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Trouble on AOL 1-4

Trouble on AOL
By Dana  

Disclaimer: AOL belongs to Steve Case. A-Team belongs to Stephen
Cannell. Everyone else belongs to me.

Author's note: This is a much more serious sequel to Rabbit Jack's
Meets the A-Team. RJMAT is not required reading.

Rating: This part is PG.

Summary: An Instant Message leads Murdock to believe a friend is in



It's been five years since the A-Team got their pardons. John
'Hannibal' Smith married Dr. Maggie Sullivan and now lives in Bad
Rock. They have one son named Peter. BA Baracas moved to Chicago
and married an old friend named Sara Jacobs. HM Murdock stayed in
Langley Virginia. He and Erica had been engaged when the team got
their pardons. Frankie Santana went back to Los Angeles and is
currently head of special effects for a major studio. Face went to
Florida for a couple of weeks after he got his pardon and no one had
heard from him since.

Chapter 1

Murdock watched impatiently as America Online connected. He still
had the screen name CrazyFool8. He knew Hannibal still had AOL.
However, he never saw the others online. He put them on his buddy
list just in case. However, when he got online he was met with a
surprise. FacialOne7 was on the list. He felt like jumping with
joy. Face hadn't made any contact with the team in years. He didn't
show up for any of the weddings. Not that any of them knew where to
send the invitations.

He remembered the code that they had established to see if it was the
actual person. He clicked the name and sent the code.

He smiled when the code came back. He typed "Hey Faceman! Where've
you been?"

"Faceman? I think you have the wrong person." FacialOne7 typed back.

"Ah come on Facey you know it's Murdock." Murdock typed back.

"Look I really think you have the wrong person. I'm not who you are
looking for." FacialOne7 typed back.

"What's going on?" Murdock typed but as he hit send he got an
illegal operation and was thrown offline. He tried reconnect but
couldn't establish the connection to AOL.

Meanwhile in another part of the country, a man sat at his computer
sadly. How could he type the code back? Now he'd be in trouble.

Trouble on AOL 2/?


The man heard the doors open and didn't need to turn around to
what was about to happen.  He was hauled to his feet and slammed
against a wall.

"What the hell are you doing Peck?  You know the consequences of
contacting anyone from the team."

Face flinched as he remembered why he was here working for a man who
once had the intention of killing him and his friends.  He probably
did intend to kill him when they were finished.  "I didn't
know any
of them were on!  He im'd me."

"Since this is your first mess up he'll probably go easy on
you.  But
the next time..."

Face nodded.  He didn't need to be reminded.  He knew the price
messing up and it was too high.

Murdock started to pick up the phone but stopped when he saw his
wife's car pull into the driveway.  He rushed out to help her
the groceries.  "How was your day?"  He asked after kissing
cheek.  Erika worked as a waitress while Murdock was finishing his
degree in Psychology at George Mason University in Fairfax Virginia.

"Not bad.  How has studying for finals gone?"

"It's been going well.  No more finals after this."  He
broke into
one of his grins.  "I was thinking.  Maybe we should take a real
vacation together after we leave Bad Rock."

"Sounds good to me.  Where do you want to go?"

"How about a cruise.  We haven't done that in a long

"Murdock!  I only get two weeks vacation.  How are we going to do

"Then let's just go to Florida.  I haven't been there in
almost six
years and you have never been there."  Murdock tried to keep the
out of his voice.  He wanted to know if Face was in Florida at all.

"Hmm sounds nice.  I'm going to go start dinner.  Why
don't you see
if you can find some cheap airplane tickets."  Murdock looked at
in surprise.  "No you are not flying us this year!"

Murdock laughed.  He started to sign on AOL when he remembered why he
was going to make a phone call.

In Bad Rock Hannibal Smith had just put his three-year-old son to bed
for a nap when the phone rang.  "Hello?"

`Hannibal?  It's Murdock.'

"Hi Murdock.  How are finals going?"

`The usual.  But something happened on AOL today.  I think I may
found Face.'

Hannibal almost dropped the phone.  "What do you mean you think
found Face?  Did he email you or something?"

`No.  I saw the screen name FacialOne7 on my buddy list and
im'd him
with the code.  He sent it back.  But when I asked him a question he
said he didn't know who I was looking for but it wasn't him.
I think
he may be in trouble.'

"Murdock it could have been someone else.  We haven't seen or
from Face in five years."

`I know that colonel but I'm pretty sure that it was Face.
He sent
the code back and everything.  Erica and I are going to go to Florida
for a vacation.  I want to do some investigating.  Maybe ask Ellen
some questions.  I want to know what's going on.'

Hannibal just shook his head as he hung up the phone.  He'd also
wondering where Face was.  His own fears sometimes got the best of
him.  What if Murdock was right?  What if Face was in trouble?

Face walked down the hall to the boss's office remembering what
happened five years ago.  He had gone to Florida to see his sister
like he had planned.  Heck he was still in Florida.  But it all began
two days after he had arrived.

He was meeting his sister for lunch.  He made his first mistake when
he walked into an ally.  He saw a couple of faces he knew quite well
but they were supposed to be in prison, right?  He started to move
out of the ally nonchalantly hoping they hadn't noticed him.  He
hadn't brought his gun.  That was his second mistake.  He could
one of them yelling and knew that he had been spotted.

He started to run.  Which was probably his third mistake because he
tripped over some garbage.  Now they had him cornered.

"Well look here.  It's a ghost."  One of them said.

"Yeah aren't you supposed to be dead Peck?"  The other

"Aren't you supposed to be in prison?"  Face shot back.

"Good point."  The first one said with a smirk.  He brought
out a
knife, as did the other.  "Time to make sure you don't tell
where we are."

"This isn't as good as you getting blown up but it will have
to do."
The second one said.  "Don't have a weapon?"  He asked.
Face didn't
say a word.  "Too bad for you."

Face decided to use his speed and moved out of the way quickly and
started to get away when one of them grabbed his arm and slashed down
hard with the knife.  Face grabbed his arm protectively, which gave
the other one time to move in from behind.  He felt something go into
his side and knew he had been stabbed again.  He was growing weak and
couldn't stop himself from falling to his knees.  He felt
hit his head and that was the last he remembered until he woke up in
a hospital bed with his sister next to him.  He had been found in a
Dumpster and was rushed to the hospital.

He remembered the flowers that were sent.  One of the cards
said `Open your mouth and your sister dies.'

He was blackmailed into working on a very illegal job.  If he made
contact with the rest of the team his sister would be killed.

Now he had to hope his `boss' would punish him a different
way then
killing his sister.  He opened the door and waited for his fate.



Trouble on AOL 3/?

When Face got to the office he knocked on the door and opened the
door slowly.  He remembered five years ago when he was dragged into
this office.

He was just about to check in at the airplane gate.  He was flying to
L.A. to surprise Father Magill.  With the exception of spending two
days in the hospital, and having stitches in his side and arm it had
been a nice visit.  He told his sister not to tell the A-Team about
this.  She reluctantly agreed.

He was starting to go to the gate when someone grabbed his
arm.  "You're coming with us for a drive Peck.  If you
don't we'll
have to start shooting people and you don't want that to happen
you?"  A voice said from behind them.  Face shook his head.

He was let out of the airport and pushed into a waiting car and
blindfolded.  `Good way to make someone car sick.'  He

When the car stopped he was pulled out of it and dragged into a
building and down the hall to an office.

"Well, well Peck."  Face knew the voice even before the
blindfold was
taken off.  "I didn't expect two of my men to come tell me
that you
were in Florida by yourself.  But I realize the talents you have
would benefit my business."

"I'm sure I don't want to help you Kyle.  Thanks for the
though."  Face said and backed up.  But he ended up backing into

"You're not going anywhere Peck unless you want your sister
to be
killed."  Kyle said watching Face's surprise.  "Yes I
know about
Ellen Bancroft.  I've got some people following her.  I just say
word and they will kill her."

"Leave my sister alone."  Face said and tried to run towards
him but
hands quickly grabbed him.

"Have a seat Peck.  There is much to be discussed."  Kyle
pointing at a chair in front of him.

Face shook himself out of the memories and opened the door.  He saw
the piercing eyes of his boss as he talked to Wayne Piper.  "Come
Peck.  I was informed that you broke one of the rules."

"He im'd me first sir.  I haven't talked to any of them
since the day
we got our pardons."  Face said.  He knew Piper was staring at
but his eyes never left Kyle.  Wayne Piper was the computer genius of
the group and Face worked with him.  He was also the only friend he
had these five years.

"That's what Piper was just telling me.  You knew the rules
should have never responded.  You deserve to be punished for that.
However, since this is the fist mistake you've made I will not
your sister this time.  However you will not go unpunished.  Refuse
the punishment and I will go back on my word about not harming

Face knew he was going to get a beating.  Its not like they could
restrict him any more then he already was.  They drugged his dinner
so that he went to sleep right after he ate and woke up in the
morning to work.

Sharphook led him out of the room into another one.  Face stood there
in anticipation of the cane, which he felt, hit his back.  He
cry out.  He wasn't going to give Sharphook or Kyle the

This went on for ten minutes before Face welcomed the darkness of

Trouble on AOL 4/?

Murdock started flipping through the channels till he found America's
Most Wanted.  He always liked that show.  He had just came back from
taking his last final and was ready to relax.

He was stunned when he saw the face of Douglas Kyle on the
television.  The voice of John Walsh said, "This story when we come
back from commercial."

Murdock grabbed the phone and quickly dialed Hannibal.  `Hello?'
Hannibal's voice asked on the third ring.

"Hannibal it's Murdock.  Turn on the TV to America's Most Wanted at
nine.  There's something you need to see."

`What?  Is it about Face?'  Hannibal asked with worry.

"I don't know.  They just showed a picture of Kyle."  Murdock said
watching as the show came back from commercial.

John Walsh's voice said, "This is Major Douglas Kyle.  He was sent to
prison eight years ago after kidnapping two people in a small
California town on December 7 1984."  A re-enactment of what happened
was shown leaving out the A-Team's involvement.    "Four years later
he escaped prison and we have a lead on where he might be but we need
your help."

"Hannibal Kyle's out of prison."

`What?!   Does it say where he is?'

Murdock went back to watching TV.  "He was last seen in Florida."
Walsh continued.

"Florida."  Murdock told Hannibal.  "Face was in Florida..."  Murdock

Hannibal considerably paled on the other end of the phone.  If Kyle
has done something to Face there would be hell to pay.  Hannibal
swore to himself.  `Murdock I'm going to call BA and see if he was
watching the show and call you right back.'

Murdock went back to watching America's Most Wanted.  "He may be
involved in a hacking group but nothing is for sure."  Walsh said.

`Why would a mercenary be hacking?'  Then it was starting to make

The IM.

At the warehouse Kyle was also watching the show.  He would have to
move the base of operations now.  His eyes wandered over to the
locked door that held the drugged Face.  He turned to King and Harper.

"I need you two to go to New York City and make it look like Peck's
there.  I want the others off our trail."  He ordered.

They quickly left.

He sat back looking at the papers and where his men had been sent.
The size of his group had grown quite considerably.  Now he was
thinking of Portland Oregon.

Close enough to California to drive Smith crazy if he knew.





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