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I dream of Murdock

I Dream of Murdock

By: Captain Wolfie (Aka Logansmoneypenny)

Copyright: 2000 (Denise Caves)


Pairing: F/M

Warnings: M/M SLASH  If you are under the legal age of consent in your area or have a problem with the graphic description of male/male sex, please do not read this story.

Summary: Face is having errotic dreams about Murdock, this leads to an interesting revelation.........

Thank you to Coke for Beta reading this fic and thanks to anyone I've spoken to about it for your encouragement (you know who you are <g>)

Comments: Please this is my first slash fic of any shape or form so comments and constructive criticsm would be greatly appreciated, but be gentle <g>


Murdock looked over to Face; whose head was buried in the bonnet of the corvette trying to figure out what was wrong with his beloved car.Murdock's eyes wandered over the curvaceous lines of Face's ass, he wanted to reach out and slap that behind hard but he knew he'd probably end up on the ground nursing a bruised jaw.

"So ya figured out what's wrong, Facey."

Face's head reappeared from beneath the bonnet slamming it down hard, his usually immaculate blonde hair disheveled and a black mark across his face.His blue eyes flashed angrily.

"If I had, do you think I'd have had my head stuck in the engine for over an hour, I just don't get it I had her fine tuned only last week. I wish BA was here he'd know what was wrong."

"I guess we better find somewhere to stay tonight, muchacho," Murdock replied.

"There was a motel about half a mile back, let's see if they've got any rooms."

"Whatever you say Facey, whatever you say," Murdock grinned patting the slight bulge in his jacket pocket.

- - -

"What do you mean you've only a double left, do we look like a couple to you?" Face answered angrily.

"I'm sorry that's all we have left, now do ya want it or not?"

"We'll take it, besides it's better than sleeping in your car."

"Okay," Face sighed.

The motel manager led them up a couple of flights of stairs to the second floor. The wallpaper appeared to be coming off the walls and the dim lighting didn't do much to make it any less noticeable. He opened the room and handed Murdock the key.

"Checkout is at 10am, have a pleasant stay gents."

They walked into the motel room, and Face suddenly felt like he was in a scene from one of those really old hammer house movies. The room was dark and dreary, very hot and sticky, it was blisteringly hot outside. Face had, at least, expected some air conditioning; he spotted the beaten up unit on the wall and sighed.

"Great, no air conditioning, this thing probably hasn't worked since the dark ages."

The bed dominated the room. It was a forbidding sight; legs and headrest made of a dark wood, two forlorn looking pillows and itchy blankets placed over the mattress.

"Which side do you want Face,"

"I'll take this side."

He watched as the captain sat down on the bed and bent down to undo his laces, taking off his shoes and socks, he stood up and removed his jacket and then pulled off his tee-shirt. He had never noticed till now how well muscled Murdock's back was and how the muscles rippled when he moved. His eyes followed the captain's movements as he undid his khakis and slid them down his lanky frame. He observed Murdock, now only dressed in a pair of boxers, move gracefully into the bathroom. While he was gone Face started to get undressed. He removed his jacket and unbuttoned his shirt, pulling it off over his shoulders and exposing his well-tanned back and lithe frame. He didn't notice the bathroom door open as he bent over to removed his trousers, Murdock watched hungrily as the well defined muscles in Face's back and legs were exposed.

Murdock coughed slightly and Face turned. He was used to seeing Murdock virtually naked but this was different, he felt a strange sensation run through his body.The captain had removed the blankets and all that remained was a flimsy cotton sheet, which Murdock had climbed under. Face could see the outline of the captain's body underneath the sheet and he felt a need he'd never felt before; he wanted to be close to that body, but he dismissed it.He slid underneath the cover and lay on his side facing the captain.

"Good night Murdock,"

"Night Facey, sweet dreams."

- - -

Face knew he was dreaming immediately, he had always been able to dream lucidly since he was a kid at the orphanage. This time though he didn't care, this was his dream and he was gonna have a riot. When he opened his eyes he was standing in a secluded wooded clearing, there was a canopy of trees overhead and the sunlight flittered through the leaves. Sitting in the center of the clearing was an old style wooden tub and lounging seductively in it was Murdock.

"Come on in Face, the water's lovely," Murdock cooed, beckoning him over.

Face looked down; he was now completely naked. He strolled towards the tub and stepped in. The water was warm and about waist height when he eventually sat down.He sat on the opposite side of the tub to the captain, who moved his hands and splashed Face.

"Aw, doesn't Facey want to play."

He felt Murdock come up behind him, his strong hands grabbed Face around the waist and pulled him close, flesh meeting flesh. He nibbled Face's ear and then whispered seductively into it.

"I know what you want baby, just relax and let me do all the work."

HM brought his hands slowly down Face's body tracing long lazy lines till he reached his penis. He grabbed it between his hands and worked on it with skillful fingers. Face could feel himself getting hard; his hand stroked the captain's neck with the merest touch. He wanted to taste Murdock and pulled him forward into an embrace, pushing his tongue against the pilot's mouth until it opened. Face's tongue searched for the captain's, tasting the sweetness of Murdock's mouth. The pilot was still working Face's member and he moaned softly in the captain's mouth.

"Oh, Murdock"

His hands wandered down to Face's balls and fondled them gently, twirling them in his hands as Face moaned with pleasure. Then Murdock took his hands away and Face felt bereft.

"No don't stop please," Face begged.

Murdock but a finger to his lips, "Ssh it's ok baby, I ain't even started, stand up."

Face stood up and droplets of water cascaded off his naked body, Murdock knelt down in front of him and eyed Face's erection greedily. He licked the top of Face's penis as the pre-cum trickled invitingly out. Murdock sent his tongue moving down the shaft in lazy circles and back up again to the tip then swirled it around Face's hole. He kissed the droplets of water that were running down Face's legs, sucking them up into his mouth, moving further and further up Face's inner thigh.Face moaned again as Murdock reached his throbbing member and took it in his mouth, moving skillfully up and down the shaft deep throating the lieutenant and sending him into fits of ecstasy. Face's hips bucked as he pushed himself further into the pilot's mouth.

"Arrh, Murdock, oh god, Murdockkk," he screamed as he came in the captain's mouth.

Murdock felt the lieutenant's cum shoot inside his mouth and he sucked Face's shaft till he had every last drop of Face's slightly salty seed. He released the lieutenant's spent member and sat back down. Face's legs buckled under the intensity of the pleasure he'd just felt and the pilot's hands grabbed him as he fell back into the water.

Murdock pulled Face into his arms and they kissed again. Face could taste himself in the pilot's mouth as his tongue explored. Murdock's warm wet hands wandered over Face's body he pulled the lieutenant slightly so he was lying on top of him.His hands wandered down Face's back towards his buttocks, spreading them HM inserted a finger into Face's tight hole.The lieutenant had to catch his breath as he came to terms with the different sensations that ran through his body. Pain, pleasure and desire flowed through Face bombarding his senses, as HM wiggled his finger further into the conman's anus. He placed sensuous kisses down the pilot's neck and then moved further down towards Murdock's pert nipples. Taking the left one in his mouth he sucked nibbled and caressed it, the pilot moaned as Face's tongue worked lovingly between each pert bud.

"Oh god Facey, that's so good."

They reached again for each other's lips ravaging their mouths with passion and a hunger neither had known before. Their bodies entwined together, hands moving all over each other exploring, wanting, and needing to be one. The captain slid another long finger into the conman sending the younger man over the edge as his body shivered with excitement.Scissoring his fingers Murdock concentrated on stretching Face's tight muscle, moving his fingers up and down getting Face ready for his swollen shaft, which was aching to be inside him.Face moaned his body writhed under the intense pleasure he was experiencing, he locked lips with the pilot and moaned softly in his mouth.

"Murdock, I've got to have you in me, do it now."

The captain didn't need a second invitation and pulled his fingers slowly out of the conman's hole. Face's body shook as the pilot released his fingers; a sense of loss racked him.He positioned himself ready to take HM's engorged penis, he was now kneeling holding the side of the tub his buttocks pointing skywards. Murdock moved his throbbing shaft and placed the tip, which was now seeping pre-cum to the conman's entrance and slowly slid it in. Face's breathing became faster as his whole being felt the searing pain as the captain's member entered. The lieutenant tried to relax as his hole was filled with Murdock's hard cock, the pilot waited till Face's labored breathing had calmed down; then slowly moved in and out creating a slow rhythm.Face gripped the side of the tub tightly as the intensity grew the pilot thrusted himself deeper into the lieutenant gradually getting harder and faster with every push. Face moaned and writhed, lifting his ass towards Murdock's cock willing it further into him. His own member now enlarged and aching he turned his head and locked eyes with Murdock and deep honey brown met cobalt blue.

"Murdock, I can't reach it, please help me," Face begged.

The captains hands moved down the sides of Face's silky soft skin and reached the hardened cock; taking it lovingly between his hands he moved them up and down gaining a rhythm and it trembled between his fingers as he jacked off the conman.Face could feel Murdock's cock pulsating inside him as the rhythm got frenzied he could feel HM's sacs slapping against his ass.

"I'm gonna come, Face, ahhh Face I'm gonna come."

As he reached the height of his ecstasy, perspiration now covered their bodies in a glistening veil; the body heat sent steam rising off the water.Murdock came with a guttural howl as he shot his essence into Face's hole, the lieutenant's muscles squeezed tighter around Murdock's cock not wanting to let him go till he was totally spent.

"FACCE," Murdock howled.

The feeling of the pilot's hot seed exploding inside him made the lieutenant's harden muscle pulsate and moments later he came. HM felt Face's warm cream erupt into his hands, as the conman came yelling out his name.


They fell back exhausted, still joined together, HM's strong arms wrapped around Face and he nuzzled his head against the pilot's chest, his thick bristles caressing his cheek. He listening to the sound of HM breathing and wallowed in the pilot's fragrance, he looked up at Murdock and smiled. Lifting a hand he brushed the pilot's face sending a shudder through Murdock's body.

"Oh god, Murdock I love you."

Murdock had been unable to sleep, forbidden thoughts had been running around his head as he watched his friend sleeping. Propped up on his side he'd been drinking in the lieutenant's beautiful torso as it rose and fell steadily. Face had been tossing and turning most of the night and the cotton sheet had long since been kicked to the floor. Murdock's eyes ran down the lieutenant's exposed frame from the toned well-defined arms, smooth stomach and shapely legs back up to his royal blue silk boxers. Face shifted and was now lying on his side; HM now took in the conman's shoulder blades, muscular back and tight ass. He longed to hold the lithe body in his arms, to be one with the conman who slept soundly inches from him.

'If you only knew how I felt, Face, how much I need you, the way I tremble every time you're near,' Murdock thought as he sighed quietly to himself.

He'd been in love with the lieutenant for many years now, unable to bring himself to tell Face his secret. He'd come close so many times but the fear of rejection and losing his best friend had stopped him; it would be like losing his life.He could feel the heat from Face's body against his skin, the temptation was getting too much and he planted a row of kisses down Face's shoulder to his fingertips. The conman moaned softly in his sleep then rolled over and murmured.

"Oh god, Murdock, I love you."


Murdock lay back into the pillows his heart pounding in his chest, had he heard Face tell him he loved him or was that just what he wanted to hear, he was so confused.'He said he loved me,' the pilot thought and clung to that hope; he needed to know, he looked down at the ravishing body next to him in the bed, then shook Face gently trying to wake him up.

"Face, c'mon Face, wake up."

Face's eyes fluttered open and he smiled, his cobalt blue eyes looked up at Murdock sleepily and he brought his hand up behind HM's head and pulled him into a kiss.Face's tongue pressed against the captain's mouth till it opened allowing the conman to explore Murdock's juicy mouth. Murdock's sucked and nibbled Face's lower lip and then plunged into the depths of his mouth drinking in the lieutenant's sweetness. When they broke the embrace both men were somewhat breathless. Murdock propped himself on his side and grinned at his best friend.

"Ok shweet heart, is there somethin' you wanna tell me?" HM asked, doing his Humphrey Bogart impression.

Face giggled, then turned on his side and faced HM. Their eyes locked as they looked lustfully over each other's physiques. The lieutenant gently pushed the pilot so he was lying flat on the bed then moved down the mattress to HM's feet and gently pulled down his cotton boxers releasing the pilot's already hardening cock.Murdock sat up his hands reached for the lieutenant's silk boxers and slid them off his body.  The two naked men sat on the bed, the pilot's hand brushed the lieutenant's face lovingly with the tips of his fingers, and Face brought the fingers to his mouth, his tongue licking and sucking each finger.   Then their mouths entwined again as the conman gently shoved Murdock onto the bed, kissing him hard.He moved down to HM's neck and sucked and nibbled the warm soft skin, moving down he planted a line of kisses across the pilot's collar bone down through his crop of chest hair towards his groin.Murdock moaned and whimpered then gasped when Face took his now fully erect penis in his mouth.

"Oh Temp, what are you doing to me?"

Face licked the tip of Murdock's engorged shaft and then moved his tongue deftly into HM's slit the pilot squirmed under Face's body.

"Do you like that baby?" Face murmured seductively.

"Oh yeah, Faceman, don't stop."

Face plunged the pilot's cock back into his mouth and stroked it with his tongue in lazy circles then started to move his lips up and down the shaft gaining momentum.Face's erection rubbed against Murdock's leg and he ached to touch it.

"Face, I want to touch you, muchacho."

"No problem, Murdock."

Still with the pilot's dick in his mouth he spun around so his legs were either side of the captain's head. Murdock looked up at Face's shaft and took it fully in his mouth. This time it was the lieutenant's turn to writhe and moan as HM's tongue worked skillfully on his hardened member. Then he released Face's shaft and placed his hands on each of the conman's buttocks spreading them wide and licked Face's hole delving into the hot velvety muscle with his tongue.The sensations running through Face's body were unlike anything he'd ever felt before; no woman had ever made the lieutenant feel this sensual. The pilot plunged deeper into the hot opening, he wanted the conman body and soul. Tracing his tongue down between Face's cheeks he once again engulfed the lieutenant's stiffened rod. Murdock had lusted after this body for so long that he was relishing every whimper and moan he elicited from Face's mouth.The mouth that was now lovingly caressing his aching shaft sliding slowly up and down. He loved the con man so intensely he couldn't quite believe he was actually finally his. Suddenly doubt started to seep into the pilot's mind and a little voice at the back of his head began to pester him, the captain tried to ignore it, his body was having way too much fun, but it persisted and, reluctantly, Murdock finally gave in. He released the con man's beautiful member from his mouth and scooted out from under him.

"I can't do this Face."


I Dream of Murdock by Captain Wolfie (Aka Logansmoneypenny)



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