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The Kidnapping 1-4

The Kidnapping
by Retisha Harper (R. Hannibal)


Rated: PG. (PG-13, maybe R later)

Summary: Decker's daughter is kidnapped and he hires the A-Team to get her back.
Warning: Some language

Part one

It had been three weeks cents Decker had followed up on any leads of the A-Team and because of this he was coming home pissed. However, it didn't last for long because as soon as he got home he was greeted by his sixteen year old daughter, Kristin. Thinking to himself, "I wish her mother was still alive to see her now. She is turning into such a beautiful woman." Her mother had been killed by a drunk driver when she was three and cents then he had been raising her. "So, daddy how was your day?" Kristin asked.

"It was OK. Still no leads of the whereabouts of the A-Team."

"Oh, daddy! Why are you so gun ho on catching them?"

"Sweetheart, you just wouldn't understand." And he left it at that.

Dinner had been quite that night and the only sound in the house was from the TV in the living room. Kristin was in her room doing her homework so she would have the weekend to spend with her friends.

6:00 AM Saturday and Decker was up getting ready to leave. Just as he was about to walk out the door the phone ranged. "Hello"

" If you value your daughter," the stranger said, "I would keep a close eye on her," then he hung up. Decker hung up the phone and shrug it of as a prank call. This would be his down fall.

Kristin woke up to a phone ringing. "Hello"

"Kristin, it Julie. What time do you want to meet at the mall?"

" Ummm, how about ten?" answered Kristin.

"That's OK."

"Great, see you at ten. Bye."

"OK, Bye."  

Ten came and the two girls began to wonder around the mall going to store to store. By noon the girls were in the food court eating. Chatting about what boy was cute and school. By two, the girls were saying their good byes. Julie's mom pick her up and Kristin walked to her car. When she reached her car a man walked up behind her and grabbed her. She screamed and kicked, but couldn't get away. She had be kidnapped.


Part Two

When Decker final got to the mall, the police had taken all the reports. When the office in charge saw him he walked up to Decker. "I'm presume you are Roderick Decker."

"Yes, I am. " Decker answered.

"I'm sorry to tell you, your daughter has been kidnapped."

"WHAT!" he screamed, "WHEN, HOW?!"

"Sir, please calm down. I know this is every parent's nightmare, but we are doing everything we can."

Decker just stood there not wanting to believe what he heard. "Can you tell me what happened?" asked Decker.

"Well Sir, apparently your daughter and a friend came here to the mall to hang out and look around. Your daughter's friend's mother pick her up and when your daughter reached her car, a man, about 5'10 to 6 feet tall with extremely dark brown hair, grabbed your daughter and got in a black car. One person tried to stop the car, but unfortunately he got hit by it and was taken to the hospital."

"Did anyone get the license plate number?" Decker asked.

"Yes, someone did." answered the officer. "What is the number?"

The officer hesitated for a second and said, "KTY-302 California plate."

By morning, he found himself on the floor. He had slept there all night and he felt it. Just then the phone ranged. "Hello."

"If you ever ant to see your daughter again, you will get me what I need."

"What is that?" Decker asked.

"You will know the next time I call." then he hung up. Decker just stood there not knowing what to do. Finally he got his thoughts together and that's when he knew, against his better judgment, he had to ask the A-Team for help. But he knew he could contact them himself, he had to set something up so he could get to the A-Team, to Smith himself.

Careful and quickly he planned what needed to be done. He contacted a Lt. Jones. She was going to be the "bait" so to speak. Her job so to go to Mr. Lee and tell him her story. Which was what happen to Kristin. So I wouldn't be a total lie.

Lt. Jones was wired so Decker could hear what was going on. She went to Mr. Lee's Laundry, were she meet Mr. Lee. She told him what had happen. "Ha, I see and you need the A-team to get her back." "Yes." She sobbed out. "Go to the Tar Pit and find a man. He will be waiting for you at two in the morning." She thanked him and left. She walked around the corner where Decker was at listening in the car. "Did you hear everything OK?" Lt. Jones asked. "Yes, perfectly." Then they left to get ready for the next visit.      

Part Three

Five minutes before two, Hannibal, dressed as a homeless man, was walking around the Tar Pit finding a place to hold at while he waited for the woman.. Two came and Lt. Jones was in search of the man she was trying to find, when she came across the homeless man.

"Have you seen a man waiting around here?" she asked.

"No one but me." Hannibal said drunkenly.

"Oh." The next thing she knew the homeless man fell as he was walking away and broke the his bottle of whiskey. "Oh, that was half full.

"Digging into her purse, she gave him some money. "Here take this and get some food or something with it."

Unknowing to her, Hannibal slipped a piece of paper into her jacket pocket.

After she had walked away, she put her hand in her pocket and found the paper. She open it up and read it. It said,  Go to Temple Street and look for the building with a sign of an A on it. Be there by noon. A pond reading this she made her way back to the car where Decker. She got in the car and hand him the paper. He read it to himself. When he was done, he started up the car and drove back to the base.

Hannibal had followed her back to the car and notice someone was in the car with her. He couldn't see who it was, but knew it was Decker.

"I wonder what Decker is up to this time?" he said to himself. Making his way back to the van, where BA and Face were waiting, he was in deep thought when he was interrupted. "Man what took you so long?" growled BA.

"I followed her back to the car and guess who was with her?" smiled Hannibal.

"Decker!" Face said worrily.

"Man, its a set up, Hannibal."

" No BA, for some reason I don't think so."

"Man Hannibal, your nuts. Just like that crazy foo'."

Hannibal just smiled and lit his cigar as BA drove away.

Noon seemed days away for Decker as he sat in the car waiting. Finally in came and Lt. Jones found the warehouse and enter it. He gave her a ten minute lead before he came in behind her. He hope Smith hadn't suspect anything yet and if so he didn't give a damn, he needed his help. He listen intently to every word that was said. When he reach the door, he took a deep breath and enter the warehouse.      

Part Four

A pond entering, Decker was meet by a gun in his face.

"If you don't mind getting that at of my face."

The gun was lowered and Decker made his way to Smith.

"Smith I need your help. You already know the problem."

"So it is true. The Great colonel needs our help."

Hannibal smiled. "Look Smith, I don't have the time to play games..." Just then his cell phone ranged.


"You have two days to get me the supplies I need. Ready?"  Lucky enough, Decker had a pen and note pad on him.


"I want one hundred of your best guns, five hundred case of ammo for them, and six hundred missile launchers." then he quickly hung up the phone before Decker could said anything.

Finally Decker looked up with worried eyes and said, "You have two days to help me get Kristin back or my going to have to get this stuff." handing Hannibal the list.

"Don't worry we'll get her back." putting a hand on Decker's shoulder.



"I do have one lead that might help."

"And what's that?"

"The license plate number from the car."

He gave Face the plate number and Face took off for his car where Murdock was hiding in when Decker showed up.

"So Face, what's up?"

"You and I are going to check this plate number, while Decker explains everything more in-depth that's happen to Hannibal and BA."

"So were really going to help Decker and I'm going to be hidden away while he's here."

"Sorry Murdock, but we can't let him know about you. Now let's drop this and do our job."


Face drove to the nearest library. His plan was to hack into the police computer files and get the address of the car. Murdock was to stand guard and watch for the librarian. That way he could let Face know to change screens to make it look like he was looking up information on something else. Finally he got the address.

"Come on Murdock, I got it. "and the two of them left the library.  




The Kidnapping by Retisha Harper



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