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Rabbit Jack's meets The A-Team Rabbit Jack's meets The A-Team
By Dana

Disclaimer: None of the characters are mine. Um RabbitJill owns Rabbit Jack's. Stephen J. Cannell owns A-Team. Steve Case owns AOL. I think that's everyone. If there's a name you don't recognize they belong to themselves! They gave me their permission first. Oh yeah I'm in the fic but I won't say who I am ;). And some screen names are ones I came up with.

Author's note: Uh let's just say their are a lot of phone lines in the house.

Dedication: This is dedicated to the wonderful people of Rabbit Jack's who lost their spot on AOL on October 2.

Ratings: G

Summary: Murdock has fun on AOL.

Archive: Sure if you think it's good enough.


It was an unusual night off for the A-Team. Murdock decided to send the night at this apartment instead of joining the others. He had just gotten AOL the day before and wanted to get on it right away. His screen name was CrazyFool8.

He clicked on games eager to see what kind of games there were. His eyes lit up when he saw a bingo program. He'd always loved Bingo nights at the VA Hospital. He did the download and quickly clicked on the game. He entered parlor 2 and saw that there were 23 other people in there.

The chat was going so quickly down the screen that he almost laughed at some of the comments. "Hi. I'm new." He typed.

"Hi Crazy." Onefooltoomany, Pat131313, Qrj Melba all typed.

"The game is reverse guts. Wait to Bingo on a number ending in 7 8 or 9 for best chip pay outs." QRJ Melba typed.

"Sounds easy enough." Murdock typed back. "Hey One I love your screen name."

"Thanks. I like yours too." Onefooltoomany typed back.

Someone called bingo on 52. Everyone typed wtg.

"Don't worry Crazy, we like to help people." WillowDana typed.

The game had been going awhile before another name came in FacialOne7. He was greeted by the same greeting that Murdock got.

Murdock tried not to laugh. What an interesting name! He thought. He'd have to tell Face about it tomorrow.

"So what do we do now?" FacialOne7 asked. "I'm new to this."

"Hit the register button and I'll give rules when game starts Facial." QRJ Melba instructed.

"Okay." FacialOne7 typed.

A few games later Baracan01 entered the room. The coincidence was getting weirder. Murdock thought. It couldn't be...could it?

Murdock thought he'd bust a gut when he saw someone enter the room with the name ManWithPln entered.

"Hannibal?" FacialOne7, Murdock, and Baracan01 typed.

The players were staring wondering what was going on. Three new players all knew each other. It wasn't that it wasn't unheard of, it was just strange.

"Wow guys. So much for having a night alone." Murdock typed laughing at the same time.

QRJ Melba typed, "Facial, Man, Baracan, Crazy register please."

"Oh sorry Melba." Hannibal typed.

"Anyone else we should know in here?" Face typed.

"Uh guys..." DishManHCA typed.

"Frankie?" Murdock typed.


"A team that plays together stays together." Hannibal joked.

"Hannibal!" The others groaned.

"Would you please register?" QRJ Melba asked again.

"Right." Face typed and quickly registered.

QRJ Melba sighed. She was starting to give up on the four new players. "If you don't register 3 games straight you forfeit your chips for the shift."

"Oh sorry QRJ. This is our first night in here." Frankie apologized.

"Understood Dish. But maybe you should go to a private room if you want to chat more then play."

"Bingo!" Murdock typed happily and called it on 57.

"Good job Murdock." Hannibal typed.

"Yeah congrats fool." BA typed.

"I knew AOL would be fun!" Murdock typed.

Two hours and two QRJ's later, Murdock signed off. 'What a great game.' He knew QRJ's wouldn't be the same

Next- Trouble on AOL

Rabit Jack's Meets the A-Team by Dana