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Very Short Story

Very Short Story

By: Charlotte



Rated: G

Summary: Face loves & loses (again)

Warnings: none

Disclaimer: The team belong to Stephen J Cannell, the others belong to Jim Henson



They'd never had a client quite like this one.


She was extraordinarily elegant, small but voluptuous with long golden curls, huge blue eyes & soft pink skin. She'd hired them to save her boyfriend from a restaurant.


"OK, this will be simple." Hannibal said cheerfully, after Face had checked the place out. "BA, you & I are going in through the front door. Face, you look after our client." And the two departed, leaving Face in the van with the blonde beauty.


"I'm so worried!" she exclaimed. "My poor Kermee!"


"He'll be fine." Face reassured her. "We've never failed a case."


"Oh thank you, Facey." She sniffed & wiped a few tears away with a lace hanky.


He wrapped his arms round her, only for comfort of course. Then he kissed one pink ear, also for comfort.


She flung herself out of his embrace & looked up at him. "Are you trying to seduce me? Because I'm not that kind of pig!"


"I know, & I wouldn't dream of it."


She glared at him, tossing her head. "Why not? Don't you fancy me?"


"Of course I do, but I respect you too much."


"Oh. Well as long as we've got that clear." She flung herself back into his arms.



"LIEUTENANT!!!" Hannibal's bellow drowned out Kermit's squeal of "Piggy!"


"Kermeeeee!!!! You're all right!" Miss Piggy threw herself off Face onto her frog, scooped him up & covered him with kisses.


Face lay there, dazed, covered in lipstick, only able to watch as the pig of his dreams ran off with the frog of hers.


He'd never eat another hamburger.




Very Short Story by Charlotte



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