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Lost Memories pt 1

Lost Memories
By Dana

Disclaimer: I claim Victoria Bower, Dr. Andrew Lewis, Kelly, Nicole, Marie, and Joey everyone else belongs to Stephen J. Cannell. Tinker Bell fake makeup is owned by I don't know who. I remember buying that stuff when I was young. Lost Memories By Dana

Rating and warnings: To be on the safe side, I rate this fanfic PG-13. Warnings: There will be use of drugs in the fic. Well, a different kind of drug. Plus, there is a lot of angst, some mild swearing, and a tiny bit of torture.

Thanks to: To Sue Lott who told me that Border Collie's make a better pet for kids. To Ann Hinch who pointed out that a certain scene didn't make sense. Terri Spencer who pointed out another booboo I made. Thanks ladies.

Summary: Even after they get their pardon, the A-Team isn't safe.

Archive: Yes


General Hunt Stockwell walked into the front room of house that the A-Team had been living in since they came to Langley Virginia. Colonel John "Hannibal" Smith, Lieutenant Templeton "Faceman" Peck, Sergeant Bosco "BA" Baracas, Captain HM Murdock, and Frankie Santana were in the room waiting. "Here you go Gentlemen. Something I know you have been waiting for." He said putting a piece of paper on the table before walking out the door.

Hannibal picked up the piece of paper and read it quickly before handing it to his second-in-command, Face. "It's our pardons." He told the others. "As of tomorrow we will no longer be wanted by, or working for, the United States Government." Hannibal said with a grin. He couldn't get another word out as everyone in the room started celebrating. He pulled out a cigar and lit it.

*** Six months later

After getting their pardons, the majority of the A-Team followed Hannibal to Bad Rock. Frankie went back to Hollywood to continue his work in special affects.

Soon after moving to Bad Rock, Hannibal proposed to Maggie Sullivan who readily accepted. Amy Allen and Frankie came up for the wedding Face had been Hannibal's best man BA, Frankie, and Murdock were the ushers and Amy served as Maid of Honor. They had been married for three months.

Hannibal walked into his house in Bad Rock. "Maggie?" He called.

"What is it Hannibal?" Maggie Smith asked entering the room.

"I got all the paper work signed. I am now legally Face's father."

"That's great Hannibal. I have great news also. I went to Dr. Jacobson and he said I'm pregnant!"

Hannibal hugged his wife closely as they talked excitedly about names, and where the baby would stay. Life was perfect.

*** Four years...and nine months later

"Come on Murdock." Face said as he watched Murdock looking at the puppies in the window. He glanced down at his watch. "If we want to make it to Marie's birthday party on time you have to leave the puppies!"

"Ah come on Faceman! Let's get Marie a puppy! She and Joey would love to have one!" Murdock looked at him pleadingly.

"I don't think Hannibal would like that Murdock."

"Ah but Facey! What kid wouldn't want a puppy?" Murdock asked looking at his best friend hopefully. Face reluctantly nodded and Murdock hurried into the pet store.

'Hannibal's going to kill us.' Face thought but smiled at the idea of seeing his younger 'sister's' eyes as she saw the puppy. He sighed contentedly and followed Murdock into the store.

"Face do you like the Dalmatian or the Border Collie better?"

"You know more about dogs then I do. You choose and hurry! We need to get back to Bad Rock." Face reminded him. Murdock lifted the Border Collie and followed Face to the register. "I'll go get the car."

Face started towards his car that was on the other side of the street. He didn't see the truck that came speeding towards him. It hit him straight on and he went flying. The truck didn't stop as it drove away.

Back in the pet store, a young man came running in. "I need to use the phone! Some guy just got hit by a car!"

"Sure it's right over there." The saleswoman said pointing to the corner. She turned back to Murdock as she gave him his change.

Murdock took the money and walked out the door wondering if Face had seen who was hit. He put the puppy in the box he was given. He looked up and saw Face on the ground. "Face!" He screamed pushing through the crowd. "What happened?" He asked one of the people that were there.

"Some truck came speeding around the corner. No one could have seen it at the speed it was going. It hit him and took off. You know him?" The girl asked.

"Yeah he's a friend of mine." Murdock said putting the box down as he took a better look at Face. His right leg seemed to be twisted in an awkward position.

The young man who was in the pet store came running out. "The ambulance is on the way."

Ten minutes later Murdock heard the wailing of the sirens. Face had came around a few minutes earlier. Murdock looked around worriedly holding Face's hand. Even five years after the others got their pardons the sirens made him nervous. The ambulance pulled to a stop in front of them and two medics hurried out. They quickly checked Face. "What's his name?" Kelly asked.

"Templeton Smith." Murdock answered watching the medics examine Face. They quickly and carefully put him on a stretcher.

"Will you be riding with him?" The other paramedic, Nicole, asked smiling encouragingly at him. Murdock nodded. "Well hop in!" She said and laughed as he hurried over to the ambulance with box in hand.

*** Hannibal paced the front room. The party was supposed to have started ten minutes ago and his daughter's friends were getting impatient. He wondered where Face and Murdock was. Face told him that Murdock wanted to go to the next town to get Marie a gift. He heard the telephone ringing and his wife's voice saying, "Hello...Murdock calm down. I can't understand what you're saying...what happened to Face...where are you...we'll be right there...bye!" That sent Hannibal running into the room. Maggie didn't wait for him to ask. "That was Murdock calling from a hospital. Face was hit by a car."

BA, who had heard that, hurried over. "Is he all right?" He asked.

"Murdock didn't know." Maggie said with a frown, which she tried to cover up as she placed her six-month-old baby, Joey, in a crib.

Marie came running over to them. "Mommy when can I eat cake?" She asked.

Hannibal kneeled in front of his daughter. He wasn't sure how he was going to tell her this. "Sweetie, Face was injured by a car today. We'll continue the party later okay?" He turned around and saw Marie's best friend Sally Flanders' mother standing they're talking to the kids. He hurried over to her. "We need to get to the hospital. A car hit Face. Could you watch the kids for us? I don't want to take them to the hospital with me right now."

"Sure John. Don't worry about Marie and Joey. Tell Face I hope he gets better soon." Mrs. Flanders said.

"We will." Hannibal said as he, BA, and Maggie hurried out the door and to the car.

BA got behind the wheel instinctively. "Where's the hospital Maggie?"

"It's a couple of towns over." Maggie said.

They rode the rest of the way in complete silence.

When they got to the hospital, Hannibal jumped out of the car before it was completely stopped. He ran into the hospital. BA kept driving and parked the van.

When Hannibal got to the desk, he asked, "My son was brought in here earlier after being hit by a car. His name is Templeton Smith."

The nurse at the desk smiled before looking at the list. "Oh yes his name is right here. He's in room 102."

"Thank you." Hannibal said and saw Maggie and BA running towards him. "He's in room 102." He informed them before hurrying down the hall. They found the room and looked in. Murdock sat next to the bed watching Face sleep. He looked up and smiled. "How is he Murdock?"

"Broken leg and a concussion. The doc said he could leave tomorrow. I guess they want to keep him for observation." Murdock said looking at Maggie for verification. Maggie nodded.

"Murdock why's that box movin'?" BA asked pointing the box that was on Face's table.

"Oh that's Marie's present from me!" He said handing it to Hannibal.

Hannibal lifted the lid and looked at the Border Collie puppy that sat in the box. "A puppy?"

"Yeah! I thought Marie would love a puppy."

"It was all Murdock's idea." A weak voice said from the bed.

"Face! How are you feeling kid?" Hannibal asked.

"Numb." He admitted.

"Did you see who hit you?" Hannibal asked. Face shook his head. "Don't worry about it. We'll get to the bottom of this."

"Get some rest. Murdock says you've got a concussion and a broken leg." Maggie said. "Sleep will do you some good."

Suddenly a male doctor entered the room. "Hello I'm Dr. Andrew Lewis. I am Templeton's doctor."

"I'm John Smith, this is my wife Maggie, and this is HM Murdock and BA Baracas." Hannibal introduced them.

"I met Murdock earlier. I just wanted to talk to Templeton about his condition. He has a clean break in his right fibula. He also has a mild concussion which is why we want to keep him overnight. He can leave in the morning." He paused when he saw the box on the table. "The dog has to leave though." Murdock looked at the doctor pleadingly. "Besides Templeton needs some sleep. You can come back in the morning."

Hannibal, BA, and Murdock looked like they were about to object so Maggie spoke up before they could. "Come on guys. Dr. Lewis is right. We'll be back in the morning Face." She said patting his hand before walking out the door.

"Hang in there little brother." BA said squeezing Face's shoulder then followed Maggie.

Hannibal and Murdock stood there watching Face fall back asleep before they each squeezed his hand and walked out of the room. "Murdock do you know anything about the car that hit Face?" Hannibal asked.

"No Hannibal. I was in the pet store when it happened. One of the people that was there said it was a hit and run."

"Hannibal!" A woman's voice called running down the corridor. It was Victoria Bower, Face's current girlfriend. "How is he?"

"He's got a broken leg and a concussion." Hannibal answered her. He didn't really like her but Face had dated worse. "The doctor's not letting anyone in right now. He said Face needs his rest and to come back tomorrow."

Victoria nodded. "I'll go talk to the doctor myself. Oh tell Marie happy birthday for me."

Murdock waited until Victoria was out of earshot before saying, "you know something Colonel? I don't like her."

"Neither do I Murdock but nothing we can do about it." Hannibal said as they walked out of the hospital.

When they got back to the Smith's house, Mrs. Flanders, who was carrying Joey, and Marie greeted them. "How is he?" Mrs. Flanders asked.

"Broken leg and a concussion. He should be all right though." Maggie said taking Joey from her. Mrs. Flanders left soon after.

"Marie I think your Uncle Murdock has a present for you." Hannibal said.

Marie stepped forward and took the box from her uncle eagerly. She squealed with happiness when she saw that it was a puppy. "Thanks Uncle Murdock!" She said hugging the pilot.

"Sure thing Marie!" He said with a smile. "See I told you she'd love the puppy." He said with a proud grin.

"Great Murdock. I bestow on you the task of cleaning up after the puppy." Hannibal said with a grin.

"Hey! I don't even live here!" He reminded him.

They were interrupted by the telephone ringing. Maggie grabbed it. "Hello? He's right here." She covered the receiver. "It's Colonel Decker."

Hannibal took the phone and looked confused. He hadn't heard from Colonel Roderick Decker since the hearing, which was almost six years ago. "Hello?" He asked.

'Colonel Smith I have some information you might be interested in. They did a trace on the plates of the truck that hit your lieutenant. Turns out it's licensed to someone that works for Douglas Kyle. They let me know because it's now my duty to find Kyle.'

"Kyle's out of prison?" Hannibal asked anger boiling inside of him. He saw the others look at him in shock. "When?"

'A couple weeks ago he escaped. This is the best lead we've had. Watch your team carefully. Who knows what Kyle's up to? I'll be up Friday.' Decker hung up.

Hannibal hung up the phone with a sigh. He signaled for BA and Murdock to follow him. When they were away from Maggie and the children, he spoke. "They found out who the truck that hit Face belongs to. It belongs to one of Douglas Kyle's men. It seems Kyle's been out of prison for a couple weeks."

"Now what are we going to do Colonel?" Murdock asked.

"Yeah. What's the plan Hannibal?" BA asked.

"I don't know yet. Keep on our toes. Whatever Kyle wants he'll let us know eventually."

*** Face opened his eyes the next morning and saw Victoria talking to someone on her cell phone. She smiled at him before saying, "I've got to go. He's awake." She clicked the off button and put the phone in her purse. "Morning Face! How are you feeling?" She asked kissing his cheek.

"Now that's a wonderful thing to wake up to." Face said struggling to sit up.

"Let me help you Face." Victoria said and helped him sit up. "Your doctor said you can leave in a couple of hours." She patted his hand before asking her question again, "how do you feel?"

"Leg hurts and heads still fuzzy." Face said looking into her eyes.

"Well that can be expected Mr. Smith." A voice said from the doorway. Face looked up and saw Dr. Lewis smiling at them. He walked over and flashed his light in the eyes of Face and then checked his toes. "Looking much better. I recommend that you rest for a couple days. Don't do anything strenuous, especially on that broken leg. I'll be back to release you at 10:00," he said moving out of the doorway so the rest of the A-Team could walk into the room.

"How are you doing kid?" Hannibal asked, completely ignoring Victoria.

"Leg hurts and my head's still fuzzy, but other then that okay. I guess I have to eat that awful thing the hospital calls food. When we leave drop me off at a restaurant for some real food."

"I'll be glad to take you there Face." Victoria said with a smile.

Hannibal didn't miss the glare Victoria was giving Murdock as he talked started talking about how much Marie loved her puppy. "Face you can stay with Maggie and the kids while BA, Murdock, and I head to San Jose for a case. It would be easier for you then staying by yourself."

"He can stay with me." Victoria pointed out. "I've got plenty of room."

"Your apartment is not on the ground floor. Hannibal reminded her. "It would be easier for Face if he was in a one floor house." She nodded reluctantly. "How does that sound Face?"

"Sounds fine." Face said distracted by the nurse who was approaching him with a needle.

"Time for your pain medicine Templeton." The nurse said with a smile as he shook his head. "This will take only a second and the next time you wake up you'll be home." Nurse Sharon Easton always felt that her patients felt better if you told them what was in store for them, before it happened. She injected him with the sedative and left the room as soon as she saw that Face had fallen asleep.

Victoria's phone started ringing. "I've got to go. Tell Face I'll drop by and see him tomorrow." She said and left without waiting for a reply.

"There is something about that girl that's not right Hannibal." Murdock said watching her leave.

"I know Murdock. I'm sure everyone but Face sees it. Maybe he does, and doesn't want to admit it." Hannibal said with a shrug.

Murdock excused himself saying he had to go to the bathroom. After going to the restroom he paused at a drinking fountain and heard a voice on a telephone. He looked over when he heard a nurse saying, "he'll be staying at the Smith's house...Don't know much more then that...Yeah he'll be fine...He'll be pretty dazed for a couple days and sore but he'll be fine...Don't worry Colonel Decker."

Murdock smiled as he walked back to Face's hospital room. Decker actually cared.

*** Three hours later, Face opened his eyes as he felt something lick his face. He saw two brown eyes looking at him. 'Where am I?' He wondered. "Face!" He heard Marie yell jumping on the bed.

Face instinctively grabbed his leg, which was now bouncing up and down like his sister. "Hey Marie."

"Marie!" Another voice called from the doorway. Face saw it was Maggie. "Come on sweetie. Face needs some rest. Take Murdy to your room with you." The little girl jumped off the bed and ran out of the room.

"Murdy?" Face asked in confusion.

"Murdy's the puppies name. She wanted to name her after Murdock." Maggie said with a shrug.

"Have the others left yet?" Face asked.

"They are packing now and promised they'll say goodbye to you before they leave. You need some pain medicine?" She asked. Face started to shake his head but then felt the pain go through his leg. He bit down on his lip. That was enough of an answer for Maggie as she gave him some pain pills and water. "Now Face you are going to have to tell me when you're in pain. You're not doing yourself any good pretending not to be. I'll try to tell Marie not to jump on your bed like that." Then she remembered Victoria's message. "Victoria said she'd drop by tomorrow to see you."

Face's eyes lit up. "Great!"

"Get some rest Face. Let that painkiller take effect." Maggie said before leaving the room and closing the door. She leaned against the door with a heavy sigh before going to the next room to check on Joey. After she found that Joey was still sleeping, she went to make sure Marie wasn't getting herself in trouble. This was going to be a very long week.

*** Murdock and BA were throwing their stuff in the van. "BA I've been thinking. With Kyle's men around should we be leaving Face here?"

"You been thinkin' Fool? There's a first time for everthin'. He'll be all right. You heard the colonel. Decker's comin' tomorrow." BA grabbed a bag out of Murdock's hands. "Is that the last bag?"

"Yep big guy. Guess we should go pick up Hannibal." Murdock said and went to the front of the van. "Can I drive BA? It's just one block!"

"No!" BA said and got behind the wheel.

"You never let me drive." Murdock said with a pout as he sat in passenger side seat. "Face let's me drive his vette."

"Well I'm not Faceman. Don't know why he lets you drive in first place."

"Because he trusts me?" Murdock asked and smiled, as BA didn't answer.

"Don't know 'bout that fool." BA said as he pulled up next to the Smith's house.

Murdock jumped out of the van and knocked he was greeted by Marie. "Uncle Murdock! See Murdy?" She asked holding up the Border Collie puppy.

"She's beautiful." Murdock said petting the puppy's head. "And such a pretty name for the dog too."

Marie beamed she caught sight of BA. "Uncle BA! See Murdy?"

BA smiled. He loved children and he especially loved his 'niece' and 'nephew.' They loved him as much as he loved them. "What a beautiful dog."

"BA! Murdock! Come on in!" Hannibal called from the kitchen. "I was just talking to Decker on the phone. He hasn't gotten anything else on Kyle's whereabouts. But he's still planning to be here tomorrow along with Crane and a few other MP's."

"Good." BA said grabbing the radio off the counter. "I'll take this to the van."

Murdock decided he should ask the same question he asked BA. "Hannibal are you sure Face will be all right here without us? He can't exactly defend himself with a cast on his leg. Sure he could hit them with his crutches but it won't help that much."

"I hate to do it also but we can't take him with us and we can't turn this job down. We promised we'd do it." Hannibal reminded him.

BA walked back into the house and they all headed to the room that Face was staying. "Hey kid. Are you awake?" Hannibal asked.

"Yeah." A weak and tired voice answered him. "You guys leaving already?" He asked sitting up.

"Yeah. Just wanted to say bye before we left." Murdock said sitting gently on the edge of Face's bed. "We'll be back as soon as we've finished the case."

"We'll be back before you know it." BA said in agreement.

Hannibal wasn't sure if he should tell Face that Decker was coming. They hadn't told him whom the truck belonged. Then again, Decker would probably tell him if they didn't. "Face, Decker's coming up here tomorrow. It seems that the truck that hit you belongs to one of Douglas Kyle's men. Kyle escaped prison and Decker's in charge of finding him."

Face paled for a second before giving a smile. "I feel safe in Decker's hands." 'Even I don't buy that one. It must be the drugs.'

Maggie entered carrying Joey. "Someone wanted to say goodbye too!" She said handing Joey to her husband.

Marie stood in the doorway unsure of what was going on in the room. "Daddy?" She asked.

"Hi sweetie. I wasn't going to forget to say goodbye to you." Hannibal said shifting Joey in his arms. So he could give her somewhat of a hug. "You've got to help your mom while I'm gone. She's going to need help with your brothers and Murdy. Okay?" The little girl nodded. "Great. I'll be back soon okay honey?" She nodded again. He handed Joey back to Maggie. "We better go." Hannibal said. The team said their good-byes and left.

Face laid back down thinking of the fact that Kyle might be in Bad Rock. He looked out the window wondering if anyone was watching him. He felt the drugs really kicking in and fell asleep.

*** The next day Maggie checked on Face. "Face I'm going to go to the store. Do you mind watching Marie while I'm gone? She said she'd rather stay here. I'll take Joey with me."

"Sure." Face said putting the newspaper down. "I'd be glad too. You go on ahead to the market and we'll be fine!"

"I'll have Marie come in here and you two can play Candy Land or something." Maggie left the room.

A minute later Marie came running into the room with Candy Land just barely in her arms. It was teatering and about to fall out of her hands. It landed on the bed. Marie frowned and looked like she was going to cry.

"Hey it's okay Marie! Look! It didn't even spill." Face tried to assure her.

Five minutes after the game had been set up there was a knock at the door. Face grabbed the crutches that were leaning against the windowsill. He looked through the peephole and saw Victoria. He opened the door. "Hey Victoria."

"Hi." Victoria said stepping into the house. "Marie I heard yesterday was your birthday. So I brought you a present." She handed her a wrapped package.

Marie eagerly took the package and unwrapped it. She found a small kit of fake Tinker Bell makeup. "I remember playing with my mother's makeup when I was her age." Victoria explained to Face. "So what are you up to?"

"We were playing Candy Land. You want to play?" Face asked with a grin.

"Sure. Maybe later we can play a different game." Victoria said with a wink. "I have to call my roommate and tell her something. Why don't you two go and set up the game."

"Sure. Come on Marie." Face said hobbling back to his room. Marie followed him slowly. She was playing with the fake makeup.

Victoria waited until they were out of earshot before dialing her cell phone. "I'm at the Smith's house. If you're going to do something do it quick. Face and Marie are the only ones here."

Three minutes later a van pulled up into the driveway. Victoria opened the door and let the men in. "Where is he?" One of them asked.

"In the bedroom down the hall second door on the left."

The men brushed past her and walked quickly down the hall.

Face looked up when he heard someone enter the room. There were five men in masks with guns pointed at him and Marie. "Get them." The leader of the group said.

Face got up off of the bed preparing to defend himself and Marie. The men pointed their guns at Marie. "Face didn't want to put Marie in danger so he didn't do anything.

"Wise choice." One of them said pistol whipping Face in the temple.

"Face!" Marie cried and tried to move to her brother but one of the men caught her. "Let me go!" She said trying to kick and hit the man.

"Come on! We've got to go!" Someone yelled from outside. "I think I see people coming!"

"Get him out into the van quickly." Victoria ordered watching the window carefully. She didn't see Maggie's car yet. She hurried out the door accidently forgetting her phone in the process.

They threw Face in the back of the van. Victoria placed Maggie on her lap.

"Go!" Sharphook yelled at the driver. They were almost at the end of the road by the time Maggie's car came into view.

*** When Maggie pulled up to, her house she didn't think anything was wrong. Her front door was still locked as she left it. But the house was quiet. It was too quiet for a four-year-old. "Marie? Face?" She called. But she didn't get an answer. Not one sound came. Now Maggie was becoming worried. She put Joey in his playpen before looking through the house. The kitchen was empty Marie's room was empty. Face's room was empty. She ran back to the front room looking for some kind of note and didn't find one. To confirm her suspicions she went into Face's room again. The crutches were still leaning against the window where she had placed them. She didn't find anything else. She went to the counter where the phone was and found Victoria's cell phone. She quickly picked up her own phone and dialed the phone in the van.

'Yeah?' Hannibal's voice asked.

"Hannibal it's me. We've got a problem."

'What is it?'

"Face and Marie are missing. It must have happened while I went to the store. When I got back no one was in the house and I found Victoria's cell phone and Face's crutches."

Hannibal almost dropped the phone but quickly recovered. 'Keep us posted. Call us if you hear anything at all. We'll cut this case very short and be back down. Decker should be there soon tell him what's going on and give him the van number. Be careful Maggie.'

"I will Hannibal. All of you be careful. I love you." Maggie hung up the phone before looking out the window quickly. She didn't see anyone watching her. Joey, almost sensing his mother's anger, started crying. Maggie went over to him and rocked him in her arms.

*** Hannibal quickly hung up the phone. BA and Murdock were staring at him expectantly. "Face and Marie are missing."

"Was it Kyle?" BA asked after he pulled over.

"I don't know about Kyle but Victoria could have had a part in it. Maggie found Victoria's purse. We need to get back to Bad Rock." Hannibal said lighting a cigar.

BA nodded and got the van back on the road. Murdock was uncharacteristically silent.

*** Face opened his eyes and realized he was no longer in his room. He was in a very small room with no windows or furniture. His hands were tied behind his back. He could hear someone crying beside him. He turned around and saw that it was Marie. "It's going to be all right Marie." He tried to console his sister.

"Face I'm scared. I wanna go home." She whispered.

"Me too Marie but we have to see where we are first and then try to get back." Face paused as he heard footsteps coming towards them. The door opened and Victoria entered. "Well hello Face and Marie. My boss asked me to come in and make sure you are awake, which I see that you are.

"Who's your boss?" Face asked angrily. He couldn't believe his girlfriend was a part of this.

"Now if I told you that, it would ruin the surprise wouldn't it?" Victoria said in a sugary sweet voice.

"Why Victoria?" Face asked.

"Why?" She asked with a laugh. "Why not? My boss is a very good friend of mine. He asked me to do this and I did. I've known him a lot longer then I have you sugar." She said. "Oh you were nice enough but definitely not my type. As for my boss, you'll both meet him later. He has quite an interest in both of you." She said and walked out the door.

Face knew that his speculation was probably correct. Victoria's boss was probably Kyle. He went back to trying to comfort his sister and looking for some way to get out.

*** Maggie stared out the window again hoping for some kind of sign of Marie or Face. She saw a Military Police Jeep pulling up to the house. She hurried to the front door and opened it before they knocked on it.

"Hello Dr. Smith." Colonel Roderick Decker said with a curt nod. "You know Captain Crane I presume?" He asked. Maggie nodded. "Is the lieutenant here?" He frowned when he saw her pale. "What's the matter?"

"I think Victoria, Face's current girlfriend, might have taken Face and Marie. I found her cell phone on the counter. Hannibal told me to have you call him. Here's the number." Maggie said giving it to him. "The phone's right over there."

Decker quickly called the van mobile.

'Yeah?' Hannibal's voice asked.

"It's Colonel Decker. We are in Bad Rock. What's this about your children being missing?"

'That I don't know. Maggie called me and said that Face and Marie were missing. We're headed back there now. We should be there in three hours.'

"We'll be waiting." Decker said and hung up the phone. He turned his attention back to Maggie. "Tell me all you know about Victoria."

"Her name is Victoria Bower. She's originally from San Diego. She and Face met two or three weeks ago at the store I think is what Face said. They had been dating for about two weeks. I think Face was the only one that really liked her. There was something about her that bugged me. She was really sweet and kind towards Face but the looks she was giving the rest of us..."

Decker nodded fully understanding what she meant. "Looks like your suspicions about her were correct doctor."

"Please call me Maggie. Can I get you and your men something to drink Colonel? Coffee?" She asked.

"That would be fine Maggie." Decker said the others nodded.

"Take a seat and I will get you some. Or you can look around the house if you wish." She said heading into the kitchen.

*** The door opened again but the lights didn't come back on. A man roughly pulled Face away from Marie who wouldn't let go of Face until another man pulled her away. She started kicking the man and didn't stop when the door closed.

Face was pushed into another room. He looked around the room and noticed that the room wasn't much different then the one he had been in except this one had a chair in the middle. Lying on the chair was an electrical saw.

Several other people entered the room. One of them was Victoria.

Victoria smirked down at Face before nodding at the men. Two came over to Face and held him down while another came closer with the saw. Face was sure he didn't want to know what they were planning. He could feel the saw cutting the plaster away from his leg. He winced when he felt the saw touch his leg. Luckily, it didn't cut his skin. However, the pain did come afterwards as he was pulled to his feet and he started to fall forward only to be pulled back up.

"Walk." One of the men said. Face took a step and fell. The person who spoke leaned down again. "Walk or that little girl will be hurt."

Face grimaced as he started to limp back towards the room he had been. Once inside the room, the door closed and locked. He sank to the floor. Marie hurried over to him and leaned against him whimpering.

*** Two hours later BA, Hannibal, and Murdock came back into the house. After getting a call from Hannibal, Frankie Santana had arrived a half-hour ago from Los Angeles. "Hello Rod." Hannibal greeted the man who had chased him and his team for years. They were both after the same person now. "Did they call?"

"No not yet. We haven't found any clues in the rooms. But they'll call soon I bet."

The phone rang almost on cue. Hannibal picked it up. "Hello?"

'You've got a beautiful daughter Smith.' The voice said. It was obvious he was disguising it.

"You son of a bitch! If you hurt either of them..."

'Temper, temper Colonel. They are fine...for the time being.'

"I want them back."

'Get rid of the Military Police and we'll talk.' The phone went dead.

Hannibal slammed the phone down. 'Damn them.' He silently cursed. The others looked at him expectantly. "It was him."

"So what's the plan Johnny?" Frankie asked.

For once the colonel didn't have a plan. "I don't know Frankie. I don't know."

*** Face tried to sit up when he heard the door open again but the pain that was registering was too much. Someone knelt down next to him. He knew who it was right away.

It was Douglas Kyle.

"What's the matter Peck? Your leg hurt?" Kyle said and laughed.

Face didn't answer him he just glared at him.

"Dougie he goes by Templeton Smith now." Victoria reminded him.

"Oh yes I forgot. And this must be Marie Smith." Kyle said and went to touch her arm. Face reacted by hitting Kyle. He was rewarded with a sharp blow to his leg. His hands wrapped around his leg protectively. "I wasn't going to hurt her lieutenant. I just want to hurt her father." Kyle flashed them an evil grin.

Victoria handed Kyle a couple of needles. One of Kyle's men held Face's arm as Kyle injected him. As Face slumped back to the floor, Kyle injected the other syringe into Marie's arm.

Men came into the room with gasoline cans.

*** Hannibal woke up the next day to the sound of a ringing telephone. "Hello?" He asked.

'Is this John Smith?' A voice asked.

"Yes. Who's this?" His eyes narrowing. It didn't sound like the same person who called the night before.

'This is Dr. Meyers. We may have found your son and daughter.'

To be continued...




Lost Memories by Dana
Lost Memories 2 by Dana Snyder