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The Phone Call  

The Phone Call
by bakedgoldfish

Rated: G

Summary:  One of the team makes a little phone call, 'sall.

Disclaimer:  SJC and company owns the guys; I'm just borrowing them for the time being.  Don't sue me, I'm a poor college student, all you'll get are loans and debts.

Author's notes: Well, I was bored.  What else can I say?



Lord, it's cold outside.

Maybe I should put on a jacket or something.  No, actually, I'll just stay here for a while.  The night air'll do me good, I think.

The guys are asleep inside.  They probably didn't even notice me get up. I've always tried to make sure they don't; after all, they need their rest for the day ahead.  Big game to catch, and all.

Now, I know what you're saying: 'You need rest too, don't you?'  Yeah, well, maybe I do, maybe I don't.  Let's face it, when you spend years on the run, sleep becomes secondary.  I've found that waking up a little earlier than most keeps a man on edge, and being on edge is a very good thing in my line of work.  And waking up early lets me see the sun rise.  Sunrises are beautiful to watch; makes you feel free, like there's nothing wrong in the world.

And. . . well, it's kinda hard to get back to sleep after those dreams.

What?  You thought it was only Murdock and Face who had'em?  I'm immune to bad memories; I see.  Fearless leader, has to be stronger than the average Joe.  No way *I* could ever wake up in a cold sweat, Chao's ugly ferret face seared into my mind. No way I could ever see Ray Brenner die right before my eyes, time and time again.  No way I could ever think about those kids I sent to their deaths.  Yeah, right. Sometimes, I look at the guys, and I wonder if I made the right choices.  I
should've known that those orders Morrison gave us weren't legal.  I saw the troop withdrawal coming, I saw the ceasefire, I knew we weren't gonna be in country for very much longer, and I should've known something was up.  But, for some reason, I just didn't go with my gut instinct this time.  You know, I could kick myself for bringing this whole thing on them; they don't deserve this at all.  I should've just taken the blame for it.  After all, they were just following orders, and I could've probably gotten out of Leavenworth on appeal or something.

But then I look at them again.  They seem so right together.  Like family or something.  The three of them, they're like sons to me, you know.  I wonder if they think of me like a father; I like to think that they do.  I hope they do.  I like to think that we would still be doing this stuff even if we were free men.  After all, it's what we did back in the war, and we did it pretty well.  I mean, what exactly could we do, except beat up the 'bad guys'?  I've heard so many horror stories of soldiers who come back and lose touch with their buddies and don't fit in anymore and things like that, and I just know that those horror stories could be about me, or Face, or BA, or Murdock.

I know.  I'm rambling.  Sorry.  But I guess I just needed to get this off my chest, you know?  And I'm sorry for calling so early, you're probably trying  to get some sleep over there, aren't you? You're not?  Well, you should be. What do you mean, you couldn't get to sleep?  You were worried about us? C'mon, you should know better than that.

I know.  Babe, I'm sorry.  I didn't mean to snap like that, I just. . .

Hey, the sun's coming up.  You see it?  It's nice, isn't it?

I think the guys are getting up now.  I'll see ya babe.

I know.  Love you, too.


The Phone Call by bakedgoldfish



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