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We Are the Very Model... We Are the Very Model of a Merry Team of Fugitives
by Laura Stewart

I don't know how into filk everyone around here is...

If anybody wants to put this up anywhere, go ahead.  Just leave my
name on it and tell me.  :-)
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any money, blah blah blah

Copyright 2000 Laura Stewart


We Are the Very Model of a Merry Team of Fugitives
(Sung to the tune of "I Am the Very Model of a Modern Major General
from The Pirates of Penzance)

We ate the very model of a merry team of fugitives;
All running from the government's appointed army good who gives
Us never any day to rest when we are on the run and lives
To see the day that we're behind jail bars, and not just fugitives.

Hannibal: I am the leader of this team I think of all the brilliant
Defeating small town punks right here or terorists in distant lands
When I'm not on a job I like to exercise my zany knack
To play B-movie monsters like the Id and Aquamaniac

Murdock: I am the pilot.  I will always fly the team from here to
And lately I have packed a helicopter with my underwear.
I'm really not a fugitive, but my life's not at all mundane.
I call the psychiatric ward my home-for I am quite insane.

Face: I am the conman of the crew-my skill can get us anything.
I use it oft' to break our pilot off the psychiatric wing
And usually I have a gril or two to hang on either arm.
It's not my fault-it just so happens that they can't resist my charm.

BA: I have a knack for throwing bad guys over bars and table tops-
It was a handy skill to have back when we were in special ops.
Bud don't let all this tough guy image fool you-it is mostly art.
When I'm with little kids you'll see that I'm a softie deep at heart

All: We are a motley bunch of soldiers cracking down on greed and
We say that we're expensive but we often work without a dime.
Until such time as we're found innocent or the president gives
Us pardons we will stay a very merry team of fugitives

Chorus: Until such time as they're found innocent or the president
gives them pardons they will stay a very merry team of fugitives.

So, there it is.  What does everybody think?



We Are the Very Model of a Merry Team of Fugitives by Laura Stewart