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by PartlyK

Rated: G
Summary: The team at the oceanside. A short vignette for those overstressed....
Warnings: None.
Disclaimer: I do not own the team.  I just wanted to give them a

(c) PartlyK, 2000.

        The soothing sound of waves lapping quietly on the shore and the
warm feeling of the sun beating down on him, slowly eased the tension
out of his weary body.  It had been one hell of a week; it was a
miracle they had survived.  He stretched slowly, favoring his injured
leg and easing into a more comfortable position.  He could feel the
breeze teasing his hair and the cool wetness of the glass in his
hand.  The towel he was laying on was still slightly damp after his
swim, but that too, felt good.  There was movement off to his left
and the sound of a turning page.  He slowly opened his eyes just
enough to appraise his lieutenant sitting in a poolside chair across
from him.  Face was paging though a book on impressionist painters,
looking like a page out of Esquire.  He supposed he should ask how
the kid was feeling, but the quiet was so relaxing.  He closed his
eyes and sighed deeply.

        Face felt Hannibal's eyes on him, but he didn't feel like talking.
He really didn't feel like reading either.  It was good just to lay
in the sun.  He'd probably go for a swim later, but right now he just
wanted to feel the warm rays on his skin.  There had been problems on
this last mission and it was pleasant just to sit back and ignore the
world.  He ran a hand through his hair; not caring that he left it
disheveled.   He set the book aside and slipped out of his robe
deciding that a tan was the only thing he wanted to work on right
now.  A large shadow blocked the sun for a moment and drops of water
splashed against his stomach, then the chaise lounge next to him
groaned as BA settled into it.  The momentary irritation he felt
washed away with the return of the warm rays of sun.  Besides the
cold water felt good against his hot skin.

        BA eased in to chair and dropped his wet towel on the ground next to
him.  He reached for the suntan lotion and slowly massaged the cream
into his arms and chest.  The water had been cold and there had been
an unexpectedly strong undercurrent, but he had worked out the
tension that had been building up in him lately.  Now he wanted
nothing more than to sleep next to the pool and dream peacefully.
The steady breeze teased the salty water away and he kneaded the last
of the lotion to his legs, then he stretched out fully on the lounge.
 He could feel the last of the tension slowly slip away.  For once,
that Crazy Fool had had a good idea.

        Murdock floated on a raft in the pool, one leg dipped casually in
the water.  He had shades on, but he had tossed aside his towel in
exchange for a warm blanket of sun.  BA had swum in the ocean, but
Murdock wanted nothing more challenging than the pool.  The breeze
caressed his body and he felt at peace.  He slowly drifted toward the
others, pulled there, the opposite poles of a magnet inexorably drawn
together.  He bumped gently up against the side of the pool and he
didn't push away.  The sun's heat played against his skin.

        It felt good to relax.

        It felt good to be there.


Together by PartlyK



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