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When It Comes  When it comes
by Diana

Rated: PG (just to be sure)

Summary: Any summary would give away what it's about. And it's short
enough already.

Warnings: Death.

Disclaimer: The usual.

This isn't exactly a poem, but I guess I could describe it as such. I
suddenly had some inspiration and I wrote this fifteen minutes ago. It's
evening right now and I'm not thinking very clear, so please have some
understanding for grammar or spelling mistakes.


It has come. And now I stand in line. For what, no-one knows.

It's been my turn. I accept it. Will you?

I see faces of those I knever knew and will never know.

There are people in front of me, people behind me.

They walk in silence. The silence of a memory, the silence of a dream.

It will fade away as you try to grab it.

Yet, I try not to be silent. I will not fade away.

Help me to stay, help me not to fade. Will you? Will you remember me?

I follow the road. To where it leads, only God knows. But He is about
to show me.

Soon, I will know where those who went before me, have gone.

I will know. So will you. But it isn't your turn yet.

I hear you, see you, feel you. I know you think of me. I am thinking of

The gunshots salute me.

I hear them from where I stand.

They say goodbye. So do I. So do you.

And one day it will be your turn.

When it comes I'll be there, waiting for you.

Until then. .

Remember me.

Help me.

Help me not to fade.

And I will be there for you.

When it comes, I'll be there.

I always have been.

And I'll always be.


When it comes by DianaK