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The Secret Love of Templeton Peck 1-5

Title: The Secret Love of Templeton Peck

Author: Bobbie Decker

Rating: NC-17 Archive: Yes w/comment card

Disclaimer: I don't own either set of characters, but I wish I did.

Warnings: m/m sexual references

Summary: A cross over with Emergency.

All right guys, this is my first time writing this type of story, so I'm really nervous. Comments good or bad welcome. But please, no insults.


The Secret Love of Templeton Peck

by Bobbie Decker

Part 1

I know that he's here. I can sense his warm body next to mine right now. The handsome blond man thought happily as he wrapped his arms around the wiry form of his dark haired, honey brown-skinned lover, who stirred under his touch. "Johnny Gage, I love you so much."

Johnny woke up, shifting to face his partner. "I love you too my fair-haired con man," he said sleepily, kissing Face's soft lips deeply.

Face laughed in spite of himself, throwing his arms around the warm body next to him. "So, does Roy know yet?" he asked, as he gently nibbled Johnny's earlobe before kissing his neck.

"Does Hannibal?" Johnny shot back playfully; lovingly pushing Face onto his back and straddling him, while pinning the other man's hands with his. "Tell me something baby, how would you react if I did this to you?"

Before Face could react, Johnny's mouth was on his stomach and blowing on Face's abdomen with a kiss after each assault. Johnny was delighted with the way his lover's body was reacting to his teasing, so he looked into the clear blue eyes watching him before smiling a devilish smile.

"That's playing dirty, Johnny," Face said breathlessly, feeling an erection forming. "I want you, and I want you to take me now." Johnny kept his brown eyes on Face's, raising his eyebrows before smiling broader and disappearing under the covers. Johnny had just begun to tease Face's ticklish spot when someone knocked on the door. "Not now!" Face groaned, as Johnny chuckled and brought his eyes level again.

"Ignore it baby," Johnny said tenderly, kissing Face's lips again as the visitor knocked again. "Hey lover, guess what I dreamed about." Face had a feeling about what Johnny had dreamt about, but he listened anyway.

Meanwhile outside the door of their apartment; not getting any response to his knocks, Hannibal Smith figured Face must be out. He used his key to get in. As the silver haired commander of the A-Team made his way over to the couch, he thought that he heard some noise coming from the bedroom, but dismissed it as his overly exhausted mind playing tricks on him. He collapsed on the couch and was out cold as soon as he laid down.


Part 2

The next morning, the two lovers/long-term companions arose from their king-size bed and disappeared into the bathroom for a shower.

Hannibal was an early riser by nature, mainly due to his long military career. That habit stuck with him; as well as smoking cigars and looking out for his Team's welfare. They had been pardoned for over six months, and had gone back to going on missions for those who needed their help.

After waking up and rising from the couch, he heard the shower running. On his way to the kitchen, Hannibal wondered what type of girl that his handsome Lieutenant had nailed this morning, and was about to make some coffee when he heard Face talking to another male voice. Thinking that he was in trouble, Hannibal forgot the coffee and charged into the bathroom only to feel his face warm up and turn a bright red when he saw Face showering with another man!

They hadn't noticed him yet, so he back pedaled out of the bathroom and dove into the kitchen to fix the coffee. For once in his career, the flustered Hannibal didn't have any idea of what to say or how to ask Face who that man was. And why he was showering with him.

Suddenly, a familiar voice brought him out of his thoughts. "What are you doing here Hannibal?" Face asked, with a touch of surprise and anger in his voice. "How did you get in?"

"My key," Hannibal replied, watching as Johnny put his arm around Face's shoulder to comfort his anger. Both of their heads were still damp from the shower. "Besides, you said that I could crash here when I wanted to."

Face closed his eyes and felt his anger rise. He would've yelled at his commanding officer if Johnny didn't speak first. "Hello, Colonel Smith," Johnny said, reaching his hand over to shake the other man's hand. Hannibal glanced down at his hand and shook it. "I'm John Gage. We're sorry to act so surprised, but we didn't hear you come in."


Part 3

'You're surprised?!' Hannibal thought, studying the two younger men before replying. "I came in some time late last night. And I *did* try knocking." He got three cups and poured them all some of the strong coffee. He kept his voice deep and calm. "Anyway, I'm sorry about not calling first Face, but I was exhausted from filming "The Aquamaniac From Mars". I decided to come here instead of BA's because it's closer."

"It's okay, Hannibal," Face said, smiling at him warmly. He stood close to Johnny, each having an arm around the other. "So, our secret's out. What do you think?" he asked timidly, not sure what Hannibal was thinking.

Hannibal looked at him for a moment before answering. All this had thrown him. He'd always known Face to be a ladies only man. When had he changed? "Are you happy?"

"Very," Face said without any hesitation.

"Has he hurt you either physically or mentally?" Hannibal asked outright, watching them both for a reaction.

Face saw what he was driving at, so he smiled again and replied, "Not in any way Hannibal. In fact, we're going to come out to our friends today at a barbecue."

Satisfied that Face was okay, he conceded. "As long as you're happy, Face." Hannibal looked at Johnny as he sat down at the kitchen table. "I didn't mean it personally to imply that you'd hurt Face, but I tend to be a little protective." He motioned for them both to sit down. "So, what do you do for a living Kid?"

"It's okay, I understand. And I'd never think of hurting him," Johnny said, taking a seat beside Face. "I'm a Firefighter/Paramedic out of County Fire Station 51."

'Face and a firefighter,' Hannibal thought, smiling to himself. 'Never saw that one coming.'

Still not quite satisfied of having Hannibal's approval, which meant a lot, Face asked, "Are you sure that you're not angry?"


Part 4

Hannibal kept his eyes on Face the entire time while thinking of an answer to his question.

'Why didn't you tell me that you were gay, Kid?' Hannibal thought, hurt at the fact that Face hadn't confided in him, 'Was it because you were scared of how I would've reacted to it?'

That thought actually disturbed the older man. The image of the man that he considered to be his adoptive son hiding this part of his life from him made Hannibal wonder what he had done to make Face secretive, if not fearful of his reaction.

That actually cut Hannibal like a hot knife slicing into his skin. The fact that any member of his Team---'No', Hannibal thought, quickly recanting that misstatement. 'That any member of my *family* would ever be that fearful of me.' Hannibal was visibly shaken by it and shuddered, only to feel their worried gazes on him.

Face was worried by Hannibal's lengthy pause and reaction. Thinking the worst, he immediately went to Hannibal's chair and knelt by his side.

'Please don't hate me Hannibal,' Face thought, praying that he hadn't destroyed their relationship. 'I'll do anything to make it right. I'd even give up true love to repair our bond.'

"Are you all right, Hannibal?" Face asked in a voice full of fear and worry as Hannibal looked at him.

Hannibal smiled warmly and squeezed the younger man's shoulder. Face smiled back, hopefully. "I'm fine, Face."

"Well?" Face asked him, still needing an answer to his original question. He felt tears well up in his eyes, and kept his gaze steady with Hannibal's.

"Well what, Lieutenant?" Hannibal asked, suddenly seeing the hurt in his eyes.

Face bit his lower lip to keep from crying, but he found his voice. Rising from the floor, Face looked at Johnny before returning his gaze to Hannibal.

"I'm sorry that I hurt you, Hannibal," Face said, voice near tears as Johnny moved to comfort him. "But that's just like me isn't it? I screw up every close relationship I have. You've always treated me like you were my father, trying to give me advice and all, and I still mess up."

Hannibal was in shock for the second time that morning.

"I don't ever want to hear you apologize for being yourself again, Kid," Hannibal said gently, pulling him into a fatherly hug." If anybody should be apologizing around here it should be me. I'm sorry for scaring you into shutting me out of your private life."


Part 5

At first, Face couldn't believe his ears, but then it finally registered what Hannibal had said. Taking Hannibal's hand in his, Face gave him a warm loving smile; then looking into the eyes of his CO, he said in a soft voice, "I have never been scared of you Hannibal. I just didn't want to destroy our bond over this."

Hannibal's eyes misted over as he felt their bond's depth for the first time in years. So he softened his voice and said gently, as the tears started to roll down from Face's eyes, "I'm not, nor could I ever be angry at you Kid. Nothing you could ever say or do would make me feel that way about you."

Hannibal collected his thoughts and got his emotions under control before continuing.

Wiping the tears away from his Lieutenant's cheeks, Hannibal smiled warmly and pushed strands of blond hair from Face's eyes with a gentle hand. "My God Face, don't you realize how much I love you? You're not just my friend and Lieutenant, you're my son. You'll always be my son. I'll never let anyone or anything destroy our relationship."

"Really?" Face asked him in an amazed tone of voice as Hannibal nodded.

"You'll always have that place in my heart. That's been reserved for you, and you alone," Hannibal said in his gentle voice. "I don't care about your love life. Dammit Kid, you're the only one I really care about on the Team. The others are my family too, but you're the only one who can be my son."

Face's heart felt like it was going to burst from his chest as the confession sank in.

"I've never been told that before," Face said. "Why have you waited so long to tell me, Colonel?"

Hannibal fumbled nervously for a cigar. Finally finding a stub of one hidden in his pocket, he felt around for his lighter. Johnny picked it up from the table and handed it to him. Hannibal nodded gratefully, lit the cigar, then returned his attention to Face. "I just couldn't find the words. Why do you think I call you "Kid"? We're a family Face, we'll always be a family. I will always love and protect you. All right Son?"


The Secret Love of Templeton Peck by Bobbie Decker



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