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BY: Tee


Rating: PG


Summary: Just a day in the live of our heroes.


Disclaimer: Copyright infringement in intended, but I mean it in the best possible way. I mean no harm or disrespect. My thanks to S. Cannel and all who made the show possible. P.S. I made up the model number of the plane. Cessna, please forgive me.


Archive: Yes as long as my name, email and all contents remain unchanged. Please send me an email to tell me where it is.


Comment: Please and thank you.


Dedication: To P.K. because the force is strong with that one.


Copyright: November 2000



Good evening and welcome to the six o'clock news. Our top story involves a light airplane crash that occurred just hours ago in Pesaguah.


"Stop the van!" Murdock shouted.


BA took one red sneakered foot off the gas pedal and planted both feet firmly on the break pedal. The sudden skid caused the black van to slide to the left and the van's occupants to all slide forward in their seats.


"Murdock!" Face exclaimed as Murdock crawled across him to pull open the van door and scramble out onto a bridge.


He pulled a blue ball cap off his head and scanned the skies until he turned his face to the east and watched open-mouthed.


Face and Hannibal came up to stand beside him.


"What is it, Captain?"


"A Cessna P-10, 15 seater, and it's coming down, fast." Murdock pointed skyward.


Both Hannibal and Face followed his gaze and his pointed finger. An airplane in a steep descent was heading their way. In a matter of minutes it filled the sky and passed over their heads.


All of them ducked as the plane crossed overhead and slammed into the river, just the other side of the bridge they were standing on.


"Holy..." Face exclaimed.


"Man!" BA shouted at the same instant.


In the seconds that followed their training took over.


Hannibal moved to the back of the van. BA removed the gold from around his neck by releasing the four clasps that held them all on together.


"BA, I want you..." Hannibal's order was left unfinished as BA crossed his arms over his chest and jumped feet first off the bridge into the churning water below.


"Okay." Hannibal fumed silently and pushed a flashlight and a length of rope into Face's hands.


"My dry cleaner is not going to like this." Face said as he put both on the ground and quickly stripped off his suit jacket, watch and shoes and tossed them into the back of the van. He then picked up the items from between his feet and headed to the edge of the bridge. "Do you know what jet fuel and river water will do to an Armani suit?" He was talking to himself as neither Murdock or Hannibal was listening.


Face crossed his arms over his chest and followed BA's course over the side and into the water.


Hannibal passed a blanket to Murdock who spread it on the ground. They then gathered what items of use they had in the van. Blankets, rope, first aide kit and BA's tool box. They wrapped them in the blanket and Murdock headed down the embankment to the water's edge.


Hannibal took the time to move the van off the bridge and lock all the doors. He stopped a passing car and told the driver to call for help. He then followed Murdock's path down to the water.


Hannibal got there just as BA broke the surface of the river. BA swam with powerful strokes to the river's edge and passed over one end of the rope that Face had taken. "Tie this off." BA ordered.


"Report, Sargent." Hannibal squatted down as BA watched Murdock tie the rope to a block of cement under the bridge.


"Face and me got the door open. There's an air pocket inside and Face went in. He's checkin' over the survivors an I'm goin' back to start leadin' Žem out."

"Condition of the plane?" Hannibal inquired.


"It's crashed, man." BA snapped back but paused at the look in Hannibal's eye. "Sorry, half the left wing is gone, a few of the window up front are busted out. Most all the rest I seen looks good."


Hannibal nodded.


"Give me a crow bar, will you?" BA waited as Hannibal passed over the requested item. "I ain't been inside, but Face says it ain't too bad."


BA swam back to the exposed tail section of the plane and then swam along side. Hannibal watched as BA paused, took several deep breaths before holding the last one and slipped under the dark water.


Murdock came back and stood beside his commander. "It's a good plane." Murdock started. "I didn't hear any engine trouble."


Hannibal nodded. "Get those blankets ready, Captain."


The waiting was the worst part. Hannibal's eyes never left the spot where he'd last seen BA.


Suddenly a burst of bubbles and churning water and two, then three heads appeared.


BA carefully positioned his two crash victims along the rope he'd tied to the plane. Murdock slogged into the water chest deep and met the shaken and stunned victims half way.


He helped them up onto the shore. He and Hannibal wrapped them in blankets and got them to sit down.


More and more people were stopping at the side of the road. Some even came down to help. Two people took care of the victims. Two more aided Murdock as BA came to the surface with two new victims.


One man came down with a thermos of coffee and shared it between the four survivors.


Hannibal could hear sirens in the distance. His stomach clenched with anxiety. He swallowed it down and resumed his duties of organizing the rescue. He had to send one man back up the hill to insure that the gawkers on the side of the bridge did not hamper the rescue vehicles trying to get to the scene.


BA came to the surface just as the fire truck got to the bridge. He came across with the last two victims.


He sloshed up the bank and Hannibal met him.


"Only one left inside is the pilot." BA dropped his voice so only his commander could hear him. "He's already dead. Face figured he died in the air. That's why the plane went down."


Hannibal kept quiet and only nodded his encouragement to continue. One of the firemen brought a blanket and draped it over BA's shoulders. BA didn't seem to notice at first, and then clutched it around him.


Hannibal reached up and began to rub BA's arms briskly.


"Face stayed behind to get him out."


"Why?" The fireman blurted out. "If the guy's already dead why didn't your friend just get his ass out of there?"


Both Hannibal and BA turned matching glares on the fireman who took and unconscious step backward.


"Cuz we don't leave any body behind." BA snarled.


The fireman backed further away and nodded his head agreeingly. It wasn't until he turned away that he muttered under his breath. "Damn civilians."


BA and Hannibal passed a glance between them.


A handful of police officers came down the embankment and began to take statements from those gathered.


Hannibal turned his eyes to the river with a start as the plane groaned and shifted in a burst of bubbles.


Murdock came to stand next to his two friends. The adrenaline left BA in a surge and he sat heavily on the sand.


The other two squatted down beside him and they stared silently at the dark river.


Ambulances began to arrive. People bustled back and forth. Police and firemen came and went behind them. They heard someone behind them shout; "There's still one of them on board."


There was another burst of activity and only Hannibal heard Murdock's whispered. "Two."


The plane moaned again and gave a death roll onto its side. More than three people held their breaths. A burst of bubbles rose from the depths and with them, Face.


He burst to the surface coughing and sputtering.


Murdock headed into the river, but was held back by rescue workers. Two of them aided Face and two more relieved him of his limp burden.


Face slogged forward and dropped to his knees beside BA. One of the workers came forward with a blanket and Face clutched it to him and coughed up more water onto the sand.


"We got Žem all out, Colonel." Face gasped.


"I know." Hannibal came down to one knee and put a hand on Face's shoulder. He put the other one on BA's. "Good work, men."


Murdock grinned. "Hey, BA. You got on a plane and no one had to drug you."


Hannibal chuckled and Face grinned. BA snorted his disapproval then gave up his giggle.


"That weren't no plane, you crazy fool. It's just hunk of junk. That thing can't fly."


Hannibal clapped his men strongly on the shoulder and helped them to their feet. With a great deal of slipping and sliding on the now loose soil they made their way up the embankment to the road. All the way up they were patted and cheered. None of the onlookers heard BA mutter, "Just more proof that those things ain't safe."


A news crew had arrived and was setting up to film. The reporter grabbed Face by the arm. "Wait, we're just setting up." The young woman pleaded.


Face gave her back a soft smile. "We're not the story here." He said softly as he untangled his arm from her hand.


The camera man did his best to roll film quickly, but only got a glimpse of BA as he climbed behind the wheel, calmly started the van and slowly threaded his way through traffic.


"Five passengers and the co-pilot were safely rescued. The pilot āwhose name is being withheld until family can be notified-, was pronounced dead at the scene. It is being speculated that he died of a heart attack at the controls, which may be what caused the crash. The four men, the heroes of tonight's daring rescue, are still unknown. To you men, whoever you are, the passengers of Cessna flight 107, and the people of Pesaguah, wish to say thank you. Please stay tuned as we will have more coverage of the crash and the rescue after these messages."



Copyright: November 2000 by Tory Fischer




Good Samaritans by Tee



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