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Sudden Death (poem)

Sudden Death
Captn Wolfie (aka Loganmoneypenny)

Warnings: Slashy Feelings, Major character death (already happened) Hankie
alert this is really really sad so get the kleenex out folks.

Inspiration: Well anyone who watches Ally Macbeal will know the inspiration
for this, for those that don't well Billy died it was a sudden and unexpected
death and it got me thinking and this is what came of those thoughts I hope
you like it :)


Sudden Death
I place the flowers on your grave
They're your favourite fragrant bloom
I whisper sweet words of love
But they disappear lost in the gloom

I still can't truly believe you've gone
Even though it's been over a year
I still hear your voice echo in my mind
Sometimes it feels like your presence is near

I still remember the day you passed away
There was no warning, no alarms
One moment we were dancing cheek to cheek
The next you'd collapsed dying in my arms

The last thing you ever said to me
Barely a whisper that nobody else hears
Love is stronger, than even death, it will remain
Then you drift away and I cry a river of tears

There's not a minute, hour or second
Of a day that has since gone by
That I haven't stopped to demand
'Why did my true love have to die?'

Why did you take him from me?
Murdock, was my best friend, my brother
And though it took so long to uncover the truth
He was my soul mate, my truest lover.

The hardest thing I've ever had to do
Break the news to Hannibal and BA that you'd left
BA kept saying 'fool ain't dead' I even saw him cry
Hannibal just sat there dumbfounded totally bereft.

Me well I died inside that day
My life will never be the same again
I've had sleepless nights, I've tried to end it all
The guys are always there, to help me through the pain

'Temp' I hear the voice cut through the night
I spin around and you're standing right there
'I've missed you so much' tears well in my eyes
Why did you leave me all alone, H.M that wasn't fair.

'Muchacho, I never left love, I'm right here.'
He says pointing to my heart
Our love will last forever
We will never ever be apart.

But you've got to move on now Face
This torturing of yourself has gotta cease
I can't stand to see you in pain, love
Live your life or I'll never rest in peace.

It was such a sudden death
I know you weren't prepared
Just know that I love you dearly
I'm thankful for the time we shared

The tears are falling freely now
I finally release the grief I've held at bay
They're like a cleansing river filled with hope
For the first time in a year I feel I can live another day.


Sudden Death by Captain Wolfie (Aka Logansmoneypenny)



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