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Bitter Sweet

Bitter Sweet
By Dana


Disclaimer: If you have seen them on A-Team then they belong to
Stephen J. Cannell. If not then they are mine.

Time frame: After Without Reservations before The Grey Team.

Rating and warnings: I rate this fic PG just to be safe. Warnings:
Torture and threats of murder.

Summary: An enemy of Stockwell's starts taking some of his


Part 1

 A man stood in a room looking at his list. He crossed off three names. Just two to go.


Templeton 'Faceman' Peck walked out of his car into a building. He was looking forward to seeing his sister. He hadn't seen her in a couple of months but did talk to her on the phone at the hospital. He got a letter from her saying she was flying in and would like to talk to him. She wrote about a restaurant she ate at the last time she was in DC and wanted to meet him there. Luckily it wasn't Villa Cuchina.

He opened the door to a restaurant and it was pitch black. He instinctively grabbed for his gun but it was knocked out of his hand. Something hit him in the back of the head and he slipped to the ground unconscious.

The man crossed off another name before signaling for his men to carry Face out the back door. Revenge would be his.


Colonel John 'Hannibal' Smith opened the gate to the basketball courts. "Stockwell just called. He said he'll be here in an hour. He sounded urgent."

"Where's Face and BA?" Frankie Santana asked sinking a basket before he stopped the game he and HM Murdock had been playing.

"BA's in the garage I think and Face said he had to meet his sister. He should be back in time for the meeting." Hannibal said as they walked back to the house.

Frankie and Murdock went to take showers while Hannibal went looking for BA.

An hour later Stockwell arrived promptly. Face was still not there.

Stockwell came in without Carla, which surprised the A-Team. Carla almost always accompanied Stockwell when he briefed the team. "Where's Peck?" Was the first question out of his mouth.

"He went to visit his sister who's in town." Hannibal informed them.

Stockwell's brow creased. "The reason I called this meeting is three of my operatives and Carla have disappeared."


Bitter Sweet 2/?

"Are you sure they didn't decide to quit working for you?"  Hannibal asked.

"I don't think so Colonel."  Stockwell said.  "Carla didn't show up for work.  Abel Two and Abel Six hadn't called in.  And unless you tied up Abel Seven again, he is missing also."

Murdock left the room quickly and ran into Face's room.  He had a sinking feeling about all of this.  He picked up Face's address book, found Ellen Bancroft's number, and quickly dialed it.  After two rings someone picked up.

'Hello?'  A female voice asked.

"Is this Ellen Bancroft?"  Murdock asked.

'Yes who is this?'  She asked.

Murdock hung up.  He didn't know what to tell her.  He walked back into the front room and saw everyone staring at him.  "Ellen's in Florida."

"Now there are five missing people."  Stockwell said.

"Do you know who is responsible?"  Frankie asked.

"No I don't.  But he or she seems to want my attention.  They'll contact you and I will pass on the information.  I advise none of you leave the house.  That includes you Captain."  Stockwell said picking up his briefcase and left.

"So what do we do Hannibal?"  BA Baracus asked.

"We wait to see if Face does come back."  Hannibal said.  The others stared at him.  "I don't like this either but right now we don't know where he is and they will most likely contact Stockwell."

"Hannibal did Face say where he was meeting Ellen?"  Murdock asked.

"No just that they were going to lunch.  Murdock and Frankie search Face's room for anything that would say where."

"You got it Johnny."  Frankie answered as he followed Murdock into Face's room.

"BA you and I are going to scope out the grounds.  It sounds like Abel Seven disappeared from here."  Hannibal said.


Face came to and couldn't see anything.  His hands and feet were tied and he realized he was blindfolded.  He could hear someone talking and wasn't able to tell what he was saying.  He was roughly pulled to his feet.  This time he could hear the voice.  "Welcome to my base Lieutenant Peck."  He never heard that voice before he was sure of it.  "You will serve the purposes of bringing Hunt Stockwell here."

"I don't think I'd bring Stockwell but some other people might come."  Face said trying to bait the man into telling him more about this place.

"Oh you mean the rest of the A-Team?  I already know about them Peck.  It was easier to draw you out then any of them.  But I'll let you figure that one out on your own.  It's time you met your cellmates." The man said.

Face was pulled down the hall and shoved into a room where the ropes came off.  By the time he got the blindfold untied, they had left. He looked around at the people already in the room.  He recognized Carla and one of the Abel's from the house, but he didn't know the other two.

"He got you too lieutenant?"  Carla asked.

"Yeah.  Who is he anyway?"  Face asked.

"He was Abel One till Stockwell fired him.  He vowed revenge on Stockwell right before he was put in prison."  Carla said.

"What was he fired for?"  Face asked.

"He tried to kill General Stockwell."  


Bitter Sweet 3/?

"He can't be that bad then."  Face said jokingly.  Carla stiffed a laugh while the other three glared at him.

"This isn't a joke lieutenant.  This man is crazy.  Once he gets Stockwell here, he'll most likely kill us."  Abel Seven said.

"Look Peck, I know you and the rest of the A-Team don't like the General.  But you have to ignore that if you want to get out of here alive."  Abel Six said.

Carla looked at Face thoughtfully for a minute before frowning. "There's something else you should know lieutenant.  Abel One had access to your file.  Whether or not he still does is yet to be known."  Face looked at her shocked.  "General Stockwell has been keeping tabs on the A-Team for a number of years.  Since Abel One was Stockwell's second in command, he also saw the tapes and files.

"So that's how he figured to take me."  Face said.  The others looked at him solemnly so he continued.  "He said I was the easiest to draw out into the open.  He must have read something in my files."

"It would be safe to assume he has a copy of your file in his possession.   Or--" Abel Two paused.

"What?"  Face asked.

"Or Abel Three and Fifteen gave him the files.  They are good friends.  We all thought they were working for him but we haven't had any evidence."  Abel Two said.

Suddenly the door opened.  Men with masks and guns in their hands entered.

"You."  One said pointing his gun at Carla.  "And you."  He said pointing it at Face.  "Are coming with us."

"But we were having fun in here."  Face said with a grin.  He was rewarded with a rifle butt to his stomach.  Face doubled over in pain.  It had only been three weeks since he had been shot in the restaurant Villa Cuchina.  The area was still sensitive.

"Let's go."  The man said again pushing Face out the door.

Face was caught by a very large man and tied his hands.  He was led into a room that Carla was already in waiting with the other men.

A man approached them.  "I'm sorry my men had to be rough on you lieutenant but if you cooperate you won't be punished."  He turned his attention to Carla.  "I hope you like your cell Miss Cruise.  I know you're used to a nice apartment and flying around on that jet." He picked up a telephone and a piece of paper.  "Now I am going to dial Stockwell's number and if you don't say what I tell you to say Carla, I will have my men start punching Mr. Peck in the stomach.  I wonder how many punches it would take till the wound reopens?"

"I'll make the call."  Carla said reluctantly.

"Wise choice Miss Cruise."  He handed her the piece of paper and phone.  "I want you to read this word for word."

Carla nodded and dialed the number to Stockwell's plane.


On the plane that was grounded at a private airfield in Langley Virginia, Stockwell was looking over some papers.  He still didn't know who had taken his 'employees.'  His phone started to ring. "Hello?"

'General it's Carla.'

"Thank goodness!  Where are you?"

'We're fine.  You need to come to the warehouse on west 5th street in Baltimore at 10 tonight.'

Stockwell knew that she was reading a piece of paper but still asked, "is it Abel One?"


Before he could ask anything else, he heard someone being hit. Another voice could be heard saying, 'do that again and Peck will be hurt worse.'  So, Peck was there too.

'I'm sorry.  Just leave him alone.'  Carla's voice came through.

Another voice came onto the line.  "Pull anything and the lieutenant will be returned to you in pieces.  I know that will enrage some people in your group."  The phone went dead.

Stockwell sat back thinking.


Carla knew that she had blown it when she answered Stockwell's question.  She had turned around in time to see one of the men punch Face in the stomach repeatedly.  The phone was yanked out of her hands and she rushed to Face's side.  He was quietly moaning.  That's when she saw the blood seeping through his shirt.  "Do you have a First Aid Kit?  He's bleeding."

"I warned you Miss Cruise that this would happen.  But you wouldn't listen to me and Peck had to suffer.  The blood is on your hands. Here."  He threw her a box.  "Take them back to their cell and give them some water."

Face was dragged back to the cell.  Carla walked quietly behind them.  Face was pushed to the ground and the men left.

"Jeez Carla!  What happened to Peck?"  Abel Seven asked.

"The goons started punching him in the stomach.  Don't just stand there.  Help me stop the bleeding."

The men joined Carla on the ground.  Abel Six tore part of his shirt and applied it to the wound.  They all sat back in silence.      


Bitter Sweet by Dana