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By: Jennifer ( GeGe )

Rating: PG-13 Mild Violence, drug dealing, Nightmares

Comments: Yes. If you like it let me know, If you hate it you can still
let me know.
Summary: Amy is attacked by someone from the teams past. In the
aftermath two secrets are revealed.



Hannibal Smith, BA Baracus, H.M. Murdock, and Templeton Peck all walked slowly up the steps to Amy Allen's apartment. They were going to say good-bye to Amy. She was leaving to go to Jakarta tomorrow. Amy had told Hannibal yesterday that she had finally made the decision to leave. Amy had taken a long time to make this decision.

The four men rode the elevator to the third floor. Murdock turned to BA and said "You won't think less of me if I cry will you big guy." BA looked at him and growled, he was determined to ignore Murdock today. It was going to be hard enough to say good-bye to Amy. Murdock giggled as he saw BA get angry. He loved annoying him.

Face turned to Hannibal and said "You going to see Maggie this weekend colonel."

Hannibal fidgeted as he said, "Uh no she is going out of town this weekend."

Face noticed the hesitation and wondered if something was wrong between the two. Face did not see the look of hurt that crossed Hannibal's face.

When they stepped off the elevator Hannibal stopped. The hairs on the back of his neck stood up. Hannibal had a sixth sense about danger and it was going crazy right now.

"What's wrong colonel?" Face asked.

"I don't know" Hannibal said pulling his gun. Face, BA, and Murdock looked around and saw nothing. They pulled there guns anyway, they trusted his instincts completely. They walked to the fourth door which was Amy's. The door was slightly open. Hannibal told Face to cover him as he slowly went inside.

Hannibal turned to BA and Murdock and said "Go check the other rooms, we will check the bedroom." The bedroom was down a hall that connected to the living room. When Hannibal and Face entered the bedroom they were shocked by what they saw. Amy was tied to the bed naked, gagged, and bruised badly. Hannibal yelled for BA and Murdock.

As BA and Murdock walked into the room they went pale. All Murdock could think to say was "Oh God!."


Chapter 2

Hannibal and Face quickly untied Amy from the bed. Murdock went and knelt beside her holding her hand. "Face get a blanket while I check her" Hannibal said.

Hannibal was reluctant to touch Amy. He did not want to scare her in case she woke up and did not know where she was. He gently ran his hands down her side. He could feel 4 broken ribs and 2 that were possibly fractured. His anger began to rise as he felt each broken rib. Face returned with a blanket and a first aid kit. He was about to put the blanket over her when her eyes shot open and she began to scream. Murdock tried to restrain her but she scratched him across the cheek.

Hannibal grabbed her wrists and said "Amy! Amy! It's Hannibal, relax you're safe now." Amy kept screaming and fighting for her life. Hannibal got scared when he looked into her eyes and saw nothing but terror.

Hannibal then realized Face was beside him giving Amy a shot of something. She slowly lost consciousness and fell back on the bed. "It was only a small sedative, she will be asleep for about and hour."

Murdock regained his composure and wiped the blood from his cheek. "We need to get her to the hospital, I'll get BA," Hannibal said. BA had gone outside to get the van ready to move Amy. As Murdock was about to leave he noticed the letter on the night stand next to him. Murdock turned pale and went "Colonel look."

Hannibal turned and saw Murdock open the letter. "What does it say Captain?"



Chapter 3

The ride to the hospital was quiet. BA was trying to get to the hospital without going too fast or hitting too many potholes. Murdock was next to Amy in the back of the van. Face was in his usual seat calling the emergency room, letting them know they were coming. Hannibal was trying to figure out how he could have let this happen. He never thought anyone would come after Amy. His anger grew as he thought about who could have done this.

Hannibal realized they were at the hospital. He jumped out of the van and ran inside to get a doctor. Hannibal returned with two nurses, a gurney, and a woman doctor named Thompson. BA lifted Amy out of the van and put her on the gurney as Face and Murdock followed behind him. The guys were told to go into a waiting room while Amy was examined. Face was the first to say what they were all thinking. "Who would have done this?"

"Yeah man, Amy hasn't even been with us on the last 2 missions." BA said.

Face handed Hannibal a cigar and he said "I don't know BA, but we are going to find out." Hannibal turned to Murdock and said "You are going to have to stay with us a while Murdock. I want all of us together until we find out who did this."

Murdock nodded and said "No problem Colonel." They all sat down to wait for the doctor. That was all any of them could do for now.


Chapter 4

About an hour later Dr. Thompson finally came out. The guys quickly got up.

"How is she?" Hannibal asked.

"Well she has 4 broken ribs and bruised kidneys. She has a concussion, a variety of bruises, and a gash on her head that required stitches."

Hannibal finally had to ask "Was she raped Doctor?"

The doctor shook her head no and said "I saw no sign that she was raped, but I think there was some type of sexual contact."

The men were confused. "What do you mean doc?" Murdock asked.

The doctor took a breath and said "I found some bruises and cuts on her inner thighs and on her lower back. Was she naked when you found her?" Hannibal nodded his head yes. "My guess is whoever did this wanted her to think she was going to be raped."

Face cursed out loud while Murdock kicked a garbage can down the hall. Hannibal threw his cigar down in disgust and BA punched a hole in the nearest wall. All any of them could think about was how terrified Amy must have been. There anger was immediately replaced by practicality as in the distance they heard the sirens.


Chapter 5

Hannibal ran to the hospital entrance just in time to see MP's pulling in. "Its Decker we got to get out of here" Hannibal said.

Murdock immediately began to protest "Hannibal we can't leave Amy alone."

"Murdock we won't do Amy any good if we are locked in a federal prison. No one will try anything with the military police around." As the team was getting ready to leave Hannibal turned to Dr. Thompson and said "Doc if she wakes up tell her we will be back as soon as we can and to just hang on until then."

The doctor nodded as the four men ran down the stairs. They were away from the hospital before Decker even had all of his men in place. As they were driving down the street BA banged his fists on the dashboard of his car and said "We should not have left her man."

Hannibal lit a cigar and said "I know BA, but like I said we won't be any good to her if we are in jail. Hannibal quietly hoped whomever did this to Amy would not find her before they could return.


Chapter 6

Decker burst into the hospital and ordered his men to seal it off. Dr. Thompson was angry as she walked up to Decker and asked him what he thought he was doing.

"Ma'am we received information from the local police department that Amy Allen was admitted to this hospital. She is a known accomplice of the A-Team and we have reports that they were spotted here. I am sealing off this hospital until a thorough search can be made of the building."

Suddenly a crash was heard down the hall. Decker and Thompson ran down the hall to find Amy standing in a corner trying to figure out where she was. Her arm was bleeding where she pulled her I.V. out. Decker was shocked when he saw Amy. Memories came flooding back to his mind before he had a chance to stop them.

"Where am I?" Amy said in a low voice.

Dr. Thompson slowly approached her and said "You are in a hospital, you were attacked. Do you remember?"

Amy's eyes glazed over as the adrenaline wore off and pain shot through her entire body. Thompson helped Amy back to the bed as she pulled the covers over her. "Where's Hannibal?" Amy asked in a low child like voice.

Decker's heart broke for her. Decker walked over to the doctor and asked her "What happened?"

Dr. Thompson looked at him and said "She was attacked in her apartment."

Decker walked over to Amy and stood by her bed. He was remembering his younger sister.


Chapter 7

Decker gently ran his hands through Amy's hair. In his mind he was remembering his younger sister Kelly. Two years ago she was beaten and raped while she went out for a late night run. He was unable to get leave for 2 days. Kelly had tried to kill herself two hours before he arrived at her apartment. Decker knew she was just too fragile a person to handle the rape alone. He had told himself over and over that it was not his fault. Some people were just like that. He told himself that but he never really believed it. Decker carried tremendous guilt over his sisters rape and suicide attempt. If only he had gotten there sooner. Even now Kelly had just been released from another psychiatric
institute. He would not allow Amy to go through what Kelly went through. If he could help her he was going to.

He turned to Dr. Thompson and said "Doctor you heard the A-Team say they were heading out of town." Thompson looked confused and was about to protest when she noticed Decker staring at Amy. There was a look of compassion and sadness in his eyes. She knew what he was trying to do. All she said was a quiet yes while she smiled to herself. Decker smiled to himself knowing he was doing the right thing. He would let the A-Team win this time. Their capture was not worth her life.


Chapter 8

Two hours later Hannibal and the guys returned to the hospital. They were surprised not to see any MP's around. They went through the employees entrance and found Dr. Thompson.

"Where are the MPs? I have only seen one man around." said Face.

The doctor smiled and handed a note to Hannibal. The note said "This time I let you win Smith"--Decker.

"Well I'll be damned, Decker has a conscience after all." Hannibal muttered. Hannibal put the note in his pocket. He knew they had only been given a temporary reprieve. "O.K. doc we have to get Amy out of here."

Murdock stepped up and asked "Hannibal may I see Amy first?" Everyone knew Murdock was closest to Amy but there was something in his voice that was different.

Dr. Thompson looked at Murdock and said "I think she would like to see all of you."

"I know doctor, but I don't want her to feel overwhelmed too soon." The fact that Murdock seemed intent on seeing Amy first was not lost on Hannibal, Face, or BA.

"All right Captain, if you think it would be best you should go see her first." Hannibal said. Murdock nodded and ran towards Amy's room. Hannibal was left wondering what was going on between the two of them.


Chapter 9

Murdock poked his head into Amy's room and saw her looking out the window. She smiled when she saw him. Murdock could tell that was a very nice fake smile. He sat down next to her bed and took her hand. "Where are the guys at?" Amy asked as she turned to face him.

"They are out in the hall, I thought we should talk first. Amy do you know who did this to you?"

Amy looked away and nodded. "They said they were working for Thomas Angel. They told me so that I would tell you guys."

Murdock closed his eyes remembering the past. The team had shut down Angel's heroin operation and disgraced him in the eyes of his drug dealing family. He had come out of hiding two weeks ago. Too bad the team did not know that. Angel was also a member of the POW camp where the guys were held. In the end Angel ended up betraying his fellow prisoners for a good hot meal.

"Amy, Hannibal is outside and he is really worried about you." Murdock said.

Amy turned her head quickly and said "He must really pity me now; and I know what you are thinking, and the answer is no." Murdock tried to talk to her but she forcefully turned her head and said "I don't want him helping me. The last thing I need from him is pity." She turned away with tears in her eyes.

Just then the other guys knocked on the door. Amy smiled when she saw them, but tensed up when Hannibal entered.

"How ya doing little sister?" BA asked.

Amy said she was fine but ready to leave the hospital. She tried to avoid any eye contact with Hannibal, a fact that was not lost to him.

Murdock quickly tried to get things moving. "All right. How about we get Amy out of here." he said.

Amy was dressed quickly in a pair of sweat pants and a shirt. She clung to Face for help to get up. BA got her release papers while Hannibal got medication from Dr. Thompson. Murdock knew the next few weeks would be hard on everyone. He just hoped he would be able to keep Amy's secret.


Chapter 10

Three days later the team was settled into a beach house. Face had actually rented the place for 6 months.

The shock of the attack was wearing off for Amy. She was able to move around better and began to talk about the attack. Amy had told them that most of the bruises came from being thrown against the wall. She said the worst part was she did not know if she was going to be raped.

"They kept telling me they would but all they did was touch me," she said.

Hannibal was furious at himself and Angel for hurting Amy. She was as much a part of the team as Face, BA, or Murdock and he had not protected her.


Chapter 11

That night Amy had a nightmare. She woke up screaming and gasping for breath.

Face was immediately by her side trying to calm her down. She screamed when he touched her.

By then Hannibal, BA, and Murdock were all in the room. She screamed at them yelling, "GET OUT OF HERE AND LEAVE ME ALONE. THIS IS ALL YOUR FAULT, IF I HAD NEVER MET YOU GUYS THIS NEVER WOULD HAVE HAPPENED" She screamed and cried as she tried to catch her breath.

Amy then looked at Hannibal and said, "Why didn't you protect me? Why did you let this happen to me? A part of me hates you now."

Hannibal's eyes fogged over as Amy's words began to crush him. Amy threw herself on the bed and began to cry. Just as quickly as she had woken up she was asleep again. Hannibal slowly turned and walked out of the room. The guilt was crushing him. He knew that Amy hated him and it was tearing him apart.

Murdock saw the colonel leave and knew he would have to tell him the truth.


Chapter 12

Murdock caught up with Hannibal. "Colonel she really did not mean that," Murdock said.

Hannibal knew Murdock was trying to make him feel better. "Captain you and I both know she meant it. I never should have allowed her to join the team." Hannibal began to light a cigar that he found in his pocket.

Murdock knew the colonel was wrong. "Hannibal you have no idea how wrong you are. What Amy said did not come out of anger it came out of love." Hannibal was confused. "Come on take a walk with me," Murdock said.


Chapter 13

Murdock and Hannibal walked along the beach as the moon peered down on them. "Colonel there is a lot going on that you don't know about," Murdock said.

Hannibal looked at Murdock and said "The doctor said Amy might blame us. She is going to need someone to be angry at and we are here. I understand Murdock you don't have to try and make me feel better."

'The doctor said'-- Hannibal immediately wished he had not said that. His mind inadvertently drifted back to Maggie. He pushed those thoughts out of his mind. He had to keep focused so he could help Amy.

Murdock knew he had made Amy a promise, but he thought it was time to tell Hannibal the truth. "Hannibal I am talking about how she has been with you. There is a reason why she has been so distant."

"I know she blames me," Hannibal said.

"She doesn't blame you, she blames all of us right now. Hannibal she doesn't want to look into your eyes and see pity in them because when you are in love with someone you don't want to look into their eyes and see pity."

Hannibal stopped and looked at Murdock. There was a look of total shock on his face.

Murdock looked into Hannibal's eyes and said, "Amy is in love with you. That is why she keeps pushing you away."

"How long?" was all Hannibal could think to stammer out.

"I don't know she only told me a couple of weeks ago. That is why it took her so long to decide about Jakarta."

Hannibal was digesting all of this new information whenever six men suddenly surrounded them. Murdock looked at the men turned to Hannibal and said, "Company Colonel."


Chapter 14

Murdock and Hannibal were taken back to the cabin. Amy, Face, and BA were tied up on the couch. Their hands were behind there backs. Hannibal saw Angel standing in the center of the room grinning from ear to ear.

"Colonel Smith it is a pleasure to see you again" Angel said.

"I am sorry I can't say the same dimwit." Hannibal grabbed a cigar out of his pocket and lit it. "We would have prepared for your visit but how do you prepare for cockroaches."

Hannibal and Murdock were then thrown on the couch next to the others. Amy was shaking as her eyes brimmed with tears. Hannibal squeezed Amy's hand trying to instill some confidence in her.

Hannibal stared at Angel and said in a cold tone "You will pay for hurting Amy."

Angel smiled as he said, "I had to get your attention somehow Smith. She was an unfortunate victim in all of this." Amy began to cry as the words unfortunate victim kept running through her mind. Angel came over to Hannibal and looked in his eyes. "I was thrown out of my family's business because of you. I was humiliated and disgraced."

Hannibal, Face, BA, and Murdock at the same time went "Awwwwwww!" They began to giggle as Face said "We are so sorry daddy would not let you grow up to be a drug dealer."

It infuriated Angel that Smith and his friends were still so cocky. "You all will pay." he almost snarled out.

Hannibal and Face exchanged looks that said they were about to make their move. Murdock watched the exchange and knew they were going to need a distraction.


Chapter 15

Murdock suddenly stood up and looked around wildly. "Everybody stop!" he screamed. He caught everyone off guard. "I have been sane for the last week and it is driving me crazy." He then let out the loudest scream any of them had ever heard.

Hannibal immediately grabbed the gun from the guard standing in front of him. Angel had forgotten to tie Hannibal and Murdock up. In one punch the guard was out cold. BA and Face each kicked the knees of the guards in front of them. Amy screamed as Hannibal pushed her to the ground for protection. BA broke his restraints and threw two guards into each other as he grabbed a gun for each hand. Murdock untied Face's hands and gave him a gun. Angel and the rest of his men were headed for the door. Hannibal grabbed Angel and hit him so hard two teeth flew out of his mouth. The three remaining guards were taken care of quickly by the others.

Hannibal stood over Angel and said "I am disappointed Tommy, this was far too easy." He then pulled out his gun and pointed it at Angel's head. "Can you give me one good reason why I should not kill you right here you piece of trash?"

A rage was building in Hannibal as he kept remembering seeing Amy on the bed. Tommy's face showed complete fear. Hannibal's eyes burned as he told Angel in a cold voice. "If you ever come near her again, I will kill you." Angel then wet his pants. Hannibal smirked as he put the gun back in his belt.

Hannibal went to Amy and helped her on the couch and untied her hands. He brushed the hair from her face and for the first time saw the love in her eyes. He wondered how he could have missed it. Hannibal asked her if she was all right. She nodded yes but then began to shake uncontrollably. Hannibal gently took her in his arms trying to comfort her.


Chapter 16

The police picked up Thomas Angel later that day. He was charged as an accessory in Amy's attack. Amy agreed to testify, but it turned out not to be necessary. Four hours after being picked up, 3 of his men agreed to testify against him in exchange for immunity.


Chapter 17

That night Hannibal was in his room relaxing. He was tired. Dealing with Angel's attack on Amy, finding out about her feelings and dealing with his situation with Maggie had made him feel tired and old. Hannibal had his own secret he was keeping. He and Maggie had broken up two weeks ago. He had told no one. It had hurt like hell hearing her say the words 'I have met someone else.'

A part of him died that day. A part of him that kept hoping for a normal life. The part of him that wanted a normal life with Maggie. Hannibal then got up and thought enough feeling sorry for myself. He knew it was time to go and talk to Amy. He went and knocked on her door. He heard her say "Come in," with a soft voice.

He saw her sitting on the window seat listening to the radio. "Oh hi Hannibal," she said in a nervous voice.

Hannibal went and sat down next to her. "How are you feeling Kid?" he asked.

She smiled and said "Everyday I feel a little better." Hannibal was sad as he saw a haunted look cross her face. "Look Hannibal, I know Murdock told you. I don't want you to feel weird, I am still going to Jakarta as soon as I can. My feelings won't interfere with anything on the team." Amy kept her head down as she spoke. She was afraid to look Hannibal in the eye.

Hannibal took her hands in his and said, "I am sorry I did not notice. I am
sorry I put you in some weird situations."

"You didn't," Amy said as she finally looked him in the eyes. She had tried for so long to fight her feelings. She did not even realize it when she brought her hands to Hannibal's face and caressed his cheek. She pulled away quickly trying to apologize. Hannibal pulled her back to him saying she had nothing to apologize for.

She looked at him with tears and said "I don't know what I am doing anymore, when will it get better?"

Hannibal sighed and said "I don't know, but it will." He was saddened to see the desperation in Amy's eyes. She was desperately reaching for anything to make the hurt go away. Hannibal did not realize they were so close until Amy kissed

At first he was shocked, then the kiss felt right. Having someone in his arms made the loneliness over Maggie go away. Hannibal pulled away. "I don't want to hurt you Amy."

"Please." Amy said in a desperate voice. "We don't have to do anything, please don't leave me. I need you tonight." Just then an old Bob Seger song came on the radio

I know its late, I know you're weary.

I know your plans don't include me.
Still here we are both of us lonely.
Longing for shelter from all that we see .
Why should we worry, no one will care.
Look at the stars so far away .
We've got tonight, Who needs tomorrow.

Deep in my soul, I've been so lonely.
All of my hopes fading away.
I've longed for love like everyone else does.
I know I'll keep searching even after today.
So there it is, I've said it all now.
And here we are babe, what do you say.
We've got tonight, who needs tomorrow.
We've got tonight why don't you stay.


We've got tonight, who needs tomorrow.
Lets make it last, lets find a way.
Turn out the light, come take my hand now.
We've got tonight, Why don't you stay.

Hannibal looked into Amy's eyes and said, "Do you want me to hold you tonight?" Tears ran down her face as she laid in his arms. She felt safe in his arms. Hannibal held her tight as the loneliness and pain of losing Maggie began to diminish. Amy slept peacefully with no nightmares. When Amy began to get scared and shake Hannibal held her tighter and whispered he was there and that no one would hurt her again.

The next morning Amy woke up in Hannibal's arms and looked into his blue eyes. Hannibal woke up to see Amy smiling at him. He smiled back. They both felt at peace. Hannibal tried to think of a way to thank her for last night. There was no way to thank her for easing his pain. Hannibal smiled as she quietly whispered to herself "I love it when a plan comes together."

The End.


IN HIS ARMS by Jennifer



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