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A Visit to the Vets

A Visit to the Vets
by Susan Owens

Templeton Peck (Face)
HM Murdock
Kelly Stevens
Billy the invisable dog
Face's date Tammy


Act 1

(The VA hosipal in Westwood. Murdock's room. Face enter the room.Murdock is sitting on his bed.He is petting Billy.)

Face: "Hi Murdock. What up?"

Murdock: "Oh Face. I think something is wrong with Billy."

Face: "What do you mean Murdock? What is wrong with Billy?"

Murdock: "He won't eat Face. He won't play with his new chew toy."

Face: "Did you check for fleas Murdock. Like I told you before fleas can twist a dog mind. Make them crazy."

Murdock: "I gave him a flea bath.But there still something wrong."

Face: "He may have to go to the vets."

Murdock:(holding Billy tight) "Face! Billy hates the vets."

Face: (putting hand on Murdock's shoulder) "It's for his own good Murdock. We can take him to your friend Kelly."

Murdock: (nodding his head) "I guess you are right Face.

Murdock carries Billy to Face's car.They get in and drive to Kelly's home.

Act 2

(Kelly's house in Bedford Falls or is it Medford Falls They enter the building.Kelly greets them)

Kelly: "Hello guys.What can I do for you?"

Murdock: "Billy is sick. He won't eat or play with his new chew toy."

Kelly: "Place him on the table."

(Murdock puts Billy on the table.Kelly looks him over)

Kelly: "Billy has a cold. I will give him antibodi to fight the infection."

(She gives Billy a shot,while Murdock holds him)

Kelly:(giving Murdock some pills) "Give these to Billy three times a day. One in the morning.One in the afternoon and one in the evening."

Murdock: "Thanks Kelly."

Face: Let's go Murdock. I have a date tonight."


(Face's apartment in Los Angeles .Face is wineing and dining a his date Tammy. There is a knock on the door. Face answers it)

Murdock: "Hi Face. Can you babysit for me? Thanks." (Leaves Billy with Face and leaves)

(Face stares at Billy.Looks at Tammy.Shakes his head and walks over to her)

Face: "Now where were we?"

Tammy:( reaching for Face) "We were just about to kiss"

(They start to kiss.Face feels that Billy is staring at him.)

Face: "I'm sorry Tammy I can't do this."

Tammy: "Temp. What is wrong?"

Face: I'm sorry Tammy I got a headache."

Tammy: (Petting Face's head) "Poor baby maybe I can make it feel better."

Face: (taking her to the door.) "Thanks Tammy but I think I need some rest."

Tammy: "All right Temp.But if you need me. I'm right the hall."

(Tammy leaves. Face looks at Billy.)

Face: "See what you did. You made me so nervous I could not be myself.I hope you are happy."

(Billy wags his tail. There is another knock on the door.It's Murdock and Kelly.)

Murdock: "Face I want to say I'm sorry. I forgot about your date. Me and Kelly came to get Billy."

Face: "Thank you Murdock.Now I better go see Tammy."

(Face knocks on Tammy door. She answers and pulls him in.)

Murdock:".Come on Kelly.Let's go to your's home."

(As they leave we fade out to the sounds of laughter coming from Tammy's apartment.)

The End

A Visit to the Vets by Susie Owens



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