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Love Struck

Love Struck
Capt Wolfie (aka Logansmoneypenny)

Rated: PG
Warning: Slashy feelings
Disclaimer: I don't own them S J Cannell does lucky swine.
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Love struck

My emotions are in a state of turmoil
I'm helpless, falling, and unsure what to do
I can't control it, don't understand it
But I just can't take my eyes off you.

I've memorized every detail, every line of your face
I've stolen fleeting glances in your direction
That lopsided grin plays havoc with my heart
These feelings I possess are beyond mere affection.

When you look at me, with those dark dancing eyes
I can hardly describe the sensation
My mind races I tremble every time you're near
It's getting so hard to hide my infatuation.

I'm so lost in this train of thought
His hand on my shoulder catches me unaware
I can't meet his gaze, stare at the floor
I feel his fingers run gently through my hair.

I look up at him with a fixed smile, but he's no fool
He can tell when I'm hurt, upset, angry and scared
'Facey, please tell me what eating you up inside.'
I sometimes wish he'd let me be, wish he never cared.

He won't let up till I tell him what's on my mind
So with a sigh I give up, I surrender
I start to speak but the words catch in my throat
And I'm paralyzed by his caress so soft and tender.

He pulls me into a tight embrace
With a passion that's long and lingers
My body shudders with longing
As he caresses my face with his fingers

Time and place have no meaning for us
We know that words no longer need to be spoken
As we break away from each other breathlessly
We've forged a bond that can't be broken.

He softly whispers I love you, I tell him I love him to
'How long have you known?' I ask, my voice calm and gentle
'From the moment I first saw you muchacho.'
I'm spellbound; it's an admission that's monumental.

How can I have been so blind, suddenly it's crystal clear
I am love struck, it's like a bolt out of the blue
And finally I understand what I have always known
Is that my heart has belonged to nobody but you.

Logansmoneypenny :)



Love Struck by Logansmoneypenny



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