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Wild-Thing Love

Wild-thing Love

By: J-Bird

Rating: PG 13 (just to be sure)

Warnings: Some slashy thoughts. No sex though (Sorry).


There has always been something wild and untamable about you. Even when you wear a fancy tux, I can see it.

In fact, I saw it the first time we met.

And as I stand here watching you check the supplies for Hannibal, as I have watched you thousands of times before, I suddenly feel the urge to try and pinpoint this element of untamed nature.

Maybe it's the hair? Those golden, silky locks which, although you hate them getting mussed up, become so sweetly disheveled if you don't watch out. Sort of like a lion's mane. A proud and strong lion. Roaring over his territory in a proud display of superiority. Except you don't roar very often. Which is probably why it's so frighteningly effective when you do.

It could also be your smile. Those perfect white teeth in that perfect Cupid’s bow mouth. Now, don't take this the wrong way, but to me you're kinda like a crocodile, smiling at his unsuspecting prey just before he strikes. Be that during a con or in combat, the effect is the same. You do have real smiles too though, and those are the ones that make my heart grow light and the encroaching darkness invisible. Those smiles remind me of butterflies in the desert. Both too breathtakingly beautiful to be real. And there’s not enough of them, a thing I’d like to changes.

It might be your nose. I know what you'd say if you could hear me: "Just how can a nose be wild?" But yours is. Just like a shark I'd swear you could smell blood and trouble a mile away. But, you being you, you just have to check it out anyway, don't you? But you are a big boy now, and able to take care of yourself. And if you get in to deep? Well, then knowing we'll never be too far behind you to get your butt out of trouble might not be such a bad thing.

Your ears perhaps? Like a lone wolf, you seem able to hear even what's under the snow and strike accordingly.

It could simply be the way you move, so lithe and ...........cheetah-like. You're not like the big guy, built like 20 brick outhouses on top of a hill. You're lean and muscular, as if your body were hiding its strength from the world, keeping it as a secret weapon. So that when you do strike it's fast, deadly and unexpected. And let's not forget the way your muscles ripple under that beautiful, tanned skin. Especially when you run. I could spend hours just watching you then. Though whether you could keep it up for hours without stopping to comb your hair or have a quick whine, to let us know your still alive, I don't know. But I'd certainly like to see you try. Skin gleaming with sweat, hair disheveled and oh so adorable. OK, so I'm babbling here........

You know what? I've changed my mind. Oh no, not about wanting to watch you in motion for ever, I'd still love that! But about the thing that makes you somehow so wild - it's none of those things. Although they do play a part, they aren't what matter.

It's your eyes.

Those beautiful blue eyes of yours.

There are no animals to help me describe them. I guess you could call them stars. But that's not quite right either.

Justice, that's what they are.

I know that they say that justice is blind, but if she had eyes, they would be just like yours.

They see all, they see nothing.

They are compassionate, they are indifferent.

They demand, they beg.

They condemn, but are quicker to forgive.

They love, they hate.

And they want nothing but the truth!

And the truth.....?

Well, the truth is that I love you. That I always have and always will.

But it's more than the brotherly love I feel for the big guy and the Colonel. It's the kind of being in love love, the kind that only happens once or twice in every lifetime, that consumes everything and throws the rest of the world into the shadows.

"Hey Murdock! You coming?" Your voice and that smile bring me back to reality.

I'd be a fool to risk our friendship for a stupid love affair! Your eyes pierce me with bolts of energy and I smile back at you goofily. Well why not? I am after all both a nut and a fool. And I have that on good authority too. So, why not...?

I step up to you and take your hand in mine.

"Face. There's something I've been meaning to tell ya´...............

The End?

Wild-Thing Love by J-Bird



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