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A Chance Worth Taking 1-6  

A Chance Worth Taking
by   Quentillian

Rated: R some language

Summary: My version of how Face got onto the team during Nam

Warnings: Just some mild language use

A Chance Worth Taking

Chapter 1

"Hey Colonel, have you been able to get any new uniforms?" Asked a tall brown haired man.  Murdock looked to the ground as he held up three olive green articles of clothing.  They were the remnants of his uniforms, they were tattered and worn down beyond anything the Colonel had seen.  They looked as though a cheese grater had been taken to them in some places.  "I'm sorry Colonel, Billy just loves the color green, and well..." he tried to explain as though these things happened regularly, waving the rags for emphasis.

Unfortunately, Hannibal thought, it happens more often than I'd like it to.  "Captain, you need to teach Billy some manners," he said in a fatherly tone, referring to Murdock's imaginary dog. "You're going to have to find some way to control him while you're on duty.  This isn't the first time this has happened, and I don't want to think about what might happen if he goes after BA's things again.  Remember what happened last time?  I don't think BA will be quit so understanding."

Murdock lowered the clothes as BA came barreling through the doorway.  "Colonel, I can't deal with these no good boots no more man," the large black Sergeant growled as he angrily gestured towards the severely worn down boots that were doing a poor job of covering his feet.  "There ain't no way those guys are goin' to get me to go on no watch duty 'til I get some semi descent boots, Hannibal!"

By now Murdock had returned to his usual happy demeanor and unfortunately for all involved this meant that he was once again up to his antics with BA, "Hey Hannibal, do you think I could get a new sweater for Billy.  His birthday is coming up pretty soon-"

"Shut up fool! You ain't got no dog so don't be talking 'bout it!" BA yelled as he took a step closer to Murdock to make his point.  In most cases this simple step forward would be enough to shut most people up and send them fleeing to the other side of the room. Murdock was another story though, the angrier BA became the closer the lanky Captain wanted to be.

"Now BA, your just mad because Billy always hides from you, you big ugly mudsucker! I would too."  Murdock tried to reason with the big man, throwing his now empty hands around wildly to further extinguish his point.

Hannibal smiled at the all too familiar scene. Murdock had a gift, he was the one man that Smith new that would purposely goad BA. Everyone else tended to avoid the big man, and it was generally for the best.  Those who weren't intimidated by the man, or found some sport in testing his temper, were quick to learn that BA was not a man to be messed with. That was one of the reasons that he was able to get BA on his team.  He had on more than one occasion punched officers of the upper brass.  While this generally wasn't the best of moves on anyones side, BA had been in the right and Hannibal saw that he was only sticking up for that.

"Man," Murdock started, disregarding BA as though he wasn't even there anymore, "We're the A-Team, we've survived hundreds of suicidal missions, saved masses of people from the POW camps and we can't even get our hands on a purple doggy sweater- or quality boots!" He though in quickly.

This time Murdock was violently interrupted by a large fist grabbing the front of his shirt and slamming him against the wall. "Look fool, I'm tired of hearin' 'bout your fool invisible dog! If ya don't shut up 'bout it I'm gonna shut you up myself! Got it?"
"I tossed in a good word for your complaint too big guy."  Murdock quickly started explaining, wanting nothing more than for the grip closing around his throat to reproach in the other direction. What the hell, Hannibal would save him, and if he was going to be choked he might as well make the most of it.  "Come on BA, purple would bring out Billy's eyes...Hannibal!"  He coughed as BA's grip got tighter around his throat.  He was beginning to realize that his strategy in this situation had not been the best.

Hannibal was brought back to reality by Murdock's cries for help. "Now BA, take you hands away from Murdock's throat."  Hannibal almost pleaded, trying to interject before the pair came to blows. He grabbed onto the Sergeants oversized wrists in a pathetic attempt to ease the ever closing grip on Murdock's throat. "SERGEANT!" He barked, realizing the only way to break through to BA now, would be the pull of rank.

BA dropped Murdock to the ground when he heard Hannibal pull rank. Crossing the Colonel was something that he had learned not do when he was first recruited for the team.  He stepped aside and went to his bunk, saying nothing.

Hannibal knelt down to make sure Murdock was okay.  He sighed, he knew that BA would never hurt Murdock, but sometimes the man didn't realize his own strength.  If BA ever did hurt the Captain he knew how bad he would feel about it.   Despite all the fighting they did, either of them would take a bullet for the other, and when it came down to it, that's all that mattered.  That special bond that existed when a few people would do anything for the other and never question it.

"I'm going to see what I can do about getting us a supply officer." He patted Murdock on the shoulder as he got up.  He wondered if he would be able to find another man that fit so nicely in with the three of them now. He turned to face the two now sulking figures, "If you two don't behave while I'm gone there's going to be hell to pay, understand?"  He threatened, to make sure that his point was clear. After living through all that he had with these men he didn't think he ever wanted to have kids of his own.  Keeping those two in line took most of his energy, and they had nothing on a five year old.

The two men nodded their compliance.  Both remembered the various obstacle courses that they had been forced to run through numerous times when they had disobeyed his orders.  At times each of them wished that they were forced to spend a few weeks in the stockade, but that was never an option where Smith was concerned.  He had pleaded their case to his CO and for them to spend more time in jail than they already did, and by the hands of Smith himself, would be too much like admitting defeat for the Colonel to ever do.  Then again, to throw them in jail when he knew how much they hated the courses they were sent through wouldn't make much sense either.


Chapter 2

Hannibal calmly walked into Colonel Morrison's office and drew to attention as he entered the room. He watched as his CO glared at him.  They had never gotten along and now was no different.  Morrison hated the fact that Smith and his men were nothing but what was commonly referred to as 'problem officers'.  They sneered in the face of authority, and somehow they got away with it every time.  Court marshaling the whole group of them had become Morrison's career goal, but he knew it would never happen.

Morrison sighed as he saw Smith enter his office, he did not have the patience to deal with him today.  "What are you doing to locate a Lieutenant for your team Colonel?"

"Actually Sir, I'm here to get the files on available Supply Officers."

"You're looking for Supply Officers when your team is in dire need of a Lieutenant!"  Smith had always had a way of pushing his buttons but this was too much.  The same things had taken place when he was getting Murdock and Baracus on his team.  Against the most relevant arguments against these men, Smith wouldn't take no for an answer, and in the end he always got the men he wanted.

"I think that getting the proper equipment for my men is a little more important than having a complete rank line... Sir" Came
Hannibal's rebuttal, he had barely remembered to throw on the sir part at the end and knew that Morrison had caught his slip up.

"My secretary will get you the files you need. Dismissed."  All he wanted was to get rid of Smith and his team, but that had become almost impossible.  Smith was known for being unorthodox and unpredictable and that made him a dangerous man.  He had the ability to somehow forge the men that he gotten a hold of into people who somehow became indestructible when working together. He was able to get the impossible done and that meant that Morrison had to indulge Smith in introducing him to the men that he requested.

Hannibal collected the five folders that held the lives of each individual represented in them, at least all that the Military had
been able to dig up on these people.  He headed back to his cabin deep in thought about what qualities this new man was going to need. They would definitely need to be able to handle BA's temper and Murdock's...he couldn't figure out what exactly Murdock possessed that needed to be handled, but it was definitely there.  But there had to be something else.  This person had to have the chemistry with the three of them that they each possessed with eachother. His thoughts were interrupted yelling coming in the direction of the snack bar.

"Hey, pretty boy!" yelled a muscle bound man as he grabbed a much smaller blond by the back of his shirt, dragging him away from the two ladies that he had been walking with.  The younger man broke away from the goons grip and regained his balance, when he saw the imposing form spin around ready to launch at any attempt to get away from him, he quickly raised his hands to show the man that he wasn't trying to run.  The blond turned his attention back to the ladies, "I'll be back in a moment ladies," came a smooth voice as a handsome smile flashed across his face, winning over his former walking companions, "Some business to take care of." He reasoned. Peck turned back to see what this oversized gorilla wanted, only to barely dodge a huge fist that was coming straight at his head.

Hannibal watched as he saw the blond duck just in time to avoid the collision.  He came back up with a gut punch, followed by a quickly delivered left cross to the side of the mans face, he finished the combination off with a knee being brought up to the mans head. Hannibal watched from the distance knowing that the MP's would be there any moment.  He cringed as he saw the blond get kidney punched and then belted across the face before they were both thrown to the ground by the MP's, who put knees in the small of their backs.  They can never do anything in even a somewhat gentle way, he though as he remembered the numerous times that he had had those knobby knees shoved into his spine.  He shook his head, too bad, he felt his heart go out to the blond, there was something so innocent looking about him...maybe it was just the fact that he looked so young.  Either way he would be spending at least six months in jail for today's stunt. Unfortunately the military didn't care who had provoked the fight, it's just the fact that you were involved in one.


Chapter 3

Hannibal sat on his bunk looking at the two remaining folders. He had already discarded three of them. The personnel that they
represented just weren't what he was looking for. They lacked heart, and ambition, the people in them were mind-numbed soldiers who never questioned the principals of which they were operating on. He was looking for someone who was able to think on their feet in the heat of battle and didn't have any reservations about wanting to understand why they were doing something. A man that didn't know why they were doing something didn't offer any valuable suggestions. That was something he wouldn't stand for, ignorance. He hated it plain and simple.

Right now he was looking at Templeton Peck's folder. He was mind boggled at how many reports had been made on this man in such a short time period. He was probably the only person who had a bigger folder that BA. Hannibal also couldn't figure out how a 19 year old kid could make it through Special Forces training, he decided that something must be off in their records.

Peck hadn't managed to go a week with out being put on report or thrown in jail for something. He had been incarcerated for
everything from conning the upper brass to creating phony businesses and being involved in bar room brawls.

Anyone in their right mind would have tossed the man's folder in the trash. There was no way that anyone could trust this man. This kid was every CO's worst nightmare, jail hadn't cured him of his bad habits and that meant almost nothing would be able to get his attitude in check. Then again nobody had every accused Hannibal of doing things the smart way, and something in his gut was telling him that this kid wasn't all bad. He couldn't understand what this man could possibly bring to his team besides more chaos, and that wasn't something he wanted to deal with, but he was never a man to ignore his instincts. They had saved him more than once in the jungle, and he had eventually come to rely more and more on how his stomach felt. He decided to meet the two remaining personnel.


"Sir, I need to see Peck and Richards."

"You can see Richards, but I'm afraid Peck is in jail, he's pulled one too many scams Colonel. He's going to be court-marshaled. At least that narrows down your work." Morrison told him dryly. It would figure that Smith would be interested in someone like Peck. It was bad enough that he had a crazy pilot and extremely bad tempered Sergeant, but now he was interested in adding to the ranks a lying cheat for a Lieutenant. Could things get any worse?

"I still want to see Peck. If he turns out to be the better man for the job then I won't settle for Richards. There is no way that I
will put the lives of my men in the hands of the second best." Smith said firmly coming down to lean against his CO's desk. Making his point seem that much more literal.

"SECOND BEST!!" Morrison couldn't believe what he was hearing. "Smith you're considering putting the lives of your men in
the hands of a con artist. This man can't be trusted to do anything. Richards has at least proven himself trustworthy." Morrison was outraged. He had been through the same thing numerous times, but every time Smith's tactics pushed him over the edge anyway. In the past he had tried to argue that there were better, more mild mannered soldiers that Uncle Sam had produced but nothing held water with this man. Arguing was more or less hopeless.

Smith just stood there, leaning on his desk, cigar hanging out of his mouth. This was not something that he was willing to argue and Morrison knew it. "Have my secretary line up the meeting as soon as possible." He resigned.


"What did you think of Richards?" Morrison asked Smith, unable to keep a hint of hope out of his voice. He had thought that the interview had gone well overall.

"He's arrogant, and conditioned, he would never know what to do if the unexpected happened." He answered bluntly killing any hope Morrison had found to hang onto. "And the unexpected often happens."

"I think the man's records show that he can think on his feet, Smith." He tried to reason, he searched his mind for any other facts that he could point out in favor of the man. He couldn't think of anything that hadn't already been covered in the interview.
"I know all about his records, and records like he has don't mean squat when it comes down to it. That man has never had to make a single decision on his own. He is a strictly by the books man, and I can tell you from experience that that doesn't, and won't cut it when you are out in the jungle. I don't plan on putting the lives of my men in any more danger than they are already in."

Morrison sighed in frustration, "Just keep an open mind. I still think Richards in the best man for the job." He once again tried to

"Oh, I plan to keep an open mind." Smith said as a devious twinkle entered his eyes, Morrison recognized it as what the rest of his men referred to as the 'jazz'. He also knew that nothing good ever came out of Smith 'being on the jazz' when it came to the paper work that he had had to file in the past.


Chapter 4

Hannibal was standing in the warden's office looking out a window that overlooked the excercise yard. It was the one time that he had been in this office without the cuffs on. That fact seemed to loom over everyone in the room, creating an uneasy atmosphere for everyone involved except Smith himself. He really didn't care what the others thought of him, he had a job to do and that's exactly what he planned on doing.

"That's your man over there." The Warden said as he pointed out of the window towards a blond in the prison yard. The man was walking over to someone that was out of the warden's line of view. "He has quite the mouth on him. Everytime he's in here he winds up in some trouble with the other inmates. He's a rival for you when it comes to smart remarks." He joked. "He just got in today, otherwise I could almost guarantee you that he would already be in solitaire." He said on a more serious note.

Hannibal watched as Peck calmly walked over to another man that was about the same age as him, he embraced the taller man in a hug.


Peck embraced Sanders far a long moment and then let go to look his old buddy over. "They still got you in here huh?" It was a stupid question and he knew it, but what are you going to do.

"Yup, I get out in two and a half weeks." Sanders announced. "What are you doing back in here so soon?" He asked, knowing all too well along what lines the answer would be. Peck was a great guy and a great friend, but when it came to keeping his mouth shut, that was another story. Sanders had been with him on some of his scams, and when they went bad Peck had always made sure that Sanders got away with everything. This was generally accomplished by Peck making the guards so mad at him that they completely forgot that there were two culprits. Sanders wished that his friend only felt the desire to sneer in the face of authority when it came to getting his friends out of trouble, but that was just an excuse to justify his actions. When it came down to it, the man had never been taken into custody without the guards finding an excuse to get a couple punches in of
their own. And although Sanders hated to admit it, if he was one of the guards that arrested Peck he would have belted him a couple times too.

"Oh, some guy jumped me." Peck answered nonchalantly as though that explained everything. Sanders watched as anger crossed his friend's face. "Damn it! That means I've missed my date." Peck hissed, then he smiled and shrugged the missed opportunity off as he remembered walking with those two girls. "Man, you should have seen these two girls, they were gorgeous."

"They usually are with you." Sanders pointed out, he had to smile at the fact that his friend never missed the opportunity to get into bed with some of the most beautiful women either of them had ever seen.  Then he remembered his curiosity about the guy Peck had mixed it upwith, "What did you scam from the guy that got you in here?"

"Oh, well, the guy had two pairs of boots. I thought that being the concerned person that I am for my fellow soldiers I would relieve him of the burden presented by having to polish the extra pair." He smiled, as though he believed his actions to be of the utmost honor.

Sanders frowned as he saw four very big men determinedly walking their way. Everyone had cleared a path for this group and those who didn't or just couldn't move fast enough had merely been tossed out of the way. "Uh, do you know those guys?" He asked Peck as he discretely pointed in there direction. In the back of his mind he already knew the answer. There were always people looking to get revenge on the young man for something.

"Oh yeah, that's the guy with the boots." He chimed light heartedly as he spun around to face his newest enemy.

"Hey Peck, its your fault I'm in here and now your gonna pay!" The giant man bellowed angrily.


Chapter 5

Hannibal watched the confrontation with curiosity. He smiled to himself, he couldn't have planned this better himself. This man was facing odds that were definitely not in his favor, it was the perfect chance for Hannibal to see how this guy would handle himself in the heat of battle.

"I better call security and get this thing stopped before it starts." The warden sighed, this happened too often. They might as
well save everyone some trouble and throw Peck in Solitaire when he first arrived instead of being forced to go through the process of trying to figure everything out.

"No, hold on, I want to se the way this guy handles himself." Hannibal said airily, too preoccupied by the confrontation to pay
enough attention to the warden to even raise his voice to a normal speaking level.


"How is this my fault?" Peck was becoming extremely irritated by this man, it was his fault that he got in here, again. "I should be angry at you, it was self defense on my part and now I'm facing a court-marshal!" He knew that logic was not going to help diffuse the situation, but it was worth a try in retrospect.

"It don't matter, I'm in here because of you, and now your gonna pay!"

"Yeah, I think you covered the paying part already." Peck pointed out.

"Get him!" The large man growled out the order.

Two of his flunkies immediately took large steps forwards towards Peck, in an attempt to grab him.

Peck swiftly dodged the closest guy and brought a knee up into his gut to get him out of the picture temporarily as he swung around and punched the other goon that was closing in on him in the face clearly breaking the man's nose.

The man stumbled backwards at the impact of the blow, at the sight of his hands being covered in the dark crimson color of blood all he wanted was to kill Peck for himself.

Sanders quickly finished off the guy Peck had kneed in the stomach with punch to the face, knocking him out cold. He saw Peck taking out their leader. He cringed as he saw his friend get gut punched doubling him over, the goon then punched him in the face, splitting his lip. Peck hit the ground with the world spinning around him from the unexpected force to his head. Sanders knocked the third gorilla out with a cheap knock in the back of the head, the rules of fair fighting was something that only idiots played by in the prison yard.

Peck tried to get up and go after the last remaining goon, but found himself being shoved down with a knee being ground into the small of his back while his hands were roughly pulled behind his back, where he felt the cool metal of the cuffs closing around his wrists. He laid there and watched as the same was done to Sanders and each of the goons, 'cops are idiots, why cuff someone that already unconsciensce' he thought.

He groaned as two guards pulled him to his feet, he was in no condition to be walking, and eventually found himself being half drug towards the cellblocks. 'Oh well, at least this will give my lip some time to heal' he cringed when he realized that his lip was still bleeding, 'well its a good thing that there aren't any girls in these places...At least not ones that I have access to' he thought bitterly.

Two guards were walking towards them as they entered the Solitaire block. "Hey Peck, back so soon.." The one on the right sneered.

"Well I missed you guys...anyway can I get my old cell back, I've grown attached to the comfort of that particular bed."

"The warden wants to see him immediately." Said the other guard. 'He must be new here, I don't think I've seen him around before' Peck groaned inwardly as the guards pulled him back in the direction that they had just come from towards the wardens office. 'Great, I can't even smile my way into a shorter solitaire term this time. Oh well, the longer I'm in solitaire the less chance anyone else will find me and try to extract revenge' he sighed.


Chapter 6

The door flew open as Peck was shoved into the room by the two guards. Hannibal watched as the man was drug to the center of the room where he was left standing there, still cuffed, and the guards were ordered to leave the room.

The Warden slowly approached him. He was in no mood for Peck's general smart assed replies. They were something that he would not tolerate while he was infront of people of the upper brass. "You want to tell me what that was all about down there?" He asked almost daring Peck to lie.

Peck would have smiled if his lip didn't hurt, he could almost see the warden begging him to tell the truth for once. "Well, he wanted to know my agents number so that when he got back to the states he could contact him and set up an audition for the ballet." He confessed, "He got real mad when I refused, but that would be bad for business, how would I feel if I found out he got the part that I tried out for." He shrugged his shoulders as best he could, "I guess he didn't see it from my point of view."

"You keep this up and you'll never see the light of day again as long as I have something to say about it. On the other hand, you tell me, and I'll let you off your solitaire term." He was seething with rage at Peck's insubordination, and there was nothing he could do, the man spent half his time being locked up anyway, why would he care about spending a little more time in solitary confinement.

"Naw, I could use a little time to think. Maybe I'll brush up on my operatic voice." Peck knew that the warden wanted him to sell Sanders out. Nobody had actually seen the man do anything, and if he told the warden what he wanted to know his friend's term would be extended. Sanders was one of the few men that he had befriended, and he wasn't about to sell that out for a lighter sentence. He hardly ever let anyone close to him but Sanders was one of the few people that he did trust, and he wasn't willing to betray that trust.

"Sanders gets out in two and a half weeks. Why don't you just confess and save yourself some trouble?" He couldn't believe the nerve of this man, making a fool out of him in his own office.

"I told you, my singing voice needs some work and where better to practice that than in the confines of a cement cell?" He questioned sincerely, "Here listen." He told the Warden as he started to warm up his voice, before he was interrupted.

The Warden threw up his hands in disgust, "This is Colonel Smith, he wants to talk to you." He said before Peck could start singing.

Peck stopped clearing his throat and automatically smiled at the introduction, forgetting about his lip and wincing in pain as it
reminded him that it was still there. "I'd solute, but I'm a little tied up at the moment." He explained, shrugging his shoulders at his helplessness.

Smith almost smiled, but managed to maintain an unimpressed demeanor. "You have quite the record, care to explain any of it?"

Nothing good ever came from discussing his record, this could only mean that he was in more trouble than he thought, "Not particularly."

"THAT WASN'T A QUESTION LEIUTENANT!" Getting a reaction out of this kid was exactly what he wanted.

Peck almost jumped at the outburst but managed to keep a somewhat calm composure. Why did this guy care about what he had done in the past, nobody cared what he did as long as they could lock him up in the end. "Why do you want to know?" He almost yelled in frustration.

Hannibal smiled, "That's all for now." 'I love it when a plan comes together' he thought smirking to himself as a still confused Peck was taken from the room.

That reaction was all Hannibal needed, it confirmed all of his suspicions. This was just a scared kid fighting in a war that he
didn't understand, hell nobody understood it. Peck had found some stability in the face of trouble, everytime he fucked up, he was thrown in jail. Repetitive yes, but all the same it was the stability this kid was looking for. "I want that man." He said, a
devious smile crossing his face.

"YOU WHAT?" Morrison couldn't believe what he was hearing. He had expected it yes. But actually hearing it was something completely different. "This kid is a con-man. You wouldn't be able to trust anything he said. He's never done anything except take from others what he could use for himself. He's an embarrassment to this base and to the United States!"

"You've seen his records, he's never been given the chance to prove himself. As far as I am concerned, not selling his friend out was proof enough of his true character. You never can tell when loyalty of that nature will come in handy." Came Smith's dry argument, "I want him on my team...You give me three months. If his record doesn't improve by that time I'll throw him back in jail myself." He bargained.

There would be nothing better than seeing the great Colonel Smith have to eat his own words when the time came and that kid was still up to his troublesome antics. "Fine, but if his attitude doesn't improve I'll make sure that he doesn't get out of here again

"Wo wo wo. He's going to be court marshaled. You can't just take him out of here like its nothing!" This was the last thing the
Warden wanted to happen, not only was Peck getting away with the fight, and making him look like a fool, but he was being put on the A-Team!

"I saw the fight, the other guy took the first swing, it was clear self defense." Hannibal shrugged it off and left the office, leaving
Morrison and the Warden there to get the paperwork together.


"Hey guys, I've found a supply officer for us. Works out for the best too, he'll get Morrison off my back about finding a Lieutenant for the rank line... I'm warning you guys now though, he's going to take some work."

"That's okay Colonel. Me and the big guy here have plenty of experience setting up obstacle courses." Murdock smiled his
acceptance of the newest member.

BA let out a low growl at the mention of obstacle courses. He'd seen way too many of them as far as he was concerned, though it would be a welcome change to see someone besides himself running through them.

"Glad you guys agree," Hannibal smiled, "He should be here any moment."

There was a knock at the door before it opened and Peck was shoved through the entryway. Hannibal smiled when he saw Peck turn around and face the guards, silently challenging them to try anything, even though his hands were still securely cuffed behind him. Hannibal quickly stepped in-between them, trying to prevent anymore unnecessary confrontations, he ordered the guards out of the room.

Peck turned to go sit on the unoccupied bed when Hannibal followed the guards out the door, he assumed that he was going to talk to them about the paperwork for his release. He quietly picked the lock on his cuffs and brought his arms around to a more comfortable position.

Smith came back in with the keys to the cuffs only to see his new recruit lying down on the bed, rubbing his now free hands. He looked over to BA and Murdock who were both giving him looks that said 'this one is going to be tough.' Hannibal sighed as a feeling of helplessness entered his mind, he had no idea where to begin when it came to reforming this kid. With BA it had been easy, he was quick with his fists so he pissed him off on purpose. Murdock he had taken in strides, but he had no idea which problem to start curing this kid of first, and it frustrated him.

"Glad to see you got your cuffs off Lieutenant." He said as he pocketed the keys, he figured he'd probably need them sometime in the future. "This is Sergeant Bosco Baracus, otherwise known as BA. And over here is Captain 'Howling Mad' Murdock." He proudly introduced.

"Awe Colonel, you forgot to introduce Billy!" Murdock was shocked at his commander's careless mistake. "It's okay boy, you just let 'ole Murdock take care of everything." He stroked the forgotten dog's head.

Peck watched in amazement as the Captain stroked the air. He really didn't know what to do, so he decided to humor the guy. "Hi Billy, nice to meet you." He said skeptically looking at the space Murdock was still busy petting.

"Shut up fool! You ain't got no dog! I'm tired o' hear'n your crazy jibber jabber!" BA swung his legs over the edge of the bed ready to get up if Murdock pushed him any further.

"You better watch out for the big guy over there, he lives up to his nick name." Murdock warned the new man.

Now Peck was confused, he hadn't planned on getting in the mans way in the first place. His constant scowl and Mohawk was enough to keep anybody away from him. "What's BA stand for?" He asked cautiously.

"Bad Attitude" Murdock chimed. He smiled when he heard Peck ground out an unsure "Riiiight."

"That's enough for tonight, anything else you guys want to talk about can be taken care of tomorrow. Get some sleep." Hannibal ordered as he headed towards his bed.




A Chance Worth Taking by Quentillian



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