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Title: Warmth
Author: bakedgoldfish
Rated: PG
Summary: Face finds the one.
Warning: Slash, but not in any way explicit. It's also very late, so
typos or grammatical errors may appear. Due to the lateness of the
hour, it may also suck royally.
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Priya Deonarain

Summary: Face finds the one.


Face curled his arms around the warm body of the woman at his side.
There was a certain glow about the elegant yet simple hotel room, a
warmth that was exuded by the conservative furniture and wall
adornments. It was comforting to Face. Almost as comforting as the
feeling of someone beside him.

He could feel her sigh in his arms. She was drifting off quickly into
the land of dreams and darkness. Soon, he would join her in that
land, forgetting the dangers and perils of his world. Soon.

And it would be over with tomorrow. He would leave, citing some
emergency at the O.R. or the stage or the law firm. Whatever. And
she would nod and smile, and forget about this one night he'd spent
with her, and move on. And Face would nod and smile, too. But he
wouldn't forget.

He never forgot. Shera, Cindy, Beth, Janelle, Alexis, Steph. . . the
list went on and on. He never forgot.

Because he always had the nagging thought. In a different time, a
different place, one of these women could have been the one.
Leslie, he'd thought she had been the one; but she had left him for a
nunnery. The way she had made him feel, though. . . he had been
innocent then, untouched. She made him feel warm like none of these
other women had ever come close to. Never once had he woken up
feeling that particular warmth that he'd felt in the mere presence of

He went to sleep, finally, allowing the woman's sensual warmth to
overtake him. And when he awoke, that warmth was gone.

He met with Hannibal and BA later that day, for the newest mission.
Whatever. Same mission as always. Broke Murdock out of the VA.
That brightened him a little; the slightly off-kilter pilot always had
that effect on the conman. Drove up to Oregon, to some hokey little
lodge in the woods that was in danger of being destroyed by your
average greedy developer.

And the lodge *was* hokey. Only one room left, with two beds to it.
Definitely not the best of accomodations, but they took it. It was
cold to them anyway, their blood having been thinned by the years in
Southeast Asia and then southern California. Two to a bed would ward
off the chill. Murdock and Face in one, Hannibal and BA in the other.

Face awoke in the middle of the night to the feeling of pins and
needles in his arm. It had fallen asleep. He tried to move it, and
he realized that he and Murdock had become somewhat entangled during
the night. Not wanting to wake the pilot up, Face changed the
position of his arm extra slowly.

He ended up waking Murdock anyway. Liquid brown eyes stared into
soft blue ones in the darkness. Face smiled apologetically and looked
away, concentrating on shifting his arm. When he looked at Murdock
again, he was somewhat surprised to see the pilot still looking at
him. There was curiosity and apprehension in those brown eyes.

"Sorry," Face whispered. "Didn't mean to wake you up."

"'Sokay," Murdock whispered back. He kept looking. "Face?"


"C'mere?" Murdock reached his hand out, motioning for Face to come

The conman blinked a couple of times, taken aback by the request.
Then he realized that, in the night, he'd kicked off the blanket. And
he wasn't cold. "Yeah," he finally answered, shifting into Murdock's
open arms. He fell asleep, warm.

When they awoke in the morning, Face smiled. He was still warm.

-the end-


Warmth by bakedgoldfish



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