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Getting Away 1-3

Title: Getting Away

Author: Dana Snyder

Disclaimer: Stephen J. Cannell owns the A-Team. I claim everyone else.

Rating: PG I think. Warnings: Swearing and Violence in later parts. This part is quite mild.

Author's note: This is an answer to what if Without Reservations happened after The Gray Team.

Thanks to: Wally Gator for a certain idea. Not the scene just a certain concept. I bet Wally can find it.

Summary: The Team finds out who hired the three thugs to kill the Attorney General.


Getting Away
By Dana Snyder


Part 1

Villa Cuchina was almost ready to close for the night when Amy Allen walked through the door. She looked around for Murdock and saw that he had his back to her as he cleared off a table.

"Murdock!" She called.

Murdock spun around and his face lit up when he saw Amy. He ran over to her and hugged her.

"Amy! What are you doing here? I thought you were still in Jakarta."

"I was hired by the New York Times three months ago. I was sent here to write a story about the attempted assassination of the Attorney General." Amy answered.

Murdock grimaced at the memory of Face being shot by thugs in this restaurant only three days before. "Yeah. I was working that night." He said sadly.

"I know you were. Murdock there's something you and the others need to know. Is there any way we can talk in private?" Amy asked.

"Let me finish working and we can go to my apartment. Sit at a table and I'll get you something to drink." Murdock said and hurried away to finish working.

Twenty minutes later Murdock unlocked the door to his apartment. He turned the lights on and pointed to the sofa. "Let's sit down." They did so. "I'm happy to see you Muchacha but how did you know I was in DC?"

"Like I said I'm doing a story on the shooting. Well two of the men agreed to talk for a shorter sentence. They said a man by the name of Stockwell paid them to assassinate the Attorney General."

"Oh no!" Murdock said. "He's the one who promised the others pardons! I knew there was something fishy about him."

"Murdock that's not all. One of them said they were also supposed to shoot a five foot ten blond hared man named Peck for a bonus. The guy said Stockwell told him that he'd be easy pickings."

"I've got to tell Hannibal." He said grabbing the telephone and dialed the van number.

'Yeah.' Hannibal's voice answered.

"Can you guys come to my apartment and bring Face?" Murdock asked.

'Murdock! Face is still in the hospital! We can't just go there and sign him out.'

"You've got to Hannibal this is an emergency! Stockwell was behind the whole attempted assassination of Liebster."


"You gotta get Face out somewhere safe. They were ordered to kill him too." Murdock answered.

'We'll be there as soon as we can.' Hannibal answered.

Murdock hung up the phone. "They're on the way." He said to Amy standing up and started pacing."



Hannibal and BA entered the hospital and ran to Face's room. They found him alone. "BA you bring Face. I'll go sign him out." Hannibal ordered.

Hannibal left the room and found the doctor standing outside the room. "You can't sign him out! He's too week to be moved."

"I'll sign whatever papers I have to. But Face is leaving." Hannibal said in determination.

Stockwell approached them. "Look Colonel. Lieutenant Peck is getting the best treatment available here. You'd be risking your man's life by moving him."

"We're out of here Stockwell. I know you don't care if Face lives or not since you're the reason he was shot." Hannibal looked up and saw BA standing there with Face in his arms.

"I don't know what you're talking about Colonel. I'm the one who got Peck in here without the military police being informed." Stockwell said faking surprise.

"Your all heart Stockwell but we know you were the one who put the hit on Liebster." Hannibal drew his gun. "I should shoot you right now. But I won't because that won't do Face any good. Let us leave or I might change my mind." He said in a deadly tone.

Stockwell stepped aside and allowed them to sign Face out and leave. After they went out the door, he turned to Abel 4 and Abel 8. "Go after them."



Face was laid in the back of the van confused. He could hear Hannibal on the phone talking to Murdock.

"Murdock meet us in front of your apartment building. We're five minutes away." Hannibal said hanging up.

"Johnny we are being followed." Frankie yelled from his spot next to the sliding door.


Part 2

Hannibal leaned out his window and shot out the Abel car's wheels.

BA hit a bump in the road and quickly regretted it when he heard Face cry out. "Hang in there little brother."

Frankie opened the sliding door when they reached Murdock's apartment. Frankie was the first to notice Amy. "Hey who's that?" He asked watching Amy and Murdock run to the van.

"Hey guys." Amy said sitting down in the seat across from Frankie.

Face looked up. "Amy?" He asked.

Amy turned around. "Face." She said surprised by the way that he looked. She knew Face had been shot but it still shocked her. He looked very tired.

Hannibal turned his seat around to look at Amy. "Good to see you kid. I didn't know you were in the states."

"Been back for a couple months. I'm in DC on assignment."

"So what brings you to us? Does it have to do with Stockwell?" Hannibal asked.

Amy went on to explain how she found out the team was still alive and in Langley Virginia and that, Murdock worked for Villa Cuchina. They were stunned when she told them about what Joey and Angelo told the police.

"Stockwell! I knew we couldn't trust him Hannibal." Face said trying to sit up and gasped.

"Calm down Face. Here Amy give Face one of these." Hannibal said passing her a bottle of painkillers.

"So what's the plan Hannibal?" Murdock said from his spot next to Face.

"We get as far away as we can. Maybe head for Canada." Hannibal said.

"What about Maggie's?" Amy asked. "Wouldn't it be better for Face?"

"That'll be the first place he'll look Muchacha." Murdock informed her crawling past Face, who was almost asleep, and to the other seat.

"Hey guys anyone want to introduce me to this fine young woman?" Frankie asked. Without waiting for a response he stuck out his hand and said, "I'm Frankie Santana. And you are?"

"Amy Allen." Amy said while shaking his hand. She was almost repulsed by the smile on Frankie's face.

"Maybe you and I could go out for dinner sometime." Frankie said not letting go of her hand.

'He's worse then Face.' Amy thought as she got her hand loose. "No thank you."

"Cool it Frank." Hannibal said turning his chair back around. "BA find a small motel for the night. Tomorrow I want Murdock and Amy to get another car. We'll have to split up. Stockwell isn't going to let us go that easily."



"You lost them?" Stockwell asked the two Abel's standing in front of them.

"They blew out our tires General." Abel 4 informed him

"Well they couldn't have gotten far. They have an injured man. Search all motels that are around here." He ordered them. They quickly went to do so. "Carla when Abel 12 calls in put him through right away. He'll be able to tell us where they are."

Part 3

The van stopped at a motel near Germantown Maryland. Hannibal went into to get three rooms for them. He came back five minutes later. "Okay BA and I will share one. Amy you get your own room. There will be a rollaway bed in the third for either Frankie or Murdock. Face gets a normal bed." He said while distributing the keys. "I suggest everyone get a good nights rest.
We've got a long day ahead of us."

BA opened the back of the van and lifted Face who was still asleep. Murdock hurried in front of them to unlock the door.

"What about the van Johnny? Don't you think that'll be the first thing they'll look for?" Frankie asked as they followed the others.

"The owner said there's a place where we can stow it. I told him that there was something in the van that would be ruined if it was left in the cold." Hannibal said. He pulled out a cigar and lit it. He needed to come up with a plan fast.



Face woke up the next morning in confusion. He didn't know where he was. He saw that he was in a motel room somewhere. He snuggled down further in his sheets. He could faintly hear Frankie on the phone.

"Don't worry no one can here me. Peck's still asleep and Murdock went to get a new car. We're headed for Canada…Not sure where in Canada he didn't say…I'll call later."

Face sat up when he heard Frankie turn on the shower. 'What was going on? Whom was Frankie talking to?'

He picked up the telephone and dialed zero. "Hi. I was wondering if I could get the last number dialed from the room. I need to call the person back and somehow lost the number. Thanks." Face said writing down the number.

He jumped when he heard the water turned off. He pushed the number under the covers and laid back down wondering why the number sounded familiar.



Getting Away by Dana Snyder
Getting Away 10-13 by Dana Snyder