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Honesty Is The Best Policy 1-7 Honesty Is The Best Policy
Parts 1 - 7

Kathryn Criley

Rated.: PG
Summary: This story is about Murdock and a girl he meets.



H.M Murdock loved days like this. He had a three-day pass from the VA. His doctor and friend Ricter gave it to him because of what Murdock and his friends did for him. They rescued him from a renegade army group. The A-Team didn't have any work lined up. They were all taking a few days off. Hannibal had gone out to Bad Rock to see Maggie Sullivan. BA went to Chicago to visit his mom. Face was still in LA but was working a Movie scam. Murdock for once was out on his own and very pleased. He walked down the familiar streets and looked in the shop windows. Hannibal's birthday was coming up in a few weeks and Murdock was trying to find the perfect gift. He knew Face had gotten Hannibal a box of really expensive Cuban cigars. BA would probably make Hannibal a nice weapon of some kind.

"Oh well I am sure I will find something" Murdock thought as he shoved his hands deeper into his leather jacket. Murdock spotted a little café a few doors down and jazz music floating out from the open doors. He decided to stop in a have a soda. As he entered the small room he saw that all the tables were taken. So he headed up to the little bar and found an empty stool and sat down. He ordered a coke and turned to see the band. The band was great.

"BA would love this band I will see if they have a tape for sale " Murdock thought to himself. He listened for the rest of the set and sipped on his coke.

When the band finished Murdock paid his bill and was getting ready to leave when he heard from behind him. "I said NO NOW leave me alone" a very angry women's voice carried over the crowd.

"Oh Come on Mama one dance I don't bite hard" a drunken voice said.

Murdock quickly walked over to the two and asked the women "Are you ok Ma'am?"

"Why don't you get lost loser this is none of your business" The man said as he lunged at Murdock. Murdock easily stepped away from the blow and quickly grabbed the man's arm and twisted it behind him.

"Hey that hurts, let me go." The guy whined

"But I thought you wanted to dance, This is the newest dance. It's called leave the nice lady alone." Murdock said into the man's ear. "Now say you're sorry to her and leave"

"OK. OK Sorry lady " Murdock let go and the man quickly ran out the door.

During the short scuffle the whole bar had gone silent and all the people were watching the exchange. As the drunken man ran out the door the bar erupted into applause. Murdock looked around sheepishly and shoved his hands in his pockets. The women walked over to Murdock and hugged him.

"Thank you, I couldn't get him to leave me alone. He had been bothering me for about 20 minutes but no one could hear me over the band.

"No sweat, Are you ok?" Murdock asked

"Yea thanks to you, can I buy you a drink?"

"No thank you though, I am gonna get going" Murdock tipped his ball cap at the women and headed out to the street.

"Hey Mister," The bar tender yelled towards Murdock "If you ever want a job as a bouncer let me know ok"

"Um yea sure" Murdock said He headed down the street and crossed over to the other side. He heard someone running towards him and he spun around.

"Hey wait up, please" it was the women from the club

"Hey slow down there Muchacha you don't want to trip" Murdock said with a grin.

"I um I wanted to thank you for what you did back there" She said as she

brushed a red hair from her face.

"You already did" Murdock told her as he studied her. She was about 5'4 with red hair and green eyes. She had a fair complexion and a trim figure.

"Yea I guess I did, it's just I don't even know your name." She said blushing.

Murdock couldn't tell if it was the heat or her running that was causing it. "Murdock, H.M Murdock and you are"

"Molly ,Molly O'Brian"

"Well Molly nice to meet ya" Murdock said in his best Irish accent.

Molly laughed "What's HM stand for I mean is that what people call you"

"HM Stands for HM actually my friends call me Murdock. Most of my mail is addressed to occupant or current resident." Murdock flashed her a wide grin..

"I usually don't follow men I don't know but then again I have never had a knight save me from a dragon before either" Molly wished as soon as the words came out she could take them back.

"Are you hungry I was gonna go grab a hotdog over in the park" Murdock said as they stood there.

"That would be nice, But I get to buy" Molly said as they headed towards the park

"Deal" Murdock said.

They walked in silence for a few moments till Molly said. "So do you live here, in LA I mean. I don't think you live in the park" Molly couldn't believe how dumb she sounded.

"Yea I do," Murdock ordered them two hotdogs and some chips and drinks,. They went and sat under a tree by the bike path.

"You haven't always though right I hear a bit of an accent in your voice" Molly said.

"Yea I was born and raised in Texas, I moved here after..a few years ago." Murdock didn't want to tell her everything. He quickly changed the subject from him to her.

"What about you Molly" he asked as he bit into his hotdog

"Just visiting. Taking a small vacation.I actually have lived all over the world. My dad is in the Army. We have lived all over from Korea to Washington. I have lived the last few years in Orlando. I work at the International Airport there."

"What do you do there?" Murdock asked with interest.

"Air traffic control"

"That's a hard job. Very stressful" Murdock said

"yea it is, what do you do. I mean you must do something physical, you really handled yourself well back there." Molly asked

"Oh nah that was nothing, he was drunk. So are you married, any little Molly's running around" Murdock sidestepped her question again.

"No never married. You?" Molly hoped his answer would be no.

"Nah single." Murdock heard a plane fly over head and looked up and watched it.

"Man it's a good thing she's coming in for a landing. She's real low on go-go juice" Murdock said off handed

"How do you know that?" Molly asked surprised

"Just do, you can tell by the way it sounds." Murdock looked down at the ground.

"So you know about planes huh? Why won't you answer any of my questions?" Molly knew there was a lot under this gentle looking man. And she really wanted to know it.

"I'm sorry, just not a lot to tell. I was born, I went to school. Did some stuff and met a really pretty girl in a jazz club." Murdock smiled again

They ate again in silence. Molly noticed the writing on the back of Murdock's jacket.

"I like the tiger on your jacket, How long have you had it?" Molly asked

"A long time, got it in Nam from a friend" Murdock said

"You were in the war? What did you do? Oh jeez sorry. I know from my dad not to ask stuff like that." Molly said quickly

"Not a problem, I was a pilot." Murdock left it at that

"Cool you still fly? I have always wanted to learn. My dad has a plane here in a hanger. He left it for my brother. But he lives out in the desert and doesn't get out here much." Molly said

"Yea I still do once in a while, I um let my license lapse." Murdock couldn't understand what it was about this girl. He usually just acted like his normal crazy self around other girls. But he really didn't want to her with her. For once a girl was interested in him and he was at a loss.

"Oh ok, well I have held you up enough. I should get going." Molly could tell this guy wasn't interested in her. She stood up and brushed off her


"Yea I should get going too, I have some stuff to do. Thanks for the hotdog Molly" Murdock

"Thanks for the rescue Murdock" Molly said and waved as she walked away.

Murdock watched her go. He knew he couldn't let her leave. "Here goes nothing," he said to himself. He started running after her.

"Molly, hey Molly wait." Murdock caught up with her in a few strides. "Look I'm sorry, I was really rude back there. I am not like that honest."

Murdock walked next to her. She was quiet for a few seconds and turned to look at him.

"It's ok I mean jeez I just met you and I was being pushy don't know what it is I just felt Oh never mind it's crazy." Molly said

"Ah now crazy I know." Murdock laughed then quickly stopped. "Let's start again. Hi I am Murdock"

"Hi I am Molly." Molly laughed as Murdock tipped his hat to her. She curtsied to him.

"How about I give you a tour of some of the high points to our lovely city." Murdock said

"I would like that." Molly smiled.


Murdock and Molly spent the whole day going to different places. He took her to the zoo, a few clubs Face had told him about. Pet stores. They spent the day laughing and talking.

"So where do you live Murdock" Molly asked

"Oh I um got an apartment, it's not much but I like it" Murdock realized all of a sudden that he knew where Face was staying and figured his best friend wouldn't mind him dropping in if the need arose.

"Cool well I am only gonna be here for about another day or so. But I am pretty tired right now. How bout I head back to my hotel and I will call you later tonight. We can go out for dinner." Molly asked

"Sure sounds great. Here is my number " he wrote the number for his direct line at the VA. The VA was actually around the corner from where they were so he could get back there and get hold of Face.

"Ok call ya later" She blew him a kiss as she got into her rental car and drove off.

Murdock jumped up in the air and gave a howl. He half ran and half skipped back to the VA.

"What are you doing back Mr. Murdock?"The night nurse asked as she saw him enter the ward where he had lived since NAM.

"Just got to grab some stuff and make a few calls" Murdock picked up the nurse and spun her around .She laughed out loud than quickly slapped him on the arm. Murdock laughed as he watched her blush. He felt so good. He had a date with pretty women who he had met on his own. Most of the women he had met over the years had been hook ups by Face. Or girls he met through his jobs with the team. This was different. Molly liked him. Not because he was a member of the A-Team. Not at pity cause he lived in a VA.And not because his best friend was a handsome con man. Murdock felt like he was a kid. He looked in his closet for something nice to wear. All he could find was his usual T-shirts and flannel shirts. His air force uniform was there.

"Well looks like I got one more favor from Facey" he said as he dialed Face's mobile phone. It rang twice then Murdock heard the familiar voice of Face. "Hi Face, you busy?" Murdock asked quickly

"No, my date got called away on business. You want to grab a bit to eat Murdock?" Face was glad to hear his friend's voice. He had a bad day.

"Well I would love to Face but I can't. I got a date wanted to know if I could borrow one of your suits. Oh and your car." Murdock added quickly.

"What oh Come on Murdock. My Vette? What am I supposed to do." Face whined

"Please Facey, I never ask you for nothin, plus you still owe me a favor for Richter's limo" Murdock pointed out.

"Murdock oh jeez, Fine, it's not like I had anything to do anyway. "Face caved in. He hated that .he could not say no to any of the team, especially Murdock.

"Cool ,can ya come get me. I will meet ya outside. Bring that suit, the Black silk one."

"Murdock I just got that, I haven't even worn it yet, Why not the blue one."Face said

"Face come on ,I like the black one," Murdock added a bit of whine into his voice.

"OH ok ,you owe me Murdock. " Face said quickly as he hung up.

Murdock smiled as he hung up the phone. He heard a knock on his door and

turned to find Ricter looking at him.

"Now I gave you a pass, and you're here. Everything ok?" Richter sat down in the chair next to Murdock's desk.

"Everything's great Doc, just had to come back to take care of some business. "Murdock grinned at his friend.

"Is this business you should be taking care of at a Army run hospital?" Ricter asked with a raised eyebrow.

"Sure doc ,I got a date." Murdock couldn't keep the grin from his face.

"A date hmm, whose the lucky lady?"

"Molly O'Brian. I met her today at a little Jazz club." Murdock told him about the fight and Ricter listened with interest.

"Does she know about you colorful back ground?"

Murdock got quiet and looked down at his feet.

"I take that as a no, Murdock you can't lie about who you are. "

"I didn't lie Doc, you know I don't lie. I just didn't mention that I live in a loony bin ok." Murdock stood up and paced the room.

" Why didn't you tell her where you lived than Murdock"

"Because I like her, I just wanted to her to like me"

"So what makes you think she wouldn't like you anyway?"

" I just do ok, I see how people look at me when they find out.They either act really nice to me, or they avoid me like it is catchy." Murdock looked out the window to avoid the gaze he knew Ricter would give him. "Come on Doc it's one date, she is going back to Florida in a few days, consider it a test to my skills living on the outside world."

"Murdock we both know you are more than capable of surving on the outside world now don't we "Ricter had seen Murdock in action and knew in his heart he was as sane as they come. But he had come to look on the lanky man as break from the real world for the doctor. Sometimes Ricter felt he was the crazy one and Murdock was the Doctor.

"Yea Doc, So you think I should come out and say oh and by the way Molly, I live in the loony bin and I hang out with wanted men? Think she will like that huh Doc?" Murdock asked with a little more venom than he wanted.

"Murdock you know that is not what I mean, Just remember Honesty is the best Policy." Ricter stood up and started towards the door.

"Sure doc, whatever you say" Murdock headed out after him and left the doctor standing in the hall.


When Molly arrived in her room she saw her message light was blinking on the hotel phone. She got her messages. She had hoped work would not try to get her for a few days. Oh well she thought. It can wait. She jumped into the shower. The hot water felt wonderful on her tired body. As she washed herself she thought about the man she had met today. "He sure is handsome," She thought. She felt the familiar longing start in her stomach. She quickly changed her thoughts. As she was getting out of the shower she heard the phone ring. She almost didn't answer it but thought again.

"Hello " Molly said as she brushed her hair.

"Hi Molly, its HM. I hope you don't mind me calling left my house so thought I would call you so you didn't think I forgot about our date." Murdock told


"I was just thinking about you" Molly said and felt the heat rise once again to her face.

"Was it good thoughts "Murdock asked playfully

"Um yea you could say that" Molly smiled inspite of her embarrassment

Murdock laughed and told her he would pick her up in about 45 minutes if she were ready to go.

"That would be great, I thought we would just grab something at the hotel resterant, unless you know of a better place? "Molly said

"Well yea I do, if you don't mind." Face had told him of a nice little place he took his dates to.

"What should I wear?" Molly asked

"I think you would good in a turnip sack," Murdock said sweetly

"You keep talking like that and I may never go home" Molly said with a laugh

"Is that a bad thing?" Murdock chuckled over the phone.

"I m not sure yet " Molly told him.

"OK I will be waiting for you in the lounge. See ya soon " Molly hung up. She went to her closet and picked out her favorite dress. It was a slinky black number. Strapless and very pretty. She brushed her long red hair and put on some light make-up. She looked in the mirror and thought "Not to bad, something is missing" She found her gold locket her mom had given her before she passed away. It always brought her luck. It had a four-leaf clover engraved on the front. She grabbed her purse and headed down to the lounge.

She entered the Lounge to find Murdock already there. He was holding a White rose and looked dashing in his suit. She could tell just by looking at him he was a bit uneasy. He was looking around quickly. When he saw her he just starred.

"Hi, You look handsome." Molly was starting to feel self conscious .He wasn't saying anything just starring at her with those dark eyes. "HM, You ok, is something wrong?"

"Yes, I Mean no .You just look amazing. Here this is for you." Murdock quickly found his voice and regained his composure.

"Thank you, it's been along time since anyone bought me flowers." Molly said as she took the rose. Murdock smiled and held out his arm .She quickly took it and he led them out of the lounge to where he had the Vette parked.

He held her door and helped her in the small car. He closed the door and headed to the driver's door. He got in and gave her a smile as he started the engine.

"This is some car. HM how long have you had it?" Molly asked as she admired the interior.

"Oh I wish I could say it was mine. It belongs to a friend." Murdock figured he could be honest about that. He really didn't want to lie to her.

"Well they are a good friend to let you take it. If it was mine I don't think I would even drive it." She laughed.

"Yea he is a very good friend. One of my best friends." Murdock smiled as he thought about the complaining Face did before Murdock left.

"Have you known him long? How did you meet him?" This was one of the first things Murdock had said about his life. She wasn't about to let him drop it.

"I met him in Nam, we have been pretty much inseparable since." Murdock answered as he drove down the road. He turned into the restaurant and went up to the Valet. They both got out of the car and Murdock gave the keys to the young man. He put the receipt in his pocket and took Molly by the hand and they went in.

Face had called for Murdock and scammed him a reservation. They were seated and ordered a bottle of wine, They talked and laughed. Murdock was a little more open with her after he had a glass of wine. He still didn't mention the VA or the Team. But he told her of his days in Texas and in the thunderbirds.he told stories about his friends. But didn't mention who they really were.

" My friend Hann, I mean John is an actor. He played the Aquamanic. He is like a father to me. He was my commander in the war.

"So tell me more about what did you call him B B " Molly asked as she took a bite of her salad.

"BA, oh he is a great guy too. Very strong, I swear Molly his arms are as big as my head." Murdock laughed "He is just a big pussy cat though.

"It's nice you all kept in touch. My dad always talked about people he knew. He sounds sad when he does though. I think he misses the friendships he made in the war."Molly said

Murdock nodded his head. "Yea war makes you friends quicker than anything.. You have to trust people almost instantly. The people with you are the ones who will keep you alive," "So now you know more about me. What about you Molly? What makes Molly O'Brian happy." Murdock asked with a glint in his eye.

"Well I love to read. I don't have many friends. I moved around so much as a kid that I stopped trying. I never knew if I was gonna be in the same town long enough. It kinda stuck, as I became an adult. I have lived in the same apartment for 4 years and don't even know the people across the hall." Molly said as she fiddled with a bread stick.

"Well now you have me," Murdock said as he took her hand and kissed it.

"Yea you have made my trip worth while Murdock"

Murdock let go of her hand and stretched his back a bit. As he did he noticed a bit of commotion at the door.

"Oh NO " Murdock said as he realized what was happining.he couldn't believe his luck. At the door was Decker and Crane and about 10 MP's " They must have saw the Vette" he mumbled

"What's wrong Murdock? You look like you saw a ghost." Molly turned and looked at the door.

"MP's what would they want?" She asked him

"Waiter, Could we get our check." Murdock asked quickly

"Why Murdock what's wrong." Molly saw Murdock's demeanor change as the MP"S headed towards their table.

"Nothing I just remembered I wanted to show you something else." As Decker rounded the corner Murdock got up and kissed Molly. Molly was so surprised she just sat there. Then she kissed him back. When Decker had his back to their table Murdock got up and put money on the table and took Molly by the hand and led her out the door.

"Murdock what is going on!" Molly yanked her hand out of his and stopped walking.

"Please Molly we have to go" Murdock said as he watched the MP's in the window.

"Captain Murdock, Can I have a word with you" Decker had just come out the door.

"Col. Decker, I am kinda busy right now. If you call my secretary she can get you an appointment." Murdock said with a grin as he stepped infront of Molly.

"Cut the wise cracks. I was driving by tonight and who's car do I see parked here. Where are they?"

"They? They who?" Murdock asked innocently

"You know exactly what I am talking about. Don't play dumb with me Captain. Unless you want to spend the night in the stockade." Decker glared at Murdock.

"Sir with all due respect, I am just out on the town with a lovely lady. I really don't have any idea who you are looking for or where they might be?" Murdock answered firmly

Crane came running out and saluted Decker. Murdock waved happily at the captain.

"NO sign of the A ­team .I spoke with all the patrons and waitstaff. Noone fitting Smith, Peck or Baracus's descriptions have been in tonight." Crane told him

"I Know that is Peck's car. So that leaves you Captain. How did you get here tonight? What are you doing out anyway? " Decker asked his eyes narrowing..

"I am out with a friend like I told you sir. I didn't know it was against the law to date. " Murdock said as he placed his arms over his chest.

"Don't fool with me son. You may have those quacks fooled, But not me! I will be making a full report to my General in the morning. I am gonna get your friends. If you don't want to be sharing their wing in the stockade I suggest you stay out of my way." Decker pushed Murdock and stormed off. Murdock watched him leave and yelled to him " Hey you ripped my jacket, you better pay to have it fixed. This is new ya know."

Decker flipped him the bird as he and Crane drove out of the parking lot.

Part 4

Murdock laughed as he watched them pull out into traffic. Then he heard Molly storm off .Her heals making sharp clicks on the cement. He turned and yelled to her. When she didn't stop he chased after her.

"Molly please, wait. Molly " Murdock reached out and touched her shoulder.

"Don't touch me. I should have known you were to good to be true." Molly had tears in her eyes.

"Molly I'm sorry didn't want this to happen. I should have known better." Murdock ran his hand through his hair.

"What, what the hell are you talking about. If you don't tell me what is going on I am leaving. Or is this gonna be that macho bull shit. " Her words fired out

"OK but not here. We need to go before they come back." Murdock hurried them both to the car and jumped in. drove them to the airstrip and turned the car off. He checked the mirrors again and made sure they were not followed.

"Why are we here Murdock, I want to go back to the hotel" She glared at him in the dark.

"I think better here. Please Molly I really like you. Dammit he was right" Murdock slapped the steering wheel.

"Who was right?" Molly could see he was really upset and she felt bad for it.

"Ricter,HE is always right. He told me to be honest" Murdock put his forehead against the steering wheel.

"Who's Richter?" Molly asked gently

Murdock looked at Molly and even in the low light she could see the turmoil in his eyes. "My mom always said the eye's are the window to the soul believe her now" Molly said softly

"Why? "Murdock asked

"Because I can see you have a gentle soul, but there is more than you are aware of. I knew his afternoon you were hiding stuff from me. Major stuff. But tonight you started to open up. Now you are shut back down again. I know we haven't known each other long, but I could really fall for you HM but I need honesty. If you can't give me that than we might as well forget it." Molly said.

"This is so hard for me ,what if I am honest and you don't like me anymore." Murdock said softly

"what if I do?" She watched him think about what she said. He was so much like a child in a way. But also an old man who had seen many horrors in his life in another. She didn't know what she liked about him. But she knew she needed to help him.

"he's my shrink" Murdock blurted out

"Who is?"

"You asked who Richter was, he is my shrink"

"Murdock there is nothing wrong with that. It's not unusual for people to need mental help. I know a lot of Vets who have seen Doctors.

" I don't have my own apartment, I live at the VA. I was committed after the war." Murdock got out of the car and sat on the hood. He looked up at the sky. Molly came and stood next to him. "I didn't let my License lapse, they took it. They found me mentally unstable and sent me to the VA." Murdock said

"Oh, That's ok Murdock. I don't think any less of you. It's not your fault you know." Molly looked at him and realized how painful it was for him to tell her.

"What about the scene at the bar ,what was that about?"

"The friends I told you about, well there was a problem right as the war was over. They were sent to do something and it got them in trouble. They escaped and are on the run from the military. "Murdock told her.

"Your friends are the A ­Team? " Molly asked shocked

"You know about them?" Murdock asked

"My dad told me about them, I thought your name sounded familiar. He would say how the military would turn their backs quickly on their own men if it suited them. When he read the reports in the paper about the A ­Team he would get so mad." Molly thought back at the tears in her dad's eyes. "He would say it wasn't fair. That they were good men. They deserved medals. He quit the military ya know. Lost his pension and benefits. He works as a mechanic now." Molly wiped away a tear that slid down her cheek.

Murdock stared at her.

"So you aren't mad at me? For lying I mean"

"No I understand. I would have done the same thing if it were me. Want to take me up on the offer now?" Molly smiled at him

"What offer? "Murdock asked

"The lesson silly, this is where my dad's plane is. The night is so pretty." Molly took Murdock's hand

"Yea but I have to do something first." Murdock said

"What " Molly hoped it would be another kiss

"Get out of this monkey suit. This isn't even mine, it's Face's. " Murdock ran to the back of the vet and pulled out a duffel bag. He pulled out a T-shirt, a brown pair of pants and sneakers. From the back seat he grabbed his ball cap and jacket.

"You wouldn't happen to have anything I could wear do ya. This dress is a bit to light for the night air."

"Sure You can wear these." He found the bag of clothes Face always kept in the vette for their jobs. He handed Molly a pair of his pants and and another shirt and flannel.

She laughed as she looked at them.


" I was thinking earlier how I wanted to get you out of your pants. Not me into them" Molly laughed harder

"Why Miss O"Brian are you trying to seduce me" Murdock asked with mock


"Is it working?" Molly asked as she wrapped her arms around his waist.

He leaned down and kissed her gently

"Does that answer your question" Murdock said

"I could get used to this" Molly said as she placed her head on his chest.

He gently stroked her back and told her "Me too"

Part 5

They headed towards the hanger where Molly's dad kept his plane. They walked hand in hand laughing over a joke Murdock told.

"I like you like this" Molly said out of nowwhere

Murdock looked at her not sure what she meant by it.

"Open, you are being yourself. Not that I didn't like you before. But now you seem I don't know more secure in yourself."

"I am glad you like it. I feel better. I didn't know how to act before. Now I feel like myself. Well as close to myself as I get." He said with a laugh.

"You don't have to do that with me. I know your not crazy" Molly said as she pulled him to face her.

"Shhh do you want to blow my cover." Murdock told her with a hushed whisper. He quickly looked around acting like he was looking for spies.

"Murdock" Molly said with exasperation.

"Hey baby just flow with me. You might start to like it. Then you could room with me at the VA. We could stay up at night telling ghost stories." He gave a deep evil laugh.

Molly couldn't help her self she started giggling. Which made Murdock laugh.

They laughed like a bunch of loons until their sides were sore. Molly wiped the tears away from her eyes.

They walked a bit more till they came to the hanger her dad's plane was in. When Molly opened the door the light came on. Murdock let out a whistle threw his teeth when he saw her dad's "Small" Plane. It was actually a small Lear jet. It sat about 7 seven people.

"You dad is an army man, how did he afford this? " Murdock asked

"My Grandfather bought it for the family. My mother is an only child and when with my dad moving us around so much. He figured if she had her own plane she would be able to visit whenever she wanted to."

"Wow think your family would adopt me?" Murdock said with a grin

"Don't think so, you could always marry into the family" She meant it as a joke but it didn't sound that way. Molly went to the phone on the wall and called the office of the airfield. Told them who she was and that she would be taking the plane for a few hours. They asked if she needed the pilot. She told them no she had her own. They told her that the mechanic did a full check of the plane yesterday and it was fully gassed.

She thanked the man and hung up.

"We are all set," Molly said as she walked back to Murdock. He was doing his pre flight check of the plane.

"Ok After you my dear"Murdock said

They went into the jet and Murdock did his usual routine. He started the plane and taxied it out onto the runway. He got clearance from the tower and took off.

Molly watched Murdock while he flew. He was explaining things as he went along but she was unable to follow anything he was saying. Not because she was stupid but because she was so captivated by his face while he flew. He was so happy; his eyes danced in the glow of the control panels light. His voice had a joy in it that she never heard on the ground.

"Earth to Molly come in Molly" Murdock's voice broke her out of her thought.

" What, oh I am sorry HM " Molly started laughing again.

"Ok what do I have something on my face? "Murdock asked unsure why she was laughing now.

"Yea you do" Molly said

"What is it?"Murdock said wiping his face

"Me " She leaned over and kissed him on the cheek

" I will never wash this cheek again, " Murdock said with a laugh

They flew for a couple hours. Murdock showed her some of his easier tricks and even let her take the controls for awhile. She was nervous but he had a way of calming her and soon she was flying with out his help.

"Wow I can see why you love this so much. I could stay up here forever. It is not as hard as I thought." She said

"Yea you're a natural," Murdock said

"Well I have a great teacher"

"Nah " Murdock said he could was trying to fight the blush that was creeping over his cheeks

"YES, hey don't sell your self short .You are very talented." Molly told him

"Ok, I just of never mind, I am gonna take back over ok, we are coming back in to airport and landings are tricky at night." Murdock told her as he switched control back to his stick.

He landed the plane and taxied it back to the hanger. He did his post flight checks and they locked it up.

"Well what would you like to do now "Murdock asked as they got back into the Vette.

"Want to go back to the hotel and have a few drinks?" Molly asked

"Sounds good just let me make a call first ok."Murdock dialed the number Face was staying at.

"Hello " face said

"Hi Face, Just checking in." Murdock told his friend

"It's about time Murdock. Hannibal was about to explode, you know how he is about not being out of contact for more than 2 hours" Face chastised his friend

"Hold up Facey, I didn't think that was for me. Hannibal what's he doing back?"Murdock asked

"Got a job, we leave tommorow."Face told him

"Aww man Face, do you guys really need me? " Murdock never asked to be left out of jobs but he really wanted to spend the day with Molly.

"Yep, I got to scam the plane. It's in Montana. We need to be there as soon as possible" face told his friend. Face could hear the sadness in Murdock's voice.

Before Murdock could argue with Face anymore Hannibal's crisp commanding voice came on the line. "What's the problem Captain?" Hannibal asked a little harsher than he intended

"Nothing sir, I will be there in a little while have to return the vette anyway" Murdock said

"OK Murdock, see you then " Hannibal hung up. When he turned around he could see the sad look in Face's eyes.

"OK what did I miss" Hannibal asked

"Do we really need him, couldn't we just fly coach?" Face asked hoping to help out his friend.

"It's really a four man job, these cattle rustlers already killed three people Face." Hannibal said "Did you and Murdock have a fight or something, You usually are happy when he helps us."

"It's just, he had a date."

"So did I," Hannibal said thinking about the look Maggie gave him when he left.

"Yea but Hannibal it's Murdock, How many dates has he had in the ten years we have known him" Face said

"True, if there was anyway we could do this without him I would be all for it. But we really need him kid." Hannibal lit a cigar and started forming a plan for the job.

Part 6

Murdock hung up the phone and put his head on the steering wheel.

"You have to go huh?" Molly said in a sad voice.

"Yea, duty calls" Murdock said in an angry voice.

"It's ok Murdock, we can do it another time. When will you be back." Molly said hopefully

"That's the problem, I never know. Sometimes we get done in a few days, sometimes it's a week or so." Murdock looked at Molly. He really wanted to stay. But he knew he couldn't.

"Tell ya what, if you don't make it back before I leave. Here" She handed him the keys to the jet.

"NO molly I couldn't" Murdock tried to give them back

"Murdock, if you don't take them how will you fly to see me?" Molly asked with a grin.

"Won't anyone miss them?"

"My dad doesn't live around here and my brother is to busy being a businessman." Molly kissed his cheek as she got out and hailed a cab.

"Now go before I do something stupid." Molly quickly looked away.

"Molly, I will be over as soon as I can ok" Murdock said as he watched her get into the cab.

He watched it pull away and waved at her one more time.

"Well better get back, " he said to the empty night.

He pulled up into the apartment building face was staying in. He noticed the van was already there." Wow the big guy must have put wings on that thing to get here so quick." Murdock laughed at his thought. He went into the building and gave the secret knock so the guys knew it was him. Face unlocked the door and ushered him in.

"Sorry to cut your night short Captain." Hannibal said with honesty

"It's ok, We are gonna do it when I get back" Murdock said as he threw himself on the couch. He stretched out his long legs and put his feet on the table in front of him.

"Murdock " Face said

"What " Murdock yelled

"Your feet, get them off the table that is a 3000 dollar table" face said as he quickly wiped the invisible scuff marks off the table.

"Jeez Face, you would make a good wife someday," Murdock said with a grin

"Yea man, how come we got to be careful in the places you scam but noone is ever careful in my van, Just yesterday I found an melted Ice-cream cone in the floor" BA glared at Murdock

"That wasn't mine it was Billy's he didn't finish it all" Murdock said

"Well I'm not allowing it anymore ya hear, I found a two cigar holes too, one in the front one in the back," BA threw glares at Hannibal and Face.

Hannibal quickly changed the subject. He filled them in on the job ahead. Some cattle rustlers were controlling a whole town. They had killed three local men who stood up to them. The late men's wives had hired them.

"Sounds like some suckas I want to meet" BA growled

"Shouldn't be a long job as long as we don't get sloppy. Face I have a list of stuff I need you to get as soon as we get into town. "Hannibal said, Face nodded

"Ok let's get some sleep, I want to be in Montana by 12 hundred hours." Hannibal said as the men went to look for places to sleep.

Murdock and Face shared a room. They usually did.

"How was the date Murdock " Face asked as he changed into his nightclothes. And went into the adjoining bathroom to brush his teeth.

"Good, got interrupted by Decker. Had to tell Molly who I was before I was ready to. " Murdock said as he laid on the bed with his head propped up by his hands. He smiled at the thought of the last kiss he and Molly shared.

"And you told her the truth? "Face asked not believing Murdock would be honest with someone after meeting them a few hours before.

"Yeah" Murdock could hear the concern in his friend's voice and sat up on the bed. He tucked his legs under him so he was sitting Indian style on the single bed,

"Do you think that was a good idea, I mean what if she goes to the military" Face asked as he returned to the bedroom and sat down on the other single bed across from his friend.

"Face this is me, I know what I am doing, She wouldn't go to anyone. God don't you have any faith in me!"Murdock fumed

"Whoa Murdock sorry, I mean jeez when you are done chewing my head off I would like it back," Face said confused by his friend's outburst.

"Sorry face. I don't know what is wrong with me. This girl really threw me for a loop." Murdock looked down at the bedspread.

"Murdock you really are falling for her. I have never seen you like this" Face stared at his friend like he had never seen him before.

"I guess I am, oh god. " Murdock threw himself backward on the bed with such force he flew over the other end and landed on the floor with a thud. Face jumped up to check on him. When he say the look on Murdock's Face he started laughing.

"I guess I am FALLING for her" Murdock blurted out in-between rolls of laughter.

They heard the door open and Hannibal stuck his head in the door

"Everything ok in here guys? "He asked with a stern look

"A O K Col. " Murdock said from the floor

"Get some sleep or I will separate you two" he gave a fatherly look at his two youngest men and closed the door.

Face pulled Murdock off the floor and returned to his bed. As they laid down in their beds face turned off the light.

"Hey Murdock" face asked

"Yea Muchacho" Murdock said

"Can I come to your wedding" Face asked with a stifled giggle

Murdock didn't respond but in a few seconds face felt a pillow hit him in the head.

"I guess not" Face started laughing again

Part 7

Molly went to her hotel and sat on her bed. She was trying to figure out what to do. Here this wonderful man had come into her life, and she didn't know what to do. She was never a flighty person but now she was torn. Her heart was telling her to stay and see where this leads, but her brain was saying go home and forget about it. She wished she had someone to talk to about this. She had never been able to talk to her dad about romance. Her mom had passed away a few years ago. She only had her brother who she didn't get along with. He was just a nasty person. So Molly did the next best thing to talking to her mom she called her Aunt.

Her Aunt Linda was her Mom's younger sister. Molly always loved talking to her Aunt. She owned a metaphysical store in Village in New York City. Even though the rest of the family considered her a fruitcake Molly had nothing but respect for her Aunt.

Molly dialed the number for her Aunt's apartment. Linda picked up on the first ring.

"HI Molly " Linda said before Molly could speak.

"Aunt Linda, how did you know it was me. Did you have a premonition I would call? "Molly asked

"No silly, who else would be calling at this hour. It would be either you of Bill. I just talked to him, so it had to be you." Linda said. Bill was the man Linda was dating. They had been together for about 3 years.

"So what's up kiddo? Why aren't you out on the town? "Linda asked

"Well, I was till my date got called away on business." Molly told her aunt everything that had transpired during her short time with Murdock. When she was finished she could almost hear her Aunt thinking about what she just heard.

"Sounds like you had an exciting day. So were you just calling to tell me about your Knight in shinning armor or did you need advice?" Linda waited for her niece to answer

"I don't know what is wrong with me Aunt Linda. I have only known this man for a day and already I feel like I can't live with out him. I must be going nuts " Molly whined

"Do you want to consult my cards or do you want my gut feeling" Linda asked, IN the background Molly could hear her shuffling her Tarot cards,

"Actually this call is costing me a small fortune so I will pass on the reading if you don't mind"

"OK, I think you're in love. Love doesn't need time to happen. It can happen in an hour or a month. But how you treat it will decided how long it stays. It can last a lifetime or be over in a heartbeat. It is like anything in life my dear Molly. Abuse it and it will leave. Nurture it and protect it, it is for a lifetime." Linda said

"SO what do I do? Do I stay here? DO I try to get him to come to me?"

"You must follow your heart. But don't decided anything until you know where his heart lies." Linda warned

" I think I know what he feels. I could see it in his eyes." Molly said remembering Murdock's dark eyes.

Well than you have your answer .I will meditate on this all tonight. I will also speak with SIEAM" SIEAM was her Spirit guide. He had been with her through 2 lifetimes. Molly didn't believe in most of what her Aunt did. But she always gave great advice.

"OK Aunt Linda I will let you know" Molly told her

" OH and Molly, SIEAM says you looked great in the dress earlier"

"WHAT?" But the only answer Molly received was a dial tone.

Molly got up and went to get her nightgown but changed her mind. She slipped off the pants Murdock had given her to wear but left the shirt. She could still smell him. She got under the covers and closed her eyes.

"Good night Murdock " She said to the empty room but in her head she heard his voice.

Murdock was to keyed up to sleep. He looked over to where Face was sleeping. He could see his friend's hair and hear his light snoring. Murdock quietly got out of bed and went downstairs. He opened the door to the veranda and went out. The night air was cool but refreshing. Murdock looked over the horizon and stared at the water off in the distance. He was lost in his own world till he heard the familiar jangling of gold behind him.

"What ya doin up so late crazy man?" BA asked

"Nothing couldn't sleep, you?"

"Same worried about tommorow. Hannibal's on the jazz and we aint even there yet." BA shook his head.

Murdock gave a small laugh "Yea that can't be good "

"for anyone" BA said


"What's wrong man you look like you're on another planet?" BA asked. He couldn't put his finger on it but something was different about his friend.

"BA can I ask you somethin "

"what" BA asked concerned

"Were you, I mean have you "

"Spit it out fool I ain't got all night"

"Ever in love" Murdock asked

BA was taken back by the question. He and Murdock had been through a lot together, but they rarely talked. Their conversations usually consisted of Murdock annoying BA and BA threating him.

"Once, I think. There was this girl I liked in high school. We dated for a year right before I went to NAM. I thought I was gonna marry her. Mama loved her. I gave her a ring before I left. But then she fell in love with someone else. So I guess yea. " BA looked away from Murdock. He didn't like talking. Much less about love and stuff that was more Face's department. Ask BA about weapons or cars. Not girls.

"You in love man?"

"I think so BA. Either that or I am going sane," Murdock said as he leaned his head on the railing.

"Must be love, sane won't ever happen with you. Just hope the lady knows what she is getting in to" BA put a big hand on his friend shoulder. Murdock looked at BA

"Do you think it's bad " Murdock asked

"Nah, you're OK, you deserve a little happiness." BA said in a soft tone. He knew his friend needed reassurance. So for this once he dropped his mean routine.

"Thanks BA" Murdock said

"Tell anybody I said that and I ll break you in half " BA told him

"Don't worry big guy your secret's safe with me" Murdock pretended to zip his mouth shut and threw the key over the balcony.

"What secret, aint no secret."

"That you got a soft side " Murdock ran into the apartment before BA could get him.

BA just stood there with a soft smile on his face as he watched Murdock bound up the stairs.


Honesty is the Best Policy by Kathryn Criley
Honesty Is The Best Policy 8-13 by Kathryn Criley