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Rasham's Revenge

Rasham's Revenge

by Shastelly

Rated: PG
Summary: The crazy man from One more time wants revenge.
Warnings: Spoilers for One more time

Part 1

The well-dressed man smiled as he padded across his apartment, absently listening to the voice rattle away on the other end of the phone. He cradled the cordless between his cheek and shoulder while he tidied up the place. Sharon was coming over tonight, lovely Sharon of the silky hair and long legs. The voice paused waiting for a response.

"Yeah, Amy, that will just about do it. Thanks for your help."

"You're welcome. Just don't expect me to do it again. This girl has had enough of the jungle for awhile." Her laughing voice ringed in his ear, full of confidence in their victory.

"You're not the only one." Lt. Templeton Peck, AKA the Faceman or just Face, shuddered when he thought about the close call they'd had in Borneo. If Amy and Murdock hadn't shown up, he could have died. It had been entirely too close. As it was, they'd barely made it out. That Mr. Perry from the State Department sure had a funny idea about what intelligence was, mistaking a kitchen for the headquarters.

It hadn't been a great situation all around. Lynch had captured him, Hannibal, and BA, and then this Perry guy comes and tells them that if they rescue General Ludlum and his daughter from a crazy military type that he'd give them a head start. A head start on the United States Army hardly seemed worth the trouble they'd gotten in. First, they parachute in, and, of course, BA had to be drugged for the plane ride. Then, Hannibal's half-pincer move landed them in Rasham's little prison shack. Hannibal came up with a plan to get them out, only it involved Hannibal's cigar and a conveniently placed stack of gasoline barrels next to the ammo dump. The problem was Rasham picked Face to be executed by the firing squad first. It was only Murdock and Amy's timely arrival that had saved his life. Still he'd ended up clinging to the rung, off the bottom of the helicopter, on the way out. Then as if all of that wasn't enough, Lynch picked up their trail in less than two days.

"Well, I'll run the story on General Ludlum and his daughter. That should put Rasham out of business. He'll lose his support from the Russians. He'll be disgraced, and definitely a hot item with the US Army out to get him, and they will be when word of what he did to Ludlum gets out." As Face listened to Amy he walked across his apartment and looked out the window. He had a great view. He'd convinced the manager that he was writing a review of the apartment buildings in LA. So he now looked out from the best apartment in the building. He had just turned to move when the first shot shattered the window. It was followed by further gunfire. "Face! What was that? What's going on?"

"Uh...Amy I've got a little problem here. See if you can contact Hannibal and BA for me." Face felt the familiar adrenaline rush as he dove to the ground and crawled back away from the window. He had to get under some kind of cover.

"Is it Lynch?"

"No." It was definitely not Lynch. For one thing, the Military Police would have given him a chance of surrender before just opening fire, and for another thing, no way did Lynch find his scammed apartment. Face had finally reached the sofa and was crouched behind it. The snipers continued to riddle his apartment with bullets. This was getting to be a serious situation. He was going to have to get out of here and fast. "I've got to..." a searing flash of pain through his upper right arm cut him off mid-sentence.

"Face...Face! Are you okay?!"

"Yeah." In reality he'd been hit, and he knew it. "I've got to get out of here." Face dropped the phone and crawled to his bedroom. He could still hear Amy shouting his name, but he had to move. He opened the bedroom window, and headed down the fire escape. He was halfway down when he was spotted. Gunfire made progress slow, and when he reached the bottom three very unpleasant looking individuals greeted him with pointed weapons. He turned to head back up and met a fourth man. "Let's talk about this guys. I'm sure that we can..." He didn't finish the statement as a rifle butt to his stomach knocked the wind out of him. Before he could start again, two of the guys behind him grabbed his arms and a third held up a syringe. Face felt the beginnings of panic as the guy grabbed his hair, and pushed his head to the side. He fought for all he was worth, but he couldn't break their hold on him. He screamed when he felt the needle pierce the skin of his neck, though it was muffled by one of the goons hands. As he lost consciousness he hoped Amy could reach Hannibal.

Part 2

Amy hung up the phone, and immediately dialed Hannibal. Her hands shook as she pressed the numbers, there had been so much gunfire, and Face had sounded almost scared, that fact alone was unnerving. Hannibal had given her the number for the phone in the van for emergencies. This definitely qualified as an emergency.

"Kelly's Deli." BA's voice growled over the phone.

"BA, it's just me."

BA frowned at the phone; this was trouble if Amy was calling the van. She sounded upset. "Hannibal. It's Amy." The big man handed the phone over to Hannibal.

"Amy what's wrong?"

Just hearing Hannibal's voice reassured Amy. The colonel would know what to do. He always did. "I was on the phone with Face when I heard gunshots in the background. He said to call you."

Hannibal clenched his teeth on his cigar, but showed no other sign of emotion. "Did he say anything else?"

"He said it wasn't Lynch, and that he had to get out of there. That's all I know." Amy felt next to useless. If only she'd been able to give Hannibal some real information.

"That's OK, Amy." Hannibal began running the long list of enemies the A-team had acquired over the years through his mind. He narrowed the list down to those who weren't in jail, but it was still an impressive list. He hoped that Face had been able to get away from whoever it was, because it was going to take them awhile to figure it all out, and that was the last thing they had time.


Amy's voice broke him from his thoughts. "What is it Amy?" Her voice told him that there was something else she hadn't told him, and that he was not going to like it.

"I ...I think maybe he's hurt. Something changed in his voice when we talked. I'm not sure." Amy's voice shook as she told him her fears.

"Thanks, Amy. See if you can dig up any information off the wire. You know what to look for. Then swing by the VA, and pick up Murdock. I'll call him, and he'll be waiting for you out back." Hannibal's mind quickly formulated a search plan.

"Yeah, Hannibal. I'll get right on it." Amy was grateful to be able to help. She put aside her doubts and fears, and set her mind to the task at hand. They would find Face, and everything would work out.

Hannibal hung up the phone, and looked at BA. His face was already contorted in a frown. He knew something was wrong. Hannibal hated to confirm his sergeant's fears. "Face is in trouble. Let's head over to his apartment." He then dialed Murdock. He wasn't looking forward to telling the pilot that his best friend was in trouble.

"Hello, I'm not here right now. I went to look for myself, so if you see me tell me to wait, and I'll be right there." Murdock's voice sang over the phone.

"Murdock." The tone of Hannibal's voice caught Murdock's attention instantly. "I need you to meet Amy out back. She'll update you."

"You got it Colonel." Murdock knew better than to question Hannibal when he spoke in that voice. It was the voice of his commander. He pushed aside the quick rush of fear that shot up his spine. Hannibal hadn't said anything was wrong, and yet he knew something was wrong something was very wrong.

Hannibal and BA reached Face's apartment about five minutes later. There were police all over the place. BA pulled the van through an alley, and parked behind an old, abandoned building. He pulled out the binoculars, and assessed the situation. "Hannibal, ain't no way one of us is going to get close to that building. The cops have the road barricaded, and they have the building roped off."

"One of us isn't going. Jim is." Hannibal grinned at the look BA gave him, and quickly disguised himself as a homeless man. He handed BA his cigar, and shuffled up to the front of the apartment building. He walked around to the side of the building were he hoped he'd go unnoticed. He began picking through the garbage in the alley, but he had his ears tuned into the conversations going on around him. He heard several snatches that were beginning to give him the picture of what had happened.

"...gunshots. Neighbor called it in..."

"...don't know, owner's on vacation..."

"...someone was in there..."

" bodies..."

"...across the street. Didn't catch anyone..."

Across the way, BA was keeping a close eye on the whole scene. He wasn't wild about Hannibal being over there in the midst of all of those policemen. He spun around when he heard a call pull up, and waved Amy and Murdock over to him. Murdock's face was the picture of serious calm, and in BA's opinion that look was crazier than any of his others.

"Where's Hannibal?" Murdock asked as he peered around the corner of the building. Amy had told him the situation, and he was worried about Face. He knew that the conman could take care of himself most of the time, but this didn't seem like a most of the time thing. BA gestured across the street, and they both watched apprehensively as Hannibal was approached by one of the cops.

Part 3

Hannibal watched the young officer approach him warily. He knew he hadn't blown his cover, but he wasn't sure what the kid would do. The last thing he needed was to be escorted to a shelter, or put in jail for loitering.

"Sir, I'm going to have to ask you to leave. This is a crime scene." The cop gently took Hannibal's arm, and escorted him across the street.

"Thank ye, sonny." Hannibal patted the officer on the arm, and scooted away. He walked around the block, just in case the cop was watching him. When he got back, BA, Murdock, and Amy were waiting impatiently.

"What did you find out?" Amy asked in an anxious voice.

"Well, the cops don't know what happened. All they had was a call reporting gunfire. They found the apartment shot up, but no one around." Hannibal changed from his costume as he spoke. "Did you find anything, Amy?"

"No, but I have someone keeping an eye out for me." Amy crossed her fingers, and hoped that Jean didn't ask too many questions about that, and that he would come up with something useful.

"What do we do now, man?" BA needed something to do; waiting was not his strong point especially when Face needed them. He could picture him - hurt, alone, and just waiting for BA to come and get him.

"Well, BA, you take Amy's car, and cruise around in case Face is hiding out in the area. Amy, you hold down the fort in the van in case he calls. Murdock and I will check the apartment." Hannibal's eyes twinkled with the jazz.

"Hannibal! You can't go in there. You'll get yourself arrested." Amy protested. She couldn't image how they were going to get past all of the security.

"I have it covered. Well, Face does. He got these for us awhile back. We haven't had the chance to use them yet." Hannibal tossed Murdock a jacket with CSI printed on the back. He produced two badges from his prop bag, and two ID's. "Officer's Smith and Jones with Crime Scene Investigators." He smiled and took his cigar back from BA. BA shook his head and headed for the car. Amy smiled in appreciation, and climbed into the van. She suddenly found herself wondering what the team would do without Face, and hoping that she never had to find out.

Hannibal and Murdock walked casually up to Face's apartment building. After showing their ID's they were allowed to enter. They walked past a number of police officers on their way to the apartment, but no one stopped them. When they got to the apartment a detective was waiting for them.

"About time you lab boys got here. The scene wasn't exactly preserved. A couple of rookies responded, and they panicked a little searching for the owner. Didn't find him, cause he's on vacation, but someone was staying here."

Hannibal just stared at the detective until he stopped talking. "You mind, we got work to do." The detective grumbled a little but he left the room, and Hannibal closed the door behind him. The place was a wreck; shattered glass and splintered wood littered the floor. Hannibal walked over to the window. He wanted to see if he could get an idea of where the shooters had been. He tried not to think about Face being in this place when it was blasted apart. It wouldn't help him think clearly. He finally spotted an open window in the apartment building across the street. There were some cops milling around in it, so he decided that must be the place. He was contemplating the risk of checking there as well, when Murdock called him.

"Colonel." Murdock waved Hannibal over to him. He was kneeled down behind the sofa, staring at the carpet. His whole frame was tense, and Hannibal approached cautiously. He bent down next to Murdock to examine a red stain on the back of the couch. It went down to the carpet and left a spotty trail going into the bedroom.

Hannibal's heart was in his throat. Face was hit. He had gotten away though; the cops would have found him if...well if he hadn't. Then again, they hadn't said anything about finding blood either. "Murdock, keep looking in here." Murdock's eyes leapt up to Hannibal's, but he wouldn't meet that gaze. He knew Murdock could see what he was thinking, and this wasn't a thought he wanted to share with the pilot. He wondered if Murdock knew why he asked him to stay, and what he would do if Face really were... Hannibal shook his head, and violently tossed the idea away. He followed the drops of blood over to the window of the bedroom, and out onto the fire escape. There he found further evidence of gunfire. He climbed down slowly, carefully checking each step. He reached the last step, and stared at the pavement, almost as if he could convince it to tell him the whole story. His eyes ranged around the area, looking for anything, any clue that could help them. It was a flash of silver that finally caught his eye. He walked over, and carefully picked the syringe up; he had a real bad feeling about this.

Part 4

"The syringe had some kind of sedative in it. My friend at the lab said that it wasn't lethal." Amy sat idly flipping through the lab report. It had been twenty-four hours since the call from Face, and there was still no sign of him.

"Thanks, Amy. Could he find out where it came from?" Hannibal sat on the couch in his and BA's apartment. BA sat in the easy chair next to him. Murdock was pacing back and forth behind them muttering to himself. They were all worried about Face. It had been too long, and they had no contact. It was obvious that someone had grabbed him, if Face had gotten away he would have been in contact by now. It was disquieting though that whoever grabbed him hadn't contacted them yet.

"He gave me a list of local places that sell it, but he said that it could have been bought anywhere in the country at any number of places."

Hannibal sat silently as he contemplated this information. He was fairly sure that Face wasn't still in Los Angeles. They should have been able to find him if he had still been in the area. This indicated to Hannibal that the enemy was not local, which meant that if this were a planned move, like he thought, then the sedative would not have been purchased here. That left them with little to no leads. All they could do was wait, and Hannibal hated waiting. It ate away at him. He couldn't help, but wander if they had just wanted to kill Face. Why else would they not have contacted him, and made their demands? Than again, why drug someone if you just wanted him dead?

Murdock felt like tearing down a wall. He felt closed in. He wanted to help Face he needed to help Face, but he couldn't, and it was driving him nuts. Well, nuts for a crazy person, he corrected himself. He couldn't help but remember their time in the POW camps. He kept picturing Face there, alone, calling to him.

BA slammed his fist into the chair. It was insane. He couldn't just sit here. "Hannibal, I'm going to go out, and take a look around town again."

Hannibal didn't stop him, but he didn't think it was any use. He had to wait for the other side to make the first move.

The next afternoon a report came over the wire of an attack on the VA. The team instantly sprang into action, grateful for anything they could do that might lead them closer to their missing friend. Amy went to the hospital to check it out. As a reporter it was easy for her to get the information they needed. Apparently five armed men had broken into the hospital. Four people had been injured. They had searched for someone, which they couldn't find, and then left. Amy reported back to Hannibal later that day. All the while wondering what would have happened if they had found who they were looking for.

"So they were after Murdock." Hannibal mused.

"It certainly looks that way Hannibal." Amy's eyes glanced over at the lanky man in the baseball cap, extremely grateful that he'd been here with them.

"What did I do?" Murdock asked, only partly in jest.

"They went for Face, and then Murdock. It makes sense that BA and I are next. Perfect." Hannibal smiled and lit his cigar.

"He's on the jazz man." BA shook his head and frowned, but underneath he was cheering. He'd been waiting for that look to appear on his colonel's face for the last two days. It was a relief to see it, and now things were going to be okay.

Hannibal strolled into the casting office. He had an audition for "Revenge of the Six Foot Slim Monster" for the title role, of course. He had just taken his seat when five men with automatic weapons entered.

"Hi guys. I think they're auditioning for the armed thugs later this afternoon."

"Shut up." One on the men shoved his gun in Hannibal's face. He pushed it to the side and lit his cigar. His casual front was as annoying as ever.

"You boys want something?"

"Get up. You are coming with us." Two of the men grabbed Hannibal, and they led him out into the street. There a white Chevy van waited for them. Hannibal was cuffed, and forced into the back. There were two other commandos in the van that made for seven total.

"Where're we going?" Hannibal tried to see out the window.

"I said to shut up." One of the guards knocked Hannibal over the head. The van pulled up to a small airport on the outskirts of the city. The seven men loaded Hannibal into a plane, and took off.

Part 5

Murdock cursed quietly under his breath. BA didn't say a word. They watched, as Hannibal was loaded onto the plane.

"BA..." Murdock started. He didn't know what he was going to do here. He didn't think he and Amy could handle the big guy too well on their own. He was on the heavy side, after all.

"I know. Just knock me out when we get on the plane." BA stated in a quiet subdued voice.

Murdock smiled, and patted his shoulder. "Your got it big guy."

"Murdock I got a plane." Amy walked over to them smiling.

"Good work, Amy. You've been hanging around Face too long."

Amy laughed there was no reason to tell them she'd paid for it.

"Did you get a receipt?" Murdock skipped away laughing.

Amy shook her head, and followed with BA beside her. In a space of a few short hours the team had pulled itself back together. There was no doubt in her mind now, they would find Face, and bring him home.

Hannibal was shoved roughly into a shack near the center of the compound. He wasn't entirely sure where he was; he hadn't come to until the plane landed. His head was still pounding. They had ridden in jeeps through the jungle to a small, but fortified compound. He had seen at least four guards on the perimeter, and twenty or so inside. All of them were armed and dressed in military fatigues. Hannibal had the distinct feeling that he knew who was behind this.

"Hey, wake up, you got company." One of the guards kicked a bunk against the far wall.

"Please, ignore the mess. I gave the maid a day off." This earned the occupant another kick. "Oh, and the room service stinks." This earned the occupant a seat on the floor as the guard overturned the bunk.

Hannibal shook his head. It was so good to hear the kid's voice, but Face had a real knack for annoying people. Then again, so did he. "It's so hard to find good help these days." The guard next to Hannibal hit him in the back with his rifle. Hannibal just managed to keep from crying out. He didn't, however, manage to stay on his feet; he hit the floor hard. The guards left the room laughing and locking the door behind them.

"Colonel." Face sat leaning against the overturned bunk. His right sleeve was caked with blood and beads of sweat stood out on his pale face. He had a nasty looking bruise on his jaw, and a split lip.

"Lieutenant." Hannibal got up swaying slightly, and walked over to Face. He wondered why they had reverted to military rank. He decided it just felt safer for some reason, less personal he guessed. He righted Face's bunk, and pulled another bunk over next to it. He helped Face back onto his bunk. He seemed unnaturally warm, and from the stiff way he got up Hannibal guessed he had more bruises than the one on his jaw. He didn't cry out though, and Hannibal was filled with a strange sense of pride. "How you doing, kid?"

"Oh, I'm having a great day, can't you tell?" Face's voice tried for light and teasing, but came woefully short of its goal.

Hannibal sighed. "What's your condition, Lieutenant?"

"The arm's bothering me. I think it's infected." Face replied in a neutral tone. It was easier to separate himself from the situation when Hannibal ordered him. He was just a soldier reporting to his superior, not a man telling his friend.

Hannibal leaned over to examine the arm. The sleeve had already been split all the way up. Hannibal carefully unwound the bandage, which was made of Face's other sleeve. He wondered if Face had tended to his treatment himself. The wound was red and swollen, and the bullet would have to come out. "This is going to hurt, Face." Hannibal pulled a small pocketknife from his boot. Face gave him a horrified look. "You're going to have to be quiet. We don't need any company." Face nodded and closed his eyes. Hannibal worked as quickly and gently as he could, but he knew it had to hurt. Face never made a sound, but his jaw was clenched shut, and he had a white knuckle grip on the bed. Hannibal finally got to the bullet. "Almost got it." As he pulled the bullet out he felt Face's body relax, he'd passed out. Hannibal washed the wound with some water he'd found in the room. He tore a strip from his shirt and re-bandaged the wound. Hopefully the infection would be gone, but without any sort of antiseptic he doubted it. Finally finished he lay down on his own bunk. He felt like he'd just removed the bullet from his own arm. He knew every pain that he inflicted on Face, and knew that they were all necessary, but it didn't make them not hurt. He wished the bullet had been in his own arm; it would have hurt less. He closed his eyes and prayed that the transmitter BA had put in his shirt button was working.

Part 6

"Amy." Murdock had managed to land the barely operating little plane at the small airport.

"Yeah Murdock?" She tore her eyes away from the ground, still shocked that they were alive.

"You have managed to, yet again, test the skills of The Great Murdock, world's greatest pilot." Murdock gave her a wide-eyed smile. "Now, shall we venture forth into the jungle?"

Amy laughed and nodded. She began to gather together their equipment and packs. BA was stirring. They had given him a dose of sedative as soon as they got on the plane. As scared as BA was of flying he wasn't going to risk Hannibal's and Face's lives because of it. Murdock hopped out of the plane, and went to procure a vehicle. He saw a jeep parked near the office of the little airstrip. It would work perfectly. Murdock took his hat off, and rumpled his hair. He threw open the office door.

"Hey! Somebody!" Murdock hollered into the office, even though there was a guy sitting at the desk right in front of him.

"May I help you?" The man at the desk asked in a bothered tone.

"You got to help me! My friend...he's...he's had a heart attack. I've got to get him to the hospital! Where's the hospital?" Murdock grabbed the man's shirt and pulled him up from his chair.

"'s thirty miles. That way." The flustered man pointed down the road.

"That way...that way. I need a car. I need a jeep! I have to drive to the hospital! I have to get my friend to the hospital!" Murdock shook the man to emphasize his point.

"I have a jeep. It's outside." The poor man handed Murdock the keys. Murdock released him, and practically ran from the office. At the door he turned and smiled.

"Thank you." Murdock waved and was gone.

Amy had the plane unloaded, and BA was just waking when Murdock pulled up in the jeep.

"Your chariot, my dear." Amy laughed and started to load the jeep. By the time they were loaded BA was fully coherent.

"I'll drive." He announced and slid into the driver's seat.

"But I got the jeep?" BA growled at Murdock, who casually got in the passenger side. BA was never very happy after being knocked out, even if he had allowed it this time.

"The transmitter we planted on Hannibal is coming in loud and clear. We need to head south." Amy held the homing device in her hands. She was still worried about the plan, but Hannibal had assured her that it would work. Then again, Hannibal always said his plans would work.

"Face." Hannibal gently shook Face's shoulder. His fever was back with a vengeance. "Face." Face groaned and opened his eyes.


"Yeah kid. How are you doing?" Face blinked his eyes slowly, like he had to think about his answer.

"Fine. Where are we?" Hannibal sighed; Face was really out of it.

"Don't you remember? Some guys grabbed you from your apartment and brought you here. I just got here last night. Remember?"

"Oh." Face sat up slowly. "Yeah, I remember, just a little fuzzy." Face tried to gather his thoughts. His head was pounding, his whole body was aching, and he was finding it hard to concentrate. "I was in that apartment I'd gotten last week when someone started shooting at me. I tried the back way out, but they grabbed me. I don't remember what happened after that until I woke up here."

"Where is here, Face?" Hannibal was glad to see Face return to some form of rational thought, but he still looked awful, and was definitely nowhere near one hundred percent.

"I don't know where, but I know who, Rasham. He came in here the first day going on and on about how he was going to catch all of us and have a firing squad. That guy is a maniac. I think I told you that before." Hannibal nodded. "He said that killing us would prove to his supporters that he hadn't lost his touch or whatever. The next day he came in all pissed off cause his guys couldn't find Murdock. He wanted to know where you guys were at, like I was going to tell him. So what's the plan?"

Hannibal flinched and wondered if the bruises Face was sporting were do to that refusal. He had a very vivid image of Rasham beating Face, but it wasn't serving any purpose other than to make Hannibal want to hurt Rasham, real bad. Hannibal grinned when Face asked about the plan, his friend knew him too well. He pointed to the button on his shirt.

Looking closely at the button Face could see the mini-transmitter. He smiled back at Hannibal. He just hoped help wasn't too far away. He really didn't feel up to doing another five rounds with Rasham.

Part 7

BA sat, carefully hidden, observing the compound. He had seen twenty-four guards total. He had also seen Rasham about ten minutes ago, he had walked into a small building near the center of the camp. BA suspected that this was where Hannibal and Face were being held. There were four guards around it at all times. There wasn't a stack of convenient gasoline barrels this time; it wasn't going to be easy. Not that it had been easy that time. He had almost been forced to watch Face executed before his eyes. He would never get the image of his friend, his little brother talking a mile a minute trying to get out of it, or of the look of defeat when he failed, or the way he cringed when Rasham had been about to say "Fire!" It haunted his nightmares, and he was certain that it always would. He wasn't going to let it get that far this time. He and Murdock had decided to wait until dark to make their move, unless something happened in the camp. Neither wanted to wait that long; it was only two, but it was the best chance they had on getting everyone out alive. They could sneak in, grab Hannibal and Face, and make it back to the plane before Rasham knew what hit him. It was a good plan, BA didn't think for one minute that it would work the way it was should. He heard someone coming up behind him, and was instantly on the alert.

"BA." Amy crept up to where BA was keeping watch. "Murdock has an idea he needs to talk to you about. I'll keep watch." BA turned and headed back to the jeep mumbling about crazy fools and their crazy ideas. Amy peered through the binoculars at the camp. She hoped that Face and Hannibal were all right down there. She flashed back to the last time she'd been in this situation. She and Murdock had been hiding in the jungle, just like she was now. They'd seen Face, Hannibal, and BA captured. It had been so close. She still wondered what would have happened if she hadn't used the flare gun to ignite the gasoline barrels.

"So gentlemen, it would appear that your esteemed colleagues were unavailable."

"You know, those two are always busy." Hannibal grinned at Rasham. Rasham gestured to a guard, who punched Hannibal in the gut. Hannibal bent at his middle, but never lost the grin. In a moment he was back upright, and throwing it in Rasham's face.

"Now, where are Baracus and Murdock? I've had enough of your games." Rasham demanded in clipped tones.

"I can't quite place the names. Can you, Hannibal?" Face was grinning right along side his colonel. Hannibal shook his head. Rasham was turning an unusual shade of purple. Face couldn't help but think that Murdock had said that Billy turned purple when he was mad, otherwise he probably wouldn't have laughed. It wasn't a good idea. Rasham turned on his heels and left, the guards following.

"I think you hurt his feelings, Face." Hannibal laughed.

"Oh, too bad." The guards re-entered the building. Face grimaced and turned to Hannibal, "Um...Hannibal, I don't like the way they're grinning at us." The first guard slugged Face in the jaw. It went downhill from there.

"Hey fool, what's this about some idea?" BA growled as he neared the jeep.

"Well, you see, Billy and I went for a little walk around, and we found something very interesting." Murdock thoroughly enjoyed teasing BA. It made hard times easier in his opinion.

"I ain't got time for your nonsense." BA held his fist in Murdock's face.

"It's not nonsense. Give me a chance will ya?" BA put his fist down. "There's an old abandoned shed up there." Murdock pointed up the hill.


"So! It has metal siding, nice thick, bulletproof metal. Give ya any ideas?" Murdock was grinning from ear to ear.

BA slowly smiled as he began to see Murdock's idea. "Did we bring the welder?"

"Oh yeah." BA put his arm around Murdock's shoulders and giggling they walked up to the shed. Hannibal's plans could always use with a little improving.

Hannibal awoke to find he was lying on a dirt floor. His whole body ached, and he heard someone groaning off to his left somewhere. It took him several minutes to remember where he was. "Face?" Hannibal pulled himself up. Face was lying on his side near the wall. Hannibal managed to make it over to him. "Hey, kid."

"Hey." Face didn't have the energy to open his eyes, let alone sit up. He hadn't felt this miserable in a long time. He was sweating, and he knew he had a fever, probably an infection from the gunshot. He held one arm against his side. He had the distinct impression that he'd cracked a rib or two in that last round with the guards.

"It'll be dark soon." Face nodded. He's decided that was what BA and Murdock were waiting for; he hoped everything would go according to plan.

Part 8

BA and Murdock left Amy with their newly remodeled jeep. She had the extra guns and ammo loaded in the jeep, and was ready to go. She sat behind the wheel, and watched the other two men scramble off into the darkness, silently wishing them good hunting. She gripped the wheel of the jeep so hard that her knuckles were white, and tried to mentally prepare herself for what she had to do next, but part of her was still terrified.

BA carefully made his way along the perimeter of the camp. He took out the two guards on his side, and gave Murdock the all clear. He then proceeded to disable the camp's vehicles. On most of the vehicles he used the tried and true A-team method of using a strategically placed piece of metal to blow the tires. Unfortunately, he ran out of metal, and still had two jeeps to go. Noticing a heavy chain in the back of one of the jeeps BA grinned and put it to good use.

Murdock crept silently over to the shack that held Hannibal and Face. The first guard he easily took out by sneaking up behind him, and knocking him out with his rifle. He dragged the guard out of sight between two buildings. He emerged, moments later, wearing the guard's uniform. He walked right up to the second guard. "Hey can I have a light?" The guard, surprised, looked up just in time to get punched in the face. Murdock leaned him against the building and walked around the corner motioning to the next guard. The newest victim walked around the corner. He rushed over to the fallen guard to check on him. When he bent down Murdock cracked him over the head with his rifle. He then pulled these two guards over to join their comrade. He saw BA make his way to the front of the building to take out the fourth guard. Whistling "You are my sunshine," he walked over to the window of the shack.

Hannibal heard Murdock's signal, and walked over to the window. He was still hurting from the earlier beating, but the jazz coursing through his veins paid no heed to pain.

"Colonel." Murdock handed Hannibal a pistol.

"Captain." Hannibal gratefully accepted the pistol from Murdock. BA joined them seconds later wearing the last guard's uniform.

BA gave the bars on the window a once over. "Step back." He grabbed hold of the bars and pulled. BA put in all of the anger and frustration of the last few days into his effort, and after a few tense moments, the bars gave way.

"Nice, BA." Murdock handed Hannibal a cigar. He grinned and lit it with a match BA handed him. "Come on, Face." Face pulled himself up slowly. He looked at the window, then at Hannibal, and then back at the window. "BA, give Face a hand." BA practically picked Face up, and lifted him through the window.

"Hey, Faceyguy, me and Billy been looking for you." Murdock patted Billy, the invisible dog, on the head.

Face smiled at him, and took the rifle Murdock offered. He could see the strain in his eyes. He was oddly cheered to know that Murdock cared that much.

Hannibal jumped out of the window. "Let's go guys." They carefully began making their way back to the jeep. Unfortunately, Rasham chose that moment to interrogate his now absent prisoners. The prisoners in question were halfway out of the compound when the alarm was raised. They were spotted seconds later. Diving for cover, Hannibal found himself behind a jeep with BA, not far away he could see Face and Murdock at the side of a building. Next to him, BA had a huge grin on his face. Hannibal wasn't too sure what to make of it until he too saw the armor-plated jeep smashing through the front gate.

Amy screamed as she pushed the gas pedal to the floor, and rammed through the gate. Once inside it took her a moment to realize that it had worked, and to slow down. She grabbed a rifle and began firing at Rasham's men.

Murdock sat with his back against the building. Occasionally, he would lean around the corner and return fire. Face sat next to him breathing heavily with his head back against the wall. Murdock heard the jeep crash through the front gate. He looked over and saw BA and Hannibal making their way over to the jeep. He looked back at Face, relieved that this was almost over. Face sure looked like he could use a break. "Let's go home, Face." Murdock helped Face up, and together they ran for the jeep.

They had almost made it to the jeep when a bullet grazed Murdock's leg, and they fell in a tangled heap. Before they could get back up, Rasham and one of his goons had them at gunpoint. Rasham grabbed Murdock, and held him with a pistol pointed at his temple. The goon kicked Face, who hadn't moved since they fell, and assumed that he was out cold.

"Smith!" Rasham shouted.

Part 9

Hannibal and BA had made it to the jeep when the shout stopped them in their tracks. There was silence throughout the entire compound. Hannibal turned back, and glared at Rasham. Murdock was gasping for breath, and Face seemed to be down for the count. He motioned for BA and Amy to lower their weapons.

"Unless you want to see your pilot dead, you will give yourselves up!" Rasham's eyes were filled with an unholy joy.

Hannibal, BA, and Amy exited the jeep with their hands up. "You won't win, Rasham." Hannibal yelled back. He was desperately trying to find the way out of this, but he couldn't see it. He couldn't find the way that saw all of them out of this camp alive. He wouldn't quit trying, though, not until he was dead.

"It looks like I already have." Rasham grinned wickedly. "I have beaten the A-team, and now I will execute them."

Murdock swallowed; he had no doubt that Rasham was about to blow his brains out. He wasn't in any particular hurry to die, but at least it would only hurt for a moment. He was lost in his dismal reckoning when he looked down to see a pair of bright blue eyes looking back at him. Murdock followed the eyes, and he barely nodded when they looked at the goon by Rasham. All thoughts of death quickly fled as Face expertly kicked the legs out from under Rasham's goon. Rasham, distracted, pointed his pistol toward Face. Murdock spun around and grabbed the pistol. There was a brief struggle, but Rasham was no match for the lanky pilot. Hannibal walked over and grabbed Rasham. BA helped Murdock and Face into the jeep.

"Okay listen up, dirt bags. We've got your boss here, and if any of you try to stop us he'll be meeting a very tragic end." Hannibal pulled Rasham into the jeep. "Hit it, Amy." Hannibal barely contained the urge to shoot Rasham on the spot, and settled for knocking him cold.

The jeep sped off toward the airport. Of course, Rasham's men jumped into their vehicles to follow. They didn't get very far; four flat tires stopped most of them. Two jeeps pulled out in opposite directions only to have their back axles ripped out from under them as they were chained together. BA, who was watching in the jeep, just smiled.

The little plane sputtered to life and was soon lifting off the ground. Murdock had a tight grip on the yoke. His leg was hurting, but not too bad. He was much more worried about getting Face to a doctor.

"Murdock are you alright?" Hannibal noticed the strained look on his pilot's face. It wouldn't do any of them any good if the pilot passed out.

"Oh yeah, muchacho, just a little scratch."

"Let me see, Captain." Hannibal took a roll of bandages from the first aide kit and wrapped it around Murdock's leg. It wasn't bleeding too much, but it looked like it could use some stitches. "Keep on eye on him, Amy."

Hannibal left Amy in the copilot's seat. She glanced cautiously at Murdock. He really didn't look too good. "Are you sure you're okay?"

"I'll be better when we get Face to a doctor."

BA was sitting on the floor next to Face. He was scared, but he had more important things to worry about. Face had lost consciousness on the ride to the airport. BA took out his handkerchief, and wiped the sweat from his friend's face.

"How is he, BA?" Hannibal knelt down next to them.

"He's burning up, Hannibal."

"I got the first aid kit. I'm going to change the bandage, and put something on his arm that should help. Murdock is going to land us at the strip near Bad Rock. We should make Maggie's in an hour." BA nodded.

Hannibal had just finished wrapping the bandage when Face started to come around.

"Hey, kid. Welcome back."

"Hannibal, next time I want to go to jail for thirty years, okay?"

Hannibal smiled remembering that had been the option instead of going after Rasham the first time. He knew Face didn't really mean it. They would never have let Rasham hurt General Ludlum and his daughter. "Sure Face, shuffleboard at the retirement home, you got it."

"He's out again, Hannibal."

"I hope your friend dies!" Rasham spit across the plane.

Hannibal was instantly on his feet, and pulled Rasham up by the shirt. He couldn't believe this scum. His hand came up around Rasham's neck and began to squeeze.

"Hannibal." BA touched Hannibal's shoulder. He certainly understood Hannibal's anger, and would have been ready to do the same himself, but it wasn't right, and they both knew it.

Hannibal turned to look at BA, and dropped Rasham. "Gag him."

BA did as Hannibal asked, and if he managed to tie a good amount of Rasham's hair in the knot then, oh well.

When they arrived at the airport they left Rasham tied up in the plane. Amy rented them a car, and called the police. "I'll stay here and wait for the police, but you call me from Maggie's." She gave Hannibal a quick hug and waved to Face and Murdock in the back seat. She couldn't tell if Face was conscious or not.

"I'll call as soon as we're settled in. Thanks for your help, Amy." Hannibal slid into the passenger seat, confident in Amy's ability to see Rasham got what he deserved.

"How far is it to Maggie's, Hannibal?"

"About thirty minutes BA." BA stepped a little harder on the gas; maybe he could make it in twenty.

"Murdock how you doing back there?"

"Oh, we're fine. Face was just explaining to me why the sky is blue. Ain't that right, Face?" Hannibal couldn't make out the mumbled answer. "He said the sky is blue because if it was yellow the sun wouldn't show up."

"Shut up you crazy fool!"

"Did you here that, Face? BA called you crazy."


"That's great, Amy. Yeah, we'll be in touch." Hannibal hung up the phone. He leaned back into his chair smiling.

"Well?" Dr. Maggie Sullivan prompted.

"Rasham is going away for a long time. General Ludlum was more than happy to testify against him. He's got charges of gun smuggling, kidnapping, attempted murder, and a few other things to answer for. How are the guys?"

"They'll be fine, Hannibal. I got Murdock's leg all stitched up, and he and BA are arguing in the living room. Face is sleeping upstairs, with a little rest and some time he'll be back to his old self. Now, Colonel, I recall I wanted to check you over." Hannibal grinned and stood up. He wrapped his arms around her. She returned his embrace. He kissed her softly on the lips. She grinned wickedly at him. Hannibal flinched as she squeezed his ribs. "An x-ray for those ribs, Colonel." Hannibal followed her into the back with a slightly less enthusiastic smile. Maggie turned and smiled at him. "Then we'll see." Hannibal's smile reasserted itself, and he happily followed her.

The End

Rasham's Revenge by Shastelly



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