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Eaten Alive

by rita (la)

Warnings:  Not much, lovemaking in grass, bugs, itching!
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Disclaimer:  AT owned by Cannell & Lupo, blah, blah... this is taken
from original fanzine story copyrighted to Jackie Edwards.


 (This bit of scurrilous poetry is inspired by a story by Jackie
Edwards in her 'adult' zine "OPEN FOR BUSINESS", in which Hannibal and
Maggie spend a romantic weekend at a Southern mansion, after a rocky
spell in their relationship.  It's a great story.  They end up in a
romantic interlude on a lush carpet of velvety grass.  My warped little
mind conceived of another kind of weekend they might have spent had
but moved a hundred miles west!  (As in East Texas)  With apologies to
Jackie and no one else:)

He planned a trip, a real surprise - -
Something special, cementing their ties.
Maggie was ecstatic, happy as could be
When first the mansion her eyes did see.

Hannibal beamed, his chest puffed out.
He had topped himself, of that no doubt.
The search was on, for a nice LONG bed
One upon which he wouldn't bump his head.

Hannibal and Maggie had problems to fix
Did love and the A-Team ever really mix?
The problems resolved, Maggie with glee,
Pulled him outtal the house and into the trees.

Bowls of sulfur flowers sat by the.door --
Now, what on earth were they sitting there for?
 Ignoring the bowls of pungent, gold dust
Outside they went, to follow their lust.

Alas and alack and woe to them be...
For out there lurked a foe they could NOT see.
Feeling romantic, Maggie pulled him down
Upon the lush carpet, green all around.

She began to explore, her tongue to tease
Then she felt something --damn! felt like a flea
Hannibal smiled, he was ever ready,
He thought he felt -- nah,  his nerves were just unsteady.

They consummated their love, right there in the grass,
And neither of them noticed the itching of ass.
But after awhile, when the pain could not be ignored,
They jumped up screaming, scratching like crazy, totally floored!

Into the house - searching -- where's the calamine?!
Looks like our vacation ain't gonna' be so fine.
'Maggie, my darling, I really did try...
I wanted something special." he said with a sigh.

"Oh, chiggers are special," she sighed, "to that I'll attest!
We're gonna' think of them every time we get dressed!"
"Well, the next time we decide we're gonna' bare ass....
Maggie, my love - in the South -- STAY OUTTA THE GRASS!"


EATEN ALIVE by Rita Ractliffe



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