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To See A Heartbeat

To see a Heartbeat
by J-Bird

Rating: I´m not sure, but if blood is bad then PG 13

Warnings: Some talk of blood.

Disclaimer: I make no profit from it; The A-Team is owned by Stephen J.
Cannell andUniversal. I´m making no money here!

Thanks to: Joanna W for all her suggestions and help in general.


To see a Heartbeat
Eyes like the blue skies of heaven.
Are all I wish to see,
with their green flecks of Eden
looking up at me.

A candle-lit desert
is all I need to see
a sun-warmed beach of golden skin
lying next to me.

Blood of gruesome crimson
I never wish to behold
Nor death's clammy hand
drawing you into its fold

They say to me, "It's over."
But I refuse to leave
and I smile with deep affection
as I see your heart is freed.


"All You Need Is Love" Lennon/McCartney


To See A Heartbeat by J-Bird



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