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Ashes and Embers 1-3 Title: Ashes and Embers
Author Jenn (Capt. Bubble J)
Archive: Yes/comment card
Rating: R first few chapters NC-17 all round
Warnings: M/M consensual Graphic Relationship
Comments: The more the merrier!


"You can do this, Murdock. I know you can,"

"Of course I can do this," Murdock shrugged. "Its nothing. I'm gonna' do it!" he stated confidently.

As they approached the warehouse door, he stopped short and spun around. "But not right now."

Before he could get very far, Face grabbed him. "Murdock, they are your family. They'll understand just like I did. They are going to find out sooner or later anyway."

"Find out what, lieutenant?" Came a hard voice from out of the darkness.

"Uh, colonel? Murdock here has something he wants to share with you."

Hannibal puffed on the end of his cigar until the embers began to glow, then tossed out the match. "That so, captain?"

Just before Murdock could get a word out, BA stepped out from the side door of the warehouse wiping his greasy hands off on a bright red bandana.

"Van's done, Hannibal."

"Good work, sergeant. You're just in time to hear Murdock's announcement."

As he always did where the pilot was concerned, BA surpassed curious and went straight to frustrated. "What is it, foo'?"

"Umm, I'm---uhhh, I'm--I'm going away for the weekend," he blurted out with a smile.

"Oh yeah," Hannibal smiled. "Another VA retreat huh? That should be nice."

Face nudged Murdock lightly in the ribs, urging him to continue while Hannibal watched them curiously.

"Was there something else, captain?"

"Ummm, well…." All eyes were on him. Face smiling confidently, Hannibal inquisitively, and BA…angrily of course.

*Do I tell them? Would they really be able to accept our relationship? Oh man, Hannibal flipped when he found out that we were just friends…*

He couldn't do it, so he opted for the slighter of his two bombshells.

"Hannibal, BA…. I'm gay."

No one spoke. No one even looked shock. Face and Murdock exchanged bemused glances then shared one with their teammates.

"Well, colonel?" Face prompted. "What do you think?"

Hannibal took a long pull from his cigar, grinning evilly. "Well, what can I say? You know the rules about team fraternization, but I'm really happy for the two of you."

"What?!" Face shouted.

It was a struggle, but Hannibal kept a straight face. He threw an arm around his captain's shoulders and glanced at him sideways. "Personally Murdock, I think you can do better," he advised and led the captain inside.

BA couldn't stop snickering at the site of the dumbstruck lieutenant.

"Oh, he wasn't saying… He doesn't think that I'm…"

He turned to BA for some support, but instead, in between giggles and pointing, BA gasped, "well you do dress awfully pretty Faceman," and headed off to join the colonel.

"I! ---" he began to argue, then stopped him self. "Well, I guess you have a point here," Face smiled as he smoothed out his jacket. "Then what does he mean, he could do better?!" His answer was an all out eruption of laughter echoing through the warehouse doors.

Face followed them in looking dejected. Sitting down, he caught the tail end of the conversation between Hannibal and Murdock.

"So you're really okay with this, colonel?"

"Of course, Murdock. As long as it doesn't interfere with the team, I want you to do whatever it is that makes you happy."

Murdock smiled thankfully, then turned to BA. "BA?"

"Fine with me, crazyman. It don't make you any more or less crazy in my book. I ain't got no problems wif it."

Murdock swung around to Face feeling totally relieved.

"Any man would be happy to have me!" he insisted which brought the other three men to tears.

"Well, I guess the next question would be, who's the lucky guy and when do we get to meet him?"

Murdock's eyes almost fell out of head. "Umm, you know, Hannibal…He and I are just sort of getting started, so how about we hold off on the introductions for awhile."

Hannibal pat Murdock on the shoulder, and gave him and understanding nod. "Okay, captain, but not too long. I feel like its my duty to approve of him first, as any father would."

No way was Hannibal ever going to approve. Suddenly, Murdock felt sick as the fight scene from West Side Story began rolling in his head.

"Let's go get some dinner and celebrate. What do you say captain?"

"Sure, celebrate," Murdock smiled weakly. "Sounds like a plan."


Face's eyes drifted back and forth between the road and the captain as the headlights from passing cars periodically illuminated his face.

Murdock, knowing he was under the watchful eye of his best friend, sunk further down in his seat. "What am I going to do?" he asked quietly.

"You're going to go up to the mountains with Rod and his friends and have a good time."

"And when Hannibal finds out that my lover is Decker?"

Face's cheeks puffed up with air and he blew out hard. "Umm, could you not use words like lover and Decker in the same sentence? How about significant other?"

"What? Don't tell me that you have a problem with this now too," Murdock's eyes widened in alarm.

"No, its just, I'm still trying to get used to picturing you with guys which is hard enough to do without having to throw Decker into the mix."

"Oh," Murdock grinned in relief. "So, you do that a lot, do you?"

"Do what?"

"Picture me with guys."

"Shut up."

"You know, Face. It's quite possible that you are harboring some homosexual tendencies of your own…"

The 'Vett rounded the corner and pulled up in front of the VA and he shut the engine off. "You want me to call Hannibal and tell him who you're *involved* with?" he threatened jovially.

Chuckling, Murdock climbed out of the car and started down the path to the entrance.

"Hey Face?" he called walking backwards. "Thanks for bein' there for me. I couldn't have done it without you."

"Anytime, H.M. Have fun."

Murdock winked and skipped up the steps.

Face waited until he was inside and then started the car smiling, slightly embarrassed by the recognition. "Anytime."


The next day, 3/4 of the way to Snow Mountain-100 miles outside of San Francisco….

"3 billion 4 hundred thousand and 96, 3 billion 4 hundred thousand and 97, 3 billion 4 hundred thousand and 98…"

"Murdock, could you *not* do that?" Decker chuckled.

"Couldn't you have told me that 3 billion 4 hundred thousand and 95 trees ago. I kind of feel like I have to finish now," he smiled.

"You're right, my fault, please continue," he smiled as he watched Murdock's head zip back and forth as the countryside flew by the car.

"3 billion 4 hundred thousand and…and… Oh damn, I lost count."

"3 billion 4 hundred thousand and 99," Decker winked.

Absolutely glowing, Murdock put his super gulp into the cup holder, wrapped his arms around Rod's waist and snuggled his head into the colonel's warm and waiting embrace.

"Are you always going to listen to everything I have to say no matter how nuts it is?"

"You keep talking, I'll keep listening, baby," he said momentarily taking his eyes from the road to give the pilot a little kiss.

Murdock's cheeks turned bright red and he sighed. "You love me," he cooed.

"I do," Decker answered rubbing the pilot's arm and giving it a gentle squeeze.

"I love you too," he sighed.

"We're here," Rod pronounced turning down a winding dirt road. "Our cabin is a mile or two up here on the left… and you'll be happy to know, surrounded by plenty of trees for you to count."

Murdock leaned in close and huskily whispered into his ear. "I'm sure I can find more constructive things to do alone in the woods with you, than count trees."

Rod brought the car to a halt and kissed him full on the lips then growled. "Mmmm, just wait 'til I get you alone tonight."

With his eyes he gestured directly ahead of the car to two gentlemen watching them and grinning brightly.

"Rod, glad you could make it," the older of the two called happily as he trotted over to the car. The distinguished gentleman then opened the passenger side door offering his hand to the captain.

"You must be H.M. Rod's been talking of nothing but you for months. So you finally decided to give the old timer a shot, huh?"

Murdock's eyes shyly twinkled in Rod's direction.

"I'm Tom, an old friend of Rod's. Nice to finally meet you."

"It's a pleasure," Murdock said accepting the handshake then turning his attention to the other man.

"Oh, this is my husband Bill," he smiled proudly as he called the younger man over.

Murdock raised an eyebrow at his casual use of the word husband. He guessed that they must have been together for quite a long time.

Strolling over in his cable knit sweater and upscale, pre-worn yuppie jeans, Bill wrapped his arms around Tom's waist. "Hello," he smiled sweetly.

Both men were extremely handsome and looked as though they had just fallen out of a Georgie Vodka add.

The younger of the men, Bill had short thick black hair that was just beginning to gray slightly near the roots. His eye's showed a subtle indication of laugh lines around the corners, but sparkled with youthful glint that Murdock spotted immediately.

Tom on the other hand had a full head of silver just as Rod. His age though, showed through his well-kept appearance unlike Rod who always seemed to have the same adventurous air about him as none other than John Hannibal Smith.

Only when his lover joined him, did Tom's eyes emanate a glow of their own, but his sparkle was worn and marred by time.

Truly, they made a beautiful couple, Murdock thought.

"Well boys, what's say we get this weekend started, huh?" Tom walked off with his arm around Rod while the other two followed close behind. "I've set up a flannel blanket over by the lake where we can have a wonderful view of the boys as they gather us up some firewood for us. There's a cold front moving in and it's going to get awfully chilly later on." Rod and Tom walked off ignoring the disgruntled faces of Murdock and Bill.

"Come on H.M." Bill said aloud to be sure that Tom and Rod heard him. "We don't need their help. Being so young and fit, it shouldn't take us too long. We wouldn't want the old geezers breaking a hip or nothing."

"You know what I'm going to do with that smart ass of yours later on, don't you Bill," Tom quipped back as he sat down on the blanket.

The two laughed at the little joke as they grabbed some axes and headed off to the lake.

"Sad but true, eh Rod?" Tom said lightly.

"Speak for yourself, Tom," Rod smiled. "That kid makes me feel twenty all over again."

"Ah ha! So the truth comes out."

"What?" Rod asked as he poured himself some coffee from a thermos. "You think I'm going through my midlife crisis, don't you?"

"It *is* that time of your life, Rod. Young boy…and I've noticed that you're driving the caddy again. The 'ol girl hasn't seen the light of day in years."

"For your information, Tom, I was thinking about selling her. I just thought I'd give her a few more turns around the track before I made up my mind. And as for Murdock, age has nothing to do with it. Look at him, just look at him."

Tom grinned knowingly as he watched Murdock wheedling his axe. "Yeah, he's cute. I'll give you that. You serious about him?"

"Yeah," he sighed deeply. "Yeah I am. He's fun, extremely smart, gentle and honest.. Everything I've ever wanted in partner."

Tom smiled brightly. "The truth? I could see it the minute that you drove up. He feels the same way about you too, you know. He trusts you."

They may not have been together long, but hearing Tom confirm what he was feeling suddenly made Rod feel complete.

Tom lifted a steaming mug of coffee and touched it to Rod's. "To love, Rod. To you, H.M. and happy ever after."

"To us," Rod repeated as he watched Murdock. "To us."


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