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How the A-Team Saved Christmas

How the A-Team Saved Christmas

By: Lark


Rating: G

Description: Response to silly Christmas story idea (from Tiffany)- the Grinch meets the

A-Team - it's a little odd

Warnings: None





It was a month before Christmas,

All the deals were now done,

Only his signature was needed

And then he'd have fun.


The Grinch had been planning and working like mad;

Mergers, acquisitions, none must go bad.

But finally he had them, the stocks in his name,

He intended on beating Santa by joining the game.

Now he legally owned it, it all was his now.

Thanks to some lawyers and stocks on the Dow.


Santa's workshop, twelve reindeer, assorted elves and the toys

They were now in his name, Űtis a season of joys

He would close down production, lay off the whole crew

Without any warning, boo-hoo what would they do?

His grinchy mouth curled at the thought of their plight

He'd fly there himself, just to watch the whole sight.


Well, while the Grinch was enjoying his holiday coup,

Santa picked up the phone; he knew just what to do.

"Hello, Hannibal, it's Santa, I need your help quick.

The Grinch is up to his dirtiest of tricks.

He's bought up the workshop, something about liens,

With only a month until Christmas, you know what this means."


Smith nodded grimly and chomped on his stogey

"Don't you worry at all, we'll stop the old fogey."

So to his van he did run, calling out to his crew,

"Hey Murdock, Face, B.A., we've got a job we must do."

He filled them in quick as the van raced towards town

"What's the plan?" B.A. asked, not hiding his frown.


"We'll attack through the front door," Hannibal said with a smile.

The groans could be heard for many a mile.

"But HannibalÍ" Face said, then Murdock joined in,

"This is a terrible plan, how do you expect us to win?"

But Hannibal was undaunted, never flinched, never quaked,

"Stop worrying, you'll see, it'll be a piece of cake."


So through the front door they would go, guns at the ready

"Alright, on my count, keep cool and keep steady."

They rechecked their weapons, made sure they were set,

Then with a howl and a growl, the Grinch they beset.

But the Grinch he just sat there, on his face was a grin.

"It's illegal, you know, for you to barge in."


"Forget it," said Hannibal, "We're onto your plot.

"We're going to stop you, whether you like it or not."

"What is all this?" the Grinch said with a sneer.

"It's all perfectly legal, see I've signed it right here."

He held up a paper and waved it with glee,

"You're too late, go away, it belongs now to me."


Then B.A. did growl, a most menacing sound,

And advanced on the Grinch, ready to pound.

"I won't let you win, sucka, you're evil and mean."

"Yeah," piped in Murdock, "You're really a fiend."

"That well may be true," the Grinch smiled at to the pair,

"But it doesn't change anything," he said, tilting back in his chair.


Hannibal did sigh, he knew the Grinch to be right,

They would now have to leave; there was nothing to fight.

And just as all hope seemed as black as the night,

Face looked at Hannibal, "Something's not right."

"I've just read the contract," he said, looking quite wise.

"Look at the bottom, it's not notarized."


The Grinch he did blanche, turning several shades greener,

He knew, deep inside, that his future was bleaker.

Then B.A. jumped forward and grabbed hold of the lout,

While Face made some calls, then he said with a shout,

"I did it! It's ours! My broker's quite slick.

"I just need to go sign, I'll be back really quick."


When Faceman returned, he said all had gone well,

They owned everything, all the toys, elves and bells.

Now Hannibal did smile, and said to the Grinch,

"Don't mess with the A-Team, we work well in a pinch."

And triumphantly sliding on gloves made out of old, soft, black leather,

He happily said, "I love it when a plan comes together."


How the A-Team Saved Christmas by Lark



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