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Shipwrecked "Shipwrecked"
by Theresa "Captain Marina" Thomas

Crossover with Gilligan's Island
written in the first person

Slowly, I open my eyes and the glare of the intense sunlight gives me a piercing headache. I feel quite nauseous and disoriented as I struggle desperately to get a grasp on my surroundings. I wearily get up off the ground dusting my soaking wet clothes feebly attempting to remove the sand that is encrusted on them.

Everything is a blurr. The last thing I remember clearly is Uncle John yelling to hold on as the sailboat we had been spending the day on was being tossed and turned on the enormous swells of water. We had gotten caught in an unexpected storm and Hannibal was trying to get us back to shore.


Oh no! Where is he? Panic begins to take hold of my emotions.

"Hannibal!?" My heart begins beating wildly in my chest, the sound becomes so strong that I can not distinguish between it and the waves crashing behind me.

"Uncle John answer me please!!"

"I am over here Kid," Hannibal calls out from across the beach. A sudden calmness overcomes me at the sound of his voice.

Quickly, I run to him and help him sit up "Uncle John are you all right?"

"Sure I'm fine," Hannibal says calmingly as he senses my distress."Your Uncle may be an old guy, but he still has a little pep left in his engine; Now where is my cigar?" He reaches in his jacket and pulls out a long yellow object and pops it into his mouth.

"AHH Uncle John that's not a cigar-its a banana-are you sure you are OK?"

"Yeah sure Kid I'm great" Hannibal says confused as he looks at the banana in his hand trying to figure out where it came from. "Well ah.. maybe I'm a little foggy-What happened?"

"The last thing I remember Uncle John is that we got caught in the storm and then I have no clue what happened, until I woke up on the beach a few minutes ago. It looks as though we are on a Island of some sort."

"An Island?" Hannibal surveys the surroundings for a few moments absorbing everything he can, filing his observations away for later use. After a few minutes he jumps to his feet and claps his hands together.

"Well, lets assess our situation and figure out the best course of action to take," Hannibal commands; immediately going into survival mode.

That is something that I have always admired about him ever since I was a little girl. His ability to take control of every situation without giving in to his emotions. There is an unwavering strength in him mixed with unbridled passion. The team refers to it as the "Jazz." Hannibal and my father were the best of friends,and he became Uncle John to me. After my father died, Uncle John would visit us as often as he could. Never once letting his problems with the military stop him from coming to my birthday parties or any major event in my life.

We start off into the dense forest to search for signs of life and to maybe get a fix on our position. After about a twenty minute walk we stumble upon a clearing containing four small man made huts with a table made from bamboo stalks sitting directly in the middle of them.

Sitting at the table is a skinny little man dressed in worn out sailor clothes vigorously consuming what looks to be a cream pie of some sort.

"Excuse me sir-can you tell us where we are?" Hannibal says as we step forward out of the bushes.

"WAHHHHHHHHHHHH" the strange little man turns pale and takes off running.

"HMMM I wonder what's the matter with him?" Hannibal says as he turns to me, his eyes widening as he immediately figures out what has scared off the little guy. "RUUNNNNNN KID RUUNNNNNNN!" Uncle John grabs my arm pulling me with him. We dive into the nearest hut for cover as the 1000 pound gorilla comes barreling out of the forest-right behind us.

The gorilla charges straight for the other pie that is sitting on the table. He grabs it and goes off into the trees to feast on his prize.

"Well I never-Its not polite to enter a lady's room unannounced" shouts the angered voice of a woman.

"We're sorry Ma'am" Uncle John says as we quickly stand up and turn to see who is behind us, "My name is Hannibal Smith and this is my niece Theresa we are lost and could use some help; Ah-I believe this belongs to you" Hannibal stutters as he hesitantly hands the lady back a piece of her unmentionables that had gotten tangled around his head.

"OH MYŠOH DEARŠplease leave! just leave! Shoo," the lady hurries us out of her hut swinging her hands in forward motion the way one would chase out a stray animal.

"But Ma'am weŠ."

"OUT!!!" the lady shouts and slams the door.

"Well that's a fine how do you do?" Hannibal says a pulls a water logged cigar from his pocket.

"Uncle John what are we going to do?"

"I don't know Theresa, but at least we are not alone on this Island; let's see if we can find someone around here that will tell us what is going on and where we are."

Again we start off to search our surroundings. We head back in the direction of the beach. In the distance I hear a faint whistling sound.

"Uncle John do you hear that?"

"Sure do Kid-its coming from up this way"

Following the sound of the whistling we come across a man dressed in a dark blue shirt with a captain's hat; sitting on a rock fishing with a makeshift fishing pole. He is whistling a sea shanty as he patiently waits for a fish to bite.

"Let's hope this guy will talk to us" Uncle John says as we cautiously approach the man.

"Excuse me sir-but can you please tell us where we are?" Hannibal taps the man on the shoulder.

"Woaaahhhh" the man falls off the rock and into the water.

"OH NO! Uncle John"

Hannibal looks at me and shrugs realizing that maybe tapping the unsuspecting man on the shoulder hadn't been the best way to go.

"Ah let me help you there pal" Hannibal reaches out his hand to help the husky man to his feet "Sorry about that"

"Thanks" The man says as he struggles to regain his breath, "You scared the begeezers out of me. If you don't mind me asking; who are you and where did you come from?"

"My name is Colonel John Smith-but everyone calls me Hannibal and this is my niece Theresa." He stretches out his hand to greet the soaking wet man. " We were sailing off the coast of California when we accidentally got caught in an unexpected storm. We woke up here on the beach and so far we have had an adventure trying to find out exactly where we are."

"Well Colonel my name is Jonas Grumby, but everyone calls me Skipper. We too are stranded on this Island"

"Stranded?" Hannibal did not like the sound of that.

"Lets not talk about it now. You both look exhausted and hungry let's get you back to the huts and get you something to eat and let you rest awhile. We have to tell the others you are here."

Hannibal looks at me with my tangled hair, my red and swollen eyes; realizing that he too is famished and tired, he agrees to go with the Skipper without further discussion.

"Oh wait where is my hat?" The Skipper says looking around.

"Here it is Skipper" I say as I hand him his hat that I plucked from the lagoon. He puts it on his head; water drips down his face. Suddenly, the hat begins to wiggle around it falls off his head, into his hands and out pops a fish.

"OOOPSSS so-rr-y" I cringe slightly,"well at least you have dinner for tonight" I say with a half hearted laugh trying to alleviate the anger that is showing on his face.

"Are you sure you are not related to Gilligan?" The Skipper asks through clenched teeth.

"Who's Gilligan?

"Oh you'll find out" he says with a evil grin.

Uncle John, the Skipper and I follow the trail back to the clearing of trees that housed the huts.

Stopping at the first hut, the Skipper knocks on the door and walks in motioning for us to follow him.

"Professor, Oh Professor! Have I got something to show you."

"Quiet Skipper please, I am about to witness the bizarre mating ritual of the Vanessa Tameamea a rare butterfly indigenous the Islands of the South Pacific-Oh yes look at that, very interesting-I must write this down."

"Oh sorry professor. I didn't mean to interrupt, but I have some people here I'd like you to meet."

Uncle John and I casually wave hi to the scholarly man as he looks at us through his magnifying glass.

"Well hello there," The professor says startled.

"Professor this is Colonel Smith and his niece Theresa. Their boat was wrecked in a bad storm and they have found their way to our Island."

"Well you both look as though you could use some nourishment and some rest-Let's get you out of those damp clothes. Once you change into something dry, then we will sit down and talk about the situation."

"You have got to be kidding!" I hear Hannibal exclaim as he puts on the outfit that was provided for him by Mr. Howell.

Hannibal emerges from the hut wearing checkered golfing knickers with knee high argyle socks. Complete with matching vest and ascot.

"All you need now is the pompom beret Uncle John," I say trying desperately not to give in to my laughter that is boiling beneath the surface.

"OH don't worry, he gave me that too." Hannibal places the beret with the bright red pompom on he head and sticks his cigar back in mouth.

This site is too much and I am consumed with laughter.

"Laugh it up Kid, I'm glad you find this amusing."

"Sorry Uncle John," I say laughing as I try hard to contain myself."Well, just be thankful you are not stuck wearing this full-length evening dress." I twirl around to show off the sequined gown that Ginger gave me to wear.

"Shall we my dear?" Hannibal puts out his hand for me to take. We make quite a pair as we proceed out to the table, where everyone is waiting for us.

"Everyone this is Colonel Smith and his niece Theresa," The Professor announces.

"Please call me Hannibal," Uncle John says with a big smile on his face.

"This is Ginger and Mary Ann."

"How do you do?"

"Mr. and Mrs. Howell"

"AhŠ Yes we met earlier-nice to see you again ma'am" Hannibal nods his head to the blushing Mrs. Howell.

"The Skipper you've met and this is Gilligan"

"Hey nice to meet you sir‹woooaahh," Gilligan says as he steps forward tripping over his untied shoelaces and falling into Uncle John's arms.

"Nice to meet you too Kid" Hannibal places Gilligan upright and turns to me with a knowing glance.

"Gilligan," we whisper to each other.

"Sorry about that-Guess I'm just clumsy," Gilligan says to Uncle John.

"No problem Kid."

"Gilligan would you please go get our guests some water from the springs, and stay out of trouble," The Skipper orders.

"Sure Skipper right away," Gilligan gives the Skipper a quick salute and runs off tripping and falling once again.


"Yes Skipper?" Gilligan says as he picks himself up off the ground.

"Tie your shoes!"

"Right away Skipper"

A little while later we all sit down at the table to eat the food that Mary Ann has prepared for us; complete with coconut cream pies.

The conversation over dinner consists of how long they have all been stranded there and the various ways they have tried and failed to get off the Island.

"Well, I'm here now and plans are my speciality. Don't worry I will find a way to get us off this Island," Hannibal says confidently.

Every one just looks at Hannibal with a disbelieving stare.

I begin to yawn at the table, the events of the day finally catching up with me. Mary Ann immediatley gets up and comes over to me putting her arms around me. "Let's get you to bed."

"Ok," I yawn not having enough strength to argue.

"Goodnight everyone."

"Goodnight Uncle John."

"Goodnight Sweetheart," Hannibal kisses me on the forehead and off I go.

Mary Ann finds me something to sleep in and tucks me into bed. "Night Theresa-sleep well." She gently brushes the hair from my face and pulls the covers snugly up over me, just like my mother used to do when I was a child.

"Thanks" I say and I am off to sleep within minutes.

The next morning I am awakened by the sound of yelling coming from outside the hut.

"Gilligan! If I have told you once, I have told you a thousand times it is SOS. Go fix the sign!"

"Sorry Skipper! I'll go do it right away."

I laugh to myself thinking about how much Gilligan reminds me of myself. Well intentioned, but always in trouble.

Slowly, I climb out of bed still stiff from the events of the day before. I put on my borrowed robe and head for the door.

"Good morning Skipper," I say as I stretch and squint my eyes at the morning sun that it already shining bright despite the early hour.

"Good morning Theresa-Did you sleep well?"

"Yes I did Skipper, thank you. Do you know if Uncle John is up yet?"

"Sure is! He was up before dawn. I heard him milling around. I think he is by the lagoon."

"Thanks Skipper, excuse me I have to get dressed." Quickly, I change into my clothes that have dried in the tropical breezes, and go off to find Hannibal.

I walk through the trees in the jungle stopping to admire things along the way. The Island is actually very beautiful; something that I had not noticed the day before with all the excitement.

I come to a clearing where Uncle John is pacing back and forth with his cigar planted firmly in his mouth. He looks so engaged in thought that I am afraid to disturb him. Quietly, I approach him sitting down on a rock.

He methodically takes a few steps, stops, puts his cigar into his mouth, folds his arms across his chest, thinks for a minute, takes his cigar from his mouth, then takes a few more steps. He repeats this process over and over again. I sit there unnoticed for quite some time, until something in the air makes me sneeze.

Hannibal turns around to see who is watching him.

"Sorry Uncle John, I didn't mean to disturb you."

"Oh! Don't worry about it. I could use a break."

"Well, then let's get some breakfast."

"Sounds great," Hannibal claps his hands together and off we go to enjoy more of Mary Ann's cooking.

The days on the Island seem to grow longer, and I grow more depressed. Uncle John keeps trying to assure me that he will find a way to get off the Island. That assurance keeps me going, but it is obvious that under my smile feelings of dread are lurking beneath the surface.

To keep me happy the Skipper suggests that Gilligan and I explore the Island.

Gilligan proves to be an interesting tour guide. The days are filled with laughter and genuine silliness. Feeling like two children on a grand adventure, we would often come home from our explorations with various treasures to show the others.

Hannibal has been golfing daily with Mr. Howell. By the time they are finished, Mr. Howell will be broke. He shouldn't have agreed to bet against Uncle John.

The evening is my favorite time of day. After dinner I go off alone to engage in my nightly ritual of watching the sunset. The sunset on the beach has always been the most beautiful thing in the world to me, but as I watch the sunset for what seems like the hundredth time I am overcome with sadness. It has been three weeks since Uncle John and I washed up on shore and I am beginning to doubt that we will ever get home.

As the last rays of the golden sun disappear into the horizon my tears begin to flow. Suddenly, a familiar hand is placed on my shoulder.

"Are you OK Kid?" Uncle John asks.

I look up with my tear stained face; no answer is needed. Hannibal immediately sits down next to me gathering me up in his arms. "It is OK sweetheart, everything will be just fine. I will find a way off this Island somehow." Uncle John says trying to convince me as well as himself.

I cry freely snuggled up against Hannibal's chest. Uncle John sits there with his strong arms around me comforting me, just like a daddy would do for his little girl.

"I'm sorry Uncle John for being so silly. It is just that I miss everyone so much, and after listening to the others talk about how they have tried so many things to get off this Island and nothing has worked; I guess I am beginning to worry that we will be stranded here forever."

"Don't worry about that sweetheart," Uncle John strokes my hair and gently rocks me back and forth. "I will not let that happen-I promise. Has your old uncle ever let you down?"

"No Uncle John- you never have."

"Now what else is bothering my favorite niece?" Hannibal says sensing that there is more on my mind then our rescue efforts.

Realizing that I can not hide my true feelings from the man who knows me better then I know myself. I decide to tell him what's bothering me.

"I have been thinking about my father a lot these last three weeks and howmuch I miss him. I guess I haven't had much distraction to keep me from thinking about things. I keep seeing him charging in on a big boat coming to rescue us. He missed so much of my life; he never even got the chance to teach me to dance Uncle John." As the tears flow down my face, I snuggle closer to Hannibal's chest feeling the calming rhythm of his heart.

"Don't cry sweetheartŠshhhhŠ shhhhh.." Hannibal croons as he holds me.

I look up at Uncle John and he too is crying, something I have not seen him do since my father's funeral. "I miss him too Kid, very much. Your Dad was the best friend that I ever had and one of the bravest soldiers I have ever known. I loved him like a brother. If I am half the man he was, then that makes me a pretty decent guy."

We both cry for the loss of a man that meant the world to both of us, until there are no more tears to be shed.

"Now listen up! Soldiers in my command are not permitted to have such low morale. So enough of this sitting around here feeling sorry for ourselves. Let's go get some dessert and think of a way to get off this Island." Hannibal commands getting up off the ground. He holds his hand out for me to help me up.

"Yes sir," I say playing along with his game, and also out of the genuine respect that I have for the man who has been an integral part of my life.


"Yes soldier?"

"Is it against regulations to kiss and hug your commanding officer?"

"Well, I have never read anything in the army manual expressly forbidding it. So I guess it is allowable," He says with a mischievous grin and a twinkle in his eye.

I throw my arms around Uncle John's neck and kiss him. "Thank you Uncle John for everything."

"No problem Kid, you can cry on my shoulder anytime, but next time let me take my cigar out of my jacket first," Hannibal takes the soggy cigar from his pocket and we both laugh hysterically.

I put my arm around Uncle John's waist. "You and my father are both great men-Uncle John. I love you both very much. I know that Daddy would be proud that you stepped in to fill the void that was left in my life after he died; and I am honored that you chose to be my second "Father."

Hannibal puts his arm around my shoulder and gives me a little squeeze. "Your father is the one who would proud that you grew up to be such a fine young lady, and if I had a small part in helping you to do that, then I am the one who should feel honored."

We walk back to the huts and sit down to the big pieces of coconut cream pie that had been set out for us.

Early the next morning I wake up having a much better attitude. After talking with Uncle John last night, I feel positive about what is happening and confident that he will find a way to get us home.

Quickly, I jump out of bed and get dressed so I can help with the morning chores.

"Good morning Mary Ann, Good Morning Ginger;Can I help with breakfast?"

"Well Good morning Theresa-You are bright and chipper this morning." Mary Ann remarks, seeing my unusually cheery mood.

"I'm sorry that I have been miserable since we arrived here, but that is all going to change-starting today."

"Well good, I like to see people happy. You can peel the fruits for the salad." Mary Ann smiles and hands me the homemade pairing knife.

"You are my sunshine, my only sunshine-you make me happy when skies are gray-you'll never know dear how much I love you, please don't take my sunshine away," I sing as I whittle away at the skins of the various fruits.

"That's a pretty song Theresa."

"Thank You-Uncle John used to sing that to me when I was a little girl."

"Sounds like a man of many talents." Ginger quips.

"Oh yes! He is an actor you know."

"ACTOR!! Your Uncle is an actor? I miss acting so much, but this is so fabulous a fellow thespian-I have to talk to him about the parts he's played. It has been so long since I have been in the Hollywood loop and heard any gossip. Has he portrayed any leading man roles?"

"More like leading lizards." I whisper to myself.


"Oh nothing! AhŠ sure he has had many leading roles," Wet and slimy one's dressed in a rubber costumes, but leading roles all the same.

"He is so scrumptious I would love to play opposite him in my next picture." Ginger says as she turns around to finish chopping the coconut.

"Hey listen girls! I have a great idea; Why don't we put on a show? I think it would be so much fun," Mary Ann suggests.

"OHHHH a show! That would be fabulous." Ginger and I both say in unison.

The three of us begin to chat about what talents we have. Laughing away we carry out breakfast to the table where the others are waiting.

"Good Morning everyone!!!-We have a announcement to make."

"I say what is it?- Have you heard something about my fortune increasing? You just know how much I like making millions before breakfast-Right? Lovey Dear"

"Of course darling."

"Sorry Mr. Howell I haven't heard anything about your money, but I'll keep my ears open." Turning to the rest of my new friends, "We are putting on a show and everyone is invited to participate."

"Oh yes! And your big strong handsome Uncle can play my hunky wunky leading man." Ginger croons as she runs her fingers through Hannibal's hair.

"Hunky Wunky? Oh geez!!" I say as I put my hands over my face and shake my head.

"What's the matter Kid? You don't think I am ahŠ Hunky Wunky as Ms. Grant here says I am," Hannibal grins and puts his cigar in his mouth.

"Sure you are-Uncle John," I laugh.

We all sit down to eat breakfast and begin to plan the show that will take place later that evening.

"Oh dear I hope these are good seats. I wouldn't want to miss any moment of the show." Mrs. Howell mutters.

"They had better be good seats-I tipped the usher quite handsomely-Lovey Dear."

"DA DA DA DA DADA," comes the music from the record player that the Professor had made out of various spare parts.

"OH Thursten the show is starting I am so happy!" Mrs. Howell squeals with delight.

"Good evening Ladies and Gentleman and welcome to the show. I am your host Jonas Grumby. For your enjoyment tonight we will touch and excite your senses with the comedic stylings of the world famous duo: Gilligan & Theresa, the mystifying magic of Professoro the Magnificent, and for one performance only Hannibal Smith portraying Gatorella- Ah excuse me a minute folksŠ."

"PSSSTTT PSSSTT HannibalŠis that right? Gatorella?" The Skipper whispers to Hannibal who is back stage.

"Yes Skipper Gatorella-it's a classic," Hannibal mumbles through the curtain.

"Sorry Folks I just had to check on something. Now where was I? Oh yes-For one performance only Hannibal Smith portraying Gatorella, along with the lovely and talented Ginger Grant."

"To start things off let's welcome to the stage: Gilligan & Theresa."

The audience claps wildly as Gilligan and I hurry out on stage.

"Thank you!! Thank you!! Good evening Ladies and Germs."

"You know Gilligan I just flew in from California and boy are my arms tired!! Ha ha ha!!'

"Seriously though I was walking along the street the other day and this bum said to me that he hadn't had a bite in 3 days."

"So what did you do?"

"I bit him of course!! Ha ha ha!!!!"

"Hello is this thing working?-I bit him!! Now that's funny!"

Meanwhile backstage:

"Hannibal why are you covering yourself with those leaves?" Ginger asks puzzled.

"Because Robbie my costume designer is not here, so I have to make do. I am trying to add realism to the role. Now don't forgot this is the big scene where Gatorella is devastated because you were snorkeling too close to her lair and you accidentally crushed two of her eggs. She becomes infuriated and begins chasing you trying to devour you." Hannibal says as he continues to glue the palm fronds to himself.

"Boy! Hollywood sure has changed a lot since I left," Ginger mutters to herself.

"This glue that the professor gave me works great. I just wish I had something I could use for claws."

"Claws??-Oh my"

"You know something Ms Grant- I think this is going to be my best performance yet. Being here on the Island; Gatorella's natural habitat has brought me such understanding of what it is like to be her. Oh the tragedy of it, a poor sea creature all alone out here in the wilderness protecting her eggs. I feel her pain! It will be so real, so tragic." Hannibal says with a touch of sadness in his voice.

"I am sure you will be fantastic," Ginger says hesitantly as she wonders what she has gotten herself into.

The Skipper walks out on stage clapping.

"Thank you so much-Weren't theyŠer..ahŠ.. greatŠLadies and Gentlemen; give them a round of applause. Once again Gilligan &Theresa.

Gilligan and I take a bow and then run off the stage to become part of the audience.

"Well folks here to thrill and amaze you is Professoro the Magnificent and his lovely assistant Mary Ann. Let's give them a warm welcome."

The audience claps as the Professor and Mary come out on stage.

"Good Evening. May I please borrow a dollar bill from some one in the audience?"

"A dollar bill-you have got to be kidding-I haven't seen a dollar bill sinceŠin fact I don't think I have ever seen a dollar bill. Have I Lovey?"

"I'm not sure darling-is that the one with George Washington on it?"

"I think so dear."

"I don't believe you have Thursten."

Mr. Howell reaches into his pocket and pulls out a huge roll of bills.

"Will a 50 dollar bill work my boy?"

"Yes that will do just fine. Mary Ann will you please take the bill from the man in the audience."

Mary Ann saunters down into the audience and takes the bill from Mr. Howell bringing it back up to the professor.

The Professor then takes the bill from Mary Ann and proceeds to tear it up and place it in his hat.

"I will say the magic words and the bill will be whole again."

"Abbra Cadabbra!"

The Professor turns the hat over and it is completely empty.

"Well I say the blasted thing has disappeared," Mr. Howell comments from his seat.

"Well sir if you please; check behind your wife's left ear. You should find the bill there and in one piece."

Mr. Howell reaches behind Mrs. Howell's ear and sure enough the bill is there and in one piece.

"TA-DA!!!" Mary Ann shouts.

The Skipper walks out on stage.

"Ladies and Gentleman weren't they marvelous? Let's give them a big round of applause!!"

"Thank you very much."

The Professor and Mary Ann take a bow and come down off stage to join the audience.

"Now for the last act of the evening. We are going to witness the tragedy of a poor mother who has lost her babies. Let's welcome Hannibal Smith as Gatorella and the lovely and talented Ms. Ginger Grant.

The crowd goes wild for this is the act that they have been waiting for all evening.

"OH MY!! Help me!! somebody please help me!! It is after me!!" Ginger shouts as she runs out on stage.

"ROAR, GROWL, ARGHHHHHHH!!" Gatorella grumbles as she stomps across the stage.

"OH dear I didn't mean to crush them; honestly I didn't. I'm sorry!!"


"Oh please don't hurt me!! AHHHHHHH!!!" Ginger faints in the middle of the stage.

Gatorella storms up to Ginger stops and looks at her. She lets out a puzzled "squeak." Realizing that she can not, in good conscious, harm the helpless woman who accidentally crushed two of her eggs. She turns to the audience and throws her arms up to the heavens.

With a gut wrenching "ROOOAAAAAARRRRR!!" Gatorella sulks away to her lair to morn her loss.

"ENCORE!!! ENCORE!!! Bravo!! Bra---voŠ.."I look around and realize that I am the only one applauding.

Stunned the Skipper just stands there.

"PSST Skipper that was the big finish." Uncle John whispers with a big grin on his face.

"Oh sorry," the Skipper comes back out on stage and gives the final words for the evening.

"Wasn't that spectacularŠ let's give them a big round of applause."

The Skipper and I wind up being the only one's applauding, except for a few stray claps here and there.

"Well folks that's all for this evening. Thank you so much for joining us. I hope you had a wonderful time."

A few minutes later Hannibal comes out from behind the stage and I throw my arms around him.

"You were great Uncle John! Best Gatorella performance yet!"

"Didn't seem to go over too well with the audience. I thought I would really wow them with that roar I did there at the end." Hannibal says puzzled.

"Oh! Don't pay them any attention. You were spectacular! I felt Gatorella's pain Uncle John. You were very moving."

"Yeah you're right Kid. They just don't know good acting when the see it." Hannibal grins and puts his arm around my shoulder. "Would you mind helping me off with these palm fronds? I hope this glue doesn't ruin my clothes."

"Sure Uncle John no problem."

"You know this time I think I really captured Gatorella's essence, her spirit."

"You did Uncle John- You did!"

"Oh and that joke you did about the bum-it cracks me up every time ha ha ha! You were great Kid!" Hannibal says laughing.

"Thank You, but seriously thoughŠŠŠ"

Our voices fade into the night air as we go off to relive our moment in the spotlight and to figure out a way to get those palm fronds unglued.

"That was some show last night!!" I say to everyone as we are eating breakfast.

"Oh yeah sure it was Theresa. Wasn't it everyone?" The Skipper says as he prods the others to agree.

"Oh sure!"


"Oh it was wonderful!"

"Of course!"

Uncle John has a grin from ear to ear, "I thought the roar I did there at the end wasŠ."

"SKIPPER! SKIPPER!" Gilligan shouts as he comes running up to the table.

"You have to see what I found! I was down by the lagoon andŠ." Gilligan is so excited, he runs out of breath.

"Gilligan calm down and tell us what you found," The Skipper orders.

He takes a few deep breathes and continues with his story.

"I was by the lagoon collecting coconuts for Mary Ann and I tripped over a big crate. You have to see it. Come on everybody."

We all get up from the table and hurry through the trees to see what Gilligan has discovered.

After arriving on the beach, Gilligan runs over to the crate.

"See here it is!"

There lying on the water's edge is a ominous looking object covered with seaweed and barnacles.

The Skipper goes over to the crate. He kneels down and wipes away the muck that has accumulated during this container's voyage to the island.

"There is writing on it Professor- it says U.S.S Arizona. It must have come from the wreckage that is buried in Pearl Harbor."

"You're right Skipper. It looks to be in pretty good shape, even after all these years. Let's get it back to the huts and find a way to open it." The professor says as Uncle John and Gilligan pick up the crate.

We get the crate back to the huts. Uncle John and Gilligan plop the heavy object down onto the soft earth.

Eager to see what secrets this box contains, Uncle John finds an enormous rock and repeatedly hits the rusted lock until it crumbles apart. The Skipper takes a sturdy bamboo limb and together they manage to pry the lid to the crate open. Out falls a murky substance along with severely rusted parts of some sort. The professor stoops down, picks up one of the parts, and examines it closely. "These are radio parts from WWII," He announces.

"Radio Parts-We're saved!!!" Everyone begins to jump up and down and give each other hugs of joy.

"Calm down everybody please! Listen these radio parts are practically useless to us. They are terribly rusted and even if I could find away to clean them, I seriously doubt that we would be able to achieve a strong enough signal needed to reach the mainland." The Professor informs everyone. "I'm afraid we will just have to think of another way."

The shouts of joy turn to cries of sadness as everyone realizes the professor is correct. Even Uncle John seems to be at a loss for a plan this time.

"There has to be a way to use those parts Professor," I say as I look at the disappointed faces of the people I have come to love after these many weeks on the Island.

"Theresa is right Professor," I have been stuck in tougher situations than this and I always managed to find a way out. "You would be surprised at the things you can build out of practically nothing," Uncle John smiles as he turns to me. I always enjoyed hearing his stories about how he and the team built one crazy thing after another to escape a sticky situation.

"Well I just don't see a way to use these, but I think I can come up with a cleaner to remove this rust," The professor says as he gathers the parts up into his arms and carries them to his lab.

We spend the morning gathering the needed ingredients for the cleaner. A few plants, some rocks, pieces of bark and roots from the various trees.

The Professor places these ingredients in the giant stew pot and begins boiling them. We all stand around watching as the Professor adds a few more pieces of leaf and couple pieces of root. He reminds me of my grandmother when she is cooking soup. A dash of that and a pinch of this, until it is perfect. Finally, the Professor announces that the cleaner is ready. He dips out a ladle full of his concoction and carefully places the part into the steaming liquid. He lets the part sit in the cleaner as it cools.

"Well come on professor the suspense is killing us!" Mary Ann says as we all stare intently at the ladle in the Professor's hand.

He reaches in with a cloth and grabs the now warm part from the mixture. Carefully he rubs the part and removes the rag to reveal a shiny metal object. It glistens in the afternoon sun as we all shout in excitement.

"Nice Professor Nice," Hannibal grins and places his cigar in his mouth, "When we get back to the states I am going to introduce you to a friend of mine. You two would get along great!"

"Well everyone let's not get too excited. Like I said even if I could get these parts clean and build a radio. I seriously doubt if it would be strong enough to reach the mainland," The Professor warns.

"I wish BA was here," Hannibal says mainly to himself.


"BA are you sure you haven't received any signal from that transmitter that Hannibal took with him?" Face asks.

"No man! I have been trying everything. The last thing I got was a faint signal from it right before that storm hit. From my calculations they were heading south and that's about all I can figure man."

"Well we can't just keep sitting around here. We have to try and do something to find them."

"Faceman we already did a pretty thorough search from the air and the ground. I don't think we are going to find them. It is hopeless. They could be dead for all we know," Murdock says with a desperate tone.

"Murdock!! Don't say things like that. The Colonel has been in some tough situations and always came out on top!" Face snapped.

"I know Face-its just that I, I amŠ." Murdock's voice cracks as he begins to fill with emotion. The tears falling freely down his face.

"I'm sorry Murdock I didn't mean to yell it is just that I am worried too," Face says as he puts his arms around Murdock's shoulder.

"No Face- I'm sorry I shouldn't have such a negative attitude. The Colonel can't be dead, if he was I think we would sense it somehow," Murdock says as he looks to his friends.

"Yeah man the crazy fool is right-if Hannibal was dead we would know-don't ask me how, but we just would," BA replies confidently.


"Well, Professor how's it coming?" The Skipper asks for the hundredth time.

"Like I said Skipper I am working on it. Things like this take time. Now please I need some quiet so I can concentrate. Everyone out!!" The Professor chases us out of his lab and shuts the door.

Everyone paces back and forth outside the Professor's hut, trying to keep our minds busy. The hours pass and we all anxiously await the Professor's prognosis.

"I think I have done it!!!" The Professor shouts as he comes out carrying the homemade radio.

"Turn it on!! See if it works!!"

We all gather around this lifeline as the Professor reaches for the knob.

The radio crackles to life and everyone rejoices over our new link to the outside world.

"May day May day-We are nine people shipwrecked on a Island. Anyone receiving this signal please respond-I repeat we are nine people shipwrecked on a Island-Anyone receiving this signal please respond. Over," The Professor says into the microphone.

Everyone sits in complete silence, praying that someone will hear our pleas for help and respond.

Again the professor repeats the distress call into the microphone. " May day May day-We are nine people shipwrecked on an Island. Anyone receiving this signal please respond. Over."

Our cries fall on deaf ears as we are greeted with nothing but silence. A gloom begins to overshadow our mood.

"Listen up everyone!!" Hannibal orders "This is just the first try. There might not be any ships or planes in the area right now. We have to keep the line of communication open around the clock. Professor you continue to monitor the radio-sending out distress calls every five minutes. We will rotate in three hour shifts. Mary Ann, Ginger you take the next shift beginning at 18:00hrs, Mr. and Mrs. Howell, then Skipper and Gilligan, then Theresa and I will take the night watch. Professor you will begin again at 0600hrs. This way we can monitor the radio for any traffic and send out distress calls constantly. Everyone understand their assignment?"

We all nod our heads in agreement.


Over the next week we follow this pattern. Sending out distress calls round the clock, but to no avail. Everyone begins to lose hope that we will ever be rescued.

To keep my mind occupied I decide to do some spring cleaning. I grab the broom made from bamboo and palm fronds and go over to tackle Gilligan, Skipper and Uncle John's hut first.

"Boy this hut could use a thorough cleaning," I say out loud to the empty room, "Gilligan and his comic books." I bend down to pick up the stray comic books that are strewn about the room and I notice a yellow object lurking beneath Hannibal's cot.

"Now what is that doing in here?"

I pick up the banana from under Uncle John's bed.

"How many times do I have to tell them not to leave food in the huts. The next thing you know, we will be invaded by enormous, disgusting, hideous Island bugsŠ.ewwww," I march out to find Hannibal to scold him for bringing the banana into the hut.

"Look what I found under your bed Uncle John-snacking at night are we?" I say teasingly as I hold the banana up in the air.

"Well I don't know what to tell ya Kid. It's not mine I swear. I haven't had a snack in bed since I erŠstole that extra piece of coconut cream pieŠHonestly." Uncle John looks at me with those innocent blue eyes.

"HMMMŠ.OK I believe you, but this banana must belong to someone; when I find out who, they are going to be in big trouble!!!"

"I'm glad I am not that someone," Uncle John grins and puts his cigar in his mouth.

"AHŠnot so fast Uncle John-you are not off the hook yet. What are you doing sneaking extra pieces of pie? HmmmŠ. Maggie would not be happy to hear that!"

"I erŠ" Hannibal stutters trying to come up with a plan to get out of his predicament.

"Oh Yummm a banana," Gilligan says as he takes the fruit from my hand, "Do you mind if I eat this? I'm starving."

"Sure Gilligan go right ahead."

Gilligan tries to peel the banana, but he doesn't seem to have any luck.

"HMMM I have never seen a banana with such a hard skin. It won't peel. Oh well.." Gilligan starts to throw the banana away when Hannibal stops him.

"Let me see that banana Gilligan."

"Sure sir-here ya go," Gilligan says as he hands Uncle John the banana.

Hannibal takes the banana and examines it closely. He pats it on the table.

"This banana is covered with some sort of coating."

"That's weird Uncle John-maybe its something the Professor is working on."

"Well let's go ask him."

Hannibal, Gilligan and I take the banana to the Professor's hut and knock on the door.

"Come on in," The Professor shouts from inside.

"Theresa found this under my bunk-Professor," Hannibal says holding up the banana. "It has some sort of coating on it. Figured it might be something you were working on."

"No Hannibal I haven't been working on any sealant lately." The professor takes the banana from Uncle John and squeezes it gently between his fingers.

"Interesting! There is something inside and from the feel of it-it's not a banana."

"Open it Uncle John!!!"

Hannibal takes his knife and begins to cut gently away at the seams of the banana, as Gilligan, the Professor and I stare intently at the yellow fruit before us on the table.


"Face! BA! Come quickly!!" Murdock shouts from the living room.

"What is it Murdock? What's the matter?"

"On the TV-Look!!!"

"Today navy divers on a routine training mission in Honolulu, uncovered what appears to be the wreckage from a sailboat," The newscaster announces.

"Salvage crews have managed to ascertain that the boat belongs to world famous fashion designer Mr. Anton. At this present time Mr. Anton is believed to be in Europe and has been unavailable for comment."

"FACE!! That's the boat Hannibal and Theresa was on," Murdock says knowing that Face had acquired access to the sailboat during his most recent scam. Face had gladly let the Colonel take the sailboat out for the day, so he would stop teasing him about the pink silk jammies he had borrowed from Mr. Anton.

"I know Murdock, I know."

"Face do you think this means that they are, areŠ dead?" Murdock says with a giant lump in his throat.

"I don't know Murdock it's possible," Face replies sadly.

Face watches Murdock and BA just sit there with glazed looks on their faces. He realizes that they need to hear some words of optimism. After all like Murdock said before, if Hannibal was dead the team would somehow sense it. Face believed this with all his heart, he had to.

"Listen guys if I know the Colonel, and I think I do. He is probably sitting on a lounge chair somewhere basking in that beautiful Hawaiian sun, being served tropical drinks by pretty girls in grass skirts. We are probably sitting around here worrying about nothing." Face says in the lightest tone he can muster.

"Well you might be right Faceman, but its not like the Colonel to stay out of contact this long. That's what makes me think the worst. So I guess this means we are off to Hawaii-Right Guys?" Murdock asks.

"Right!" Face says and quickly offers up a silent prayer that when then get there everything will be all right.


Hannibal slowly peels away the skin of the banana to reveal a small piece of electronic equipment.

"Let me see that Hannibal please," The Professor requests.

The Professor checks out the metal object carefully, "this is a homing device of some kind, but how did it get here?"

" I don't know Professor," Hannibal says as he folds his arms across his chest.

A strange thought immediately crosses my mind.

"Uncle John remember the day we washed up on shore and you took that banana from your pocket thinking it was a cigar-do you remember how it got there?"

Hannibal closes his eyes and begins to recall the events leading up to our fateful voyage.

"WellŠlet's see I remember getting ready to go sailing. I was running around making sure that I had everythingŠ.Oh yes I remember- right before we left the house I grabbed a banana off the kitchen table and put it in my pocket in case I wanted a snack."

"This has to be that banana Uncle John-it must be something BA was working on. You put it in your pocket thinking it was a real banana," I say realizing that BA was always inventing one thing or another when he had some free time.

"The sealant on the peel kept it protected from the ocean water," The Professor interjects.

"Nice BA, real Nice! Now let's get this thing hooked up to the radio. This should be enable us to send out a strong signal that someone will pick up," Hannibal says confidently.

The professor hooks up the tracking device to the radio and adjusts it so that it sends out the homing signal continuously.

"Now all we can do is sit and wait," He says as he turns to the rest of us.

A whole day passes without any signs of response to our signal. The mood on the island is somber, but still hopeful.


"Face we have been searching for over an hour. We need to find a place to set this lady down," Murdock says as he scans the horizon for any signs of land.

"OK Murdock let's head for the nearest island and we will take a break."

"Gotcha!!" Murdock says as he sets course for the island closest to them.

"Hey hold it man I am gettin a signal from my transmitter-Murdock adjust your course to follow these headings," BA says as he hands Murdock the coordinates.

"Roger that big guy-I'm on it faster then you can say crazy fool," Murdock quips as he gently turns the helicopter westward.


A faint noise echoes in the distance

"Uncle John listen I hear a helicopter."

"You're right!!" Hannibal grabs me and gives me a big squeeze.

"Hey everybody hurry lets get to the beach!! A helicopter is coming!" Hannibal announces.

We quickly run through the trees and come to an abrupt stop by the lagoon.

The unmistakable sounds of rotor blades come closer and closer as Uncle John, Gilligan, Skipper, Mr. and Mrs. Howell, Ginger, Professor, Mary Ann and I look up to the clouds.

The helicopter blows sand around as it eagerly searches for a place to land. The pilot gracefully sets the giant chopper, that they had "borrowed" from the local coast guard base, down upon the sand. He jumps out along with the other passengers onboard.

"Some one here call for a cab?" Murdock asks in his best Brooklyn accent, as Uncle John and I quickly run up to him.

I throw my arms around my favorite pilot. He picks me up and hugs me tight like a rag doll, " Oh Murdock I am so happy to see you."

"I'm so happy to see all of you," I say as I hug and kiss Face and BA.

"COLONEL!! You're alive!" Mudock shouts as he grabs Hannibal giving him a big bear hug.

"Of course I am Cap'n-not quite ready to meet the Big Guy yet," Hannibal grins mischievously.

"How did you find us?" I ask.

"Let's just say that we had a feeling that your Uncle was somewhere on a island surrounded by pretty girls... Ahhh..Colonel aren't you going introduce us to your new friends?" Face asks as he stares at Ginger.

"Oh don't worry Lieutenant you will meet her... I mean them soon enough," Hannibal puts his arm around Face's shoulder and we all go back to the huts to begin packing for our trip home.

Leaving the island is a mixed blessing for those seven that called this place home for many years. They are eager to begin their lives again among civilization, but also are sorry to leave their secluded hideaway.

"You know Colonel this island would make a great get away for the jet set-Yes I can see the possibilities," Face's mind begins to race as he thinks of all the money he could make building a luxury resort.

"You are crazier then Murdock man-who ever heard of building a resort way out here in the middle of the ocean...crazy just plain crazy," BA mumbles as he shakes his head.

We gather our things and board the helicopter. Murdock gives his famous yell and within seconds we are airborne.

Face hands Hannibal a brand new cigar. A big grin lights up his face as he sits back in his seat.

"Well you know what I always say Kid."

"I know Uncle John-You love it when a plan comes together," I say teasingly.

"Nice!," Hannibal grins and lights up his new cigar. I look out at the island as it begins to fade into the distance. I think about the happenings of last month; the laughter, the anger, the frustration, the tears, it was an adventure I would never forget. Tears well up in my eyes as I look around at my new friends eager to resume their lives and at the familiar faces of my surrogate family happy to have me with them safe and warm. I reach for the hand of the man sitting next to me and take it in mine. "I love you Uncle John."

"I love you too sweetheart," Hannibal wraps his arms around me and I snuggle up close to him. The island has now completely vanished into the mist, but the memories of it will remain with me forever.


Shipwrecked by Cap'n Marina