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The Present


The Present
by Logansmoneypenny
Rated:   PG-13
Archive:  Yes please
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The Present
Auntie Hill I've got you a birthday present
A blonde haired, blue eyed handsome Lieutenant
He'll do your bidding, be at your beck and call
So sit back relax and do nothing at all.

He'll be sophisticated and downright charming
With eyes you could drown in and a smile disarming
His favourite game is the art of seduction
Only tonight it won't be a staged production

Templeton will whisper sweet nothings in your ear
For only you alone to hear.
Wine and dine you whisk you off of your feet
Smother you in sensual kisses so sweet

Then once you've got him in his birthday suit
Champagne on ice and a red rose to boot
Just let your fantasies take flight
Picturing all the ways you'll spend the night.

So Auntie I hope you enjoy
Your very own blue eyed solider boy
And I hope this is just the right way
For me to say I hope you have a great birthday.


The Present by Logansmoneypenny



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