirm. But he too was down the hall before Face could react.


Slightly annoyed and realizing everyone was out of hearing range, Face adjusted his tie and followed.




Once they were convened in the study, Mr. Johnston explained the events of the past few days. Since the time that he had actually hired The A-Team, there had been several unfortunate accidents which had occurred and he filled them in on the details.


Hannibal listened intently and formulated a plan, "We can expect another attack. Based on their style, I think the front guards at the gate should be on the lookout."


"On the lookout for what?" a voice from across the room asked.


They turned and laid their eyes upon another beautiful female, only this one was older and more sophisticated looking.


Cecil Johnston came from around his desk and pecked the woman on the cheek. The woman smiled, and offered her check for the kiss.


"Gentlemen, Miss Allen, may I introduce my wife, Casandra."


"Please to meet you," Hannibal said with a nod. He introduced the team and waited for Mr. Johnston to get back to the business for which they were hired.


"You're right, Colonel Smith. I should inform the security guards that an attack may be pending and I'll put on double shifts. If you'll excuse me, I'll go and take care of it," Mr. Johnston said and he scurried from the study.


Hannibal nodded his approval and his mind was already planning ahead to the next phase when he noticed Mrs. Johnston eyeing his lieutenant. 'Uh oh,' he thought. 'This really can't be good for the mission.'


"I'm sorry, I didn't catch your name?" she politely asked Face.


"Peck, Lieutenant Templeton Peck."


She held her hand and he shook it gently, "Please to meet you," she said.


Face nodded.


"With all the activity going on with my husband's business, I do hope you're here to fix things. I mean, he's worked too hard building his business to let a few mishaps destroy it."


"That's what he hired us to do, ma'am. And we usually accomplish our goal," Face answered.


"So do I," she muttered under her breath. But before anyone could ask her to repeat herself, she asked, "Will you be staying in our house? I'm afraid that whomever it is that's burning the brewery may take action against our home. And I'm worried sick about Sophie." She was still talking only to Face and it was obvious she wanted his attention.


'Don't say or do anything that will mislead her!' Face commanded himself silently. 'Both ladies are trouble, no matter how beautiful they are; and both ladies are untouchable, no matter how frustrated you are!' "Yes, we will be staying here, but you probably don't have to worry about your home, Mrs. Johnston, it's pretty secure. But we'll do all that we can to ensure your safety, your daughter's safety and your husband's," Face said while holding back his charm, a skill he'd never quite mastered.


"That's nice," she purred.


The door opened and Mr. Johnston walked in, oblivious to his wife's flirting.


"Done, Colonel Smith. There're twice as many guards per shift now. Is there anything else I should do?"


Glad to have the conversation back in his court if for no other reason than to divert attention away from their client's flirtatious wife, Hannibal nodded his approval and said, "That'll be good enough for now. We still have some more things to check out today."


With that, the team left the study, but Face could feel her eyes on him the entire time.




"It really gets dark up here in the mountains," Amy commented as the team had gathered around the pool after sunset. Their client's mansion was nestled next to his brewery; together they blended into the side of a mountain.


After a day of gathering information, Hannibal was ready for some action, "What did you find out?" he asked to no one in particular.


"Sophie could get Faceman into bi-i-i-i-i-g trouble," Murdock answered knowing full well that that wasn't what was asked.


"So could Mrs. Johnston," Amy added with a sly smile.


"Yes, but Sophie is jailbait," Murdock explained, like it was really a bigger problem to be with someone too young than with your client's wife.


Hannibal thought back on the events that occurred since their morning arrival and smiled. If Face was less of a man, Sophie could be in real trouble. As for Mrs. Johnston, being with an older woman was never a problem for his lieutenant. But he knew that Face was not into seducing another man's wife, no matter how long he'd gone without a woman, but before he could say anything, Face interjected, "I stayed away from both of them as best as I could. And I'm not the one flirting!"


Hannibal smiled, "Yes, but you're the object of a very beautiful woman's lust as well as her equally beautiful teenage daughter, that combination won't bode well for our mission."


Face reminded them again, "I haven't done anything to make them think I'm interested. And, for your information, I'm not exactly into young girls or other people's wives so steering clear of them won't be too difficult. Now," he sighed after his short explanation to his snickering teammates, "to answer your question, I have a lead on who's sabotaging Cecil Johnston's brewery. I was able to get a license plate number off the surveillance tape the last time the place was fire bombed. It seems that the car is registered to a Mr. Ben Dunken, an employee of Lake Heavenly Ski Resort. When I dug a little deeper, I learned that Lake Heavenly wants to buy the mountain that the Brewery is on and develop it into another exclusive ski resort."


The team had stopped snickering and was listening intently. Amy commented, "Wow, Face, it's pretty remarkable that you were able to find all that out."


"And all the while avoiding two very sexy ladies," Murdock chided.


Face smirked, ignored them both and continued, "And that's not all"


The noise of a door closing interrupted his story and they all turned to see Sophie emerge from the shadows and stand in the night light that illuminated the heated pool. She looked at the group standing near the bar and said, "Oh, excuse me, I didn't know you were out here." But her voice lacked sincerity and it was obvious to them that she knew all too well that they were there. "Don't let me interrupt your meeting. I was just coming outside for my evening swim." With that, she dropped her bathing suit cover to the ground, and walked straight up to Face. "Care to join me?" She reached down and placed her hand in his and started to gently pull him to the waters edge.


Face politely stammered, "No, I'm not exactly dressed to go swimming."


She purred, "You don't need a swim suit; if you'd prefer, I won't wear one."


Face managed to drop his eyes at her extremely full figure, which was covered by only a few threads of fabric. The firm hard nipples sitting high gave insight to the cool night air. He cleared his throat but not before feeling the blood beginning to rush to his groin. "I never swim in the dark. Maybe someone else here would like to go?" he offered.


Smiling, she released his hand and slowly walked down the steps into the water, knowing that all eyes were on her. The water practically rendered her swimsuit invisible. Face shifted, wishing she were just a few years older.


Hannibal patted him on the shoulder and said, "Let's go." He got no argument from the others and they moved inside. Unfortunately, they didn't get too far before Mrs. Johnston stood before them. She said, "I'm glad I caught up to you," and her eyes specifically fell on the lieutenant.


Hannibal asked, "Is something wrong?"


"No, nothing really. I was just going for my evening swim and was wondering if your lieutenant here would like to join me?"


Face answered, "I'm sorry Mrs. Johnston, I'd love to under different circumstances but I don't mix work with pleasure while we're on a case."


"Too bad," she pouted. She moved within inches of his face, then reached for his hand and gently held it while saying, "I would have thought a man like you could easily mix work and pleasure."


She looked beautiful and she smelled beautiful and once again he felt the blood rush to his groin. He shifted, wishing she wasn't another man's wife. But before he could respond, she dropped his hand and turned, gliding down the corridor and down the stairs. She disappeared out a door a minute later.


"What are you doing to these ladies?" Amy quipped.


"Nothing!" Face admonished. "Absolutely nothing! And BA can vouch for me since he's been with me most of the day!"


"You look a little tense Face," Hannibal commented.


"You'd be tense too if all you wanted to do was," he broke off suddenly in deference to Amy and shrugged, "Never mind. Let's just wrap this up so I can get back to LA and tend to other business, shall we?"


The team just chuckled and they continued down the corridor.


But Murdock saw his friend's irritation and realized that Face wasn't accustomed to being sexually frustrated. This was a side of him that they seldom saw. Even though it was fun to watch his friend in this awkward predicament, he thought it best to exercise some caution on this subject.


"What were you going to say down by the pool?" BA grumbled.


Clearing his mind and throat, Face answered, "Just that Lake Heavenly Ski Resort is having financial problems and they basically need this mountain if they're going to stay in business."


"So they have nothing to lose because they're slowly going out of business anyway," Amy surmised.


The pieces of the puzzle were fitting together and both BA and Hannibal nodded.


"Amy," Hannibal said as they stopped in front of her bedroom door, "I want you to see what you can dig up on that resort tomorrow."


"Right. I'll leave early and call if I need anything." She went into her room and closed the door behind her.


They walked a little further to the room that BA and Hannibal were sharing and Hannibal said, "Tomorrow, BA and I will pay Lake Heavenly a little visit."


"What do you want us to do Colonel?" Murdock asked.


"Do what you've been doing, make sure nothing more happens to the brewery."


With that, he and BA went into their room and Murdock and Face went into theirs.




Murdock stripped down to his skivvies and launched himself onto the bed. After tossing and turning, he decided which side he wanted on the King size bed and made himself comfortable.


Face exited the bathroom and also stripped down to his shorts and got into the side of the bed that Murdock wasn't occupying.


"I don't know how you do it?" Murdock quipped.


"Do what?"


"Get both a 17 year old and her mother to fall for you!"


"I haven't done anything!" Face protested. Then he smiled and said, "But if she were older...and she wasn't married...." He let his mind wander to what he would do, knowing that he was physically torturing himself.


"But she's not, and she is," Murdock said, responding to his comments, "and they look like they can handle themselves, which means you probably need to be careful."


"Ahhhh, don't worry about me, I've been in situations far worse than this before and, believe me when I say, this is gentle compared to some of the trouble I've had. I'll just stay clear of both of them."


"Easier said than done."


"You don't think I can do it?" Face replied, with a hint of indignity.


"Oh, I think you can do it; but I don't think they can do it. We've been around each other a long time and I've seen my share of woman who can't seem to get you out of their heads. If either the daughter or the mother is one of them, you're gonna have a tough time. And unlike the other ladies who you can manipulate right out of your life, you're living in their house working for her daddy and her husband."


"Well, I just have to avoid them, that's all."


"You could always insinuate that they're not your type," Murdock suggested.


"What? Of course there're my type! In fact, they epitomize what my type is! Besides, there's no telling when our paths may cross again and Mrs. Johnston may just be ex-Mrs. Johnston, and Sophie may no longer be jailbait. And I wouldn't want to ruin my chances of that happening."


"I think you have a better chance of bedding Cecil," Murdock replied, realizing his earlier comment was not understood by his fair-haired friend.


Face tossed a pillow at him and they engaged in a playful tussle. Murdock had him pinned, per usual, as Face allowed himself to be overpowered. But there was something different about this time. Something strange was happening during their playful struggle.


Suddenly, Face pushed his friend aside and quickly regained his composure. He sat on the bed, away from his friend, trying unsuccessfully to understand his body. He thought it best to end the evening and so he said, "Don't worry about it; if I can't handle a 17 year old and her mother, I don't have any business calling myself part of The A-Team." With that, he laid down and pulled the covers over him and closed his eyes. He tried to go to sleep but his mind was on what just happened. After spending far too much time trying to understand his body's reaction, he dismissed it as being a result of going too long without any sexual relief.


Murdock lay on his back, staring up at the ceiling. It took his erection a lot longer to go away and at one point he thought he'd have to go into the bathroom and take care of it. He felt something different this time when he wrestled with Face and for a brief moment, he saw desire in his friend's eyes. But it was only for a split second and it was gone. He knew it was going to be a long time before he fell asleep and, for the millionth time, he cursed the colonel who made room assignments.




Face spent the better part of the day feigning excuses or outright avoiding the two ladies of the house. At times, they were so assertive that Murdock could sense the building sexual frustration in his friend. But, to his credit, he never did give any indication that he was interested. After patrolling the well-guarded brewery, they returned to the pool.


"I'm going to get us lunch. I'll be right back," Murdock said and he left the poolside.


Face leaned back in his chair, listening to the crackling sounds of the radio dispatcher and enjoying the clean mountain air. He heard a noise and expecting to see his friend with a plate full of sandwiches, lifted his head with a smile. Ever the conman, he suppressed his facial expressions even though his eyes were taking in one of the most beautiful sites around. Standing before him was Sophie, naked, and rubbing her hands across her newly oiled breasts, and taunting him.


He simply stared, allowing his eyes to linger down her long form and back up again.


She walked over to him and fluidly spread her legs apart so that she ended up sitting on his knees, straddling him.


His cock filled and his stomach fluttered. He wanted to take the supple breasts and suck them and run his fingers between her legs feeling the slippery pink walls of her cunt. She was gorgeous and aroused and he was quite capable of satisfying her sexual needs in ways she'd never imagined.


She leaned down and kissed him, allowing him to smell the sweet aroma of youth.


'Stop! Stop! Stop!' he shouted to himself. 'She's 17 and you've never seduced a minor before!'


'But I'm not the one seducing her, she's seducing me!'


'It doesn't matter, you cannot make love to her!' He blinked his eyes back to reality and put his hands on her tiny waist and lifted her off of him.


She blinked in shocked amusement.


"I'm sorry, but I can't, as much as I'd like to, I simply can't," he whispered.


Murdock returned just then, holding a tray of sandwiches and sodas but stopped dead when he saw the naked young girl and his friend's obvious confusion. She didn't seem to care that another man had just entered the pool area. Face could only guess what he was thinking at seeing his hands wrapped gently around the young girl's waist, standing before her naked body, and displaying an obvious arousal.


Not feeling like an explanation, he grumbled, "I'm not hungry," as he released the girl and walked past Murdock to his room.


A few minutes later, Murdock caught up with him just as he was getting into the shower, presumable a cold one.


"Hey, Faceman! I brought your sandwich. I'll set it out here for when you finish."


There was no reply.


After the shower, Face emerged wearing a towel around his waist and looked at Murdock. Frustrated, he said, "I know what you're thinking but I swear I didn't touch her. I was resting my eyes and when I opened them, she was there. Naked! She was sitting on my lap before I knew it and"


"Take it easy, Faceman! I believe you. Quite frankly I don't know how you managed to pull yourself away from something that looks like that." Then, as he peered at his well-toned and nicely tanned friend, he thought, 'And how am I supposed to pull myself away from something that looks like this?'


Face nodded, exhaled and relaxed. 'Good, Murdock believes me. But the others surely won't.' "Hey, do me a favor and don't mention this to the others. They'll think I did something to encourage it."


Murdock smiled, wondering how much of a curse it was to be young and good looking. "Hey, listen, why don't you get dressed and I'll check on those files and do a once around the brewery again."


"Thanks Murdock," Face replied and offered a slight smile as his friend disappeared through the door.


Once alone, Face sat down on the chair overlooking the mountain. There were trees for as far as the eye could see. He pushed the image of the young girl out of his mind and concentrated on this case. The mountain provided fresh water for the brewery, which is what made Cecil Johnston's beer so good. But it would also make an excellent ski resort because it was easily accessible from the main highway, unlike Lake Heavenly. This was actually a pretty easy case and they should have it wrapped up rather quickly.


He leaned his head back and felt himself drift to sleep. His last thoughts were of Hannibal, and whether or not he and BA could discover something so that they could close this case and he could try and patch things up between him and Nancy. As much as he wanted, he refused to let his mind think about the tussle with Murdock.


The warmth of the room made it easy for him to sleep, but he felt a presence. Was it a dream? Was Murdock back? He managed to rouse himself and open his eyes. Blinking, he focused on a lady standing near him. 'Mrs. Johnston!'


"Hello," she purred.


"Hi," he hesitantly said, still not sure if this was a dream or reality.


"I was hoping I'd find you alone." She unbuttoned her blouse and let it fall to the ground, displaying her breasts, which were trussed tightly in a black silk brassiere. "I hope you don't mind but I can't seem to get you out of my head."


"Mrs. Johnston, you really shouldn't be here," Face stammered, while at the same time admiring the woman's body before him. Unlike Sophie, she had an air about her that made her even more attractive than her daughter.


"Oh really?" she cooed. "And why is that?


"For starters, you're married."


"If you think my husband cares what I do, you're wrong. He's always been so involved in his work that as long as I'm happy, he doesn't ask too many questions. I think he rather likes the idea of me being with other men. That way, he can spend all of his time on his work and not have to deal with me." She proceeded to drop her skirt, unveiling matching black satin panties and a firm midriff. She walked over next to him and knelt down, visibly pleased when she saw he was clad only in a towel.


Face knew what he had to do, he just wasn't doing it. He could feel the blood fill his cock again and haplessly watched as the towel rose. And she was more beautiful than her daughter, with years of experience that made her more desirable. But she was someone else's wife and he had a rule about that; actually he had a rule that concerned jealous husbands but he couldn't remember it because he wasn't thinking too clearly. "Really, Mrs. Johnston"




"...Casandra, you don't understand. I can't be doing this." He made an effort to move her hands off his towel but she was smooth and had freed his engorged cock and was lusciously licking her lips in anticipation of tasting him. "Please Mrs‑, Casandra! Ohhhhh..."


She had taken him in her mouth and was sucking on his already engorged cock. To further stimulate him, she was using her tongue to caress his long, hard shaft.


He was delirious at the warm sensation that was pulsating through his body. For a moment, he considered succumbing to this pleasure, indulging himself in the very thing that has been missing for too long. But his conscience overcame him and he slid away from her mouth, gently pushing her off of him. They appeared frozen in time as he took a minute for the fog to clear from his brain. Once he had fully regained his composure, he slid out of the chair and backed away from her, grabbing his pants along the way. Quickly he pulled his jeans on and said, "Mrs. Johnston, even if your husband didn't object, my colonel would! And that wouldn't be very good for me if he found out about us."


She didn't seem to hear what he said and most definitely didn't seem to care even if she had heard. She was on her way over to him when they heard a noise and looked towards the door.


"Hey Face! Look who I found" Murdock said as he pushed through the door but then stopped dead in his tracks at the site before him. BA and Hannibal also stopped and stared at the scene.


Mrs. Johnston was the first to move and that was only to bend over and pick up her clothes. She didn't seem the least bit bothered by the sudden entrance of the three men. Instead, she sauntered towards the door and as she passed Hannibal, she whispered, "You've trained him too well." Then she shut the door behind her.


Face's heart was pounding and he was certain his friends could see it. But he swallowed and said, "I can explain, nothing happened, she came in after I had nodded off and wouldn't exactly take no for an answer, explaining that she did this sort of thing all the time and her husband didn't really care if she was with other men"


"Face! Face!" Hannibal held up his hands indicating for his lieutenant to take it easy. "It's okay. Evidently, you're frustrating her as much as she's frustrating you. I trust the daughter has left you alone?"


BA chuckled as he made himself comfortable in the very chair that just minutes earlier was the place of great pleasure for his teammate.


"For the most part," he evasively answered and then glanced at Murdock to see if he was going to mention the incident at the pool with Sophie. Satisfied that he wasn't, he turned his attention back to Hannibal who by now had settled into a chair. Face didn't notice that Murdock was eyeing him closely.


"We've found out some information which will hopefully allow us to wrap this case up before these ladies around here have time to completely seduce you," Hannibal teased.


Face ignored his comment.


"You were right about Lake Heavenly Ski Resort, they are having financial problems but their troubles don't end there. Lake Heavenly is silently owned by a Mrs. Martha Cohers, and she owns Cohers Brewery. Cohers happens to be the major competitor to Johnston's Brewery. It's fairly easy to figure out that if Johnston's Brewery were to disappear, Martha Cohers wins all the way around: no more competition AND a profitable ski resort." He stopped talking when he noticed that Face was still standing and didn't appear to be listening. "Face, what's wrong?"


"Nothing!" he snapped back.


Hannibal looked at Murdock and then at BA, and said, "Look, we believe you when you said nothing happened. And I know you're not encouraging anything. But, like I just said, based on her comment, you seem to be frustrating HER, which is HER problem, not yours. So, I would suggest, Lieutenant, that you figure out a way to get them to leave you alone." His tone changed and he knew he had to handle Face sternly even though he thought that if their places were reversed, he wasn't so sure he could resist these ladies. "So let's get back to business. I told Mr. Johnston that we'd meet him downstairs in the game room at seven o'clock and Amy will be back at six. So finish getting dressed so we have time to check the brewery before we meet him."


Face did finish getting dressed and only half listened to the conversation, offering only an occasional nod when there was a pause. His mind was on other things, specifically, he was finding it difficult to control his urges and he wasn't sure why. Usually, he was the king of self-control and never needed to indulge himself. But with the caseload that Hannibal had been carrying, the aggressiveness of the ladies, his reaction to the tussle with Murdock, and now the lecture, he was feeling anxious, and that meant he was needing to release some pent up frustration.


Murdock had watched him dress and could see the tension in his veins and across his face. He had an idea of how Face could deal with the aggressive females in the house but wasn't sure how receptive he would be to his idea. Deciding that surprise had its advantages, he decided against sharing it with anyone.


Face finished buttoning his shirt and making himself presentable. Looking up, he noticed Murdock staring at him. Even that devilish grin couldn't diminish his mood. 'What I need is to swim a few hundred laps in the pool!' he thought. 'Then maybe I'd be too worn out to think of much else.'


Murdock smiled slyly and winked, hoping he could use his plan but unsure of how it would be received.




"This place is great!" Murdock exclaimed after finishing off two rounds of the video game Space Avengers. "Care to challenge me, Big Guy?"


"Crazy foo'! You pro'bly cheaten to get those high scores!"


"You can't cheat at this BA! You just have to let your brain think the way it thinks."


Amy walked into the room unknowingly interrupting another argument and pulled out her notebook, "Hey guys! Listen to what I found out. Lake Heavenly Ski Resort has until Friday to produce proof that they've improved their safety record or else they won't be sanctioned by the NSRC, the National Ski Resort Council, that's practically a death sentence for any resort. If they can get this mountain, they can declare bankruptcy before they're forced to close their doors, thus keeping their status with the NSRC in tact."


With a smile, Hannibal commented, "This just keeps getting better and better."


"From the sound of your voice, I take it you have a plan?" Amy asked.


Pleased with it, Hannibal smiled and said, "This is almost too easy. What's the best thing that could happen to Lake Heavenly right now?"


"It snows?" Murdock quipped.


"Someone makes them an offer they can't refuse," Face replied, although he was still only half listening and his agitation hadn't lessened any.


"Exactly!" Hannibal answered ignoring his lieutenant's behavior. "If I owned a business and it was in trouble from all sides, I'd like nothing more than for some unsuspecting rich fool to make me an offer. All we have to do is make them believe the charade until Friday. That should keep the firebomb attacks on the brewery away. Then, once Friday comes, we quietly back out after Amy sends them a copy of the story that she's going to run in the morning edition of the newspaper."


"Excuse me, Colonel, but isn't bad press sometimes good publicity?" Murdock tried to sound sane as he asked the question.


"No, Murdock. Sometimes bad press is just plain ol' bad press."


The door opened and into the game room walked mother and daughter, and the conversation the team was having stopped.


Mrs. Johnston said, "My husband asked me to tell you that he'll be a few minutes late."


Hannibal nodded and waited, but it appeared that they weren't in any hurry to leave. Since they were pleasing on the eye, he didn't hurry it along. Instead, he stared patiently at each of the ladies and admired their beauty.


Face's primal urges stirred deep inside his belly. The vivid memory of the daughter's youthful body occupied his thoughts until the memory of her mother's firm and seductive figure took over.


He thought he was going to have to look away from them in order to control his physical reaction, but before he could move, Mrs. Johnston spoke. "Colonel Smith," she purred, "Do you think we could borrow your lieutenant for a couple of hours? We want to drive into town and we just don't want to go alone. We were hoping he could escort us?"


There was no question what these ladies had in mind and Murdock immediately envisioned what the evening might be called, The Seduction of Templeton Peck. Thinking quickly, he decided, 'It's now or never.' He walked up to Face, put his arm around his shoulder and responded in a deep baritone voice, "Ladies, I don't know if you understand the personal preference of our Lieutenant. He prefers the company of men; and specifically he prefers my company."


Hannibal was stunned at this maneuver but was snickering inside at the explanation the captain was providing. It also got him off the hook for thinking up an excuse as to why Face wasn't a good candidate for the job.


Murdock continued, only now he was looking at his very stunned, obviously confused and border-lined angry friend, "You see, we've been together since Nam and I find myself frequently having to make this speech to ladies such as yourselves. So I really don't think he can offer you what you think he can, as evidence by his continued rejection of your advances; but if you want an escort, Sergeant Baracus would be happy to drive you. He's far more capable of providing protection and I think you'll find him good company... provided you don't want him to talk."


BA was amused at the quick thinking of Murdock but growled at being volunteered to drive these ladies into town.


It was difficult to tell if they believed Murdock's explanation but it achieved the desired result and they left, politely refusing BA's assistance.


"What were you thinking?!" Face exclaimed as he pushed Murdock's arm away, clearly unnerved by the turn of events.


"I'm only thinking about you Faceman," Murdock replied.


"Calling US an item does NOT qualify as thinking about me!"


"It got rid of them, didn't it? Besides, no matter what the explanation, you can't have either one of them, so who cares what they think? So I did you a favor. Your welcome."


Hannibal, BA and Amy were entertained by the new twist of events, but quickly noticed that Face wasn't. His easy going and relaxed nature gave way to tension and irritation. In fact, since the beginning of this case, Face had appeared uptight and annoyed, genuine emotions few were privy to.


Face paced back and forth and he could feel his hands begin to sweat with nervousness. Being referred to as gay was the furthest thing from the truth, at least he tried to tell himself that. Not wanting to create a scene, he sulked, "A simple 'No' would have sufficed!"


Hannibal was concerned that his lieutenant wasn't taking this as light hearted as he would have expected. His reaction was very out of character and he made a mental note to be more understanding of his friend's needs. Face was different; he needed to be stroked and when he got into one of these moods, he needed to be dealt with. In a commanding tone, Hannibal stated, "Calm down, Lieutenant. All Murdock did was take care of your problems for you."


Face turned away in exasperation and it's a good thing because Mr. Johnston entered the room.




The meeting was uneventful as Hannibal filled their client in on the information they had learned. Just as soon as the meeting ended, Face quietly said, "I'll be in my room if you need me."


Amy also excused herself and left for her room.


Murdock looked dejected at angering his friend and said, "I never would have said it if I thought it was going to upset him like that."


Shaking his head, Hannibal replied, "Something's going on with him and I'm not sure what it is. Anything unusual happen here today?"


Murdock remembered Face's encounter with the daughter but promised he wouldn't mention it. He didn't think it really mattered anyway because he had known Face to have encounters like that before and it never seemed to bother him. "He's just been on edge since we started this job. He really needs to release some pent up frustration."


BA grumbled, "Yeah, too bad we can't do anything for him." An understanding nod came from each man.


Sighing, they left the game room and went to their respective bedrooms.


Face was taking another shower, presumably a cold one, when Murdock arrived. He stripped down to his underwear again and laid down on the bed, waiting nervously for Face to come out of the bathroom.


When he finally did emerge, he barely acknowledged Murdock's existence.


Frustrated, Murdock apologized, "Okay! I'm sorry! I thought I was helping."


Face continued to ignore him.


"Look, I saw those ladies come onto you today and I know it was really difficult for you to tear yourself away from them. I figured if they thought you were out of the picture, they'd leave you alone. Based on the number of cold showers you've been taking, I would have thought that was exactly what you wanted."


Face still ignored him. He was angry and wished that Murdock had just let Hannibal come up with an excuse, but instead, he had to step in and offer an explanation that was just not acceptable. Wrapped only in a towel, he paced around the room allowing his agitation to grow with every step he took.


Murdock continued, "Face, I've seen you like this before and you can't deny that you're horny and need a woman. But they were untouchable, no matter how strongly they came on. And I know you know that."


Face was trying to calm down but his adrenaline was building and his anger was continuing to grow. He knew it was ridiculous to be this mad, but he couldn't help himself. He wanted to hit something, he wanted to expend some pent up frustration that was overpowering his mind and body. HE WANTED TO FUCK SOMEONE!!!


Realizing that his friend was still ignoring him was beginning to aggravate Murdock. He got up off the bed and approached him. Reaching out, he put a hand on Face's shoulder and pulled him around. To his surprise, Face spun around much too fast and Murdock caught a glimpse of the fist that was coming at him. He ducked, narrowing escaping the blow, then quickly maneuvered his friend into a headlock. Together, they fell onto the bed, with Murdock lying on top and using his weight to control his angry friend.


Face hissed, "Get off of me!"


"Not until you calm down. I said I was sorry!"


"That's not good enough!"


"Then you should have controlled the situation better!"


Face struggled but Murdock held him tightly. "I said GET OFF ME!" Then he sneered, "Why don't YOU try to control YOUR needs with females like that around!"


"I don't have to. I have other ways of being satisfied!"


Face struggled some more but he didn't have any leverage in his current position and Murdock's grip was like a vice. "Other ways?!" he exclaimed, his voice rising in anger. "Don't tell me that a sex toy is all you need to be satisfied!"


Face was strong, and Murdock was using all of his strength and all of his weight to confine his victim. Breathing heavily, he retorted, "I don't use toys AND I don't need women!"


"What?!" Face hissed, not so sure he understood what he'd just heard.


"You heard right! Maybe what you need is a good ass fucking to get your mind off those ladies!"


Furious, Face yelled, "I AM NOT A FUCKING HOMOSEXUAL!"


Holding him even tighter, Murdock taunted, "I'm not so sure you're not one! They say you hate what you fear and maybe you're just afraid that you'd like being with another man!" He felt Face erupt with anger and try to break free, but he was too well restrained to make much progress.


"You fucking son of a bitch," Face hissed through clenched teeth. "You're sick!"


"Am I?!" Murdock responded. With a very fluid motion, he turned his good-looking friend over. While still using his weight and his hands to restrain him, he straddled his torso and looked down into his friend's angry eyes. Grinning, he challenged, "Let's just see what you like!" He leaned down and kissed him hard.


Face was enraged; but he was also confused. Enraged that his best friend was doing this to him, and confused because his cock was so hard it was painful. He was sexually excited and he was with another man! Being restrained only stimulated him more and although he struggled earnestly at first, he soon gave into his burning desires and returned the hot hard kiss with passion equaled by none.


Murdock felt his victim go from tense and struggling, to tense and accepting. He wasn't sure how he was going to explain his actions if Face had continued to reject him, but fortunately, it appeared as though he wasn't going to have to. At first, Murdock thought this might be a trick by Face to escape, seeing as their conman was capable of most anything. But as he loosened his grip, he felt the passion flow from his friend's body and, although he remained tense, the fierce desire to break free was gone. Soon, his young blond friend was lifting his head to further suck the saliva from the pilot's mouth.


After Murdock had completely released his grip, Face used his now free hands to caress his friend's arms and shoulders. Panting and moaning, they groped and kissed for what seemed like an eternity.


"Oh God, Face," Murdock said after breaking free from one of the many kisses.


He didn't respond; he just moved his lips down his friend's neck and sucked and nipped until he found a well-hidden nipple.


Murdock moaned loudly at the sensation of his nipple being sucked. After a moment, he decided this wasn't about him, it was about Face, and he pushed Face's head away and looked down into his sexy blue eyes. Grinning, he said, "You're gonna like what I have in store for you." Then he reached into his duffel bag and produced a small tube. Face's hand was already stroking his own swollen cock, as it had found freedom from the towel during their struggle, but he continued to look rather quizzical at the pilot, still confused, a little tense and unsure, but strangely enjoying himself.


Murdock noticed the look that his friend was giving him and said, "Like I said, you need a good ass fucking."


Face didn't smile or respond in any way, he just kept watching the pilot and stroking his own cock.


Murdock smiled seductively and shoved a pillow underneath his blond friend's buttocks, lifting his hips up. Then he squeezed a generous amount of lubricant directly under his partner's testicles. The coldness of it made Face's butt muscles contract.


"Just relax," Murdock softly said as he used his fingers to spread the lubricant towards his friend's anus.


Face stared up at Murdock, unsure of what to expect, but sure he wanted whatever it was. He couldn't remember ever being so swollen and hard that his cock actually hurt him. Stroking it relieved some of the built up pressure but feeling Murdock's fingers slid around his anus was negating any action he took to relieve his discomfort.


Murdock found his friend's entrance and pushed the jelly inside. He watched as Face closed his eyes at the sudden sensation. "You a virgin?" Murdock whispered.


Face nodded.


Murdock smiled at the events unfolding. He often dreamed of this but never thought it would ever become a reality. "I'll take it slow then."


And he did take it slow. He inserted first one finger, then two, then three until the lubricant was everywhere it could possibly be by just using his fingers.


Face felt each finger as it was pushed inside him, and they felt good. He never knew his anus could be so sensitive to this kind of stimulation.


After Murdock was convinced that his partner couldn't be any more lubricated, he slipped his fingers out.


Face continued to stoke his own cock and knew what was next when he felt Murdock's finger slid out. He felt a slight apprehension that he managed to mask under a seductive grin.


Murdock grinned back as he squeezed more of the jelly directly onto his own hardened cock. He rubbed it around and used his hand to guide his cock towards Face's body. He pushed slightly, then pushed again, and again until the tip of his cock had disappeared. His handsome friend wasn't resisting, but he wasn't opening up to it either.


Face felt the soft tip of his friend's cock and felt the push, then another push and another. He gripped his own cock harder as the size of Murdock's hardened penis was causing him discomfort.


After squeezing more jelly onto the part of his rod that wasn't already inside his friend and rubbing it around, Murdock took Face's sex into his slippery hands and slowly began stroking it. While Face's mind was on his own hardened cock and the attention it was receiving, Murdock continued to push further inside.


Face was in ecstasy. He couldn't remember the last time he felt such sexual excitement. The discomfort he felt around his anus was lessened when Murdock began pumping his own engorged cock. Soon, he was only thinking about the pressure building in his lower abdomen. Suddenly, he felt a sensation that he'd never had before. His eyes opened and he looked at Murdock. The sensation was difficult to control and he involuntarily was pushing himself against the pilot, wanting more and moaning.


Murdock smiled and said, "Everyone has a spot; I think I just found yours." He increased the speed and the intensity and started pushing his cock as far up into his lieutenant as physically possible, all at the same time, his hands were firmly wrapped around his friend's organ and nicely keeping pace with the rhythm he had set.


Face's hands were gripping the sheets and he closed his eyes as he could barely contain his pre-orgasmic urges. He felt Murdock's sex enlarge and knew he was ready to explode inside him. At the same time, he allowed the built up pressure in him to continue building until he reached the point of no return. Murdock exploded first, pushing deep inside his anus. He could feel the warm flow of fluid fill his body cavity as he watched his friend react to his orgasm. With Murdock's expert hands gripping and pumping him, he exploded next and shot his white cream across his chest and onto his neck and jaw. Both men took most of a minute to fully release their cream and let their bodies convulse to their fullest.


Afterwards, instead of pulling out, Murdock stayed inside and stared down at his handsome friend, admiring the sweat that glistened off his tan chest, and patiently waiting for him to open his eyes.


Face laid there, breathing heavily and wondering what just happened. The demands that he just placed on his body were now catching up to him and his anus was sore. Through it all though, he was still hard and he could feel that Murdock was still hard. He opened his eyes slowly and looked at his friend.


The confusion and satisfaction showed across his face and Murdock chortled, "No, this doesn't mean you're homosexual."


Face smiled and replied, "I know that." Then he winced slightly and asked, "You gonna come out of me?"


Murdock slipped out and rolled onto the bed while Face straightened his legs. They laid in silence a few more minutes before Face asked, "What did we just do?"


Murdock smiled and answered matter-of-factly, "I just helped you release some pent up frustration."


Face tried to think back on the conversation and remember how this whole thing started, but he couldn't. He wasn't sure who said what, or even who kissed whom. In fact, he wasn't sure of a lot of things, especially since he thoroughly enjoyed what they had just done.


Murdock watched his friend's expressions and wondered what was going on in his head. He tried to remember the first time he'd had sex with another man but that had been so long ago, and there had been so many men since, that he simply couldn't put himself into Face's position. He decided that it was probably best if he just waited him out.


Finally, after ten minutes, Face said, "Murdock?"




"I liked what we just did.... and I have to admit that I'm no longer frustrated... but are you sure this doesn't mean that I'm homosexual?"


"It means whatever you want it to mean, Faceman."


Face smirked at his friend's comment, and mumbled, "You've had one too many sessions with Richter."


Murdock smiled and decided to elaborate, "I've been with a lot of men, some are homosexual, but most are bi-sexual. Occasionally, I'll be with a guy who learns he's strictly heterosexual, but that's unusual. Most men are bi- and I believe that's true around the globe."


Face listened to his friend's words, trying to comprehend that the pilot has had relationships with other men. Then, he simply thought about what he said. It would take some getting used to but he enjoyed what he did tonight. He enjoyed it every bit as much as he enjoys making love to women. The one drawback that he could see was he was sore, really sore, and he wasn't ever sore after being with a woman. Since he was being blatantly open, he decided to ask, "Does your ass ever stop hurting?"


Murdock chuckled, "Yeah, although like everything, the more you do it, the more you become accustomed to the penetration. There are some problems that you'll have to watch for, but I'll check you over for tears after you get cleaned up and if you need some medication, I've got some."


Face turned and looked at the pilot. For all the years they've known each other, he was seeing a new side of him. Murdock spoke so matter-of-fact about this lifestyle that he began to wonder about Hannibal and BA, and if they were bi-sexual. "Does Hannibal do this?"


Murdock knew that question was inevitable. He sat up and looked into his friend's blue eyes and answered as straight forward as possible, "Yeah, he does. In fact, he's often spoken about introducing you to this way. Once, he and I joked about who would be the first to swing you our way; but, of course, we never pursued it seeing as you were always the ladies' man."


Face listened silently, then asked, "And BA?"


"Yeah, him too. In fact, I wouldn't be surprised if he and the colonel weren't finishing up another night of making love."


Face closed his eyes and wondered why he didn't know about this. He thought back over the years and tried to remember if he could have picked up on any signs or mistakes that would have given their secret away. He moaned silently to himself, 'There must have been thousands.' Now that he knows, so much made sense to him, the sleeping arrangements, the driving arrangements, even the living arrangements. He'd always been so busy scamming places for himself that he seldom gave much thought to BA and Hannibal living together. Opening his eyes and glaring at the ceiling, he reflected angrily, 'Wasn't I good enough for them?'


Murdock nudged him, "Hey, what's wrong? You suddenly look upset."


Ever the con artist, Face gave a half-hearted smile and said, "My ass hurts."


"Go get cleaned up and I'll take a look."


Twenty minutes later, Face was lying on his back holding onto his legs while Murdock gently inspected his anus. "Yeah, you tore pretty good. I've got some medicated cream that you can use until it heals. Fortunately, that area tends to heal quickly."


Face lowered his legs and took the cream that Murdock had handed him.


Still noticing that something was wrong, Murdock asked, "You doing okay? You said you enjoyed it, right?"


"Yeah, I did enjoy it," Face replied, but his tone was at odds with the words. When he thought about it, he realized he was feeling left out. Since he'd been with these guys, he hadn't felt that way and it brought back memories of his childhood and those feelings of abandonment. Before he could stop himself, he found himself saying, "I guess you won. You can tell Hannibal that you were the first."


Murdock froze and stared at Face in astonishment. That's not what he'd expected to hear; this wasn't a game! Then it dawned on him just how Face might be feeling right now; he'd just been fucked by his best friend, learned that his two other best friends were bi-sexual and had been for many years, and that, on occasion, he was the topic of conversation among them. "Hey listen, muchacho! You were never a prize to be had. We respected you too much, respected your Catholic upbringing, and respected what might have happened to you in the camps. No one deliberately excluded you! We spent many hours talking about ways to INCLUDE you. We all want you, but we were too afraid to say anything. Afraid that we'd somehow change the dynamics of the team, or hurt you, and God knows you're the last person that Hannibal, BA or I want to hurt."


Face contemplated his words. They sounded good, but then Murdock could make his words sound good when he wanted to. Acknowledging the short sermon with a nod, he turned his attention to reading the tube of medicine. His anus really hurt and he didn't want to think about his friends anymore.


"You're pretty sore aren't you?" Murdock asked.


Face just nodded and read the line about it being an analgesic. Before he could complete the directions, Murdock slipped it from his hand and opened it. He squeezed some onto his fingers and motioned for Face to lift his legs again. But Face didn't make any attempt at moving.


"This will only sting a minute and then you'll be numb," Murdock explained. But he knew that wasn't the reason for his friend's reluctance. He waited patiently.


The last thing Face needed now was to care for someone. He'd been misled for ten years about his teammates and he could barely stand to think about it. Once again, he wondered why he wasn't good enough to be with them. Quietly, he said, "I can take care of myself Murdock."


Murdock softened his voice and said, "I know you can. God knows you've been taking care of yourself most of your life. But it's time to let someone else do it. It's time to let me take care of you. Just this once." Then he added softly, "I want to."


The words sounded sincere, the emotion felt sincere, and his expression looked sincere. Face felt secure again, and he felt wanted, and when the chips were down, this is exactly where he wanted to be. He laid back and positioned himself so that Murdock could apply the ointment.


Murdock flashed him an appreciative smile and treated his patient with tenderness. Afterwards, Face stretched out on the bed. Murdock wanted to embrace him and hold him and perhaps even fall asleep in his arms, but something told him to just let him be. Instead, he asked, "How's that feel?"


Face rewarded him with a genuine smile and said, "Better."




They wrapped up the Johnston Brewery case just as Hannibal had planned. Lake Heavenly Ski Resort declared bankruptcy and lost the NSRC endorsement. A copy of the newspaper with the story mysteriously landed on Ms. Martha Cohers desk and she quickly transferred her shares of Lake Heavenly to some underling. Sophie and Casandra continued to entice Face but he was better capable of handling it, or avoiding it, and Mr. Cecil Johnston remained oblivious to his wife's and daughter's flirting and was forever grateful to Colonel Smith and The A-Team for saving his brewery. There was only one thing left to do and Face wasn't sure how to go about doing it. As long as Amy was with them, he couldn't bring up the subject, and she was sitting in her usual spot between him and Murdock as they left the Johnston house. This gave him some time to think about the past couple of days.


He'd only ended up having sex with Murdock that one time; he knew Murdock wanted more but he wasn't ready. Aside from being sore, he still wasn't over the shock of his friends fucking each other these past ten years. Once again, the feelings of abandonment crept into his head and he hated it. It reminded him so much of his childhood and the days that turned to months and eventually years that he spent waiting for his mother to return. He felt the cold sweat develop on his brow. 'Why didn't she want him?' he thought, asking that same question again for the thousandths time. 'Why didn't they want him?' he wondered, adding a new twist to that tormented question. He rubbed his eyes and felt something on his arm. 'God, I hate this weight on my shoulders; take it away,' he thought, remembering that he'd said that prayer many times.


"Face, are you okay?" Amy asked again while nudging him. "You don't look so good."


Face looked at her and pulled himself back into the present. A wave of relief swept over him when he realized he wasn't back in his childhood, but he was in BA's van, with his friends... who were all staring at him!


"What's wrong kid," Hannibal had turned in his chair and was looking at his ashen colored lieutenant.


Face swallowed and looked around quickly. He thought he might just blurt out how he felt, but he wasn't too sure how he did feel. 'Ten years! Ten fucking years you bastards kept your secret from me! How dare you!' Smiling, he hid his feelings like an accomplished conman and said, "Nothing. I'm glad the case is over and I can get back to what I was doing."


Hannibal accepted that and turned around. BA and Amy also accepted it. Only Murdock knew the truth. He had promised Face that he wouldn't tell Hannibal about their love making until after the case was over and he kept his promise. As a result, there was no way for them to know that Face was deeply hurt by his newfound knowledge, and worse, there was no way to predict what he would do, if anything. Murdock stared at his friend, admiring the slick faade that he wore on the outside, but knowing that the inside was being torn apart.




They continued their drive back to LA with BA not allowing anyone else to drive. The ride was unusual because it was so quiet. Aside from the brief comment by Amy to Face, there had been no conversation since leaving the mountain. BA and Murdock weren't arguing with each other and Face wasn't fantasizing about the women.


The peaceful ride gave Face an opportunity to think about his role on the team, and to argue with himself about his importance, or lack of importance, to the team, 'COULD they do without me? Yeah, probably, Hannibal can scam supplies as well as I can, and so can Murdock if he had to. WOULD they do without me? If they couldn't find me, they'd have to. This is ridiculous! Do you want to leave the Team? Hell no! Not that it would matter to any of them if I did. Oh shit! What if they really didn't care if I left? What if they've just kept me on the team out of pity? Okay, just stop thinking this way, there's no way you're leaving. All they did was keep a secret from you; no big deal. NO BIG DEAL, MY ASS!! They kept the goddamn secret for ten years and they're supposed to be my best friends! What other secrets have they kept from me? Maybe what I need to do is get away from them for a while. Maybe I won't tell them; I'll just leave. I'll call them from where ever I end up and tell them I'm okay, but I won't be home for awhile. Oh man, Hannibal would kill me! Not to mention what BA and Murdock would do to me....'


A voice interrupted his thoughts, "BA, let me off at the garage so I can get my car," Amy said.


Face hadn't noticed that they were in LA driving through the congested streets, but he did notice Murdock staring at him. He purposely avoided eye contact.


BA pulled over and Amy got out, saying, "Bye guys, I'll let you know how the copy looks on the story."


BA started off again, but instead of driving in the direction of Face's latest scammed penthouse, he drove west. "Ah BA," Face quietly said, "I'm staying at the MGM Pavilion. The other way."


BA seemed to ignore him and drove to the outskirts of town.


"BA," Face said louder. "You're going in the wrong direction. My apartment is the other way!"


BA turned left into a Wild Bird Sanctuary and drove down the tree-lined drive. He eventually parked the van near the water's edge.


Hannibal turned in his chair and faced his lieutenant.


Face realized what this was about and figured Murdock must have told them. 'Damn it Murdock! You can keep a secret, but not a promise?!' He turned and glared at him.


"I didn't say anything, Faceman! I swear!"


"He didn't have to," Hannibal replied. "You said it all."


"I didn't say anything!" Face objected.


"That was the problem."


Face opened the door and got out. He stood with his hands on his hips, angry, but not really sure why. Murdock followed him, as did BA and Hannibal; together, the four stood looking out over the water and watching a flock of waterfowl pick food on a small island not too far off shore.


Face turned and squarely looked at Hannibal, confused, he said, "Why did you keep it a secret?"


Hannibal puffed his cigar, then removed it and studied it briefly before he replied, "The problem is that you perceive it as a secret, and it never really was a secret. We just didn't flaunt it."


"You call keeping the type of relationship that the three of you have from me NOT A SECRET?"


"Face, you're different from us. You're out of our league in many areas... and you don't even know it."


"What? What are you talking about?" Face asked, feeling more confused now than ever, but he truly wanted to understand what his colonel was saying.


"There are things that you can do that we can't."


"Like what?"


"Like get a woman by just smilin' at her," BA replied.


Face turned and looked at BA who wasn't showing any emotion. Perplexed, he turned back to his colonel.


Hannibal continued, "Why would a guy like you have any interest in being with one of us? You can have any woman you want, wherever you want her, and whenever you want her. And you do! So what would be the appeal of being with me, BA or Murdock?"


Face shook his head, not accepting his explanation, "That doesn't explain why I didn't know about it. Maybe I could have made my own decision, instead of having you make it for me."


"We thought you had an opinion about it," Murdock added. "We've talked along those lines before but you've never contributed to the conversation. Mostly, you fell silent and didn't speak. We attributed it to your childhood or to Nam."


BA interjected, "Yeah, we got into many a fight keepin' guys off your ass."


Murdock continued, "And you never speak about the POW camp. So, in all honesty, we thought that being with us would force bad memories to surface. Your nights are tough enough without adding anything to them. We never intended to hurt you. You really have to believe that."


Face looked at his friends, each one nodding his head in agreement to the statement just made. Hell, he couldn't stay mad at them, but he was still hurt. He looked away and out over the water. After several minutes of digesting the conversation, he said, "When I was a kid, I would watch the other kids play in the field. I wanted to play with them so bad but they wouldn't let me. Some of the older kids teased me because I had been abandoned by my parents, something unusual even then. They said if I wasn't good enough for my own mother, I wasn't good enough to play with them. The feeling that I felt when Murdock told me what you three have is exactly the same kind of feeling I got back then. Only this was worse because I felt I wasn't good enough to share this part of your lives with you, but that it was okay to use me to get whatever the team needed. And I never thought that you guys would think that way..." his voice trailed off and he dropped his eyes to the ground.


There was silence as they digested his story, realizing just how much pain they caused their friend. Hannibal looked up from his cigar and solemnly said, "Kid? If I could go back in time and change this, I would. There wasn't a day that went by that we didn't think about you; there are no words to describe our desire to be with you. You have no idea how many times we almost asked you to join us."


"Ain't that the truth," BA agreed.


"Believe it or not, we were only thinking about you," Hannibal continued. "If our lifestyle wasn't something you could have accepted, then we might have lost you. Maybe we were wrong, but you're too important to us to risk that.


Face looked at Hannibal, seeing a sensitivity that wasn't often displayed. Then he looked at BA, who was also revealing a softness that was rarely shared. Finally, he looked at Murdock, seeing a sparkle of hope and puppy dog sad eyes.


"You've got to believe us when we tell you that you weren't intentionally banned from our lifestyle," Murdock emphasized. "It's just like Hannibal said, you've always been our number one choice. We just never wanted to risk losing you."


Face truly wanted to believe their words. He thought about what they said and the sincerity in their voices, and decided that perhaps it was a matter of time before he would know for certain their intent. But he did have one more question that he decided to ask, "Are there any other 'secrets' about any of you that you've kept from me?"


Hannibal smiled and placed his hand on his friend's shoulder, "Kid, you know us better than we know us, even though you may not realize it. And in your heart, if you think about it, you might have even known about this aspect of our life. But to answer your question, no, there isn't anything else about any of us that you don't already know."


Face nodded, and his friend's watched as the confusion and anger slipped slowly out of his body. Even his expression changed, if only slightly.


Hannibal squeezed his friend's shoulder and said, "Now that you're aware of our lifestyle, I for one, look forward to it." He winked at Murdock and changed the subject by chiding his captain, "Perhaps what you need is to be with your commanding officer."


"Hey wait a minute!" Murdock protested.


BA interjected, "Yeah, being with this crazy foo' might have scared ME away!"


"We were pretty damn good together, weren't we, Face? Tell them..." he slapped Face on the chest encouraging him to explain his satisfaction.


Face smiled at this banter, banter that he never believed he would be having with these men. He wanted to be careful what he said so that they had no regrets. He slowly replied, "It was pretty intense. More intense than it is with most women."


"How many times?" BA growled.


Face was a little uncomfortable with the question but it seemed perfectly normal to his teammates and that made him relax. But before he could answer, Murdock said, "Once. He's a virgin."


BA and Hannibal looked surprised and quizzically looked at him.


Face was still feeling a little uncomfortable with the conversation but the look from his teammates all but demanded an explanation. He shrugged and began, "Even though I spent most of my life fighting men off me, I've never actually had intercourse with another man, until a few nights ago with Murdock. In the camps..." he paused in painful memory, "well... in the camps, I came close to being raped on more occasions than I care to remember, but actual male intercourse never happened."


Hannibal smiled at hearing the news of the camps. They had all feared the worst and since Face had never spoken about it, there was never any reason to believe he hadn't been raped, although it was quite evident he had still been sexually abused.


Changing the subject, Murdock added, "He tore so I had to leave him alone."


BA barked, "Wha'd you go and hurt Faceman for?"


"You should be thankful that I was his first and not you! Else, he'd be so torn up he'd never come back for seconds!"


Interrupting the banter, Hannibal asked, "How you feeling now?"


"I'm doing better thanks to the medication that Murdock gave me."


"Well, it's your call," Hannibal informed their newest sex partner. "When you feel up to it, you can give any one of us a call, and we'll be happy to accommodate you."


Slowly and thoughtfully, Face rewarded them with one of his prize-winning smiles. Never in his wildest dreams did he think he'd ever be intimate with his friends. He could feel the urges stirring deep inside him and he thought about which one he would call to satisfy him. He had no idea, and decided he wanted to be with them all. So he quietly said, "Since you put it that way, maybe I feel up to it now."


BA smiled and turned to walk around the van. Murdock and Hannibal winked at each other and the three boarded the van just as BA floored it. The ride back to Face's apartment was quiet, but not an awkward quiet. BA was driving wearing a perma-grin and Murdock was just watching his blond friend, thankful that the lifestyle they led was no longer hidden from him. There was contentment surrounding them and each one was slowly building up excitement in anticipation of what was to come.


Watching the scenery zip by, Hannibal puffed on his cigar and thought, 'I love it when a plan comes together.'

The Secret by Jasmine



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