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Party Girl

by Rita Ractliffe (lovpeppard)

Rated:  G

Origin: Originally published in zine ADULT SITUATIONS, May, 1990,
editors Mary Jo Blythe, Tim Bush and Elaine Webster [Positive Plug
here:  these folks were the BEST as editors, knew their business and
easy to work with too!  Permission granted to reprint]

Summary:  Hannibal and Team at barbecue at Langley, surrounded by
ladies.  What were the ladies thinking about at these parties?
Here's an idea...

Warnings: None.... this is written in the "Valley Girl" Dialect so
prevalent in 1990, along with all of its incorrect English usage


Disclaimer: A-Team characters were created by Cannell and Lupo and
are owned by Universal.  Any other original characters and story
otherwise belong to me. Copyright: 1990.




        It's not that I dislike my work.  Some say it's a cushy job,
to get to meet all kinds of interesting men, and all I have to do is
be a charming "escort".  Some people may have another name for it,
but the U.S. Army is my boss, and I do what I'm told.  But when
General Stockwell called us in to give us our latest assignment, we
had no idea what we were getting into.  Sure, these guys had
reputations, but then, don't they all?

        The General had assigned me to the ringleader, the silver
haired one.  The one to watch out for, he told me.  Well, hell, I've
seen his type before - no big deal.  Put them near a bikini and they
think they're Mr. Macho... regressing to strutting adolescent
children, pushing out their chests, filled with their own

        But it didn't turn out that way at all.

        God, I'm not even sure I should be writing this.  I think
they're supposed to be classified or something... but I've got to
tell somebody.

        The idea was for us to be decorative fixtures for the guys.
The General didn't say how far we had to go on this one, although he
made noises to the effect "tease more than deliver".  And if there
were any "accidents", well, that's what hazard pay covered.  The guys
were genuinely nice, which surprised all of us.  They had been
ensconced in some cushy digs outside Langley, where the General could
keep them under some surveillance and control (or so he thought!).
The picture I recall is of Hannibal, excuse me, Colonel Smith,
dismantling the various security cameras and tossing them gleefully
into a nearby trash can, and then waiting for the General to come by
and see how well his security systems worked when the A-Team wasn't
in the mood to be filmed.  The General had sprung for a full-out
barbecue with all the amenities, including us, and the guys were
enjoying it to the max.  The two younger ones, Peck and Santana,
couldn't keep up with Pris, Mavis, Jeannie, and a couple of other
girls I can't remember... I've never seen two guys with so much...
stamina! We had a feeling that before the weekend was over, there'd
be some serious pairing going on.  I was beginning to resent the fact
that I'd been assigned to the oldest one of the lot.  Yeah, he was
handsome, in a grandfatherly way, but not what I would have picked
for a blind date.  I kept trying to swap with one of the other girls.
 Smith seemed fairly laid-back, seemed to have no real interest in
pursuing any of us.  I don't know... maybe he was, uh...
y'know..."that" way.  In fact, I would have sworn that he was more
interested in harassing the guards.  He never let up on Abel and
Cain.  The big black guy ... um, Baracus, I think, seemed a kindred
spirit.  We girls might as well not have even existed.  Normally, I
take that kind of reaction badly, but in this case, I was just as
glad that the Colonel wasn't playing.  I wasn't sure I would have
wanted to.  God, he was so... old!

        After awhile, when he wasn't baiting the two guards, he
started talking to me... really talking.  I was surprised to find out
how interesting he was.  He told us about some of the more colorful
things he and his team had done in 'Nam.  We listened with interest.
What with all the reflection these days on 'Nam, it was neat hearing
some of the stuff first hand.  He didn't go into any of the gory
stuff, which is just as well.  I've got an awfully squeamish tummy
and don't think I would have liked hearing some of that stuff.  But
some of the things those guys did!  I could sure understand why they
weren't on the Army's "favorite" list.

        Y'know, it's funny, but after awhile, I began to relax around
him, to really enjoy being there listening to him.  And he didn't
seem so old, either.  I think his hair must've just turned color
early or something.  When I looked at him for a second time, I saw a
trim, fit man.  I mean the two other guys, Peck and what's his name,
were gorgeous!  Peck was like a golden Greek god or something ... and
Santana was dark and mysterious.  But you could tell they were used
to being surrounded and adored by every female in sight.  And even
though I wouldn't have minded, you understand, being one of the
crowd, still - Hannibal... um, Smith was very comfortable to be with
after awhile.  It was turning out to be not so much of a chore as I
first thought it would.

        Then we got the word that the General was going to drop in to
see how his little party was going, and to make sure that we were
doing our jobs and keeping the guys from having itchy feet.  Smith -
oh heck - Hannibal!  That was his nickname, and it seemed to fit
somehow.  Hannibal got this look of absolute devilment, and I
wondered what he was thinking.  He called to the other guys and they
had a quick discussion.  Then they all split, only to return in a
few minutes later with all the security devices in hand, which
quickly went into the trash.  Hannibal had set the stage, and waited
for the General to step onto it.  He draped his arm around me
familiarly and sat waiting.  He had a snicker that promised all kinds
of things.  And y'know, I didn't mind at all.  He felt comfortable,
`safe'.  Oh, I know, you'll laugh at that, considering what we
paid to do at times.  But I didn't feel tike just a hunk of meat
under his arm.  I felt... ohhh, I don't know... like a person.  And
when the General came in and Smith insisted on exhibiting the damage
to him, taunting him, well - unfortunately, he took the bait.  The
barbecue was a riot from that point on. Y'see, Hannibal and Baracus
had somehow gotten the drop on Cain and Abel and had tied them up.
I couldn't help it, I laughed as hard as any of them.  I'm afraid the
General wasn't too happy with our reactions, but after all, we'd been
ordered to keep those guys happy, and they sure seemed happy at that
point.  The General left, muttering something about malcontents and
rebellious troops, and he'd be back with a better security system.
Hannibal hollered after him not to count on it, that they could
leave any time they wanted, and when was he gonna treat them like
people and realize they *were* on his side?

        Hannibal was in a real good mood after that.  He was a real
whiz with the barbecue, turning up steaks done to perfection.  He
even let Cain and Abel loose, and cooked dinner for them, apologizing
a bit for their discomfiture.  They didn't say much... what could
they say?  Hannibal went into the house to get something and stayed
in there for a little too long.  I got worried and followed him

        He was standing by the sink, the water trickling quietly. The
sunlight was coming through the window tike those ray things, y'know,
when it looks like something heavenly is supposed to happen and the
sun is coming down in long rays.  I don't know what he was thinking
about, or where he was right then, but he looked - I know you're
gonna laugh at this one - but he looked beautiful, standing there.
He was staring out the window, seeing something far away.  It must've
been peaceful, 'cause he didn't look upset or anything.  I don't
maybe he looked a little sad, like he was missing something.  I
coughed a little, and it startled him.

        "Maggie?" he said as he turned.

        "Nope, just me, Valerie, Colonel.  You've been gone for
awhile, and I was worried."

        He got that peculiar distrustful look I'd seen a couple of
times already that day, usually when the General was around.  "Of
course, I'd forgotten. You've been assigned to be my watchdog for
the day."  There was a real strange tone to his voice.

        "No, Colonel, I was just worried maybe you'd tripped or
something."  It sounded lame, even to me, but it was the truth.  I
*had* been worried.

        "Or maybe escaped this charming establishment?" he said
archly, waving his hand around the room. "Stockwell's minions are all
the same, doesn't matter what packaging they come in."  His look was
a real challenge now.  I wasn't sure what I was supposed to say.  He
was right.  We were there to "keep an eye" on them.

        I figured he was in a bad mood or something, and anything I
said on this subject would only make it worse. "Doncha' think maybe
you ought to turn the water off, Colonel?" I asked lightly.  He
turned and looked at it as if seeing it for the first time.  Nodding,
he reached for the faucet handle and turned it off.

        "What were you seeing, Colonel?  You seemed so far away just

        "Oh, just someone I wish I could have here with me for a few
hours. Someone I'm missing a bit right now."  His irritation seemed
to be gone and was replaced by sadness.  I suddenly felt sorry for
him, and didn't even know why.

        "A lady, I bet."

        He looked down at me shyly and smiled quietly.  "Yeah."

        "She must be some special lady for you to miss her that bad."

        "Yeah, she is." He wouldn't say anything else.

        "Is there anything I can do?  I just hate seeing you here
like this, looking so lonesome." I couldn't explain it; I just felt
this sudden need to make him feel better.  Like he deserved a better
break or something, y'know?

        He smiled at me, a smile that would've melted an icecap.  I
just suddenly got all gushy in the knees and felt like an adolescent
fool myself.  My god, I was all of 25 years old, experienced in the
ways of men, and few of them ever really got to me.  But that smile!
His blue eyes were twinkling all of a sudden, and I think I must've
looked awfully silly or something, because there was a real warmth
and caring there that I hadn't seen before.

        "I think the doc's gonna have my head for this, but..."  He
reached out and pulled me to him.  Then he kissed me.  Nothing hard,
or hot and heavy, just a gentle, concerned kiss.  But oh boy, it left
me feeling real shaky - and wanting more, all of a sudden.  Who was
this "Doc" person?  I didn't care.

        Hannibal pulled away and looked at me quizzically.  I could
see the desire there and it really felt sorta weird.  I suddenly
wanted this man like I hadn't wanted anyone for a long time.  And in
our embrace, as short as it was, I could tell that if ever a man was
in need, he was it.

        "Sorry.  Shouldn't have done that."  He looked at me

        "Sorry?  For what?  That's what I'm here for - to make you
feel better.  I'm not sorry."

        Gently he pulled me back into a loose embrace, but it was
warmer, more friendly.  "Sorry if I startled you, sorry that there's
a lot of things at play here you don't know about, sorry I gave in
for a moment."  His voice sounded real serious.  If this was some
kind of new ploy, it was good. - I was hooked!

        "Then don't be sorry.  Let it out, colonel."  I felt him
stiffen slightly at that.  "Sorry... Hannibal.  See?  Now I've got
something to be sorry about."

        He chuckled at that.  "Seems like we both do, kid.  Nope,
just a momentary lapse of the... flesh.  Not really a good idea."

        "Why not?  Col... Hannibal.  I'm a big girl now, and I think
right now you need someone to be with.  Let it be me." Why did that
silly Everly Brothers song flit into my mind?

        He paused for a long moment as if thinking it over.  I guess
I must've won out, 'cause the next thing I knew, he was kissing me
again, and it sure wasn't sweet and friendly this time!

        After a few moments we had to take a breath.  I suddenly
realized that the kitchen wasn't exactly the best place to be doing
this.  So I started pulling and tugging at him, to lead him into one
of the bedrooms.  He followed willingly, except he took me to a
different room than where I was heading.  Well, I guess he would know
where his own bedroom was, after all!  When we got inside, he closed
the door then went to the window and pulled the drapes.  I felt silly
and scared and soaring, all at the same time.  I couldn't believe it
this was the same man that this morning I had written off as a
doddering grandfather?  Where had my head been?

        Well, I don't want to go into a lot of details; that's for me
to remember and you to wonder about.  Just let me say that it was one
of the most incredible nights I can remember.  The man had hands that
were gentle and so very - *knowing*.  He touched spots on me and
awakened feelings that I don't think I even knew about.  He took a
long, long time doing it, and I thought I was gonna die from
frustration, but oh, the things he did!  And y'know - never, not
once, did he push or force me any faster than I wanted to go.  He was
so patient ... and so good!  There's something to be said for older
guys, I think, if he was any example.

        Later, as he lay in my arms, holding onto me lightly, I found
myself stroking his forehead.  He was half asleep.  "Maggie..." he
whispered softly.  I realized then that he was missing his special
someone very badly, and I was glad that I could be there to make it a
little easier for him.

        The rest of the weekend was sort of a blur.  When we were
with the others, he was polite, cheerful, even... respectful (can
you believe that?!)  No one asked him anything, or said anything
about where we'd been.  I mean they must've known, but I secretly
think they were all glad he'd done it.  I know I sure was.  When the
weekend was over, and it was time to pack up and go back to the real
world, I felt really sad.  This was a real nice guy, and it seemed a
shame he had to have all the trouble he did hanging over his head.

        As we drove away, I turned for one last took.  He smiled that
smile again and waved cheerfully at me.  I almost started crying at
the thought that I wouldn't be seeing him again.  Isn't that
something?  I mean, I'd done this sort of thing before - no emotion,
no attachment, just a job to do.  This time was really different.
Needless to say, I asked for re-assignment to this particular duty if
the need ever arose again.  Sadly, it never did.  I heard rumors of
their exploits and missions for the General; something about an
abortive mission to 'Nam, too. Real hush-hush.  I never saw the
Colonel again, and y'know ... I think that's gotta be one of the real
tragedies of my life.  I know I really envy Maggie, whoever she is,
and I really hope she forgave him.  Positions reversed, I know I
would've. Well, I've got to cut this now.  Duty calls once again...
seems I'm up for some promotion, be doing real Army work, instead of
this hostessing...

        I wonder what the Colonel would think?

Party Girl by Rita Ractliffe



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