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Murdock tries to write a story for the VA

Title : Murdock tries to write a story for the VA

Author: Susie Owens

Rated G Warning : safe having a little fun

Summary : Murdock tries to write a story, but Face keeps interrupting

Disclaimer : I do not own them Copyright 2000 Archive Sure, comment card, please

Author notes. Hope you enjoy. Oh it's just Murdock and Face, so I am not going to say who's talking. I think you can figure it out.


Murdock Tries to Write a Story for the VA

By Susie Owens


Murdock sat at the computer, his friend Face sat next to him. Murdock was going to write a story to the VA list.

"Hmm... let me see, first I need a title "

Title: "Poor Face"

"Hey! What do you mean "Poor Face"? Murdock, I am not poor."

"Face, I don't mean poor as by money wise. I mean like when someone picks on you, kidnaps you or tortures you."

"Who in the world does that to me?"

"You should read some of the stories. Boy, Face, you are their number one victim."


"Oh yeah. You are. It's because you are so easy to write about."

"In other words, Murdock. I am their main man."

"Yeah, I guess you are. But I am sure there are a few people who love me on the list too."

"Yeah? Name one."

"I can name more then one, Faceman."

"Okay then, name at least five."

"Susie, MCL, Niki, Kimberly, and Jipster. But there are a lot more."

"Hey Murdock, MCL and Kimberly love me too. I certainly know Kimberly does."

"Yeah, Face? How do you know?"

"She told me. Murdock you should see her letters."

"How can I? You never let me."

Face smiled. "And I never will."

"Niki probably loves you too."

"Niki is good. Now Murdock, what about Susie?"

"You are Susie's second favorite."

"Yeah? How close am I to you for Susie?"

"Well, Face, you are right under me."

"Oh I see, Murdock. Susie writes slash stories."

"No, no, no, Face. She does not write slash stories. She writes stories about me. Now Face, can I write this story about you?"

"Okay. But change the title."

"Fine, Faceman, I'll change the title." Murdock deleted the title and began again.

Title: "The Great and Wonderful Faceman"

"That's a much better title, Murdock. Please go on."

"Gee, thanks." He then wrote:

Author: H.M. Murdock

"Murdock you can't use your real name."

"Why not?"

"Because. Decker might see it."

"Face, Decker is not on this list."

"How do you know that? People do use an AKA."

"Okay, Face, I guess you have a point."

Author: Billy



Murdock nodded and began again.

Rated: R

He waited for Face to butt in again, but Face said nothing.

Warning: Torture, Violence.

"Torture? Again? Why can't I just do something simple, Murdock.... ÷. Like bake a cake?"

"Face, they want excitement. You baking a cake isn't exciting."

"Are you kidding? Murdock, I baked a cake when I was eight years old. It took three months for the nuns to remodel the kitchen."

"Well, I'm not changing the warning. So there."

"Fine. Do what you want."

"Thank you."

Summary: Kyle kidnaps, Face.

"Oh brother, not that loser again. Murdock, why is it always Kyle?"

"Because they know Kyle."

"So? I know. Can you use Angel? I mean, he was jealous of me when we were in the Vietnam prison camp."

"Yeah, I know he was."

"So use him. Okay? Someone different."

"Okay, Faceman. I'll use Angel." Murdock deleted the summary and wrote:

Summary: Angel kidnaps Face.

"Anything else?"



Disclaimer: I don't own them.

Copyright 2000

Author's Notes: Enjoy

"You forgot to say you want it on the archive and a comment card."

"Oh, yeah. Thanks, Face."

"No problem, Murdock."

Murdock wrote it down.

Archive: Yes please

Comment card: Yes, please

He then began to write. Suddenly, he had a funny look on his face.

"Murdock. What's wrong?"

"I've been making so many changes in the start that I forgot the story. My mind is a complete blank. I lost it, Faceman. I am going for a walk. Maybe it will come back to me someday."

"Sorry, Murdock. Hey, is it okay if I write it?"

"Yeah, sure, Face. Be my guest."

Murdock left and Face sat before the computer.

"Well, let's get to work now. I get to write this story; and who can capture me÷÷.better then me?"


The End


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