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By Dana

Rating and Warnings: This is rated G.There is mention of character death but other then that this fic is very mild.

Author's note: This fic is told from Angelina's point of view.

Timeline: November 10 2000.I'm not quite sure why I picked that day.

Summary: A ten-year-old wonders why her father is crying.

I hurried home from the baseball field.Today had been the start of a three-day weekend and my best friend Nicole and I were determined to have as much fun as we could.We started by playing baseball with some of our other friends.Now I had to get home for lunch.

When I opened the door, I saw my father with his head in his hands crying. My father cries so rarely.He only does when he's thinking about my mom on her birthday mostly.One of my uncles said it was because of the way he was brought up. "Dad?"I asked carefully.

"Oh Angel I didn't even here you come in."Dad said looking up.He's the only one calls me Angel.He said mom used to call me that too.

"Dad what's wrong?"I asked.

"My father died this morning.His wife called me at work."

Now I was crying.I loved all of my dad's family especially my grandfather.I didn't mind the cigars that my grandfather smoked all the time.

He opened his arms, I hurried over to him, and we both cried.We stayed that way until my stepmother Yvonne and four-year-old half brother Cody came home.My father got up and went to talk to Yvonne while Cody and I went to our rooms.

I sat down and thought about my family.My father married my mother, Amy Allen, in 1988 and they moved to Los Angeles California.I was born February 1 1990.My mother died when I was three.

That's when my two uncles and grandfather came over more.I love all of them.But my Uncle BA moved to Chicago when his mother was diagnosed with cancer or something shortly after my dad married Yvonne.I only see him once or twice a year now.My other uncle and my dad are still best friends and I still see him all the time.My grandfather Hannibal and grandmother Maggie live an hour away but I saw them less and less.Even though I'm only ten I think, it was tearing my father apart.

Cody opened the door and came in."Why's daddy crying?"He asked.He looks more like Yvonne then my dad.He's got red hair and freckles everywhere.But he shares the same eyes that my dad and I have.

"Cody Grandpa Hannibal died today."   I watched his face fall.   I knew he loved him as much as I did.

There was a knock on the front door.   I ran down the stares when I saw who it was."Uncle Murdock!"I said and he came over and gave me a hug.

"Where's Face?"He asked.

I never understood that nickname for my dad.Uncle Murdock said I was too young to understand.

"In the kitchen."I said and followed him into the room.

"Murdock."Dad said getting out of his chair.

Yvonne came over and started to lead Cody and me out of the room."Dad can I stay?"I asked.

"Sure sweetie."Dad said and I sat down in one of the chairs and listened to my father and uncle paint a different picture of the grandfather I knew.But the way they discussed him made me understand why Dad was crying all over again.

In elementary school, I heard a lot about the A-Team.The first time I saw their picture I thought it was a misprint.No way could my father and his family have been convicts.They were the most caring people.My dad explained to me that they were falsely accused and did get their pardon.

This is the kind of family that every person should have, even if they aren't all related by blood.

Crying by Dana