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Just Not Right

Just Not Right
by Hannurdock / Georgina Ann Price

Rating:  PG

Summary: Face is very ill, but cannot work out why.

Dedication: To Magik - sorry to hear you've been diagnosed with
Glandular Fever.  But at least you know the score now. Here is a
little story for you.

Archive: Yes

Comments: Yes


Face wandered out of the doctors feeling more depressed than when he
had first gone.  He walked miserably down the road, turned a corner
and bumped into Murdock.

"Hey muchacho. How'd the doctors go?"  Murdock asked chirpily, taking
Face'c coat, and opening the passenger door to the corvette so Face
could get in.

Face slumped into the seat. He was in no mood for Murdock's happy
pointless banter "Not good. What do you think? You keep asking me
over and over again, I'm not feeling better".

Murdock looked hurt, and moved around to the drivers side, got in and
started the car in silence.  When the roar of the engine dissipated
into the hubbub of city sound, Murdock turned to look at Face more

Face was pale, withdrawn.  He seemed terribly alone, and curled up
inside himself.  It was all Murdock could do not to put his arms
around the younger man, comfort him.

"You know, the verterans admin say I'll be out for christmas" Murdock
said happily, trying to start a conversation with the depressed man.

"Hmmm?" Face looked over at Murdock.  He hadn't heard a word.

"The VA, they say I'll be out for christmas" Murdock repeated,
to look back at the road.

"That's nice" Face said coldly.  "I'm chilly".

Murdock turned up the warmth on the heater, and sat back.  Face was
disinterested, far away, lost.  Murdock tried not to worry, but the
panic had set in.

"Wanna talk, Facey" Murdock ventured.

"Would you shut up???!!  I've had enough of your incessant jabbering.
No wonder BA feels like ripping your head off every time you talk to
him". Face's voice was raised, uncontrolled.

Murdock's eyes were wide with fear. He had never seen this side of
friend before, and his eyes were bright.  Face saw himself reflected
in the tearful eyes, and turned away in shame.

Face sighed deeply.  He hadn't meant to hurt or offend Murdock in any
way. But his words just didn't come out right.  He was in pain,
moody, afraid.  If only he could talk in the way he wanted to talk,
let Murdock know how much he was suffering.  He had been suffering
months. It had started as a cold, not unbearable - but very
uncomfortable. Before long he had developed a nasty sore throat.

"What the doc say, Face?  Did he know what it is?" Murdock asked

"Nothing much. Took a few blood tests, all the usual crap.  Gave me a
prescription....". Face stopped, unsure of how to carry on this

"Really? Prescription for what?" Murdock asked curiously. He couldn't
bear to turn and face his friend, the anger and pain there pained him
to breaking point.

"Anti-depressants"  Face said quietly.

Murdock felt like he'd been kicked in the stomach. He turned to look
at Face sharply, and then continued driving. "Nothin' to do with me
the team, is it?".

Face turned to Murdock, all anger washed out with these heartfelt
words.  "No Murdock. Not you. Not the team. Its me. I'm sick. Nothing
for you to worry about, okay?".

Murdock nodded.  "You get the results tomorrow?"

Face nodded. "Yes. He's a good doctor.  He's worried, doesn't know
what's up.  He know how to get things done real quick".

Murdock beamed proudly.  "He is a doctor to the stars, Face. Don't
know how you scam these things, but you do them with style".

Face glared at Murdock, and then breathed harshly as he looked away.

"Did I say something to upset you?" Murdock asked.

"No.  Just get me home" Face snapped.

As Murdock parked near Face's scammed apartment, Face hastily walked
out and towards the building.

"Hey muchacho. You want me to stay tonight?" Murdock asked hopefully.

Face stopped and turned, all the anger disolved with Murdock's
gentleness and sincerity.  "If you want Murdock. Please don't mention
the cons again, I don't do it becuase I enjoy it. I do it becuase I
have to".

Murdock nodded, swallowing hard.  "Anything you say".

Face slumped suddenly, and Murdock rushed forward to secure him.

"What's up?" Murdock asked worriedly.

"Just tired. Dead tired. Need to sleep" Face moaned, allowing Murdock
to escort him into the house and into bed.


The next morning, Face groaned as he tried to pull himself out of
 Each little effort seemed to tire him out, and eventually he decided
to remain in bed, where it was warm and safe. His plan did not work
out, becuase Murdock walked sprightly into the room, and drew the
curtains.  The invading sunlight made Face wince.

"Murdock! Its only 10.30" Face mumbled, turning his head into the

"10.30 too late!" Murdock beamed, throwing back Face's duvet.

Face tiredly pulled the duvet back over himself, and turned away from
Murdock abruptly.  "I need a couple more hours".

Murdock looked worriedly at his friend.  He walked around the other
side of the bed and noted that Face was wrapped up like a mummy in
sheet, only his nose, eyes and wispy blonde hair was visible.

"Okay Facey, but remember - you got the doc's at 4.30". Murdock

Face nodded slowly, and then fell promptly asleep.  He was oblivious
of Murdock drawing the curtains again, protecting him from the
sunlight.  He was oblivious of the soft rustling of Murdock's clothes
as he quickly tidied up the room. He was oblivious to the timid hand
that touched his own, before the bedroom door closed and Face was
alone to sleep.


"Three o'clock buddy. Time to get up" Murdock shook Face's arm gently.

Face opened his eyes, trying to focus on Murdock "Already?"

"Uh huh. You've slept all day long. Time to go find out what's wrong"
Murdock said softly.

Face moaned, and stiffly moved out of bed.  He wandered over to the
bathroom.  Once he had locked the door, Face slumped into a corner,
trying to think. Why was his thoughts not clear? Why couldn't he

Murdock paced uncomfortably by the bathroom door, waiting for Face to
emerge.  When he did, Murdock helped clothe him, and then both men
walked out of the house.  Face got into the passenger seat again, and
Murdock drove.


The doctor, affectionatly referred to as Scars to the Stars, watched
as Face and Murdock both entered the room and took seats.

"Welcome back Mr Peck. Your results came through.  It seems you have
glandular fever, it co-incides with your mood swings, your tiredness,
irritability, aches and sore throats".

Murdock sighed in relief. "So what now, doc?".

"Rest, plenty of rest. And medication" The doctor explained.

Murdock nodded and then turned to Face "Guess I get to play doctor
a while longer".

Face groaned "Gee, I can't wait!"


A couple of weeks later, Murdock was relieved to see the change in
Face. The medication had worked, along with the rest.  He had
brightened up considerably. BA and Hannibal were amazed at the
difference, and were talking about missions for the thriving

"Hey Murdock" Face called, as Murdock prepared lunch.

Murdock walked into the livingroom "Yeah?"

"What is this CRAP?  You call this TV viewing?" Face yelled, fiddling
with the remote control, and adjusting the channels irritably.

Murdock stepped back, his eyes wide as he tried to think of a
response.  Then he saw the crafty  Faceman smile, and threw a wet
potato skin at Peck.

"Hey!  Careful with the goods. You don't want this free meal and
ticket smelling of raw vegatables" Face laughed, throwing the skin
back at Murdock. The skin landed on his head, and Murdock blinked
twice in amazement.

Face rolled out of his chair in laughter, doubled up as he tried to
regain some composure. But the image of Murdock standing, blinking in
amazement, with a potato skin on his head was to amusing to bear.

Murdock took the skin off, looked at it in surprise and then started
to laugh as well. Chuckling, he wandered back into the kitchen to
prepare the meal, leaving Face to get himself under control.

"Next time, Face" Murdock promised under his breath, whilst trying to
stop giggling.  "I'll get you back for this one with the water



Just Not Right by Hannurdock



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