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Parts 1 - 7


Rated: R
Summary: Face disapears off by himself, disturbed by feelings of dread


Face stretched out on the bed, a bona fide holiday. What made it better; Stockwell had no idea where he was, god he loved that, a broad smile appeared across his face. He sat up and looked out across the sun drenched sandy shore outside his window. This place was damn near perfect. He got up and walked slowly out onto the veranda, he ran his hand through his blonde hair, no Stockwell, no mission, no stress. Leaning against the rail he took a deep breath in. He hadn't liked sneaking off, but he'd left a note, Hannibal would have to put up with his absence, it was Murdock he was worried about, he wasn't entirely sure how the Capt. would take him disappearing off by himself. Still Richter had seemed to think it was a good idea, time and space, a little solitude, time to regenerate the spirit, mind and body. The whole A.J. Bancroft fiasco had left its scars not only physically on him.

As he wandered barefoot down the beach his mind wandered, the events of the past few weeks filtered through his mind, arguing with Murdock, cutting his wrists, arguing with BA, endless sessions with Richter. In such a short period of time his world had been spun round so hard he hardly recognised, it let alone himself. He sat down on the warm sand and sighed, he felt so different inside. Hannibal was his dad to all-intents and purposes he knew that, but he couldn't shake the feeling A.J had left more unfinished business than, the guvnor and him. If that was so, he had no wish for the team to get involved. Whatever was coming wasn't good; Face could feel it in his bones, as he watched the blood red sky as the sunset he wondered if the heavens were telling him, the flow of blood had only just begun.


Stockwell looked up as his office door was kicked open, he'd been expecting this visit. Hannibal stormed in his blue eyes blazing, "Where is he? " He snapped, "I know you know where he's gone!"

Stockwell shrugged as he took his glasses off and started cleaning them, "I have no idea what you're talking about." He replied coolly,

Hannibal walked slowly forward and leant across the desk, "Lets try this again shall we, where's Face? " He snarled.

Stockwell shook his head as he nonchalantly replaced his glasses, "The LT lost my tail, taking an educated guess he's gone where the good Doctor told him to go."

Murdock frowned, "What the hell is that supposed to mean? Richter wouldn't hurt Face."

"The LT's about to pay the price of being A. J. Bancroft's son. You see he left a legacy of revenge behind him, I doubt he wants you all around when the shit hits the fan. Hence the vanishing act, Richter merely provided the location for the trap to be sprung." Stockwell replied.

Hannibal glared at Stockwell,"Where's Richter?"

"Now that is the 10 million dollar question isn't it, he disappeared about the same time Peck did." Stockwell's eyes narrowed as he continued, "Now we have that cleared up, shall we get back down the business in hand."

Hannibal bristled; it was all he could do to stop BA pounding Stockwell. "We are going after Face you know, and there is NO way in hell you can stop us . You cold son of a bitch, and you can go find some other lackeys to do your bidding, this team hasn't worked well since we got involved with you, its about time I reclaimed my unit. Getting Face back alive and well is our only mission!" Hannibal...s tone was disturbingly cold as he turned and stormed out the office, Murdock and BA followed covering his back.

"Whey hey, we're leashless again BA! All for one and one for all!" Murdock chirped.

"About time sucka!" BA replied in a low gravely tone, a glint of a smirk appearing on his face.


Face was blissfully unaware of how much real danger he was in. Although his gut feeling was telling him he was being watched, he told himself, it must be Stockwell's goons, and being them, or so he thought, he felt a distinct lack of anything except annoyance that they had been able to locate him. He'd rented a motorbike and was off roading in the forest glades, in a t-shirt and shorts, relishing the sense of freedom. Unaware of the glint of metal in the sunlight from one of the trees. As the shot rang out, it out one of the tyres, catapulting Face like a rag doll off his seat, and into a very large tree. He came to rest at the base of the tree and remained still.

Hannibal sat bolt up right awoken from his sleep with a jolt. "Face?" he muttered.

Murdock glanced back as he flew the plane over the beautiful tropical islands of Bermuda. "Colonel, good timing where do you want me to land this warty plane? "

Hannibal walked through to the cockpit, "Find a nice piece of dirt Murdock, I don't think we've got much time." He replied still haunted by the anguish and sudden jolt of pain that had ripped him from the arms of sleep. He wasn't wrong.


Face groaned as he opened his eyes, he felt like he'd been in a washing machine, full spin. He sat up slowly aching all over, "Take it easy kid" Came a familiar voice from the corner of the room. As Face's befuddled senses began to regain some clarity his vision cleared, Richter was sat on a bed in the corner of the room, unshaven and looking very tired. "Where? What? "Face began as he got to his feet rubbing the small of his back where he'd hit the tree.

"You're asking me?" Came the short retort, "I know about as much as you do?"

Face walked over to the window and looked out, nothing but trees, a small court yard an out building.

"What you doing?" Richter asked a little irritation in the tone of his voice.

"Just assessing the area Doc." Face replied without taking his eyes of the courtyard.

Richter rolled his eyes, "Face, there isn't going to be a rescue by the bloody cavalry. I never told anyone where you were going, as you asked me to I do believe.

"Face turned away from the window, "You look like hell doc, how long you been here?"

"A few days at a guess, I got grabbed as I was coming out of my house. No one has been to tell me what the hell is going on. They brought you in yesterday evening, and ordered me to check you over. Your lucky you bounced."

"Bounced? Jeeze I think I got bounced by the bloody tree rather than the other way round. You ok doc?" Face asked as he sat down opposite the dishevelled doc.

"As well as I can be, I'm not used to being kidnapped, it's not as bigger a part of my job description as it is in yours." He replied sourly.

Face smiled, at least he'd retained his sense of humour even if it was sarcasm. As the door of the room opened, Face got to his feet, he was man handled roughly out the room, the door shut behind the retreating figures.

Richter put his head in his hands, where the hell was the cavalry? He wondered.

Face was shoved in the chair and tied to it. "Will someone please tell me what the hell is going on?" Face asked, "If its me you want, so be it, leave Richter alone."

"You're A.J.Bancroft's son aren't you? You figure it out!" Came the smart reply and slap round the head.

Face bristled, this was ridiculous, "That man was my father, but I'm not his son." Face snapped back his anger welling. This earnt him another slap round the head which quite frankly made him feel dizzy, he drew in a deep breath as he tried hard to keep the world in focus.

"What the fuck is that supposed to mean?" His attacker seethed.

"Whatever he did, or did not do has nothing to do with me!" Face replied.

"Oh you'd rather we went and found Ellen then?"

Face lunged out of the chair breaking his bonds, "Leave her alone!" He shouted, he didn't see the goon appear from behind him, smashing the butt of the assault rifle down on the back of his head. He slumped to the floor out cold.


Richter eyed the motionless body on the bed. Great just great, he thought to himself, the hero of this piece is out for the count. He sighed as he checked Face's pulse for the hundredth time, strong and steady, well at least that was something. He reached into his pocket and drew out a safety pin. "Hmmm, time for the damsel in distress to strike back." He muttered as he set about picking the lock.

BA glared at Murdock as they stomped along the beach outside the house Face had scammed, he still wasn't overtly impressed with how Murdock had landed the plane, in the sea. Still he was in one piece, he couldn't say the for the damn plane, which lay in pieces on the ocean floor.

Murdock was more than aware of BA's mood he just chose to ignore it; he was far too concerned about Face. He watched Hannibal methodically searching the beach house, he could see the worry in his C.O'S statement, and Hannibal had sent them out to search the beach because he wanted some time to himself.

He sat on the couch as he searched the drawers for any clues, he had no idea what Face had got himself into this time, then again, it was hardly his fault A.J had left god knows what mess behind him. He sighed as he threw the last of the useless paperwork contained in the drawers from whence they came, slamming the drawer, in frustration. Without warning he felt a sharp pain in his chest that dissipated as fast as it had appeared. He frowned, "Face? " He whispered, "What are they doing to you son?"


Face screamed in agony as the brand found its mark on his bare chest, he still hadn't a clue what the hell was going on, he was strung up to the ceiling by his wrists, this session was taking longer than the ones before, the brutality had increased.

Graver grabbed his head by the now bedraggled bloodied once blonde locks and yanked Face's head back. "This will all stop, if you just co-operate, tell us where your father hid those plans!" He snarled.

Face' s eyes were swollen shut his head was spinning, barely conscious he gasped, "I don't know what your talking ab..ab..." Face never finished he lost the battle to keep conscious.

"Gah! Take him back to his room!" Graver snapped infuriated!

Richter slung the unconscious Peck's arm over his shoulder, "If we stay here they are going to kill you son, and I don't fancy explaining myself to BA, and Murdock would never trust me again! Dammit if we stay we die we go we may die, what a choice! Just hang on kid, I'll take my chances with the wildlife outside, it s a darn sight friendlier than the wildlife in here!" Richter muttered as he made his way out the freshly lock picked door, dragging the unconscious bloodied LT.

Richter still couldn't quite figure how , he a respectable psychiatric professional had found himsef in the armpit of hell, still his mispent youth in the Broncs, which he had proudly kept well hidden with a false name and address for a very bloody long time had at last come in useful ,"Told ya Ma your lil boy would make good his gifts," Richter muttered "you and me, Face, have far more in common than you realise , I just wish A.J. had kept his mouth shut about are little understanding , then again if he had you'd be dead. Lets just say we're even you old coot!"

Hannibal couldn't believe his eyes when he opened the door the Face's room, a bedraggled, unshaven stood before him, supporting an unconscious Face man. "Don't just look! Help me!" Richter snapped.


The atmosphere in the little hospital waiting area was decidedly fraught, Richter remained stoically silent. Murdock was unable to keep from fidgeting as he messed with a plastic coffee cup absentmindedly shredding it systematically. The group were the only ones in the small waiting area. Hannibal hadn't taken his eyes of the swing doors through which Face had been wheeled on a guerney a few precious hours earlier. BA stood by the window staring out across the sands cape, the back of beyond was not a great place for Face to get hurt, he thought to himself.

The doors opened and a bloodied and pale doctor walked towards the motley crue he was faced with. "Your friend is seriously ill, we can't even move him to a larger hospital because he's so unstable. The beating he's received was calculated to do as much damage but leave few marks. His kidneys are badly damaged, his eyes well, we won't know if his sight has survived until the swelling goes down, the burn to his chest, has caused an infection to set in. I daren't sedate him quite frankly; I don't want his respiratory system compromised in any way at this stage. The blow to the head is another concern; it was a crude use of a blunt weapon of some sort judging from the soft tissue damage. But his pupils are equal and reacting. Now I need someone to stay with him, he's delirious even though he's been sedated if lightly. "The doctor finished.

Hannibal nodded, "Can we all see him now, we'll sort out whose staying later."

"Follow me." the doc replied.

Murdock took Face in his arms, he could feel his friend's body tremble constantly, bandages covered those beautiful blue eyes he knew and loved. Face was well out of it, shuddering in Murdock's arms unaware of his surroundings, "It s'ok Facey it's ok," he whispered.

Hannibal' s statement was one of pure unadulterated anger, and BA hands were fists as tears appeared in his chocolate brown eyes.

Richter hovered in the door way ashen, A.J Bancroft's legacy looked set to kill his son, he...d be damned of he'd let that happen, he thought to himself.

To be continued...


Legacy by Magikspides