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Seduction of the Worst Kind

Seduction of the Worst Kind

By: Quentillian


Rated: pg13

Summary: Face has a date that goes wrong and winds up running from two groups of bounty hunters and Decker.

Warning: the mention of sex during the beginning but NOTHING happens





"Mmmm, why don't we go back to my place, Temp?" asked the slightly woozy blond, who was wearing little more than a slinky black dress.


"I like the way you think," was all Face could manage. He was too busy watching Cheyanne run her luscious finger along his jaw line and down his neck...

They stumbled through the door in a deep passionate kiss; Face kicked the door closed with his heel never breaking off. Cheyanne had already managed to get him out of his shirt and was working on his pants as they approached the bedroom. "Are you sure you want to do this?" he asked as he slowly undid the zipper on her dress. His answer was her taking his belt off and pulling him down on top of her on the bed. Cheyanne rolled over on top of him. Face was so involved in the kissing and undressing of his beautiful date that he didn't hear the cuffs being locked onto the bed railing.

Cheyenne locked the cuff onto the handsome man's wrist and watched his face contort into distress, "hey, I'm not too into the whole handcuff idea." he started to protest lightheartedly.

"That's okay, I'm not too into sleeping with fugitives," she said as she climbed off the now distraught Templeton.

"All you had to do was say no," he said as his eyes quickly darted around the room trying to spot something that he could pick the lock with.

"Don't bother looking for a lock pick, the rooms been cleared of anything that could even be worked into something like that. Why do you think I waited until I had taken your belt off?" Cheyanne turned back around and started talking to somebody on the phone. "Yeah Bobby, I've got him...okay, I'll see you then."

Face groaned and laid down on the bed in nothing but a pair of black slacks, the button still undone. 'Hannibal is going to kill me' he thought in despair, 'he's going to have me running obstacle courses until I'm blue in the face.' Face fumbled with the button on his trousers and finally managed to close it before he settled into a more comfortable position.

'Sleep tight' Cheyanne smiled as she looked down to the sleeping man. He never even noticed her slipping the drug into his drink...

"Lets wake sleeping beauty up," Bobby said as he shoved the smelling salts under Peck's nose. Face started to stir, "go way C'nal," came a groggy refusal to wake up. He tried to turn over and woke up with a start as he realized his wrist was tied down. Face forced his eyes open to see an Indian with long black hair standing by the bed smirking.

"Room service is really good here, bringing me breakfast before I even ordered." he joked as he struggled to sit up with the use of only one hand. The Indian unlocked the cuffs and threw his clothes at him, "get dressed," was all he said.

Face slowly complied as he buttoned up the silky maroon shirt and put his belt back on he laughed, "You guys have taken on a little more than you can handle."

"Oh, I don't know, seems as though we've got you right where we want you." Bobby pointed out.

"You know I think he has a point. Smith probably has them check in everyday to make sure nothings wrong." Reno spoke for the first time.

"Is that true?" the Indian asked Face who was just finishing tying his shoes. He just shrugged his shoulders and pursed his lips together. A phone was shoved into his chest but a muscular man with shoulder length hair and a leather vest, "Call Smith and tell him everything is all right."

Face smiled inwardly as he dialed the number to the van. "Lou's pizza delivery," Hannibal answered in a heavy Italian accent.

"Hey, Colonel."

"Whatís up kid?"


"Yeah I got in around three last night that's why I'm a little groggy."

"You in trouble? Is it the police?"

"No, the freelance job is going just fine... yeah the documents you need is at the condo."

"Okay we'll get you out."

Face hung up the phone and smiled at the Indian...



"Face is trouble, guys. Three bounty hunter types have him; I guess he's drugged up. He told me about the condo so there should be by the ocean some place." Hannibal informed the rest of his team.

"And Face has once again found himself in the clutches of danger...Will the A-Team be able to save their fearless muchacho this time too?" Murdock narrated unable to keep the worry out of his carefree voice.

"Lets go BA." Hannibal ordered his team into action before BA and Murdock could start arguing.




Reno had just finished cuffing Face's hands behind his back when the door flew open and five oversized hillbillies walked in with shotguns pointed at the four standing in the room. Face automatically tried to hit the ground but only got to his knees before Reno's unrelenting grip on his cuffs stopped him. He slowly stood back up realizing that there werenít any bullets to dodge.


"Okay, everyone drop the guns, nice and slow," ordered the hillbilly with a long dirty white beard. He watched as everyone complied. "Peck, youíre coming with us."

"Only if you promise I can have that Ice Tea that I've been waiting for," Face negotiated as two sour smelling men grabbed his arms and pushed him over to there boss. "May I suggest some breath mints, I hear Tick Tacs work wonders." Face toppled to the ground unable to break his fall with anything other than his shoulders as the butt of a gun was driven into the side of his face. He winced as his hands jerked on the cuffs when he fell, 'that's gonna leave a mark' he thought as he felt the side of eye start to become hot with pain. "I guess that's a no on the Ice Tea, huh guys?" he asked as he was picked up and drug out of the house.

Face heard the gunshots as they rounded the corner and threw all of his body weight into the guy that had a hold of his arm, shoving him into the wall, knocking the breath out of him. Face took off as the two groups of bounty hunters shot at each other, creating a nice diversion for his escape. He ran across the street to the parking garage where he had left his ëVett for the night. He managed to maneuver himself so that he could open the glove compartment and get his lock picks out.



"Two of you go get Peck," came the irate order from the hillbilly leader. Billy Bob and John Boy took off out the front door in time to see Peck disappear into the garage across the street.

Face had just managed to get his cuffs off and grab the two handguns that he kept in his car when the first shot hit his beloved Vett. "Not my Vett!" he yelled in despair as he took off in the other direction. Face ran out the other side of the building and across the street as he saw the other three hillbillies start running after him. Face slid over the hood of an olive green car, he was half way across it when he saw who the passenger was. He hit the ground and ducked by the car as a shot ripped its way through the tire on the other side of the car. "Decker!" Face hissed through clenched teeth as he took off down the street towards a construction zone.



Decker rushed to get out of the car as he saw Peck running in the opposite direction of the shots. He was force to crouched down and return fire at the two mountain men that had been chasing Face. Decker got up as the two men dropped their guns as they realized who they had just shot at.

Reno pulled Bobby and Cheyanne behind the building as he saw the MP's arresting two of the hillbillies. They couldn't figure out where the other three had gone but they didn't worry about that at the moment. They took an alternate route towards the area they had seen Peck run.



Face was running down the populated street, he passed a man talking on a cell phone and grabbed the phone from him. He quickly hung up the previous conversation and dialed the Vans number, "Hannibal, I'm running up 2nd and Anderson, I've got two groups of bounty hunters on my tail and Decker!" he said as quickly as he could and hung up and threw the phone in a garbage can before Hannibal got a chance to say anything in response.



Hannibal hung up the phone, "Was that Face?" asked Murdock.

"Yeah, BA get to second and Anderson," informed Hannibal

"We're a half hour away man!" BA pointed out.

"Then get there quick, he's got two sets of bounty hunters and Decker in the area after him." Hannibal stated with urgency in his voice.




Face rounded the corner of the building towards the construction zone and barely ducked the hillbillyís fist in time. He came up with a right cross to the guys face and turned to run only to be knocked down by a second guy. Face laid on the ground trying to get his world to stop spinning. He leaned on his side and raised his hands when he saw three guns pointed down at him. Face smiled and winced as his split lip protested the maneuver, "did you bring me that Ice tea after all?"

"On your knees, hands behind you head!"

Face slowly complied "Now take your shirt off!" Face resisted a Murdock comment 'how can I take my shirt of with my hands on my head?' Instead he found himself saying something even more annoying, "you know guys I appreciate the interest but I really am a ladies man in all honesty," he said as he took his shirt off.

"You got a smart mouth on you kid. You keep it up and you'll find yourself in a lot of pain before we get you to the MP's." Face shrugged the comment off and put his hands back on his head. Face held his breath as an odiferous hillbilly checked him for weapons pulling the two guns he had out of the waist of his pants. He felt his left wrist being cuffed and then pulled behind his back. Face saw Reno pull up on his Harley and Bobby and Cheyanne jump out of a Hummer, quickly running towards cover before they opened fire on the hillbillies.

Face took the opportunity and ran to the Harley, jumped on and sped away before anyone had a chance to realize what was going on. Face rode the bike out of the city limits and up towards Oregon putting as much distance as he could between him and the group of people after him. He called Hannibal and told him where he was and the direction he was headed and they decided on a rendezvous point. He was on a long wooded stretch when the bike ran out of gas. He figured he better stay off of the main road and find some place to sleep, unfortunately that meant he was sleeping with the bugs for a night. Face checked the bike out for anything useful and found to his delight that there was 9mm tucked inside the saddlebags. Face tucked a $20 bill in the bag for gas and took off. He was careful to cover his tracks but didn't take all the precautions that he would have if he thought they could track him. He fell asleep on his side with the gun in hand.


Face felt something heavy on his hand and shook it off, fighting to stay asleep. He jumped and tried to pull his gun hand around when he heard a shotgun being pump. Face slowly looked up to see Reno pointing a double barrel shotgun at him, while stepping on his hand, "You know, we should really stop meeting like this. People are starting to talk."

"You're gonna roll onto your stomach and place your hands on your head. Got it?"

"Are you gonna get off my hand?"


Face rolled onto his stomach and put his hand behind his head, "How'd you find me?"

"Your not the first guy that has stolen my bike. I've got a homing device on it."

"Were you in 'Nam?" Face figured that was the only way that he would have gotten skilled enough to track him. Reno confirmed his suspicion with a simple yeah, as he cuffed the wrist that was still holding the gun. Keeping hold of the cuff like a leash he got the gun and put it in the waist of his pants.

On the walk back Face tried to make small talk while he was slowly pushed through the forest, "where'd your friends go?"

"Back to there trailer. I brought gas with me so we'll meet them there," he explained as Face threw his leg over the bike, Reno looped the cuffs to a chain attached to the bike and hopped on himself.

'This is gonna be a long ride' Face thought as a realized that his wrists were going to be rubbed raw within no time.

After three hours they finally arrived. Face sighed as they came up to a large mobile home with Cheyanne and Bobby barbequing in the from of it. He got off of the bike as Reno unhooked his hands from it.

"Mmm, if I'da known you were gonna take me to such a nice establishment I would have dressed for the occasion...or at least put on a shirt," he added remembering that his had been stolen by the hillbillies.


"Go ahead and put him in the cell, Reno. Oh and keep the cuffs on him, I'm not taking any chances with him," Bobby directed.


Face was pushed towards the trailer. Inside he was lead down to a built in jail cell, "Convenient," he smirked. He looked around; mentally noting everything his eyes came in contact with as he was pushed through the doorway.


"Don't worry, Peck, there's no way out of this place." Reno stated as he refastened his cuffs to the front of his body.


"There's always a way out. It's just a matter of spotting the flaws in security," He smiled, a mischievous twinkle entering his deep blue eyes.


"Personally, I'd like to see you try." Cheyanne entered the room, almost challenging him to escape.


"Well, I hate to disappoint a lady," he sneered, "especially one that's got such upkept morals about the things she does in the line of duty."


"You have a real mouth on you kid," Came Bobby's voice as he walked towards the cell door.


"Yeah, people keep telling me that. It's a character flaw really, something that stems from my childhood." Face informed them, he'd had this lecture before by the military, orphanage, foster parents, random people they had gone up against in the past years, and from Hannibal. Hannibal didn't really care what Face said; it was when he said it. He didn't like the idea of Face aggravating people when he wasn't there to take some of the focus off of his Lieutenant with some of his own comments.


"Peck, why are you being such a hard case?" She had had enough of his attitude.


"In the past two days I've been seduced and drugged by a bounty hunter, beaten by Hillbillies, shot at, my car was shot up, beat some more, had my shirt stolen, spent the night freezing my ass off trying to stay out of the clutches of Decker, only I underestimated Raines and got caught again, on top of all that I had a three hour ride with my hands behind me getting rubbed raw by the cuffs. Did I mention the fact that you guys are the only ones who have stooped low enough to have someone work me into bed? I mean Decker has tried to lure me in with girls but never have they tried to sleep with me!" Face finally ended his rant as he grabbed the bars in frustration, "on top of all that, when I get out of here I am gonna have hell to pay when Hannibal get a hold of me," he grumbled under his breath, as he spun around on his heal and went to sit down on the bunk.


"Poor baby." Bobby mocked. Face was really starting to hate that man. He laid down, deciding that the best course of action would be to rest so he would be ready for any chance of escaping.


Face fought to stay asleep as he heard the cell door slide open, "hey muchacho, wakey wakey!" Murdock bounded into the cell to where Face was laying.


Face opened his eye. "Hey, it's about time you guys got here, I was beginning to worry that I would have to deal with Decker shirtless," he smiled.


"Colonel, why's Faceman missing half his clothes?" Questioned BA.


"Um Lieutenant," Hannibal smiled slyly, "how exactly did these guys manage to catch you?" he gestured towards the three now bound figures


"It wouldn't have anything to do with this lovely looking, handcuff packing lady here would it?" Murdock offered, knowing Face was going to try to talk his way out of things.


Face got up and stuck his hands in his pockets while trying to think of something innocent to say. "No..." he started to explain as he bounced on the balls of his feet.


Hannibal sighed, he really got tired of making it a point to remind Face to tell the truth, 'old habits die hard I suppose' he thought. " Lieutenant I had better not have to remind you to tell the truth."

Murdock leaned over to Face, "I'd tell the truth kimosabie, you in enough trouble as it is."


Face glared at Murdock for a moment and then sighed loudly, "Yeah, she was my date Colonel."


"And..." Hannibal pried, knowing Face would say as little as possible.


"And I was a little caught up in the moment, and didn't realize she had cuffed my hand to the bed." Face explained as though this kind of thing happened all the time. Unfortunately it happened more than Hannibal liked it to.


Face glared at BA when he heard him start to snicker at his situation. "BA get these guys locked up," ordered Hannibal. He threw his arm over Face's shoulder. Hannibal smiled to himself as Face glared at him apprehensively, "Now Lieutenant," he started contemplating appropriate punishments for the young mans' carelessness with women. "I think we need a vacation. We'll go somewhere where there are no ladies to get us in trouble, and Face this time your not going to pick up the forest rangers either." He concluded thinking about the trouble that they had gotten into when the forest ranger Face had invited to dinner had recognized him from his wanted poster.


"Hannibal what do you want me to do, screen my dates. I already make sure that I'm not followed. I miss half the conversation because I'm looking into the mirror." Face complained in desperation, He knew he would have to deal with whatever was dealt to him without any more defiance but he still had to try and lighten the sentence.


"Face I'm not asking you to kill you love life, but kid you have to be more careful. There have go to be some tell tale signs and it's your job to pick them up."


"Hehehe...Faceman's gonna be so deprived of female...influence by the time we get back, he's gonna go after the nurses at the VA." Murdock laughed.


Face broke away pointing at him, "Murdock, that's not funny, the only nurse I ever see over there is that old battle ax."


"Don't worry Face, you'll be much too busy to think about women while training." Hannibal smiled as he changed his mind about the course of the getaway. He had been thinking they needed to get back into shape, and this was the perfect opportunity to spring the decision


"What! This just goes from bad to worse.î


"Faceman, only reason ya hate train'n cause ya never keep yar mouth shut." BA pointed out.


Face started to argue but was cut short by the sound of distant sirens. They jumped into the van as Hannibal needlessly yelled, "Let's go guys!"


They took off in a cloud of dust and headed toward Washington. Hannibal knew that there were numerous disclosed areas in Washington and they would be able to set up an extensive training course with out much of a problem. He smiled knowing that Face always got out of line during training, Hannibal enjoyed the challenge his Lieutenant presented to him, and this would keep him out of trouble for at least a week and a half. Hannibal smiled as he lit a cigar; he started planning all the drills they would take part in. Hannibal always had a good imagination when it came to ways of getting his team into shape, and although they hated most of the things he had them do, he knew that they realized it was for the best.




Seduction of the Worst Kind by Quentillian



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