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The Very Worst Thing  

The Very Worst Thing
by Murdy_007


Rating: I guess PG.

Summery: Murdock tries to explain to Face the worst thing that happened in Vietnam. Very short.

Warning: Talk of past torture and mental struggle with reality.

ME: I'm 15 and not a very good writer but this is one of my many stories, the shortest really.


The car door slammed behind him as Murdock ran to the hotel room door, the keys wouldn't go in fast enough, all he wanted was to get in bed.

Face watched the captain for a long moment then offered his help.

Lying the bags on the ground, he walked to the door and grabbed the keys from his friend and placed the slowly in the lock and turned.

"Oh...thanks Face."

" No problem."

Murdock's words sounded very tired as if the struggle with the door was more than he could handle.

He ran in grabbing his bags from the ground and collapsed on the bed.

Face looked disgusted. " Murdock!"

"Yea, Faceman?"

" You're not changing?"

Murdock looked around and after a serious moment of thought threw the ever-present jacket to the floor.

" Good enough?"

Face rolled his eyes.

"Yes I guess so."

It had only been nine or so months since Vietnam and things hadn't worked for any of them.

Hannibal and BA had decided on taking jobs for folks who couldn't take care of problems thierselvs.

After telling Face, they decided Murdock needed to be a part, Face wouldn't have had it any other way.

Though he wouldn't tell Murdock that.

After breaking Murdock out they traveled half way to Texas and stopped to rest until the next day, Hannibal and BA had already gotten there and probably stirred up trouble.

Murdock had been unusually quiet, he was feeling better but just the mention of any touchy subject and you wouldn't hear much out of him for a while.

Face had scamed even Murdock's therapy info and he knew Murdock wouldn't like to do it but the time was now or never. He started to read through the notes about the therapy when he realized the plot Murdock was trying to pull.

"Uh.... ha...I don't think so Murdock get up!"

Murdock threw the pillow over his head and whined.

" Who do you think your bossing Lt.!?"

" You EX Captain Murdock!"

" Murdock knew he had to do his therapy, but he thought to himself.

Why do I have to do all this mental therapy, why couldn't I have been everybody else and gotten my leg shot off or something, no I had to have a nervous break down."

Murdock even knew the therapy subject for that day, it was the worst thing subject, and he would rather stay clear of it, seeing as how the worst thing was asking him the questions.

Then he heard a failure voice that pulled him back.

" Murdock.....Earth to Murdock, hello?"

" Yea Face."

" Murdock I'm sorry but therapy comes before bed."

" Ok.......ok....I'll do it."

Face sat next to Murdock on the bed and went over the notes.

" ėK, what was the worst thing?"

Murdock cringed he thought of all the answers he could give all different yet all the same.

"Face you were there you know what happened........."Murdock began as if he had said it multiple times before.

" Murdock, I know, but if you just answer you can go to bed."

Murdock gripped the pillow and tried to start.

Story after story replayed even through Face's mind.

Murdock stopped for a moment before mentioning the time he had watched his best friend killed before his eyes.

Face remembered it also, their hands tied with barbed wire, and forced to watch the young man die, Murdock had pulled so hard at the wire, he seemed to not notice the fact that it was sharp. Face took his wrist in his hand and rubbed the scars that the wire had left as Murdock continued.

Then there was silence.

" Is that all?" Face gently asked.

" No......I haven't told you the worst."

" Murdock I remember Zach....."

" NO!...........That wasn't the worst."

" Then what Murdock?"

" It wasn't Zach.....The razors with alcohol or even the knives and hot coals........It was YOU!"

" Me, what do you mean?"

Murdock began to cry as the worst memory over took him.

" You"

"Oh, Murdock."

" I h.....hated it.....Face."

" I know."

Face was surprised Murdock had remembered the many times Face had begged to go in his place, as if he wanted the torture.

" It's ok Murdock I'm here now. Why don't you go to sleep and then in the morning we will hit the road and find BA and Hannibal."

" Thanks good, but don't leave me"

" Murdock, I won't, I promise."

The sparkle returned to those brown eyes and Murdock smiled.


By Megan Baker

The Very Worst Thing by Murdy_007