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Muppets Meet the Aquamaniac

The Muppets meet the Aquamaniac
by Logansmoneypenny

Rating: PG13
Warnings:  EXTREME SILLINESS ALERT, this is meant to be a bit of fun and not to be taken too seriously.
Summary: Kermit the frog is in trouble and only the A-Team can help.
Archive: Yes
Comments: Please even if you hate it
Disclaimer: Well it's like this, Steve J Cannell owns the A-Team I just play with them  I don't make any money and Jim Henson owns the Muppets.


The Muppets meet the Aquamaniac
Part 1

Our story starts in a very busy television studio set; four large cameras' are positioned around a stage elaborately decorated with plush red velvet curtains.  The set is made to look like an old-fashioned music hall theatre complete with chandeliers.  In front of the stage between the cameras and where the audience is positioned is the orchestra pit.  Two men are hurriedly setting up musical instruments including a battered old piano and a drum kit. A large illuminated sign is being hoisted above the stage stating the shows name in flashing six foot high letters, in case anyone forgot which show they'd come to see recorded.  Finally the audience, of assorted beings, ranging from talking pigs to huge hairy monsters, is allowed in and excitedly they take their seats.  The Muppet Show is about to be recorded and the tension is rising, from his position high in the gantry the director yells loudly.

"Ok places everyone, we go for a take, in five four three two one and cameras are rolling."

The band that are now positioned behind their instruments starts to play, the familiar theme music and the colorful audience start to sway from side to side. A parade of various Muppets including Fozzy bear, Kermit and Miss Piggy perform the opening credits which end with Gonzo sticking his head through the illuminated sign and blowing a duff note out of his trumpet.  Off stage the announcer who sounds uncannily like Kermit the frog get the audience's attention.

"It's the Muppet Show, with your host Kermit the Frog."

Off camera several men are waving large boards around telling the audience to applaud, so when a hyper active frog bounds onto the stage the audience appear to erupt into spontaneous applause.  He is carrying a microphone and frantically waving his arms around.

"Yaahha, Good evening and do we have a show for you tonight?"

He was about to continue, when two old men heckled him, and when I say men I mean it in the loosest sense of the word.  They were sat high above the stage in one of the fake theatre boxes; their names were Stadler and Waldorf.

"We know you do," Stadler yelled.

"That's the problem," Waldorf added.

The two Muppets fell about laughing, on the stage Kermit continued addressing the audience.

"I'm so excited, our special guest has flown in all the way from England,"

"OOOH," the audience cooed.

"Ladies and gentlemen, 007 himself is in the house."

Wild applause masked a whistling noise, as the clapping died down it suddenly filled the studio as something hurtled towards Kermit, who is still talking animatedly on stage.

"DUCK!" the audience yell.

Kermit ducks just in time to see a bullet whiz past his head and slice into the rope holding up the curtain weights which plummet down and knock the frog out cold.

"So what just happened?" Waldorf asked.

"Someone tried to shoot the frog," Stadler answered.

"Funny, I didn't think he was that bad tonight."

They turned to each other and fell about laughing.  From the gantry the director's confused and angry voice could be heard over the loud speakers.

"Cut, what the hell is going on, Scooter?"

Back down on the stage Scooter can be seen racing over to the fallen frog, his glasses perched precariously on his nose.  He carefully checks Kermit over then stares out towards the gantry.

"He's out cold, boss, best call an ambulance."

"Ok, let's go to a commercial."

The red velvet curtain falls unceremoniously down and a low rumble reverberates through the audience as they begin to wonder what condition Kermit was in?

Unseen by the audience the commotion continued as Scooter tried unsuccessfully to revive Kermit.  Scooter was worried unknown to the director and the rest of the gang his friend had been receiving death threats, it was clear someone had decided to up the stakes.  He'd decided that it was time to call in outside help, things were getting hairy, and Kermit could've been killed.  A loud argument can be heard off stage as an angry woman's voice, of sorts, insisted she was allowed onto the stage, suddenly the guard doubled over in pain.

"Hiya, listen bozo when I say move it, you move it," Miss piggy informed the guard as she bustled past him and scurried towards Scooter.

"Oh boy, here comes trouble," Scooter whistled under his breath.

"Kermie, Kermie are you alright? It's piggy speak to moi."

"He'll be fine, I've called an ambulance, just give him some air."

"Scooter, button it I know what's best for my frog."

Scooter sighed, there was just no telling Miss Piggy once she'd made her mind up about something it was made up, it was that simple.  He watched as the ambulance men hurried onto the stage, put the frog on the stretcher and disappeared towards the awaiting ambulance with Miss Piggy in tow.  Scooter walked off the stage determined to get to the bottom of the shooting; he picked up the phone, dialed and waited for it to be answered.

"Hello, Professor Bunsen Honeydew, I need ya to find the A-Team."

To Be Continued....


The Muppets Meet The Aquamaniac by Logansmoneypenny



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