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Soliloquy Times Five

Soliloquy Times Five
by Rita Ractliffe

Rated:      G
Archive:    Yes, but work in progress, so consider it a DRAFT
Origin:     Inspired while sitting in Los Angeles freeway traffic...
            hey, who knows where inspiration comes from, right?
Summary:    Thoughts of the various team members the night before
            they go `over the wall'
Warnings:    None.... sappy.  Couple of cuss words, `bout all.

Disclaimer: A-Team characters were created by Cannell and Lupo and
            are owned by Universal.  Any other original characters
            and story otherwise belong to me. Copyright: Oct./2000 .


Soliloquy times Five



        Got them!  Behind bars where they belong.  Damned
sonsofbitches!  Traitors of the worst sort.  Can't begin  to say how
proud it makes me feel to know I'm the one who gets to  turn the key
on those renegades, those turncoats.  They're an insult to every
decent, fine soldier we have in the services.  How the hell did we
ever turn out bad apples like them?  Have to check the chain of
command, see where we lost them.  But it doesn't matter.  They're
history now.



        Is it the right decision?  For me, absolutely.  For them?
Would they have a rat's ass chance in hell if they weren't associated
with me?  Might they ever get consideration down the road without me
in the picture muddying the waters for them?  Can we afford to wait
to find out?  I don't care what happens to me, not really; it has to
be better than this - - rotting in some damned jail cell til I'm old
and gray.  Well, grayer.   But what I'm proposing - is it right for
the guys?  Once we do this, there'll be no turning back, no changing
of minds.  Is it right to do that to them?  Take their lives away
irrevocably?  "Cuz that's what it will do - they'll be on the run for
the rest of their lives.  Do I have that right?  They trust me
implicitly, but what if I'm wrong?  Can we live with it?  Can *they*
live with it?

        God, help me... am I doing the right thing?



        Hey, it's not like I *want* to be doing this.  Heck, I don't
even want to be `here'.  But what can we do?  If we stay, we get
buried just for doing what we were told.  Where's the justice in
that?  I know the Colonel is worried - he's trying hard to not show
it, but he is.  About us as much as anything.  But then he's always
been that way, ever since the first day we met.  Why I remember....
no, don't do that, can't do that - not now, not here.  If Hannibal's
plan doesn't work, there'll be plenty of time to ... ah... remember.
But not now.  Gosh, I bet the Colonel's going nuts with no cigars at
hand.  Hey, Hannibal, I'd get'ya one if I could, you know I would.
You always plan better when you've got one of those noxious weeds
hanging out'ya mouth.   Oh, Lord, I don't want to be here, even in a
nightmare.  This can't be happening, it just can't.  What the hell
did we do wrong?

        Can we really succeed at this?  What happens if we fail?  If
Hannibal fails?  No, can't think that either.  Hannibal's plans
always work... sort of.  Gotta have faith, Peck... gotta.



        I can't believe what's happened.  It's so surreal.  How can
anyone be court-martialed for *obeying* their orders?  How can that
be?  Lord I hope we can see each other again someday.  I don't know,
though.  They seem determined to bury me in a VA ward - how will the
guys ever know how to find me?  I can't believe this is the end of
us.  How will they cope all those years in prison?  I know it will
kill Hannibal - he's too much a free spirit to be confined like that.
 I know him - he won't make it easy for them - - and I know them,
those military dicks -- they will make sure to hurt him as much as
they can to make him toe the line... but will he?  Can he?  And Face?
 That scares me.  He's been confined before and at the mercy of so
many others over the years, the orphanage, foster homes, abuse, the
VC camps, more abuse, and now here he is again.  They think *I'm*
crazy?  Oh, lordy, just wait til Face snaps.  And the big guy?  That
scares me, too.  He'll really hurt somebody before they take him
down.  It's just not right... not right.

        Billy, come here, I need ya, pal.  Don't have anyone to talk
to anymore, my guys are gone.  C'mon fella, just a few minutes of
your time... that's all I need ­ just a few minutes...



        Sucka's got a plan.  Know how thet gon' go.  He plans nevah
work right.  But what else can we do?  Mah mama eatin' her heart out,
knowin' Ah'm in heah.  Ain' nothin' I can do, Mama.  Hannibal's got
a plan.  `S'gotta work, else we be stuck in dis damn place for da
next twenty years.  Twenty years, mama... how'm ah gonna get through
thet?  How the Colonel gonna do it?  He not good with prisons, not
since them damn VC camps.  He swore we'd nevah be locked up again...
nevah.  How he gonna change whut they got planned for us?  Huh, mama?
 How?  His plan is crazy, more so than da' fool.  Da' fool.  Lordy,
where he at?  They said he gone nuts and gonna be locked away.  They
cain' do that, the man a flyin' man, they kill him they do that.
Hell... sorry, mama, they gonna kill all of us if we's gots to stay
in this place.  Face cain' deal with it - - I know  him, all them
years bein' locked away cuz' nobody wanted him.  He gonna shrivel up
and die, I jus' know it.  Hannibal will go out fightin', tha's his
style.  Me, who knows?  But da' Faceman?   Cain' think about that...
hurts too much.

        Hannibal's gots a plan.  Hear me, Lord, hear me good... you
hep' him think it through, okay?  He gonna need yo'r hep on this one.
 If'n you know we not the bad guys, then you hep him, okay?  Hep my
mama too.  This gonna kill her - she gonna think I gone bad on her,
thet all her raisin' me did'n do no good.  How can I tell her?

        Hannibal got a plan... gotta hope it works.




Soliloquy Times Five by Rita Ractliffe



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