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Love and War

Love and War: Chapters 1-5

By: Kara Kirk ( Murdocks_Chicka )

Rated: R  

Summary: Liz loves Murdock. But when she is left alone with Face for the weekend, things happen that shouldn’t.  And is someone declaring war on Face?

Warnings: Sex scenes, …swearing… F-bomb has been dropped a couple of times... some angst but more to come… some sappy scenes…and I am sure I am leaving some thing out that I can’t remember.

Copyright: Characters have been made up by yours truly. Except characters from the A-Team. The song Wonderful Tonight is owned by Eric Clapton and Run Through the Jungle is owned by John Fogarty of CCR  © Kara “Murdy” Kirk ( Murdocks_Chicka )


“Lizzy, sure ya don’t wanna come?”

“Yeah, I’m sure. You only have a couple days left on your pass from the VA. So go and have a good time. Besides ya see me all the time.”

“Ready to go Captain?” Hannibal asked.

“Almost Colonel.”

“Now Liz, Face will be back sometime tonight from New York. Here’s the number to the cabin. Call if you guys need anything. And if there is an emergency you know what to do.”

“I know. I know. Have a good time Hannibal. Try to keep BA from killin’ Murdock.’

“If that fool git on my nerves, my fists are goin’ upside his crazy head.”

“Ok guys lets go.” Hannibal said as he climbed into the van.

Murdock took Elizabeth’s hands in his “I’ll only be gone for a few days, try not getting yourself into any kinda trouble ya hear?”

“Don’t worry none about me. I’ll be fine. Face’ll be home in a while. So you don’t have to worry.”

Murdock smiled, took her face in his hands and kissed her.

“Lets GO Captain.”

He broke the kiss and hopped into the van. He started looking on the ground and patted his leg before shutting the door. "“Come on Billy.”

“Ain’t no dog fool.” Liz heard BA yell before they drove away. She waved as the vehicle became a black speck down the road. “At the beach house for a weekend, and alone with Face. What a great combination. I SHOULD have went with them.” She said out loud. Liz walked up to the deck and looked out into the never-ending ocean. Thoughts filled her head with the last time she’d been alone with Face. Remembering a few months ago after her session with Doctor Richter.


“I should have called you Angel instead of Sunnie.” Face said.

“Why’s that Tempy?”

“You look like an Angel. You’re so beautiful. I could wake up every morning to someone like you.”

“Yeah I’m an Angel all right. With my horns holdin’ up the halo.”

“Just remember who said that.”


“Ya know, you ARE starting to sound like me.”

“Is that…. such a bad thing? She asked as she moved closer to the con man.

“I don’t know you tell me.” He said softly as he put a hand on her face and brushed his lips against hers.

<End flashback>

She sighed as she was brought out of her thoughts by the ringing of the telephone. She opened the sliding screen door and ran into the kitchen.

“Hello.” Liz said.

“Sunnie, it’s Face. Is Hannibal around?”

“Umm no. They left about 20 minutes ago.”

“Well how come you’re still there?”

“Because nosy, I didn’t wanna go. Murdock only had a few days left on his pass and I told him to go and have a good time.”

“Ah. Well in that case, let’s have dinner shall we?”

“I..I dunno Temp.”

“Oh come on. I’ll be home in a couple of hours. We’ll go to the most expensive restaurant in Beverly Hills. Have some fine wine and go dancing.”

“Face I…..”

“WELL, if you don’t want to go, I am SURE Sherry would LOVE…”

“NO!” Liz raised her voice. “We’ll go. I need to get out anyway. We did all the work on this last job with out you. So, I think you should take me out.”

“Great. I’m going to call Hannibal to check in with him, then I’ll be on my way home.”

“OK. What’s your ETA?”

“1700 hours. I’m only 2 hours away.”

“See ya then. Be careful.”

“Aren’t I always.” Face said chuckling.

“I suppose.”

“See you soon Sunnie.”

Liz put the phone down and shook her head. “Damn. What am I gonna do?” She sighed and went to her room to take a nap.


“Well that was Face. He’s 2 hours away from Los Angeles and he’s gonna call to let us know he got home ok.” Hannibal said as he put the mobile phone down.

“Ya think Lizzy will be ok with her nightymares and all Colonel?”

“Yeah. She’ll be fine.”

“Don’t worry your crazy head more than ya hafta fool.”

“Gee, thanks Big Guy! I didn’t know ya cared.”

“I don’t. Bad enough I gotta be round ya all weekend.”

Hannibal smiled and shook his head while he lit his cigar. The Colonel knew BA cared about Murdock deep down. Even though it seemed he wanted to the throttle the pilot every second of the day. He remembered how BA didn’t like the smart mouthed, new recruit in the beginning. BA calling him every name in the book didn’t help the matters. The two of them constantly threatened to kick each other’s asses day in and day out. But the Big Guy had been grateful to Murdock when he saved his life quite a few times in Vietnam. They developed a dysfunctional brotherly relationship.

When H.M. had his mental breakdown, BA was hit the hardest. Even though he hid his emotions. With BA, he was physically strong and buff. But he felt he had to be mentally strong for the others to get through Murdock’s loss of reality, hoping he wouldn’t lose touch with his.

“It’s a wonder BA hasn’t snapped with everything he holds in.” Hannibal thought.

Then there is Face. The handsome con man that could get ANYTHING he wanted. He was another who liked to keep things inside. Not telling the team when he is sick or hurting. In Face’s eyes, the grass was much greener on the other side of the knoll. Materialistic things made him happy. Fast cars, fast woman, nice clothing is what kept the Faceman from going crazy.

“I thought for sure Face would be the one to lose his mind.” Hannibal thought again.

Although there was a frail and fragile side to him. His nightmares often got the best of him. Making him vulnerable and touchy. It seemed as if you would touch him he would shatter into a million pieces. It’s a side no one has seen in a long time. Not even Liz. One thing that almost always gets him in trouble is his smart-ass comments. But that was the Faceman.

“Kids gonna get himself into trouble with the wrong person one of these days.” Hannibal said out loud.

“What ya said man?”

“What BA? Oh I was thinking about Face and his smart ass remarks.”

“He does seem to get into allota trouble with his words. But it’s the Face we ALL know and love.”

“Sucka neva keeps his mouth shut. But he needs to be that way to scam us places to live and food to eat. Faceman’s mouth is smooth. Real smooth.”

“Today on the H.M. Murdock show, we will be talking about Templeton Peck AKA the Faceman and his mouth. How he tends to get any and everything he wants. Including trouble. I have here with me BA Baracus. BA standing for BAD ATTITUDE. Now Mr. Baracus care to comment on the Faceman?”

“Shut up ya crazy fool. Wish ya woulda stayed back with Liz. How do ya live wit yourself man? Actin’ crazy all the time.”

“Live with myself? BA I don’t have to live with myself. You, Hannibal, Face and Lizzy have to live with me.”

“Hannibal, I’m gonna throw this crazy fool out the window if he don’t shut up.”

“He has a point BA. He doesn’t live WITH himself.”

“Well Colonel technically speakin’ when I’m at the Vet, I live BY myself.”

BA gave a low growl as Hannibal chuckled.


"MURDOCK! FACE! NO! DON'T GO IN THERE!" Liz screamed as she followed her teammates who darted into the lush, green jungle. Running as fast as she could, dodging tree branches and vines to catch up to them. A head of her was an Officer's Club with flashing lights, and a neon sign which read: COME ON IN LIZ.

"An Officer's Club in the middle of the jungle? Maybe Face and Murdock are in there. She ran to the door and swung it open. Inside were more flashing lights and confetti dropping from the ceiling. Face was in a pure white suit standing behind a podium.

"What the HELL is this?" Liz said confused.

"Ah yes ladies and gentleman. Face said dignantly. "Elizabeth Monroe. Are you ready to play..DESTINY the Game of Chance?"


"Just answer the question Sunnie."

"Yes. Yes."

"Now, you have three choices. Door #1, Door #2, or Door #3. Which one will you pick. Choose wisely."

Liz heard scream and shouts from the audience. As she looked around, she noticed they were the people she served with in Vietnam.

"The clock is ticking." Face said.

"Umm. Door #2."

"Lets see what your destiny will be behind Door #2."

A beautiful young woman in a skimpy bikini opened Door #2. As she did, a sign which said: Death without Consent dropped from the ceiling.

"Oh too bad Miss Monroe. Death without Consent."


The girl in the bikini led Liz through the door to a wooden post in the center of the room. Standing in front of her was a firing squad, consisting of Hannibal, BA, Murdock, Gale Sumter and Dan Thomas.


"No mistake Sunnie." Temp said.

"FACE! Help me please."

He shook his head no and laughed maniacally.

"Hannibal please."

"Sorry Lieutenant. Not this time."

"Lizzy why'd ya do it? Why'd ya hurt me with my best friend?"


"Come on Monroe, you killed me and Tommy. Now it's YOUR turn."


"We don't need another crazy fool in this unit."

Liz looked at Dan with terror stricken eyes.

'What's the matter Monroe, finally getting the pain you so well deserve?"


"Liz! Liz! Wake up!

She sat up and grabbed hold of Face tightly. "Oh Face! Please stop them."

"Well it's good to see you too."

His smile faded as she started rocking back and forth mumbling. "Uh oh. Come on Sunnie. Don't go there. Stay with me."


"Yes. I'm here. You were having a nightmare. Are you ok?"

"Yeah." She blankly looked at the con man. Confused and disoriented.

"It was only a dream?" Liz asked.

"Yes. Were you dreaming of the camp again?"

"No it was strange. It started off; I was running after you and Murdock. And right in the middle of the jungle was an Officer's Club. I went in and the inside looked like some cheeseball game show. And you were the host. I had to pick a door outta 3. So I chose 2. And it was the wrong choice. It was Death without Consent. There was a firing squad..  Hannibal and BA were there. And so was.... Gale and Dan." She explained.

He pulled her closer to his body as she trembled. He ran his fingers through her soft, golden hair. A gesture Face often did after a nightmare or traumatic experience.

"Nothing to worry about Sunnie. I'm here now. And I am NEVER going to let anyone hurt you. I promise."

"In my dream BA told me you guy didn't need another crazy in the unit."

"Elizabeth! You are NOT crazy. How many times do we have to go over this?"

She silently laid further back into his embrace. Feeling the warmth and security of his body.

"Things happened which traumatized you. Something we can work through and make them less frequent."

"But how long's it gonna take? I'm sick and tired of the nightmares and things comin' back to haunt me."

"As long as it has to. We'll ALL help you through it. I don't know how to drill that into your pretty little head."

"Well looks like you'll have to keep drillin'. My head is pretty thick ya know.'

"He chuckled and sighed. "Why don't you start getting ready so we can get something to eat. I'm famished."

"Are ya still takin' me to that expensive restaurant?"

"But of course. You deserve it."

"And what will you be doin' in the mean time?"

"Well I still have to call Hannibal to let him know I got here all right."

"Well what are ya waitin' for? Here's the number. Now get outta here so I can ready. And YOU can get your ass reamed out by the Colonel."

"Oh nice language for a lady."

"I know." She pecked him on the lips and went to the washroom to get cleaned up before their elegant night out. He put his hands to his lips and smiled.


"Facey should've called by now Colonel."

"I know Murdock. Face hasn't been very punctual lately."

Just as Hannibal finished his sentence the phone rang.

"This better be Face. Hello.?"

"Hannibal it's Face."

"It's about time Lieutenant. What have I told you about the check in times?"

"I know. I know. I would have called sooner, but I was distracted."

"Distracted by what?"

"Not by what, but by whom."

"Alright Kid, what was her name?"

"Jeez Hannibal. It was Sunnie. She had another nightmare."

"She all right?"

Murdock and BA's heads shot up and looked at Hannibal with concern.

"Oh no. Somethin' happened to Lizzy." Murdock thought.

"Yes she's fine." Face said.

"Face hold on a minute." The Colonel put his hand over the receiver. "Liz is fine guys. She just had a nightmare." He removed his hand and continued talking. "Where is she now Face?"

"She getting ready so we can go out to dinner."

"Alright. But remember check in time is every half hour Lieutenant."

"Yes sir."

Hannibal hung up the phone and looked at Murdock with warm eyes. "She's alright Capt'n."

The pilot nodded and went out on the porch.

"You think she gonna be alright man?"

"Yeah BA. She'll be fine. Murdock's just worried. He's been like that ever since she came back into his life. He afraid she'll get hurt or killed. See BA, in his mind, he lost her once. He doesn't need to go through that again. And I for one don't want to either."

"But Hannibal, it's a chance we take every time we take a job or go in public places."

"I know that BA. But Murdock is very protective over Liz. He was like that in 'Nam. Remember?"

"Yeah I 'member. Sometimes Crazy Man followed her 'round like a dog."

"Exactly. And I don't think he would be able to handle if something DID happen to her. It would drive to the edge. And all the progress he's had with his thought and feelings will be shot to hell. I, for one, can't watch Murdock have another breakdown. You'd have to put me in the VA with him."

"Yeah make his head crazy than it already is."


Murdock sat on the porch swing as thoughts of Liz clouded his mind. "I shoulda stayed with her." He thought. "But I don't wanna be her shadow. Always hoverin' over everything she does. She'd get tired of it soon or later. And Facey's with her so she'll be fine. As long as he doesn't con her into getting in to trouble." He filled his lungs with the clean crisp air. Seeing how the leaves on the trees looked, with their bright yellow, red, and orange colors. It would soon be Fall here. He watched the Gray Squirrels gather nuts and scamper up the trees. A light wind whispered a tranquil song as it rustled through the trees. Everything seemed peaceful and calm. "Maybe this is what I need. A quiet weekend with the guys and takin' in Mother Nature.


“Elizabeth hurry up! Our reservation is for eight o’ clock.”

“Alright Temp! Hold your horses.” Liz called.

Templeton Peck had tried letting go of the feelings he had for the young lieutenant. Every time he was with another woman, she would cross his thoughts.  No one was like Liz. Her smile, her eyes, and even down to her Texas drawl. She was beautiful inside and out. She was tough, yet fragile. He wanted her in all possible ways. But there was one obstacle that stood in the way. MURDOCK. Face hated himself for the way he felt about Liz. She was his best friend’s lover.  Yet he felt he was sliding his way in between them. There was always a strong bond between the two lieutenants. The con man had known Liz had feelings for him. Deep feelings he wished she wouldn’t. It would be hard for her to explain to Murdock how she was feeling. Not knowing if he would listen or go postal. Face KNEW she loved Murdock. Only this time HE was standing the way of their love. Face stared out the window to the ocean. He compared his life to the crashing waves battering the sand. Things seemed to roll in beautiful and fast on top of the surface. But would come crashing down on his already battered body. And the process would start over again. Just like the ocean wave.

In his mind, he couldn’t just love Liz in a brotherly sense. It was much more. MORE that he anticipated. Making things more complicated and confusing. He was brought out of his thought when he heard the phone ring.


“Hello Templeton. How is my little pooh bear?”

“Ah..ummm…Hello Sherry. I’m doing..ah fine.”

“How about you and I hit the town tonight for a romantic evening. Just you and me..and maybe if you’re good ..a little …”

“AH…Sherry… look.. can we make it another night? I’m not feeling so well… and I think it’s best if I stay home for the evening.”

“Awww, Does Tempy Wempy need Sherry Weary to come make him feel better?”

“No Sherry. The doctor told me to stay away from people in fear of giving them the..ah.. um…virus.”


“Yeah well..ah..If I cough, sneeze or KISS someone, they could easily get it. And I wouldn’t to be the one responsible for getting you sick.”

“Are you sure? We could play the doctor game again. Where I make you feel better in ALL ways.” She purred.

“No really. I just need some rest. How bout a rain check?”

“Ok but don’t make me wait TOO long honey bun.”

“OK Sherry. Bye bye.” He hung up the phone and sighed.

“Who was on the phone Temp?”

“”It was….” He turned around and saw a beautiful site. Standing before him was Liz, wearing a long black spaghetti strapped evening dress. Which molded to her slender body, filling it out in the right places. Her golden blonde hair was done in a French twist. Holding it was a rhinestone accented comb, and soft whispie curls framing her face. Her skin glowed and her eyes sparkled.

“You look…you look stunning.”

“Thank you. So do you.” She said blushing.

“You look like a princess Sunnie.”

“Well I wouldn’t go that far.”

“If I would have beautiful you were going to look, I would have gotten the Excaliber.”

“Don’t be silly. The Vette is fine.”

“Anything you want tonight is yours for the taking.”

Liz walked up to Face and stood inches in front of him. She looked into his blue eyes and smiled. “Anything Temp?”

He moved closer. “Anything.” He whispered.

“Good. I’m hungry. Let’s eat.”

He groaned and put his head down. Liz was already at the door.

“Come on Temp.”

“Talk about ruining the moment.” He sighed and grabbed his suit jacket, opened the front door for Liz and was on their way to dinner.


Templeton and Elizabeth pulled up to one of the most prestigious and expensive restaurants in Beverly Hills. Her eyes widened. She had never seen anything so exquisite and beautiful. The restaurant looked as though a piece of Paris had been brought straight over to Beverly Hills. Temp looked over to see her illuminated face, and touched her hand.

“Wait until you see the inside.” He said to her.

She gave him a dazzling smile. “I can’t believe how beautiful it is.”

The Valet came to the passenger side of the Vette and opened the door.

“Thank you.” She replied.

“Put it in your usual spot Mr. Peck.”

“Yes Yuri. Thank you.”

Liz walked over to Face and stood beside him.

“You ready to go inside Elizabeth?”

“Sure am.”

She entwined her arm with his and walked in to the restaurant.

“Ah. Miseur Peck. We have your table ready for you.”

“Wonderful. As always Pierre.”

He showed them to their table and settled them in.

“Oh WOW! They already have our champagne poured for us.”

“I know. One of the finer points about being a preferred customer.”

“This is great Temp.”

“Just wait until you taste the food.”



Hannibal sat on the porch glider smoking his cigar when Murdock came out to join him.

“Hey Colonel. Can I talk to ya for minute?”

“What’s on your mind Capt’n? Lieutenant Monroe?”

“Ding ding! Tell the man what he’s won.” He said in a cheesy game show host’s voice.


“Sorry. It’s just…I feel bad for bein’ here ya know. I feel I should be back home with Lizzy.”

“Murdock, she told you to go and have a good time.”

“I know…but..”  Murdock jammed his hands down the pockets of his Khaki pants and put his head down.

“But what?”

“I know Face is with her, but I just have this feelin’.”

“Care to elaborate?”

“Facey’s my best friend Colonel, and I love him. But, I don’t half trust him.”

“Meaning him being alone with Liz.”

“Rightorooni. I KNOW he has some sorta feelin’s for her.”

“How do you know?”

“I dunno. I just sense it. And just by the way he acts, the way he looks at her. The flirtin’, buyin’ her gifts all the time. His body language.”

“Have you confronted Liz OR Face with these assumptions? There’s always two sides of a story Murdock.”

“No. I’m afraid to. I don’t wanna be the baddie.”

“Do you think Liz has feelings for Face?”

“I dunno. I’ve talked to Doc Richter about it at our last session. He thinks Face and Lizzy have a strong relationship because of what happened in the camp. And because of the similar backgrounds of their childhood’s.”

“What do YOU think Murdock?”

“See that’s the problem Colonel. I dunno what I think anymore. ‘Cept for the fact I think I’m even crazier than I already am for assumin’ the worst.”

“I’m no Dr. Ruth, and I can’t tell you what to do. But if I were you, I’d confront the both of them. See what they have to say. But listen to both sides, and don’t jump the gun.”

“What if there IS somethin’ goin’ on with them?”

“Well if there is, they better have a hell of a good explanation. Do you think Lieutenant Monroe is capable of doing something like that?”

“I don’t think she would intentionally. But I know Face. He can con his way into any pretty lil thing’s heart in a second. That’s what it worries me when they’re alone. I love her Colonel. To the point where I wanna marry her someday. We been through a lot together. We have this connection that I can’t explain, but it’s there.”

“Ain’t nothin’ there fool but empty space.” BA said as he joined his friends on the porch.

“I wasn’t talkin’ to you, ya ugly mudsucker!”

“Tired of always listenin’ to ya crazy talk about things that ain’t there.”

Murdock threw his hands up in the air and stormed in the cabin.

“That wasn’t fair Sergeant.”

“Fair? What you talkin’ bout ain’t fair?”

“You busted through the door and accused Murdock of seeing and talking to things which weren’t there. When him and I were ACTUALLY talking about something serious and important.”

The Big Guy felt ashamed and embarrassed about his outburst toward Murdock. He had assumed Crazy Man was talking to Hannibal about Billy or Thunder. Or perhaps other things and people that weren’t visible to others.

“I feel bad. Real bad. I didn’t know the fool was actually talkin’ straight man.”

“Well it’s not ME you should be telling BA.”

“NO Hannibal! I’m not apologizin’ to him.”

“Now BA, I didn’t SAY you had to apologize. I just said you shouldn’t be telling me. I DO think his feelings were hurt though. Did you see how he stomped into the cabin.”

BA shook his head his head at the Colonel and retreated inside.

“He’s gonna apologize.” Hannibal said out loud while he chuckled.


BA stood in front of Murdock’s bedroom, contemplating whether he should knock or just go in. He figured if he’d knock, Murdock wouldn’t answer the door. The Big Guy turned the knob and pushed the door open. The pilot was lying on the bed with his hands behind his head.

“Doncha know how to knock BA? Oh that’s right, you like to BARGE in.”

BA knew he deserved the sarcasm in Murdock’s voice. After all, he had no idea what Hannibal and Crazy Man were talking about on the porch.

“Well, are ya gonna stare at me all night, or do ya need me for somethin’? Oh that’s right. Ya don’t need a crazy person to annoy ya. You can do that all by yourself.”

“Look fool, I don’t wanna fight with ya.”

“What did ya come in here for then?”

“I didn’t mean to bust into you and Hannibal’s conversation. I thought you was talkin’ crazy again.”

“NO, I wasn’t talkin’ crazy again Big Guy. I was talkin’ about Lizzy and Face.”


“I just don’t trust her with Face BA.”

“Faceman wouldn’t do nothin’ Murdock. Ya know lil mama love ya. Why ya gotta have crazy thoughts like that for?”

“I feel it in my bones. Somethin’ is wrong. Did ya ever see how close he gets to her? It bugs me BA.”

“Faceman DO get a lil close sometimes. But they been through a lot together man.”

“I’m tired of that excuse. Sometimes I think he is jealous because for once I got the girl.”

“Sounds to me, you the one jealous.”

“I AM jealous. I don’t have the looks like Facey does. Or the good tastes in clothes or food. I’m just a plain ol’ crazy chopper pilot.”

“Ya don’t need to. Liz loves ya fool. Not Faceman. She love you for who ya are.”

“I dunno. Maybe you’re right BA.” Murdock sat up, as BA was about to leave the room. “Hey Big Guy?”

“Yeah fool?”


He nodded his head and winked. BA pulled the door half shut and went back to join Hannibal. The lanky pilot rose and went over to the frosted window. With his index finger he wrote: I LOVE LIZZY! He sighed and wondered what the con man and the young lieutenant were up to. Murdock loved Liz more than she could imagine. She saw him as Captain H.M. Murdock, the pilot who flew the unit in ‘Nam, and NOT the crazy fool everyone thought him to be. He was more eccentric than crazy. He had been there to calm her calm her through her ghosts and nightmares, which still haunted her. They had a connection. One to which no one else could fulfill. He tried with Amy Allen. But she was nothing compared to Liz. Amy had attitude, yes. But not like the spitfire, which sparkled in Elizabeth’s sapphire eyes. Murdock often thought Amy was only riding with them for her career and front-page stories for The LA Currier, rather than the jazz. His mind was in a whirlwind of thoughts about Liz and Face. He understood why they were so close. But something in his gut was telling him there was more to it. Something they were hiding. He hoped with his soul it was just a mere assumption and not the truth. He hoped things would be normal when he got back home.



Love and War by Kara Kirk