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Hannibal watched Face as he pottered about in the kitchen; it had been a few weeks since the incident at the sanctuary.

Face turned, "What?"

"Sorry Face, its just well…." Hannibal trailed away for once lost for words.

Face smiled, "Hannibal you don't have to tread on egg shells around me, none of you do. Although that is pretty much what you have been doing. I'm still me, I'm just new and improved as they say." Face said as he poured himself a fresh juice.

Hannibal sighed, "What did happen to you Face? Can you tell us?"

"I died." Face replied deadpanly as he put the carton of juice away. "Which, by the way, I do not recommend; as it totally fucks your schedule for the day."

"Face!" Murdock snapped, hovering in the doorway.

"Sorry. I do know what you mean. To be honest, a lot of what happened is fuzzy. All I know is I feel like a chrysalis. I went to sleep one day a caterpillar and woke the next day a butterfly."

"You sound as nutso as Murdock," BA growled from outside on the porch.

Murdock shot a mock hurt look. "I'm not nuts BA, it says so on my inkblot paper!"

Face laughed. "BA, Murdock isn't nuts, just tuned to a different wavelength of life. Don't make him nuts, just different. As for Billy, he's real. I can see him too."

Hannibal choked and spluttered on his coffee and Murdock's expression changed to one of frightening sanity. BA stood up and walked into the kitchen.

"Face what the hell are you talking about?" he seethed.

Face shrugged. "I can see Billy, BA. He's chasing squirrels out there. Doesn't seem to quite grasp the fact they aren't foreign cats. I can also hear animals in my head. Its weird, but it's made me feel so vital so alive." Face was getting quite agitated, a wide grin bursting at the seams, his eyes dancing!

Murdock walked forward. "Face, this isn't funny ..."

"It isn't a joke. I feel alive. There's so much I feel driven to do. Starting with this case." He picked up an envelope and gave it to Hannibal. "Dress warm, we're going to Canada." He chirped as he sprang out the room, literally dancing up the stairs whistling.



BA wasn't a happy mudsucka. He was freezing his butt off trying to fix the broken down van. His baby never did like the cold, and this place was freezing. How Hannibal could've let Face lead them on this wild goose chase was beyond him. The others were all in the van huddled round the van heater. All that is except Face, who had wandered off, seeming somewhat preoccupied.

Face sniffed the crisp air. They weren't alone, and he could feel at least one pair of eyes on them. His hackles were well, and truly raised. He turned and saw the lone wolf about 400 yards ahead of him. He smiled as he broke into a run.

BA sighed as he slammed the bonnet shut; he'd done all he could. He gasped at the sight which met his eyes. Face frolicking in the snow with a bona fide wolf.

"Hannibal!" he yelled. "Face is bein' weird again!" The door of the van flew open.

Face rolled in the snow and nuzzled the she wolf playfully. He was completely unaware of the bizarre spectacle he was providing for the others.

"You came." The she wolf said effortlessly, entering Face's receptive mind.

"Of course, you knew I would. I couldn't let my family down," Face replied, his blue sapphire eyes twinkling in the sun.



Face glanced behind him and smiled. "Don't worry, they're with me."

"Including that red thing?"

"The red thing has a name, and it's Billy." Billy reposted hotly as he ambled up to them.

"Funny looking dog!"

"I'm as much a canine as you are, wolfie!"

"Now, now, you two play nice. Maya didn't mean any harm Billy." Face interjected as he watched the pair circle each other. "Hmmm, looks like a start to a beautiful friendship."

Billy shot him a look that could've killed, as did Maya. They both replied in unison, "Shut up Face!"

Face sniggered as he turned and walked back to the van.

Hannibal looked around the cabin. 'Why did they always end up in a cabin?' he thought to himself. They were also very isolated out here, god knows where; and doing, god knows what. He wasn't sure he could cope with this change in Face. He was trying, but this was pushing even his understanding to its limits. Face just wasn't the Face he knew and loved anymore. He was different in so many tiny ways; his manner, his attitude, and even the way he dressed was different. Hannibal was still waiting for some kind of explanation for why he'd brought the team out here into the back of beyond.

Hannibal sighed heavily as he caught sight of Face bringing the rest of the groceries in through the window.

"Hey Hannibal!" Face chirped as he came through the door.

"Face, what are we doing here? "Hannibal asked as Murdock and BA appeared in the doorway behind Face.

Face put the grocery bag down on the table. It was his turn to sigh. He knew he had to explain; he just wasn't sure how they would react.

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