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Title: Sticks and Stones ©2000

Title: Sticks and Stones ©2000

Author: SherryGabs

Rating: NC-17/Slash Archive: Yes w/comment card

Warnings: Usual m/m sexual references. Only one involved scene near the end. Okay, one VERY involved scene! Just thought I'd make the slashers happy :)

Disclaimer: I don't own them, just toy with them happily.

Summary: Hannibal and Face romance. Prejudice rears its ugly head.



Sticks and Stones

by SherryGabs


"Boy, we sure gave it to those guys, didn't we?" Face said happily, then gasped loudly when Hannibal dropped the ice pack on his swollen knuckles.

"Uh-huh, we sure did," Hannibal responded noncommittally, dropping down on the sofa next to Face. He leaned his head back, put his feet up on the coffee table and rubbed his sore rib. "You know, kid, you didn't have to start a fight."

Face eyed Hannibal strangely. " *They* started it! After the way they talked to us, I'd think you'd *want* to introduce their heads to the pavement."

Hannibal sighed. "Sometimes it's better to just walk away."

Face sensed his lover was more upset about the whole thing than he should be. It wasn't like Hannibal to want to walk away from a fight. He moved closer to Hannibal and with his uninjured left hand, reached up and gently played with the silvery white hair above his ear. "What they were saying about us really got to you, didn't it?"

"Yeah, I guess it did." Hannibal moved his head from Face's fingers and got up. "Maybe we shouldn't be so openly affectionate in public. All right?" He avoided looking into the younger man's eyes, not wanting to see the pained confusion that would be in the dark blue depths.

"Sure, whatever you say," Face said quietly.

Hannibal knew he should say something reassuring, but couldn't get through his own confused thoughts. "I'm going to soak in the tub for a while, then get some sleep."

Face watched the colonel's back as he walked away. He felt a small knot begin in his stomach as his thoughts became uneasy. 'You better not be having second thoughts, Hannibal. You started this thing, and you got me hooked. Please, don't try and take it away now.' Then he shook the thoughts away. Hannibal only said 'maybe they shouldn't be so open in public'. That's a far cry from 'I don't love you that way anymore, or 'this isn't working, we should end it'.

Face wanted to kick himself for losing control and daring to kiss Hannibal in that lounge. He didn't think anyone was paying any attention to them. They were in a dark corner, at a very small table. But when Hannibal gave him *that* look and began talking about what he wanted to do with him when they got home, Face just couldn't resist.

He sighed deeply. Well, those plans were out of the question now. Hannibal had definitely lost the mood for that. Still, Face wanted to make sure he was okay. He went to the bar and poured Hannibal's favorite drink, lit a cigar for him, grabbed an ashtray and headed towards their bedroom.

Hannibal had just gotten comfortably stretched out in the hot water, leaning back against a folded towel at the back of the large bathtub. He wanted to take a while and think about what exactly it was that bothered him so much about what had happened in that lounge. He was about to flip on the switch for the whirlpool jets when Face came in from the bedroom.

Face sat the drink and ashtray on the tub's ledge. He took a puff from the cigar to make sure it was still lit well enough and handed it to Hannibal. "I thought these might help you relax."

Hannibal looked up, but appreciation really didn't register. "Thanks, Temp."

Face noticed how Hannibal's skin was becoming reddened from the hot water. He reached for the bottle of bath oil and spread several drops in the water around the body he'd come to know so well. "Too hot of water is bad for your skin. Dries it out. It'll catch up with you someday, you know."

'It already has, Temp. You obviously haven't been paying much attention.' Hannibal thought wearily, closing his eyes.

Face went to the large bathroom cabinet and pulled out two fresh, soft towels. He laid both side by side on the old-fashioned hot water radiator that heated the bathroom. They would be toasty warm by the time Hannibal was done with his bath, by which time the bath water would probably be cool.

Seeing that Hannibal wasn't going to offer any conversation, Face squatted down next to the tub. "Are you okay? I'm sorry about tonight."

Hannibal opened his eyes and smiled moderately. "I will be. Just need a good night's sleep. And it wasn't your fault."

Face nodded, but his expression showed uncertainty. He stood back up. "Well, I'll leave you alone. I think I'll watch a movie before I go to bed." He reached behind Hannibal and turned on the tub's jets. "Good night."

"Night," Hannibal said to the retreating figure. He noticed the towels warming on the radiator, blew out an angry breath and closed his eyes again. 'The kid bends over backwards to make me happy and I treat him like shit,' he thought guiltily.

Kid. 'He's not a kid anymore. I took that away from him over fifteen years ago, when I pulled him out of that brig and put him in my unit.' Hannibal lost himself in his thoughts. Face had still been innocent in so many ways. It was his scamming and fighting that had him locked up so much. Hannibal had taught him how to drink, how to choose decent cigars, and how to treat women with respect. He even got him his first lay when he found out Face was still a virginÖÖÖ by paying a local prostitute for her time and talents. The very young supply officer had never even seen battle. The colonel taught him how to fight, and how to kill. Whether it be hand to hand or with a gun. His tutoring had molded Face into the soldier he was back then and the man he is today. He had basically watched him mature into manhood.

And it was just a couple of months ago that Hannibal himself had taken another form of virginity from Face. A few weeks after he realized he could no longer ignore and suppress the affection and urges he'd had for the younger man for so long. Face had invited the Team over for a swim at his condo. Hannibal remembered the look on Face when he'd caught the colonel blatantly looking up and down his body as he climbed out of the swimming pool. Hannibal didn't try to hide the heat and desire that radiated from him. He said nothing at the time though, just turned and walked away. They didn't talk about it until that night after BA and Murdock had left. Hannibal stayed behind.

Face had initially resisted wanting to start a relationship with his colonel. Hannibal knew Face had never even considered a man with man relationship before. Let alone one with someone he'd known and respected for so long. Hannibal had only had a couple of experiences himself with men. But he knew he was very physically attracted and maybe even in love with Face and patiently pursued. Face began warming to the idea as Hannibal began doing special things for him. Such as leaving little gifts, or leaving a book of poetry laying around somewhere for Face to find opened to a certain passage. And by giving the younger man warm, affectionate touches in passing. Face realized no one had ever tried wooing him before and it felt good; even if it was coming from the one of the people he'd least likely expect to ever "swing" that way.

A hesitant, but finally won over, Face took it to the next step by shyly inviting Hannibal over for dinner. Hannibal was pleasantly surprised to find the dinner complete with candlelight and soft music. That night they would share their first kiss and some light cuddling.

It wouldn't be much longer before kissing and cuddling just wasn't enough. They were both as nervous and awkward as virgin brides the first time they made love. But after that first night of heated, passionate giving of each other they knew there would be no turning back. So filled they were with love and sated bliss they knew they belonged together. As time flew by the quality of their couplings only got better.

But somewhere along the way between then and now Hannibal had started doing less of the little things that he used to, while Face seemed to be giving enough for them both. He was also suddenly ashamed to realize he hadn't told Face he loved him in days.

No longer feeling relaxed in the cooling water, or much with himself, Hannibal shut the whirlpool off and gratefully dried off with a warm towel. He wrapped the second warmed towel around his waist. 'Leave it to Temp to know what it takes to make me comfortable,' Hannibal thought to himself, going into the bedroom. 'He always does.'

Instead of going directly to bed, Hannibal quietly stepped into the hallway and looked out in to the great room. Face sat curled up in the corner of the sofa, staring at the television screen. The lights were off and the old black and white movie sent movement flickering over the man. He had changed out of his clothes, and now wore only plaid boxers and his blue velour robe which he'd left open. Hannibal sucked in a breath wondering how someone so incredibly handsome could even look twice at him. Studying his lover's features closer, he noticed that at the moment Face just looked sad and lonely.

Still needing to sort his thoughts, Hannibal went back into the bedroom. He pulled the covers down on the bed, dropped the towel on the floor and laid down. Bringing the covers back up over him, he folded his arms behind his head and stared up at the ceiling in the darkness. Why did what happened at that bar bother him so much? He couldn't exactly fault Face for wanting to kiss him after the bold, lewd suggestions he'd made to him. No, most of it had to do with what those four men had said to them. One of them had seen Face kiss Hannibal and he and a few of his half-drunk friends decided to have some fun.

"Well, well, well," the first guy drawled. "We got ourselves a couple of queers here," he said loudly, approaching Hannibal and Face's table along with his three friends. "You boys a couple of faggots, huh?"

Hannibal stood straight up. "Why don't you fellas just mind your own business."

"Kinda robbin' the cradle, ain't you Pops? You must like your boys young and fresh," the first guy continued antagonizing.

The second guy spoke up. "Or maybe pretty boy got himself a sugar daddy. Is that it, Blondie? Is the old guy loaded?" He poked Face's shoulder, looking for a reaction.

Face was angry now and pushed his chair out of the way, ready to shove the words back down the guy's throat. Hannibal stopped him by putting his arm across Face's chest. The last thing they needed was to get arrested for a barroom brawl. "Look, we were just leaving. Now if you all would just step aside, we'll be out of here," Hannibal stated calmly.

"Why don't you move me aside." The first guy gave Hannibal a little push. "Fag."

Face looked at the colonel wide-eyed. He expected Hannibal to pick the guy up and throw him over the bar. Instead, though he had turned a little red from anger, Hannibal remained calm. "Look, Pal. We're not looking for a fight."

"Oh, that's right," the second one added with a sneer. "Sissy queers don't like violence." He picked up Face's beer. "I could do something like this---" He poured the beer out onto the floor at Face's feet. "and you won't lift a finger, will you?"

"That's it!" Face exploded. He punched the guy's jaw, sending him sprawling backwards. He jumped onto another one, but felt himself being grabbed by two sets of arms. They dragged him outside, followed by the other two laughing instigators. Hannibal angrily slammed his fist down on the table and followed them outside.

The fight didn't last long. Hannibal and Face showed the bigots just who the sissies were. The four surprised men ran off to nurse their wounds. Hannibal and Face walked back to their place in silence.

Face could tell Hannibal was angry and gave him some space on their way home.

Now Hannibal lay in bed letting the words cut into him again. Queer. Fag. Sissy. Words he'd always been ashamed of. Was taught from childhood that he never wanted to be called them. To never *be* one of them. Especially in the military. Men caught in gay relationships in the military were ridiculed, beaten up, even discharged from service. How hard it had been all those years to hide his true feelings, to keep up a charade of being a macho skirt chaser. Oh, women were an okay substitute, just not as fulfilling. The discreet relationships he'd had with a couple of men were sexually fulfilling, but there was only a pretense of affection.

With Face he'd found the love and affection he'd been looking for all his life. Hannibal wondered for a moment if he'd inadvertently forced Face into his world, knowing his lieutenant would sacrifice anything to make him happy. Or if Face really did love him and wanted wholeheartedly to be his partner in life. The doubt lasted only a brief moment, and Hannibal smiled. There *was* no doubt in his mind. The love Face showed him was open and unreserved. The trust in his eyes was complete. His lovemaking was absolutely tender in calmer moments and unabashedly enthusiastic in heated moments.

Face had never once showed any concern about their difference in age. Had never seemed to notice the wrinkles and gravitational pull that had started to affect Hannibal's body. True love isn't blind, it is total acceptance. And his Templeton had accepted him as he was, body and soul.

Hannibal felt deeply saddened and ashamed that he'd let a few prejudiced words come between them. Temp had always been open and honest about their relationship as lovers. He'd never tried to hide it from BA and Murdock, but let them know about it and accept it in their own ways. Hannibal hadn't been able to do that. He had always felt bound to hide the feelings that had been ingrained in him since childhood to be wrong and unmanly.

Hannibal took a determined deep breath. 'Well, no more of that!' he thought. 'If Face was sure enough about his own feelings and not afraid to show them, then I should be too.' He decided from then forward not to let his pride at what others see overshadow how proud he was of his love for Face. He also maintained he wouldn't let it become lax by forgetting the actions and words that Face needed, too.

Feeling much better about himself, Hannibal got out of bed, put his robe on and went out to bring Face back to their bed. He found Face in the same position he'd been in earlier, now sleeping peacefully. Muting the sound of the old gangster movie that played on the TV screen, Hannibal sat down and gently pulled Face into his arms. Face sighed contentedly and nuzzled against Hannibal sleepily.

Hannibal kissed the top of Face's head, loving the feel of the warm body against his. He reveled the moment before gently squeezing Face. "Hey, you wanna come to bed?"

Face opened his eyes and smiled when he looked up at Hannibal. "Yeah."

Settling into bed and pulling the covers up over their now nude bodies, Face sensed a change in Hannibal's mood from what it had been a little earlier. "Are you okay now?" he asked.

Hannibal raised himself up on his elbow and looked down at the beautiful man next to him. "Yes, I am." He tenderly ran his fingers down Face's cheek. "And forget what I said earlier about showing affection in public. I want the whole damn world to know that we love each other."

Face took hold of Hannibal's hand and kissed it. "What if we run into people like that again?"

"Let them say what they want. I'm not going to let their ignorance get to me anymore." He bent down and kissed Face's lips for a long moment. "I love you, Templeton. You mean too much to me to let someone's words make my loving you sound wrong."

Face had never felt so overwhelmed before. No one had else had ever shown him the kind of commitment Hannibal offered. He was so overcome with emotion, he had swallow down the lump in his throat to be able to speak. "I love you, too, Hannibal. I swear, I must be the luckiest guy on this earth."

"Hmm. Uh-uh," Hannibal shook his head and moved closer. Smiling with a hint of lust he leaned over Face. "Not as lucky as me."

Face was happy to see the sparkle back in Hannibal's eyes. He pulled the man completely over him, wrapping his arms and legs around him. "Okay, so we're both lucky. Now make love to me," he said, moving his hands behind Hannibal's neck and pulling him down to bring their mouths together. Hannibal moaned when Face's tongue went into action with his. The kid had a way of kissing not matched by any other. Face ran his fingernails lightly up and down Hannibal's back as their kissing progressed, knowing how much he enjoyed that. Hannibal responded by moving his pelvis against Face's; rubbing their erections together heating them up further.

When their breathing became more erratic and thrusting more forceful, Hannibal broke the kiss and began moving his mouth down Face's body. He stopped to give the two nipples due attention and stopped again just below Face's navel where he sucked on the skin there then blew his breath over it, causing Face to shiver. He moved down a little further using his body to keep Face's legs apart and sat up. The covers slid down his back and he pushed them out of the way.

Hannibal looked up into Face's eyes and smiled at the complete trust and desire he read in them. No words were needed. He took hold of Face's warm cock and gently squeezed up and down it, bringing out more fluid from the tip. He ran his index and middle fingers through it, then moved those fingers further down. He massaged Face's opening before pushing his index finger through the tight, but easily relaxed muscle. Face raised his hips to allow him better access. He drew in a sharp breath of pleasure when Hannibal inserted the second finger, and brought his mouth down to cover his cock at the same time.

Face couldn't contain himself from the jolts of pure electric fire that was shooting through him as Hannibal found and massaged his prostate gland. His body writhed and he had to force himself to breathe when his orgasm neared. Hannibal sensed it and worked his mouth quicker, deep-throating him on every plunge. "Ohhh, that is so good! Don't stop!" Face whimpered. Then his orgasm overtook his whole body. "Ah, Hann--ib-al!" He almost screamed. The force of his cumming brought his whole upper half off the mattress. It felt as if the cum was shooting clear from his heart. He leaned on his hands and bucked into Hannibal's throat.

Hannibal took it all, letting it flow freely down his throat. He slowly removed his fingers from Face's ass, but continued sucking gently on his cock until it was completely drained and beginning to soften. He kissed the tip when he released it. He moved up on the bed and took the trembling man into his arms. Face was still breathing hard and his entire body tingled. He let Hannibal hold him until he was able to speak. "Oh, sweetie, that was the best. I love you so much," he whispered.

"I love you, too, baby," Hannibal whispered into Face's hair, then tilted his head up to kiss him. It gave him such joy to share sweet terms of endearment after bringing his lover to complete pleasurable satisfaction.

Face felt Hannibal's hardness pressing against him. It amazed him how Hannibal was able to keep his own release on hold this long. He took hold of it and looked down at it. It was harder and larger than he'd ever seen it. "Damn, Hannibal. You must be aching something terrible. Let me fix it for you." He kissed Hannibal again and scooted down his body.

Face ran his tongue around the engorged head, then slid it up and down the hard shaft. Hannibal placed his hand on his head. "Not too much, hun. I'm real close and it's not your mouth I want to bury it in. Just get it nice and wet."

Face smiled up at him, knowing exactly where Hannibal wanted to bury it. Which was fine by him. Face carefully and expertly wet the hard muscle, not wanting to bring on too much excitement. He left an adequate amount of saliva on the head, and turned himself around. He reached out for Hannibal's hand to pull him up, then settled onto his hands and knees.

Hannibal got on his knees behind him and squeezed Face's upturned cheeks. He bent down and kissed the smooth back. By now, Hannibal was shaky with anticipation and his breathing showed it. He wanted to be able to just thrust his cock in to the hilt, but hesitated at the opening.

Face knew what he wanted to do, but was afraid of hurting him. He turned his head and said, "It's okay. Don't worry, I can take it. Fuck me hard."

Hannibal knew Face could take him in one plunge. He'd handled it before, and Hannibal had endured it for him also. So he knew the pain the sudden forceful intrusion caused and loved Face all the more for being willing to bear it for him again. Unable to hold back any longer, Hannibal spat onto his fingers and applied the spit to the willing hole. He grabbed hold of Face's hips and held him tight as he drove his cock in all the way home.

Face knew to keep his anal muscles as relaxed as possible, but the forceful massive widening still hurt. He gasped and grunted, but didn't cry out. Normally their fucking was much more gentle, but Hannibal was beyond that and needed the quick gratification. Face really didn't mind this at all. He knew the pain was only momentary and knew exactly what the extreme pleasure going through Hannibal right now felt like.

The warm, tight space he was invading felt exquisite. Hannibal paused only long enough for Face's muscles to relax a bit, then he pulled back and drove it home again. He knew Face's pain would be diminishing now so he held nothing back. Face was helping him by meeting his thrusts and tightening his muscles on the outward strokes. Hannibal was beside himself as he felt his orgasm building, and he pounded fast and hard. When he felt the first discharge, stars exploded in his mind. He yelled it out and buried himself as deep as possible.

Struggling for air, Hannibal stroked out each smaller discharge until he was spent. He leaned over Face's back and rested his sweaty head, not yet ready to remove himself. Face moaned contentedly, loving the feel of his lover's hot juices and relaxing cock inside of him.

A few minutes later, their exhausted bodies fell side by side on the bed. Face managed to muster enough energy to grab the blankets on his way down to cover them. He laid half his body on top of Hannibal's, resting his head on the colonel's shoulder and wrapping an arm and a leg around him. Hannibal hugged him close.

"I have never felt so tired from sex. That was pretty intense, lover," Face said, nuzzling and kissing Hannibal's neck.

Hannibal smiled. "Yes it was. I don't think I could handle this every night."

"Hmmm," Face sighed sleepily. "I could."

Hannibal chuckled at the younger man's virility. "Tomorrow's gonna be a nice day. What do you say to a picnic at the park?"

"Just the two of us, I hope?"

"We might have to share the blanket with a few ants, but not the rest of the world."

"Sounds good." Face yawned and closed his eyes. "Love you."

Hannibal kissed and stroked Face's hair as he fell asleep. "Love you, too." To himself he thought, 'And I can't wait to show the rest of the world.'





Sticks and Stones by SherryGabs



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