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by Logansmoneypenny

Rated:   R <for sexual content>
Warnings: Sexual content some naughty bits

Note: This was a poem I wrote for Capt Amycat which she has said I can
post to the list I hope you enjoy it. Logan :)


The Massage

There's a gift from me coming your way
To celebrate your special day
A dashing pilot, a delectable dish
to satisfy every birthday wish

So when you get home from work tonight
Yours eyes will meet a heavenly sight
When you walk through the door you'll smell a sweet perfume
From the sea of scented candles dotted round the room

In the shimmering glow Murdock stands
your heart rate quickens as he takes both your hands
Leading you through the candle lit hue
You wonder what he has planned for you

It's a birthday massage to ease the stress
he waits patiently as you shyly undress
You lie on your front your modesty covered
As warm soft hands release the tension discovered

As you forget a day hard and taxing
you'll find yourself gradually relaxing
As  the pilot's oiled fingers glide down your spine
With a slow gentle motion that feels divine

You close your eyes feeling serene and at peace
It's a feeling you never want to cease
The massage over he's there for the taking
There's a passion in the pilot that you're awakening

So Amy take all night to discover
that Murdock is a sensuous lover
Not much more that I can say
Except enjoy the gift and your birthday.

Logan :)


The Birthday Massage by Logansmoneypenny



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